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Part 1: You Know You’re An Ultra Runner When…

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Part 1: You Know You’re An Ultra Runner When... Part 1: You Know You’re An Ultra Runner When… www.runnerclick.com

It was 2 o’clock in the morning as I ran across the state of Florida with blisters on my feet passing a set of wild coyotes while dumping a bag of flour down my pants. Yes, I’d say ultra marathons can be a unique experience. When we take any activity to its extreme, we must also take ourselves to the extreme, hold nothing back, and go all in. So, while taking running to outrageous limits, like during an ultra marathon, there are various commonly unique occurrences that seem to repetitively take place. These conditions separate a runner from any other type of endurance or sporting event out there. So… You Know You’re An Ultra Runner When…

You Have an Uneven Ratio of Toenails to Fingernails

Yes, toenails do grow back, but it sure does take some time. Black & blue and missing toenails tend to come with the territory as we move forward relentlessly in our running. It’s common for ultra runners to lose them from the prolong pounding of their shoes, not to mention the rocks and roots that are kicked along the way. Think it hurts to stub your big toe? Try doing it without a toenail.  Since I’ve started ultra running I always have a toenail or two missing or growing back, simply a sacrifice to the trails.


You Buy Your Running Shoes in Bulk

If we can agree on anything let it be the importance of a good running shoe. That is, one with a design and shape that fits well with our particular body structure and stride. I sure loved my original running shoes that provided me support and comfort as I set sail into the world of ultra running. They weren’t the fastest shoe out there, but they fit like a glove and correlated well with my technique and body type. Unfortunately, like all running shoes, they eventually timed out and were sadly discontinued. I called Nike corporation who then located the last 15 pairs of size 13 in the country. As they arrived to my home from various outlets scattered throughout the US, my wife stacked them in the closet with a big smile on her face. She smiled not because she was happy or found it comical, no far from it. She smiled because I could never again complain that she bought too many shoes. Those shoes were blackmail for life. Let’s just hope she doesn’t view my handhelds as purses, then I’d be in big trouble.

You Have More Buckles Than Belts

Buckles are the hallmark of an ultra marathon. They provide an extra sense of accomplishment from finishing such an enduring challenge. It’s an award given only to those who have completed an ultra marathon and understand what it truly takes, an understanding that’s only comprehended from putting in those ultra miles. All together I have one dress belt, one work belt, and one belt held together with electrical tape. Let’s just say my buckle collection is much more admirable. It’s tradition for race-day to include a finisher buckle and a race tech shirt. Now maybe the race directors will start giving out belts and a pair of pants so we can have a completed wardrobe.

Your “Long Run” Is Over 30 Miles

Once upon a time ago you might have remembered a long run consisting of 17 to 21 miles as you prepared for a marathon. When training for an ultra marathon your long run begins to transform into 30-34 miles and sometimes even two days in a row. I’ve ran 30 miles, 40 miles, 50 miles, and even over 60 miles in length for a long training run. Eventually the overall distance becomes irrelevant. Most of the time when someone asks me how long I ran my reply is something like “around 6 or 7 hours”. In my opinion, what earns the highest priority is the time spent on your feet and increasing your mental strength in the process.

Birthdays Are Celebrated On The Trails

It’s funny how your birthday celebrations transform from going out late and partying into what absurd distance you will attempt to run. This year for my 30th I made the bold yet slightly crazy decision to run 116 miles across the state of Florida. On my actual birthday, I spent it running a 58-mile training run. The race was long and it was enduring but fortunately I made it across the state and took a first place finish in the process. That’s one way to burn off those birthday cake calories.


You know you’re an ultra runner when your radical and unusual behaviors lead to adventure and oddly unique experiences. Eventually these oddities turn into routine and your reservation transforms into admiration.  For all the ultra runners out there, these odd circumstances aren’t odd at all, they are trophy’s, they are routines, and yes they are straight absurd. But for whatever we give intense focus to will seem astray from the outside because to achieve something of such magnitude it takes actions that are far from average. To give intense focus is to give it an abundance of energy until success becomes near inevitable, and you will have some pretty funny stories to tell in the process.