The Ultimate Sunscreen for Runners

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The Ultimate Sun Screen for Runners The Ultimate Sunscreen for Runners

coconut-oil-22When looking for the best sunscreen you may find yourself next to the cosmetic aisle in your local Walmart or Fred Meyers. This may be the normal way to shop for products to protect your skin, but here I will tell about another method that can protect and enhance your skin and time in the sun. You may be shocked!

Coconut Oil, that’s rrright, the white creamy oil that is labeled unrefined and has those fancy photos a big Ol’ Coconut on it’s front. Purchase the big tub at Costco and you can put it to use in the kitchen, the bathroom, and while your out for your daily run in the Sun Shine.

Coconut oil has an SPF of around 4-5, it contains antioxidants that not only protect the skin from 75% of UV rays but,it also promotes the healing and anti-aging of the skin. It can heal scars as well. One application will protect the skin for roughly 45 minutes, so it is the perfect oil for a run in the sun or race day.

You can store this in a baby food jar or whatever storage container you may have available, then apply it as needed. You’ll be left smelling like a fresh coconut with baby soft skin and obtain a great

There is a skin oiling technique in Ayurvedic medicine that is called ‘Abhyanga’. What you do is lather your body with coconut oil, then take a hot bath to open your pores and allow the oils to nourish your body through absorption of the skin. As the Skin being your largest organ of all, we must consider how we can protect ourselves from not only the Sun Rays, but also the harmful chemicals that are being used all around, and coming through exhaust of cars, etc. This supports why there are multiple advantages to lathering your skin with coconut oil.

Coconut Oil  is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. This means that if you are to encounter toxins you are prepared already, giving yourself a greater chance of not disturbing your health and optimal well-being. You generally will have a stronger immune system this way.

Taking us back to the process of Abhyanga, this method consists of a generous application of coconut oil, then continuing into a hot bath directly afterwards to allow the oil to absorb into your skin. This system is true while running, as when you are in the sun you are heated as well as sweating and the same process takes place.


Sweat is something you actually don’t want to wipe off,  rather rub into your body because it contains valuable salts and water has the capacity to carry memory in it.  After a long hard run exerting all of that energy you want to keep your internal cells recharged with energy rather than just ridding it onto a towel. It is best to wait 1.5-3 hours, after running to take a shower this way your natural salt can absorb into your blood once again, and begin to recharge and amp your cells. Please view this article containing information on this practice if you would like further information.

If you are searching for a higher SPF Organic Sun Screen, purchase yourself some Cold Pressed Red Raspberry Seed Oil, containing an SPF of 25. If you are someone who tends to burn easily I can see why you may reach for this rather than a lower SPF oil. Red Raspberry Seed Oil contains 83% essential fatty acids Aka ( Your skin loving fattiest friends). Your EFA lovely little friends make it possible for cell membrane fluidity to thrive, enhances cell barrier and repair, decreases trans-epidermal water loss, increases moisture in the skin, and supports cell signaling, cell immunity, and anti-inflammatory activity. We won’t forget about the polyphenols, the Vitamin E in this oil either. These both play an important role in providing the skin with exactly what it needs to thrive. In fact, red raspberry seed oil has been reported to have an SPF alike to titanium oxide which contains an SPF protection against UVB rays of 28-50, and of around 8.


We also must begin to think about protecting our skin from the inside-out, yes it is true, what you eat, or don’t eat factors into how your skin reacts to the sun and it’s rays.

But for now, we can move onto the best idea yet for these oils…… that being !

A combination of the oils creating a higher SPF sunscreen, with all of those nourishing properties that both coconut oil, and red raspberry seed oil all in a single shot!

Here is a DIY home sunscreen containing both coconut oil and red raspberry seed oil.

  • 1/2 cup virgin Coconut Oil.
  • 2 tablespoons of Non Nana Zinc Oxide. (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon of Red Raspberry Seed Oil.


  1. Whip Coconut Oil until creamy or if it is hot it will be ready in liquid form.
  2. If You are choosing to use Zinc Oxide pour it in carefully ( You do not want to Inhale it).
  3. Add in the red raspberry seed oil and mix well, then store in a jar.

red-raspberry-seed coconut-1






You are well on your way to a Healthier Run in the sun, plus healthier skin each day!

Take a look at RunnerClick’s buying guide for the best sunscreen’s on the market, below.

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