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The Jaybird run headphones are true wireless headphones without a single cord or wire to get in the way of your listening pleasure. Made specifically for working out, the headphones are designed to handle everything from water splashes to copious amounts of sweat. Maybe not blood, though, so stay safe when you’re pounding the pavement or crushing weightlifting goals. The headphones offer sound isolation, too, so you can remain focused on the workout at hand and worry less about what’s going on around you. Just be careful if you’re using them to run outside! Are they worth the money? Our review tells all.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Truly wireless
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Cons
    • Reports of connectivity issues
    • Limited battery life 
    • Key Features
      These headphones are made with tough workouts in mind. They’re designed to be sweatproof, so the delicate electronic components inside the buds don’t malfunction or stop working after being repeatedly exposed to your salty sweat. The headphones are geared towards runners, but anyone heading to the gym or doing any other fitness activity might find a use for the Jaybird run earbuds. Many users liked these enough to wear them outside the gym, too.
      Basic Features
      The headphones are wireless and sweat proof, which is really all you need to know to convince you to consider them for running. No wires to interfere with your arm swing and there’s no need to worry about the headphones getting damaged by sweat. The headphones deliver sound via 6mm drivers.
      Advanced Features
      A little pricier than other non-workout oriented wireless earbuds, the Jaybird run headphones have a few advanced features that make them worth the investment. The headphones are compatible with Siri and Google Assistant. Those random thoughts that pop into your head on a long run? Get them answered with the touch of a button.

      Does your loved one want to cheer you on as you head out for the longest run of your training cycle? They can give you a call, and you don’t even have to fish your phone from out of your back pocket. Answer calls via the Jaybird run headphones and make sure you stay in touch with family on the go.

      The headphones also work in conjunction with the Jaybird app. The application can be used to customize the sound. Adjust bass and treble more precisely to your liking.

      We mentioned the headphones are sweat proof but did you know they actually feature a unique hydrophobic nano coating? This protective layer prevents damage from water and sweat and allows users to rinse off the headphones post-workout. Keep them clean and to avoid ear infections and discomfort.
      Sound Quality
      The headphones produce strong sound. Many reviewers noted that for a pair of wireless headphones the sound quality was quite good. Good bass and clear sound make for headphones that perform slightly better than the Apple wireless buds. They’re also great in noisy areas thanks to their sound isolating design. We’d just urge you to take caution when running in low visibility conditions or in high traffic areas. Cutting off one of your senses limits your reaction time to vehicles and other dangers around you.

      Reviewers also mentioned that they liked the equalizer functions in the compatible smartphone app. Different genres of music all seem to sound really great blasting out of the Jaybird run headphones. Podcasts are clear and easy to listen to.

      What’s not so great? There’s no option to turn off the sound isolation feature if you find it particularly necessary to be aware of your surroundings. Jaybird recommends popping only one bud in these cases.

      The biggest drawback of these headphones, though, by far are the numerous reports of sound cuts occurring due to interference. Some reviewers went so far as to say the dropouts made the headphones worthless. Paying a premium for wireless earbuds is definitely a waste if you’re going to end up with jarring interruptions of silence while listening to your workout playlist.
      The wireless headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth. Pairing is quick and easy and setting up the Jaybird headphones is easy as pie. You can also use the Jaybird app to fiddle with the sound settings to get the bass and treble exactly as you want them. As previously noted, many reviewers experienced frequent interference issues which caused the sound to cut out randomly. The new firmware has since been released which should fix the issue, though.
      The headphones feature a secure fit and a tight-fitting seal that keeps outside sound from interrupting your tunes. The Jaybird brand headphones come packaged with extra ear tips and fins of different sizes. The additional tips are made of silicone. A pair of oval tips is also included. Users liked the variety of accessories included and noted that it made it a lot easier to fit the earbuds just right. It does take a lot of trial and error, though, according to some reviewers, to find the right ear tips for the perfect mix of comfort and security. When you’ve managed to pick the right ones, the earbuds stay put even during intense exercise. In fact, the sweatier the workout, the better the headphones stick inside the ears. It might seem a bit gross, but it’s better than the alternative!

