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JVC Gumy HAFX9BT Review Facts

JVC, also known as the Japan Victor Company, was founded in 1927. It is most well known for manufacturing Japan’s first televisions as well as inventing the VHS video recorder. As years went on, and technology available to manufacturers increased, JVC continued to introduce new products and technologies, often very much ahead of the curve for their time.

Today the company offers a myriad of products from camcorders to home theatre projectors to speaker systems and headphones. Today we are going to take an in-depth look at the JVC Gumy (HA FX9BT) earbuds. These are one of JVC headphone options in their widely popular Gumy line-up. These products are recognized usually by their bright colors and the “Gumy” elastomer earbuds that they sport. Styles in the Gumy line range include specific designs for sports and fitness and provide both in and out of ear styles.

The HA FX9BT are earbuds that have a lot of value in a small package. They provide users with a high-quality sound-isolating listening experience in bright, funky colors at a price point that you almost can’t say no to. They feature a snug in-ear design with an elastomer exterior that screams comfort and durability. The 9mm drivers provide a great jumping off point for the fantastic sound quality and the stereo design provides crisp sounds that had reviewers raving. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the HA FX9BT style, see what it has to offer consumers and if it can compare to the other widely-praised Gumy line products.

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Affordable price tag
-Fun color options
-Crystal clear sound
-Comfortable design
-Convenient inline remote
-Easy to pair and connect to Bluetooth


-Short battery life
-Buds fall out easily
-Buds may not fit every ear size
-Audio distorts at high volume

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  • The main praise is for the surprising quality.
  • Many buyers chose these based on the price and were pleasantly surprised by the function.
  • These live up to buyer expectations of JVC products.
  • For the size and price, these have decent bass.
  • For buyers experienced with bluetooth, these are easy to set up.
  • The controls are easily accessible and simple to use.
  • This is a great option for basic wireless headphones that won't break the bank.
  • Most buyers agree these charge quickly.
  • If you don't like headphone wires interfering with your runs or workouts, these are designed to stay out of the way so you don't have to worry about them.
  • One buyer notes that these have helped to deal with tinnitus.
  • Buyers say these have worked well for them during commutes, watching videos, at work, and in the gym.
  • According to some buyers, these can withstand some sweat.
  • The materials are lightweight.
  • Many buyers say you can find these at discounted prices from some sellers.
  • With a good fit, these can block out excessive outside noise.
  • Can be paired with Apple watches.
  • One reviewer claims his pair survived a tumble through the dryer without damage.
  • A variety of fun colors are available.
  • As far as wireless headphones go, these have basic features compared to others on the market.
  • The volume range is limited.
  • There are mixed reviews about the battery life.
  • If your main focus is sound quality, these are not for you. While some people are satisfied, others claim they sound tinny.
  • If you are not used to in-ear headphones, it may take some time to get used to.
  • Although there are different sized earpieces included, some buyers had to buy separate tips in order to get the best fit.
  • For people with little bluetooth experience, pairing may take some time to figure out.
  • These are only capable of pairing with one device at a time.
  • When on, there is a constant flashing light that some buyers find distracting.
  • You must turn off the power when not in use. There is no automatic shut off so the battery will drain.
  • Several buyers experienced battery charging issues within the first few months.
  • Some complain that the weight of the controls pulls on one side, especially during workouts and runs.
  • The connecting cable moves around during vigorous activity.
  • Some buyers complain that their bluetooth connection cuts out occasionally.
  • For people who sweat excessively, these are more likely to slip out.
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Of the 306 reviews we found in total, 32% were negative, and 68% were positive.


Users can expect to be able to perform any of their day-to-day activities with the JVC Gumy HA FX9BT earbuds without any problems at all. You can use these during your workday at your desk to make your calls hands-free as they feature an inline microphone. Many current users of these earbuds found that these were perfect companions to take with them to the gym. Others bought these with the sole purpose of running with them. Reviews came mixed as to how well these headphones performed during high impact activities like jogging, however. Some users felt that they stood up great against sweat, while others mentioned that they earbuds would tend to slip out during particularly sweaty runs. This may be due in part to the weight of the battery compartment pulling on the wire of the earbud. Overall, though, reviews were positive when it came to using the HA FX9BT during fitness activities.
Basic Features

Basic Features

If you’re in the market for the most basic and affordable set of headphones, the JVC Gumy HA FX9BT may be just what you are looking for. While they don’t have any technologically advanced features or settings, these earbuds are perfect for someone’s first set of headphones or for someone looking for an affordable second pair as a back-up. The exterior of the HA FX9BT is made from elastomer, a synthetic polymer material that has elastic properties. This material is meant to provide a comfortable fit for users while also increasing the durability of the product. These are not by definition water-resistance earbuds, but some reviewers mentioned that they held up well during particularly sweaty workouts.
Advanced Features

Advanced Features

The earbuds feature a three-button inline remote on the wire that provides users with a simple way to play, stop and skip their music as well as answer their incoming phone calls. Also featured here is an inline microphone so users are able to talk to their friends and family hands-free. Users found these functions to be incredibly easy to use and very intuitive. The convenience of having an inline microphone was a huge selling point for many users, especially those who wish to use these headphones during their workday for business calls.
Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Users of the HA FX9BT were surprised across the board about how great the sound quality in these headphones is. Even though these earbuds are on the low-end of the scale in terms of price, JVC seems to have still outfitted them with high-quality audio performance technology. Users remarked how great the clarity and bass are. Some commented that the sound can get scratchy at high volumes, but this can be easily remedied by just not listening at maximum volume. The 9mm drivers featured in the HA FX9BT are likely what helps them to provide such a powerful sound, while the stereo design will be what delivers the crisp tones that reviewers are raving about. These are not noise-canceling headphones by definition but some users found them to be quite excellent when it came to noise-isolation. This simply means that the headphones don’t use an electronic means to cancel out background noise, but they do a good job at filtering out ambient noise regardless.


