LG Watch Urbane

The LG Watch Urbane is a smartwatch with fitness tracking functionality, including a built-in heart rate monitor and Bluetooth for syncing with a smartphone. It was designed for convenience, so wearers could have the use of apps, calls, and texts without having to carry their phone around. It has a classic design, but with 21st-century technology. The navigation system gives directions and the “Ok, Google” feature allows the wearer to ask about the weather, check on current game scores, or send text messages through their smartphone. It is water and dust resistant and has an expanded battery life. It can also receive push notifications from the wearer's smartphone and receive phone calls. It has a built-in alarm to keep the wearer on schedule and 4GB of storage for apps and music. It can connect to Google Fit and other apps for activity logging and goal tracking. If you are looking for a fitness watch that can connect to your smartphone and help keep track of your overall health, continue reading to see if the Urbane is the right watch for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Syncs to phone
  • Easy to use
  • Water resistant
  • Customizable face
  • Good battery life
  • Cons
    • A big face 
    • Can sometimes be slow
    • A bit on the pricey side 
    • Can run slowly after installing upgrades
    • Key Features
      The LG Watch Urbane is designed to be worn throughout the day. The Google Fit app has settings for tracking 120+ different activities such as running, walking, cycling, going on the treadmill, yoga, badminton, or working out at the gym. Although it is water resistant, it can only be submerged up to one meter for up to 30 minutes (IP67), and the leather should not get wet anyway, so the Urbane cannot be used for swimming.
      Basic Features
      The Urbane's basic features include duration of the workout, pace, and distance traveled. It has a built-in clock to tell the time and duration of workouts. The watch has a built-in accelerometer, compass, and gyro to help detect pace and direction, and it can connect to the Google Maps app using Bluetooth or WiFi from a smartphone for a more accurate reading.
      Advanced Features
      The LG Watch Urbane is dust and water resistant up to one meter for up to thirty minutes, although the leather band should not get wet and it cannot be used for swimming. Users can also check the weather, stream music, make phone calls, send texts, and check game scores from this watch, so they do not need to carry their phone around. Google Maps allows the user to pull up directions while walking or driving. It has a PPG heart rate monitor on the back, a barometer, and a 9-axis gyro, accelerometer, and compass. It also allows users to set goals and tells them how much longer they have to work out. They can connect to apps like Google Fit to view progress from any device and MyFitnessPal to track weight, measurements, and nutrition.
      The Urbane has good accuracy. The clocks are all accurate. Some people found that the heart rate monitor was not accurate, while others did not experience this problem and found that the constant tracking was both accurate and helpful. The gyro, accelerometer, compass, and barometer work well for tracking pace and direction. The weather forecast works as well as popular weather apps.
      The LG Watch Urbane uses Bluetooth 4.1 LE to connect to an Android smartphone and can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi from a nearby smartphone. Some testers experienced slow or spotty WiFi connections, but most people liked that the watch connected to the smartphone and was able to run apps.
      This is an Android Wear product, compatible for Android 4.3 and higher. It can run many different apps. Google Maps is used for navigation and directions. Google Fit is used for data tracking and motivation and can measure distance, time, and log 120+ different activities from yoga to biking to badminton. Users can monitor their progress on their smartphone, tablet, computer, or watch. Google Fit is also compatible with the popular app MyFitnessPal, which allows users to track their weight, meals and calories, measurements, and interact with a community of users.
      The watch is light to wear, only 66.5 grams, which means you will not feel weighed down by the watch or have to keep adjusting it as it slides around your wrist. The stitched leather wrist strap is light and comfortable. The heart rate is monitored without needing a chest strap. Calls and texts can be made, music listened to, and game scores checked without needing to carry a smartphone around, which can be more comfortable during workouts. The only issue is that it looks very large on small wrists, and can feel less natural to use when it is so big compared to the wrist. The fit should be snug enough for the heart rate monitor to work, but loose enough that it does not feel too tight to move.
      The LG Watch Urbane comes in a shiny, polished silver or pink gold. It has a classic look and the big, round cut looks good on a larger wrist, but not quite as good on a smaller wrist. It is 1.8 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick. The bands are made of sleek stitched leather, which adds to the traditional look, and the bands are interchangeable with different colors and materials if the wearer prefers a different look. The timepieces on the clock face also have a classic look, but there are 9,000 faces plus the app lets the wearer customize the design.
      The Urbane received great reviews for durability. The Gorilla Glass 3 does a great job protecting the screen, and screen covers are available for accident-prone individuals, and the full metal body means the watch will not break if it is accidentally dropped or bumped into something. The stitched leather band is very durable, designed to last for years of use just like a traditional watch. A few testers experienced dead pixels or a short battery life within the first few days, and a few others found that it ran slowly after upgrading to the latest version. However, the battery life lasts longer after the upgrade, and most people did not have problems with dead pixels.
      The face has a 1.3” P-OLED high-definition display that can show either the clock or alerts. It is sharp and clear and is even visible in the sunlight. The Gorilla Glass 3 is clear to see through, looks nice, and does not scratch easily. The face has three circles for the day of the week, month, and battery, a box with the day of the month, and the outside circle tells the time. The screens can change in order to check the weather, heart rate, location, and apps. There are 9,000 faces available and the design can be customized using the Google Fit app.
      The band is made of a light and durable stitched leather that is 22 mm thick. It's comfortable to wear and easy to adjust for an exact fit. The strap is changeable in case it breaks accidentally, gets ruined by water, or the wearer prefers a different look, style or material (i.e. metal or waterproof).
      Sizes Available
      The LG Watch Urbane comes in a single size. It is 8 inches long by 1.8 inches wide by 0.5 inches high. It has holes to adjust to a more perfect fit, but the large face looks better on bigger wrists. Replacement straps with a 22mm thickness are available for purchase.
      Ease of Use
      Reviewers found that the Urbane is very easy to use. Just slide your finger across the face to change to a different one. Users can check the time, their heart rate, stats for the day, run apps, take calls, send and receive texts, and receive push notifications from their smartphone. They can also talk to the watch (“Ok, Google”) to ask for directions using Google Maps, the weather, or game scores. The Bluetooth and WiFi are easy to connect to, although the connection can be spotty at times, and the heart rate monitor is conveniently on the back of the watch and tracks the user's heart rate continuously without any extra equipment or effort.
      Power Source
      The Urbane is powered by a 410 mAh rechargeable lithium-ION battery that is included with the watch. It has a good battery life, lasting up to two days when the screen is on. It goes into battery saving mode by dimming the screen when it is not being tapped on or scrolled through. It works well during the day in the bright sun, has different brightness settings for indoor and outdoor use, and does a decent job maintaining battery life when the brightness is turned up. Since it does not track sleep, it is convenient to charge at night and start logging activity first thing in the morning.
      The LG Watch Urbane is on the pricey side, costing a little over one-and-a-half times as much as other smartwatches. It does have a nice look, customizability, and the ability to call, text, and receive notifications, which many cheaper phones lack. It is not waterproof and does not track sleep, which are the features that some of the cheaper, average-priced phones have. It is also only available in one size and looks best on larger wrists. Because the Urbane was released in 2015, it is no longer available at many retailers.
      There are a few accessories for the Urbane. The straps are changeable to another 22 mm strap but are sold separately. There are also glass screen protectors to prevent scratching or smudging, replacement charging docks or cradles, waterproof band straps (although the main watch is still only water resistant up to one meter for up to 30 minutes), steel straps, and pins.
      Key Features
      • Full metal body, Gorilla Glass 3 and OLED display give the watch a nice look and great durability