      A few reviewers mentioned having reactions to wearing the headphones for extended periods, but truthfully they’re not quite designed for all-day use. These might not be suitable if you’re looking for a pair of headphones for very long training runs. Weight-wise, these weigh about 130 grams. A little heavier than your average wireless earbuds. Reviewers didn’t seem to mind or notice the extra heft, though.
      The headphones are available in white or black. They do stick out a bit from the ears as most wireless earbuds do, but they look a lot less goofy than other devices. They’re markedly sleeker than the Apple Air Pods, for instance.
      The sweat proof design of these headphones positions them for longevity. While moisture might ruin a pair of cheap listening devices, the special hydrophobic coating on the Jaybird run headphones prevents premature water damage from salty sweat and other sources of moisture. You can even rinse these off in the sink post-workout, so your headphones are clean for each use. A quick wash helps to prevent bacterial growth and keeps your ears clean and free from infection.
      Ease of Use
      The headphones feature a one-button control. Each earbud has a single button. Use the button to answer calls and summon Siri or Google Assistant. Some found the buttons a little hard to press and not totally responsive. Similar to Apple’s in-line remote, different types of presses perform various actions. Did we mention there are no wires? Having cords out of the way makes these a lot more workout-friendly. Cables won’t catch on fitness equipment. Wires won’t bounce around on the run. No need to tuck in cords on your person and no more accidentally hitting wires causing your phone to fall to the ground.
      Power Source
      The headphones recharge via a Micro USB charger carrying case. You get a total of 4 hours of battery life with the Jaybird run earbuds, says the company. Real battery lifespan, according to reviewers, hovers just shy of the advertised one. Charging is super quick. Pop em’ in the case for a mere 5 minutes and get enough juice for an hour of workout tunes.

      The case holds the headphones safely, though a few reviewers noted that it felt bulky. A handful of reviewers also felt that the case didn’t always seem to close securely and that the buds didn’t fit perfectly in the case. Those in a hurry might find themselves picking up the earbuds hours later only to find them uncharged. A battery indicator on the outside of the case is supposed to alert you when charging is in the process, but it’s easy to ignore.
      These are not a cheap pair of throwaway headphones. They’re slightly more expensive than Apple’s AirPods, but with slightly better sound and a design made for working out, they’re worth the extra bucks. Interference issues are a problem, though, and not something to be looked over.
      Key Features
      - Truly wireless design
      - Three sizes of silicone ear tips
      - Three sizes of ear fins
      - Comes with a carrying case that doubles as a charger
      - Micro USB charging
      - 4-hour battery life
      - 6mm drivers
      - Quick-charging
      - Sweatproof
      - Works with Jaybird’s MySound app
      Bottom Line
      The Jaybird run headphones are the perfect workout companion. Initial complaints about dropouts and interference seem to be rectified thanks to new firmware. With these issues resolved, there’s a lot to like about the Jaybird brand earbuds. There’s no wire to contend with, the sound is good, the fit is nice and snug, and the headphones are truly sweatproof. Adjusting the sound is easy to do with the MySound app, and the headphones are otherwise simple to use. They look a lot sleeker than other wireless options and are ultra-quick to charge. The battery life could be better, but unless you’re an ultra-runner looking for race day headphones, the Jaybirds are suitable for a variety of training scenarios. At the gym, on the track, on the treadmill, the headphones deliver quality sound. Make sure to keep them safe in their case when you’re not using them, though! Wireless earbuds are notoriously easy to misplace, and these are not budget headphones. For a premium, however, you get a music listening device that will last you way beyond your training season or goal race.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
      Best offer on: Jul. 24. 2021

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