Kahtoola MICROspikes Reviewed & Rated

Running in the snow is now an option for everyone with the invention of snow spikes. And if runners want one of the most reliable brands on the market, they need to check out Kahtoola MICROspikes. They're incredibly easy to put on and just as easy to remove so runners and athletes alike won't have to spend more time worrying about their spikes and less time on the trail. Their impeccable design prevents the harness from slipping off shoes or snow boots and provides a snug fit. The MICROspikes are composed of stainless steel and never slip on snow or ice, even on questionable terrain. The Kahtoola MICROspikes can last for several seasons at a time, and if the spikes dull, they can easily be sharpened. For runners who are serious about their sport, choose a brand who's equally serious about the quality of their product: Kahtoola MICROspikes.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
Backcountry Link
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rei.com Link
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Pros & Cons
  • Spikes can be re-sharpened
  • Identifiable "front"
  • Heel tab for easy removal
  • Snug fit
  • Reliable traction
  • Cons
    • Shouldn't be used on pavement or rocks
    • A bit more expensive
    • Key Features
      Kahtoola MICROspikes are perfect for trail running and easy hiking where ice and packed snow are expected. They're best used on dirt roads when it's snowing or icy. Runners should avoid using them on the pavement for longevity as this will damage and dull the spikes. If unable to avoid rocks or pavement, the spikes can be re-sharpened to regain optimal traction. For running on pavement, Kahtoola does offer urban spikes for such conditions. Athletes should note that these MICROspikes do not replace crampons, so exercise proper judgment when crampons are preferable.
      With an updated, lower profile harness, eyelet reinforcements and a toe bale for a stronghold, the Kahtoola MICROspikes are the lightest and sleekest snow cleat available. They provide great stability on ice and snow for a more comfortable run. Runners need to be aware that these do not replace crampons, so please use caution in conditions where crampons would be required. Even with cold hands and gloves, the MICROspikes are extremely easy to put on with clear indicators on each spike showing which end is the front. To remove, a heel tab makes it extremely easy to take off the MICROspikes.

      The red elastomer harness is velcro- and buckle-free for easier wear so runners won't have to spend ample time fussing with a proper fit; instead, the MICROspikes are ready to use much more quickly. Runners report that the MICROspikes stay on and they don't experience feet slipping in the cleats for a solid run and grip. The cleats disappear on boots for smooth wear. The Kahtoola MICROspikes are heavier than some of the competition, but the added weight provides better performance and quality.

      The Kahtoola MICROspikes include twelve 3/8-inch stainless steel spikes per foot. They're mounted on interlocking stainless steel, welded chains. The shoe harness is composed of red elastomer rubber which is extremely easy to pull over on boots. Runners report these MICROspikes are extremely durable and last for multiple seasons at a time. Reviewers state they've used the cleats for years and have never experienced slippage--they have a sure-grip and bite into the ice with precision. However, over time the stainless steel cleats will dull, but they can be sharpened if this occurs. Runners need to be careful not to use them on rocks and pavement to extend the life of the spikes.
      The MICROspikes come with a tote sack for easy organization. They can be strapped to running vests for storage when not in use. Runners just need to make sure they don't store them next to hydration reservoirs. The cleats come in a wide range of sizes, but for proper sizing, Kahtoola offers a sizing chart available on their website. Reviewers note that the cleats are true to size, but the size can change depending on what footwear is being used.
      The MICROspikes provide great traction on ice and hard-packed snow. Reviewers note that they have used them for years without any slippage. They hardly notice them when running and simply add impressive traction in stretches that would have otherwise been impassable, especially for running. They perform great on slippery hills and provide a reliable grip. The spikes may dull over time compromising the traction, but unlike some competitors, the spikes can be re-sharpened. Even in instances when slippage seems a sure outcome, such as running on ice with a dust of snow on top, the Kahtoola MICROspikes deliver a sure footing and provide a reliable grip every time.
      The price is a bit higher for Kahtoola MICROspikes than the competition, but with a higher price, runners are getting impeccable quality. Some reviewers noted that other brands needed to constantly be replaced while Kahtoola MICROspikes have lasted for years. Some other brands do not have the option to sharpen the spikes due to design issues and require replacement. Kahtoola MICROspikes can be re-sharpened so they last longer. These same competitors also frequently slip on ice and snow, but Kahtoola MICROspikes rarely, if ever, slip and instead provide a reliable grip every time.
      Key Features
      • Twelve 3/8-inch spikes provide impeccable traction
      • Elastomer harness for a snug fit
      • Easily identifiable “front”
      • Heel tab for quick removal
      • Carrying tote for easy storage
      • Spikes can be sharpened for a constant, sure grip
      • Buckle, velcro and lace-free design
      Bottom Line
      Instead of sitting by through the winter months, runners and athletes can now keep moving even during the cold, snowy conditions with snow spikes. And Kahtoola MICROspikes are an excellent option as a quality product with a dependable design. They provide a sure grip on otherwise questionable terrain so runners and hikers can keep moving year-round. Their snug fit ensures that the cleats won't need to be shifted back into place on the foot. Instead, they nearly disappear and allow runners and hikers to use a natural stride throughout their workout. The Kahtoola MICROspikes excel in ice and snow-packed conditions that are too slippery and difficult for shoes or boots. The cleats last for multiple seasons, and if the spikes become too dull, they can be re-sharpened for constant traction. They're a bit more expensive than the competition, but with the higher price, athletes get improved quality.
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      By Brian Price
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