Pebble 2 SE

If you're looking for a simple watch that's affordable and can handle just about any basic fitness task, then the Pebble 2 SE might be for you. You can keep track of your daily calories, as well as steps taken. You can even track your sleep with this watch. You might think training is important, but getting proper rest is just as vital toward your well-being and continued athletic success. You have all manner of insights, coaching, and stat tracking that you'd usually only find in a more expensive, high-end watch. The Pebble 2 SE packs in a lot more features than you'd expect for a watch of its size and scope.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Accurate step tracking
  • Sleep tracker
  • Detailed health insights
  • Voice actions
  • Music control
  • Cons
    • Not a big change from previous version
    • Fickle firmware
    • Key Features
      In terms of activities that can be tracked by the Pebble 2 SE, the possibilities are basically endless. You'll have no problem using this watch for walking and running, especially when you consider that the watch features a very accurate step counter. You can also use this watch to go swimming, as it's water resistant up to 30 m. You can also use this watch for mud runs and the like, because it is very durable. When you consider just how inexpensive it is, you can even stock up on a couple in case one of them breaks.
      Basic Features
      For how affordable the Pebble 2 SE is, it's amazing that it's packed with as many basic features as it is. You can expect to get a smart fitness tracker that will keep track of your steps, the calories you've consumed every day, and even the progress you've made on a walk or a run. You can track the duration of your runs, the distance of your walks and runs, and the pace that you're performing at. It's these simple features that we've come to expect from competitive watches, and the Pebble 2 SE does just fine in this regard.
      Advanced Features
      The thing that's so unusual about the Pebble 2 SE multi-sport watch is that it's loaded with advanced features, which is not at all common for a watch that's as affordable as this one is. It's capable of tracking your calories, your steps, even the duration and quality of your sleep. You can get your health insights including coaching so that you can be constantly improving as an athlete. You can even use voice actions to get more functionality out of the device, something that you'll only usually see in a high-end watch.
      The Pebble 2 SE has been lauded by many reviewers for being particularly accurate in its ability to track your performance. A multi-sport watch can have all of the features in the world, but if it isn't accurate, then it isn't worth your money. Not only is the Pebble 2 SE absolutely packed with features, but it's tracking is very accurate. It boggles the mind that Pebble was even to manufacture such a watch and sell it at this price.
      The connectivity of the Pebble 2 SE is superb. You can integrate notifications from your other devices in order to get gentle vibrations and keep track of all of your information and messages. You can also utilize Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone, making it even more integrated with your everyday life. You can even sync up this watch with your iPad, something that not every watch can boast. This added feature again boggles the mind when it comes to how Pebble was able to release such a watch for such a low price.
      The realm of apps is another category where the Pebble 2 SE multi-sport watch excels. Not only is the watch capable of synchronizing app data that you have elsewhere, but it's also capable of downloading some of the latest apps that you could need as well. Again, it's almost unbelievable to see that this watch is capable of doing as much as it can, while still being as attractive as it is, all offered at an incredibly affordable price.
      When it comes to comfort, the Pebble 2 SE does very well. It has a silicone band that's been lauded for just how comfortable it is. On top of this, the band is fully adjustable, meaning that you should have no problem getting the watch to perfectly fit your wrist. All too often, watch companies are capable of loading their watches with all manner of features but neglect to invest the time and money into making the device comfortable. That's simply not the case with the Pebble 2 SE.
      The Pebble 2 SE is definitely quite a stylish device, sporting a sleek look that makes it suitable for just about any occasion, even everyday use. It is limited to just one color (black), but the cool look of the watch more than makes up for this limited color availability. The face blends fairly well into the band itself, which makes the watch look that much cooler. On top of this, it means that the form factor of the watch is slim, making it that much harder to damage the watch.
      It's nice to have a watch that's loaded with features and capable of tracking all of your data, but the last thing you want is a watch that will break apart should you accidentally take a fall. This is especially important if you're planning on going on a mud run. All it would take is one bad fall for all that money to go down the drain. This watch's face and band are quite durable, meaning that you probably won't have to worry about the watch breaking. And even if it does, the watch is so affordable that you could always get a backup as well.

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      You can actually download separate watch faces straight to the Pebble 2 SE multi-sport watch if you want, giving you full customization that will continuously keep the watch fresh. On top of that, the actual display is clear and bright, and the face blends flush into the band of the watch, making it very aesthetically pleasing. The face itself is very durable and can stand up to repeated abuse while you're performing.
      The band on the Pebble 2 SE multi-sport watch is made from a durable silicone that's also quite comfortable. The band itself is relatively thin, making it even more form-fitting and less likely to fall apart after repeated usage. As we've seen with so much of the rest of this watch, the band performs at a level that's higher than what you'd expect from a watch of this price range. On top of that, it's fully adjustable and allows you to get the perfect fit.
      Sizes Available
      You can adjust the watch's band to fit the exact size of your wrist. This means that you won't have to settle for a one-size-fits-all situation where the watch might not even end up fitting you properly. There's virtually no chance of you not being able to get a perfect fit with the Pebble 2 SE multi-sport watch. And again, at the price that it's being offered at, the Pebble 2 SE is a no-brainer.
      Ease of Use
      The ease of use on this watch is just as commendable as many of the other features that we've touched on so far. The screen is quite easy to read, and you can interact with the device using tactile buttons on the side of the screen that allow you to interact with the watch in an intuitive way. You won't have to worry about awkwardly fiddling around with the interface, as this watch was specifically designed to be as easy to use as possible.
      Power Source
      The battery life on the Pebble 2 SE is just as impressive as the rest of the features that we've touched on thus far. It can actually last up to seven days with a single charge, meaning that you can intensively train for day after day without having to even think about the watch. This is especially impressive when you consider that the watch is capable of connecting with just about any other device that you might have, and the fact that it has a bright screen that displays all manner of information.
      So far, this review has been quite positive, and this remains the case when it comes to the overall price of the device. The MSRP of this watch is $100, but since the Pebble brand was acquired by Fitbit, you can find it at even lower prices. This is very impressive when you consider the fact that this watch packs nearly as many features as many of the high-end watches that are out there, all without breaking the bank.
      The one area where the Pebble 2 SE doesn't excel is in accessories. In fact, the watch pretty much comes as it is in the box, without any accessories. With that said, the watch itself is loaded with features that make the purchase well worth it. It can track all of the basic things that a watch should be able to do while still being able to tackle some of the more advanced tasks that you wouldn't expect from a multi-sport watch in this price range.
      Key Features
      - Accurate step tracking
      - Sleep tracker
      - Detailed health insights
      - Voice actions
      - Music control
      Bottom Line
      The bottom line when it comes to the Pebble 2 SE is that you're getting an affordable, feature-rich device that can accomplish tasks you see on more expensive watches. It's got a sleek design, superior functionality, and it's suitable for all types of activities, including swimming and mud runs. You'd be hard-pressed to find a watch with this many features for a cheaper price. If you're looking for an inexpensive watch that can handle almost any task, you should get your hands on a Pebble 2 SE.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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