Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Salomon Product Showcase

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Article Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Salomon Product Showcase Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017: Salomon Product Showcase www.runnerclick.com

Solomon never fails to impress with their durable, rough and rugged outdoor gear made for those who want something resilient to handle the terrain. Well, that’s my take on it. I personally love a product that can hold it’s own in nature, and Salomon’s shoes do just that. What do we have in store for 2017 and what can we keep our eyes out for? For those Salomon runners out there, you will find much to be excited for.


Here we have a couple new installments for the new year. Without further adieu, let’s get into them.

S-Lab Sense Ultra 2017

This new installment in the S-Lab series will hit the shelves in Spring of 2017. This trail running shoe features a TPU welded, durable upper that is not completely covered, but rather incorporates a breathable mesh to allow ample airflow. An Endofit liner on the inner walls provide maximum protection for the foot by keeping any external debris out of the shoe. It is made to be fast, lightweight and hold up against the terrain. Also featured is a nine millimeter midsole offset and a decoupled rock plate on the outsole to provide protection, plus much better flexibility at the forefoot for the toe-off phase. If you love the S-Lab series, you definitely don’t want to miss this release!


Sense Ride 2017

Here we have a revision of the S-Lab sense series, made into a more simplified package with some of the same effective features that Sense runners already know and love. The good thing here is you get a great price tag, and still get the features that you need most. To help the more general crowd of trail runners they made the fit profile more universal. You get extreme performance based on their wet-traction Contragrip outsole which will allow you to grip and grab the terrain as needed. For that toe-off flexibility and spring, as mentioned before, you have their signature decoupled rock plate incorporated into the forefoot area. In the midsole you get a full length ople insert fuzed into the EVA rubber midsole, which in turn cuts the weight down significantly. This shoe weighs in at 9.7 ounces with an eight millimeter midsole offset and will retail at $120.00.


There you have it! some awesome shoes for your appetite if you decide you need something new for the trail in these coming months. These were some highlights, but there was much more eye-candy at Salomon’s booth at the Outdoor Retailer Winter event that I had to keep on snapping. Check out some other great shoes they had on show below.

S-Lab Sense 6 SG

The Sense 6 Soft Ground is a neutral trail running shoe for rough conditions, featuring a rip-stop mesh design on the upper and four millimeter midsole offset. You’re looking at a weight of around 8 ounces. It will be available for purchase early 2017.


S-Lab Sense 6

The S-lab Sense 6 will feature a re-designed midsole with some minor revisions to the upper. This is a shoe made for performance, with racing in mind. You get a durable package pulled together and laced up with their Quicklace system for that familiar fit you know of from the S-Lab series. This update will be available for purchase by Spring of 2017, so keep an eye out.


S-Lab Sonic 2

Here we’re steering away from the trail and hitting the road. The S-Lab Sonic 2 is a road running shoe featuring an opel insert in the midsole, helping with weight reduction while keeping that much needed responsiveness and cushioning. On the upper you get a breathable mesh incorporated with Salomon’s Sensifit and Endofit technology for a fit you can truly appreciate. The weight on this installment comes in around eight ounces. You can find it on shelves early 2017!


S-Lab XA Alpine

This one’s for those that like to get out there and really push the limits. The S-Lab XA Alpine features a carbon chassis, incorporated zip-up gaiter, duel density compressed EVA, premium wet-traction contragrip, ankle pad, and a truck-load of protection! This extreme trail runner retails for $250.00 and is out now for purchase!


SpeedCross Pro 2

The Speedcross Pro 2 will be released a bit later in the year. This installment will also feature the premium wet-traction contragrip outsole, but with the midsole height being cut down, as well as a reduction of the offset down to six millimeters from ten. This time around the shoes upper will have an all-around sensifit integration, and an overall weight coming in around nine ounces, being much lighter than the previous.


SnowCross 2 CSWP

Based off of Salomon’s well known Speedcross model, this bad boy features a waterproof membrane with an elevated top, ensuring you have no problem getting through that snow filled area that would provide a significant issue otherwise. With an extremely aggressive contragrip outsole and an overall protective design, you will crash through any trail course like nobodies business. Don’t let harsh conditions stop you. The SnowCross 2 CSWP comes in at around 13 ounces and will be available for purchase in Fall 2017, retailing at $200.00.


Wings Pro 2

Oh, the Salomon Wings Pro 2! As a shoe I personally own, and love, I have a lot of good things to say about it, but let’s keep it simple. This is a comfortable trail running shoe that does well on technical terrain with ample breathability, stability and holds up to the poundings that trails can throw your way. It offers sufficient protection, and is overall well-rounded. It weighs in at around eleven ounces and has a ten millimeter midsole offset. You can pick this shoe up now, retailing at $140.00.


SpeedCross 4

The SpeedCross 4 is a highly cushioned trail running shoe known for it’s supreme grip and ability to tackle the roughest terrain, all while coming in a lightweight package. Cushioning is to be emphasized here, but you also get a well versed shoe in all other aspects. You want to take those long runs, but not feel the beating of the trail under your feet. These are popular for that reason. They come in at around 10.5 ounces with a midsole offset of ten millimeters. You can get them now, retailing at $130.00 but as newer models come in you can catch a significant price cut.


SpeedCross 4 GTX

Here you have the same generously cushioned shoe as the Speedcross 4, but with added stability and weatherproof protection from an incorporated Gore-Tex layer. Weighing in at around 11.5 ounces with the same ten millimeter midsole offset, you get similar, effective performance. You can get these now, retailing at $160.00.


SpeedCross 4 GTX W

The SpeedCross 4 GTX W is the women’s version of this iconic shoe with the same effective performance features toned down to a more lightweight package for her. You get lightweight protection coming in at around ten ounces, with a midsole offset of ten millimeters. You can pick this shoe up now, retailing at $160.00, now with a cut-back price tag to make way for their newer models.


XA Enduro

The XA Enduro is a versatile mountain/trail running shoe with a lightweight, flexible gaiter incorporated into the shoe. Features include an EnergyCell+ midsole and together with their ProFeel film technology you get responsiveness with ample protection from external hazards that would likely be present on mountainous terrain. They also feature the signature wet-traction contragrip outsole for maximum grip so you can effectively tear through the terrain of your choice. They come in at around eleven ounces with a nine millimeter midsole offset. You can pick this up early 2017, retailing at $160.00


Sense Marin

Last but not least we have the Sense Marin. Here you have their effective premium wet-traction contragrip outsole for rough, rocky terrain with a sensifit upper, pulled together with their durable Quicklace system that easily stores in an integrated lace pocket for distraction-free performance.  With a molded EVA midsole and Energy Cell+ foam you get a cushioned, stable ride to appreciate on the trails. This is a well protected shoe coming in at around ten ounces with a midsole offset of six millimeters. You can pick it up late January 2017, retailing at $120.00.


Well, what a plethora of performance, right? For those that just need to get out and get active, no matter what the condition, no matter what the terrain looks like, there is something here for you. I’d like to thank the folks at Salomon’s booth for giving me the time to get up close and personal with these models. They are some amazing footwear options to say the least and I can’t wait to get out there with some of these releases. I hope you enjoyed the lineup!