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As far as electronic companies go, Jaybird is among one of the more recently established. It is a Utah-based company that was founded in 2006. It’s actually owned by Logitech, a company known for their personal computer consumer electronics. Jaybird has become a household name in some circles and has become known for their Bluetooth and sports headphones as well as their patented ear fin design. One of the biggest issues with most sports headphones is that they tend to fall out of the ear during intense exercise. The ear fins that Jaybird designed allow their headphones to wrap themselves around the anatomy of the ear to provide a secure fit during exercise.

Today we’re reviewing the Jaybird X3 Sports headphones. These come after the company’s well-received X2 model that was released in 2015. The X3 makes many improvements to its predecessor including a more comfortable design, better sound quality, and a smaller overall package. The X3 also pairs with JayBird’s MySound app which is a fantastic addition that allows users to completely customize their listening experience. Being able to use an app to completely change the sound quality is a huge bonus that a lot of users will love. Let’s take a closer look at this product and see if it’s worth the hype.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Long battery life

-Far Bluetooth range

-Strong bass

-Customizable fit

-Well priced


-The accompanying app enhances the use


-Not comfortable for all day use

-Charging adapter is inconvenient

Key Features
Due to the fact that these are designed and marketed as sports ear phones, you should expect these to perform well during your athletic endeavors. Because they’re also sweat and water-resistant, the X3 can safely be taken outdoors and in all kinds of inclement weather. No longer will a little rain, storm or snow stop you from reaching your fitness goals. These are also a great choice for your gym routines as they help to reduce that often loud and distracting background noise. They’re lightweight enough to be used for runs as well. Sometimes the weight of headphones will pull the buds out midrun but that’s not the case with the X3 at all.

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Basic Features
As any good sports headphones should be, the Jaybird X3 is water-resistant. This means you can wear these during your sweatiest workout without fear of damaging any electronic components. This feature also makes the X3 a viable option to take with you during any of your outdoor workouts that are in inclement weather (think rain or snow). The water-resistant feature is possible thanks to the hydrophobic nano-coating design of the headphones.
Advanced Features
A really unique feature about the X3 is their ability to pair with the JayBird MySound app. This feature allows users to truly customize the sound settings that they prefer as well as store these settings onto the earbuds so that they’re able to be accessed for use with any of the devices you use to listen to audio with. As we’ll go into in more detail in the Sound Quality section of the review, the stock audio profile for the X3 is pretty treble-skewed but by accessing the app, users are able to fine-tune the acoustics to their desired preference as well as try out a number of different presets and user-created profiles. Also available for viewing from the app interface is exactly how much battery life is left. The app also allows users to test the audio, switch left/right audio, view Frequently Asked Questions, download users guides and text with JayBird support.
Sound Quality
As mentioned above, the stock audio profile is pretty treble-skewed from the get-go. Thankfully, using the JayBird app, users are able to personalize their listening preferences in order to get a customized audio experience that they will love. Because the sound quality is so customizable when users are accessing the functions of the app, it’s hard to give a review of the sound that will be accurate once the controls are fiddled with in the app. For review purposes, the following comments on the audio quality are in reference to the factory defaults that come with the X3 before any of the app functions are accessed.

We found the sound quality to be great and a vast improvement over the quality offered in the previous version of these headphones. It’s crisp, clear and has deep and powerful bass. The mid-range felt well-tuned and they provided plenty of high-mids that helped the vocals and guitar really shine through. The 6mm drivers found in the X3 provide subtle lows and a booming bass but if you aren’t into this type of sound profile, feel free to change it in the MySound app. We didn’t find that the headphones distorted very easily.