The HA FX9BT features a Bluetooth interface that allows for quick and simple pairing with all of your favorite Bluetooth-enabled devices. Enjoy music, podcasts, and your personal conversations wirelessly thanks to the 4.1 Bluetooth connection. These headphones have a 10-meter wireless range, which means that you are able to be 10 meters away from your paired device and still be able to enjoy your audio. That said, some reviewers found that these earbuds didn’t quite live up to their 10-meter range, dropping audio at around the 7-meter range instead. Some reviewers also had difficulty getting their devices to pair, but most praised how easy these headphones were to connect.


The HA FX9BT feature an in-ear design with silicone earbuds. The headphones arrive with two different sizes of earpieces so users are able to choose an earpiece that works best with their specific anatomy. The sizes that are shipped with these earbuds are considered to be small and medium. Folks with larger sized ears may need to purchase different silicone tips if they find that the buds shipped with the product don’t seal properly in their ears. Our research suggests that users either find this product to be incredibly comfortable or else extremely uncomfortable. We pegged this down to whether or not the earbuds fit inside the user's ear the way they are meant to. If you have purchased in-ear headphones in the past and know this style doesn’t work for you, we highly suggest skimming on past the HA FX9BT and choosing something with an over-the-ear design.

One other common complaint we came across in our research was that the rather large battery holder on the wire of the earbuds makes them quite heavy. Some users found this to be annoying and uncomfortable, especially when the weight of the wire would pull the buds out of their ears. For the most part, however, the elastomer “gumy” material that makes up the earbuds themselves was praised by users.


Folks who love funk, bright colors and expressing themselves through their daily accessorizing, will love the style of the HA FX9BT. Available in six different color options – blue, black, green, pink, purple and white – there is sure to be a color that appeals to every taste. The HA FX9BT joins JVC’s popular “Gumy” line of headphones that are known for offering fantastic sound quality in a fun, fashionable style. They utilize a behind-the-neck design where the wire connecting the two buds will sit on the back your neck. Unfortunately, a common complaint among reviewers was that the design of the elastomer earbuds wasn't made to fit every ear type. As we previously touched on in our review, if you know you tend to require larger buds for your ear anatomy, you may want to search elsewhere for another style that will suit your needs.


Our research indicates that the HA FX9BT is a surprisingly durable product. We say ‘surprisingly’ because it’s not every day that you find a product that is both affordable and durable, especially in this day and age. Many users also backed up this claim in their reviews of the product. One reviewer mentioned that they have purchased other low budget headphones in the past and that the JVC Gumy (HA FX9BT) earbuds far surpass the durability of those other similar products. So, despite their incredibly affordable price tag, users should find that these earbuds from JVC are long-lasting. One reviewer mentioned that her reckless teenage son hadn’t yet destroyed these headphones, much to her surprise. And if that doesn’t come as an indication to the quality of the product, we don’t know what will.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Because the HA FX9BT are, more or less, a rather run-of-the-mill set of Bluetooth headphones, we found them to be incredibly easy to set-up, pair and use. They connect and pair incredibly easily to your favorite Bluetooth-enabled devices and the remote that manages the audio controls are very intuitive. Because of the inline audio controls, users don’t need to pull out their smartphones or tablets to adjust the volume, pause playback or skip tracks. This is incredibly convenient and really boosts the products overall score. Call it a first world problem or not, but few things are more annoying mid-workout than having a bad song come on and having to pull your smartphone> out of your armband to change it.
Power Source

Power Source

The HA FX9BT comes with a rechargeable battery that is built-in and will last about five hours. The battery charge time is around 2.5 hours. While a five-hour battery life may be adequate enough for some users, this short lifespan seems to be a common complaint among many current users. That said, however, this short battery life is likely reflected in the incredibly affordable price tag that these headphones boast.


The HA FX9BT are priced very inexpensively. With a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $29.95, users will rejoice over finally finding a set of headphones that offer decent sound quality in a cute and colorful package that will not break the bank. Some users even mentioned that they purchased more than one set just to have a back-up or to have one set in their purse and one in their gym bag. Though the suggested retail price is around that $30 mark, you should be able to find these for an even cheaper price point than that via online retailers like Amazon. While you shouldn’t expect any ground-breaking audio experiences with the HA FX9BT, they perform extremely well for such a low price point.
Key Features

Key Features

-Small and medium silicone earpieces included
-Five hours of listening time
-Inline remote to control audio features
-Inline microphone
-9mm drivers for great sound quality
-Hands-free calling
-Multiple color options
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this – for less than $30, you really can’t go wrong. Well, let’s back up a moment. If you’re a true audiophile, you will definitely need to look elsewhere for a set of headphones to fulfill your desires. But for just about the rest of us, the JVC Gumy (HA FX9BT) will do the trick. These headphones have a lot to offer for such a budget-priced product and we think that they’re worth a shot. The HA FX9BT have a lot of the qualities for a great set of headphones checked off – fantastic sound quality, comfortable design, Bluetooth capable – and we think that the other features like the inline remote and fun color options are just bonuses. That all said, these headphones may not be for everyone. If you know you have larger ears than what would fit a small or medium-sized silicone earpiece, you may need to look elsewhere. If you’re in the market for a headphone that will let you listen to music or talk on the phone hands-free for the entire workday, the HA FX9BT won’t be for you. Remember, the five-hour battery life was one of the biggest drawbacks of this product. Overall, though, we highly recommend these earbuds. With that low price point, what have you got to lose?