      • Navigation system allows the wearer to ask questions and hear directions to their destination

      • “Ok, Google” lets the wearer ask about the weather, game scores, or send texts

      • Water resistant up to one meter of water for up to thirty minutes

      • Expanded Battery Life allows the watch to be worn all day in order to check the time and be connected to apps and the Internet, and then charged at night

      • PPG Sensor tracks heart rate at any given moment or gives an average pulse for an exercise period

      • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity make it so users do not need to carry their phone around

      • Push notifications from smartphone; compatible with Android 4.3 or greater

      • Alarm helps the wearer stay on schedule

      • 4GB of storage for apps and music streaming
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the LG Watch Urbane is a good choice for runners who are Android users. This wearable device features a heart rate monitor, push notifications from your phone and a variety of apps. It is durable and comfortable to wear, with customizable screens and a removable strap. It is easy to use for checking one's heart rate, setting alarms, sending texts, making phone calls, checking the weather and sports scores, and listening to music. It can use apps such as Google Fit, which allows activity tracking and goal setting, Google Maps to give directions, and MyFitnessPal for calorie and meal tracking, as well as logging weight and measurements. Areas for improvement include the price, offering smaller sizes for smaller wrists, and a faster, better connection to Bluetooth and WiFi. In short, the Urbane was a good watch for its time and still is good for those who like the classic look, but newer watches are available with better prices, sizing options, and updated features and technology.
      Where to Buy
      By Stephanie Potter
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      Where to buy
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