When it came to sound isolation, we found that it depends which ear tips you’re using. Some of the tips will block out more of the background noise than others.
The X3 utilizes Bluetooth 4.1 technology wireless audio streaming from your favorite devices. The Bluetooth range is the average at around 10 meters. Through our test we found the connectivity to be spotty at times especially when attempting to listen to music from a connected device we put in our pants or jacket pockets. The best remedy for this is to invest in a sports armband that fits your device so the Bluetooth receiver will be closer to it. The X3 also allows for dual connectivity which means you could connect two of your devices to the headphones at once. Connecting and staying connected is easy. It took less than 10 seconds for a device to pair with the headphones and the only had a couple of mild skips and connection during our testing phase.
A unique aspect of these headphones is that they are designed to fit one of two ways. This is a great feature because users are then able to choose the fit that’s comfortable for them on any given day for any given work out. It’s very handy to have the option to change his style as it’s like having two headphones in one. The first fit option is Jaybird's ear fin design. They are created to fit securely to the top and lower areas of the ear for a comfortable fit that is meant to lock in the fins so it stays secure during your training workouts. This feature adds an element of comfort because you’ll never feel that you need to adjust your headphones to find the best fit. If you choose to forgo the fins for the second for configuration, you will get experience Jaybird's Comply memory foam ear tips. You should find that this fit option also provides a level of security with the added bonus of both comfort and noise isolation.
The X3 is designed to be as small as Jaybird could make them without having to sacrifice performance. This more convenient size is easier to take while you’re traveling and provides a more comfortable fit for users. Because of their small size, people who wear helmets while working out will love how unencumbering the X3 feels under their helmet. This also makes them a great choice for people with glasses. They arrive in the box with three ear tip options so they’re each to customize. Jaybird's patented ear fins are also included in a number of sizes so users are able to choose to wear their headphones. The foam ear tips are designed to provide noise isolation as well as a sense of in-ear comfort while also ensuring all users are able to find a secure fit no matter what activity they are doing. The frame of the headphones is constructed from an injected moulded metal that provides a sleek overall design.
Reviews regarding the durability of the X3 come mixed. Though we didn’t have any issues at all with the longevity of our X3 headphones, other user said they have problems with paint flaking off of theirs and some even mentioned that their headphones died altogether. They do arrive with a one-year warranty from Jaybird, however, and many of the defective products were replaced by the company. Despite the fact that the frame of the X3 is made from a sandblasted and injection-moulded metal, the durability does seem to be an area of concern.
Ease of Use
We found the X3 Sport very easy to set up and connect to our devices. One area we did struggle with a bit, at least at first, was finding the right fit for us. As mentioned, the X3 arrives in the box with a number of different ear tips as well as Jaybird’s ear fins. While it took a bit of fiddling around to find the right earbud and ear fin that we preferred, once we found a fit that was both comfortable and one that also enhanced our overall listening experience, we didn’t need to worry about switching them out again. Another area of concern when it comes to ease of use is the Jaybird My Sound app. Some users who don’t necessarily have a full understanding of how different audio functions will enhance or diminish the sound quality may struggle with the app until they get the hang of it.
With a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $130.00, the Jaybird X3 Sport will set you back a bit. The value is there, however, and they’ll be more than worth the price tag if you plan on using these for your workouts. Because the X3 are actually an older version as Jaybird has since released the X4, you will likely be able to find this product for a much cheaper price point than the MSRP. For example, on Amazon at time of writing, the X3 was on sale for $86.00, a huge 33% savings from the retail price.
Power Source
The X3 provides around a week’s worth of playtime if you’re using them as intended – for your workouts. This ends up being about eight hours of listening time which is above average for similar products on the market. It arrives in the box with a USB charger to keep the Lithium Polymer battery charged for all of your exercise needs. It takes around two and a half hours to charge the X3 to full battery. A great feature of the X3 is that if you forget to charge them one day and you’re about to head out for a run or to the gym, you can throw them on the charger for 15 minutes or so and find that you’re able to get about an hour of playtime.
Key Features
-Small size, perfect for travelling with and sticking in your gym bag
-Sweat-proof for even the most challenging of workouts
-8-hour battery life
-Personalized audio experience using the Jaybird MySound app
-Noise isolating listening experience
-In-line microphone for hands-free calling
Bottom Line
These are great headphones if you plan on using them the way they were intended to be used – during your workouts. You will definitely be able to find a product that is cheaper and without the fitness functions of the X3 if you are in the market for a set of headphones that you plan to use throughout the day at work or while commuting. But if you’re an avid gym goer or find yourself needing to listen to some podcasts or tunes during your runs, the X3 Sport will more than likely fit the bill for you. Though some consumers might be turned off by the higher price tag, remember that there is a newer version of this product on the market now and you’ll more than likely be able to find this for much cheaper than the MSRP. The only real downfall we could find with the X3 was its questionable durability. This, of course, is a huge deal as no one wants to purchase a product and only to have it break down a few weeks later.
Where to Buy
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