10 Podcasts All Runners Should Be Listening To

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Need some inspirational talk to get you through your next long run? We've got the perfect podcast list for runners! 10 Podcasts All Runners Should Be Listening To www.runnerclick.com

Are you in need of some inspiration to get out on your next run? Looking for some like-minded runners who you can relate to and connect with? Do you feel like it’s time to expand your running community and get a little more serious about your training and nutrition? Then check out our list of some of the best running podcasts around. These are sure to keep you entertained while get you thinking and inspiring you with new ideas.

Beginner Runner Village

New to the sport of running? Then the Beginner Runner Village Podcast is for you! In it, you will find episodes explaining all the ins and outs and details of running- how to get started, what is what, how much you should be running. This is also a great option if you are trying to find some motivation to just get started running in general. Learning some running facts might get you excited to join the running community!

I’ll Have Another 

Lindsey Hein lives in Indianapolis with her husband, with whom she works as a running coach, creating personalized training plans for other runners. She’s not a collegiate athlete, not an elite athlete (though she’s certainly competed in her fair share of marathons and triathlons), just a superb podcast host who interviews a plethora of famous athletes and professional runners. Her podcast will leave you feeling inspired, as well as with some “insider” elite runner knowledge, guaranteed!

Runner Connect 

Tina Muir originally made headlines first as a professional runner for Great Britain and then for speaking out about her struggles with amenorrhea. But her podcast is a fantastic resource for all things running related. She shares her own struggles and stories, interviews other professional and elite runners, and talks with other professionals on various topics related to running including training, rest and recovery, diet and nutrition, and (most recently, with the birth of her daughter) running and training as a parent. And while you’re listening, make sure you stop by and check out her blog too!

Rogue Running 

Rogue Running in Austin, Texas is a running group/program/one-stop-shop for everything a runner could need. Austin is known for its running community, and Rogue Running is at the heart of it all, with coaches to help you achieve your goals, group runs, and a blog and podcast to answer your running questions. The Rogue Runners approach running with an “all or nothing” mentality, and their podcast is fun and edgy and cleverly mixes the “Austin Lifestyle” with the sport of running.

Trail Runner Nation

If you are one of the lucky few who get to take your runs to the trails regularly, then you’ve got to tune in to the Trail Runner Nation podcast. Trail Runner Nation not only dominates various social media outlets with all the information and happenings of the trail running world but has a podcast to go along. No matter your running level or experience, experts talk about the ins and outs of trail and endurance running and share some amazing (and terrifying and crazy) stories from their time on the trails.

No Meat Athlete 

Whether or not you are a vegan or vegetarian, the No Meat Athlete Podcast is a great listen. It will certainly get you really thinking about your own fueling strategies, and might inspire you to try new forms of fueling and nutrition, but Matt Frazier (the plant-based runner behind the blog and podcast) shares all kinds of running tips, running experiences, and invites on other runners to interview. We encourage you to go check this out, espeially if you’re skeptical because chances are, even if you still eat that post-race celebratory burger, Matt will at least get you thinking and pondering a no-meat approach to endurance training.

Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast, hosted by ultra runner and endurance athlete Rich Roll, remains one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes week after week. Rich Roll is a plant-based vegan who has spent his adult life fine-tuning the plant-based approach to fueling crazy distance ventures. His journey from drugs, alcohol, and being severely overweight to where he’s at now is extraordinary – and his listeners keep coming back for more and more insight and tips for putting your body through extreme circumstances: such as the “Epic5 Challenge,” in which Rich completed five Ironman triathlons on 5 islands of Hawaii in less than a week.

Run Eat Repeat Podcast

Monica isn’t just your average runner blogger. She’s a fiery red-headed Mexican who lives in Southern California and who daily writes (and now podcasts) about her journey through marathon training. She’s witty, widely entertaining, and just fun to listen to. Throw her podcast on during your long run (or a long drive) if you want the time to fly by.

Another Mother Runner

Calling all moms who are also runners (and basically superheroes): Another Mother Runner Podcast is going to be your new best friend. The topics cover everything from running through grief to strategies for squeezing in your workouts in between naps, to fueling for breastfeeding AND marathon training. Dads are welcome too! Throw it on during your long run, when you’re folding laundry, or driving the kids to soccer practice.

Marathon Talk

A popular British running podcast, Marathon Talk is hosted by former elite endurance athletes Tom Williams and Martin Yelling. They’ll help keep you up-to-date on running news around the world, including who is winning what, up and coming running trends, and news about shoes and gear. They also often interview elite runners and coaches and do shout-outs to listeners who have called in to share their own running successes (or who just want to call in and “rate their run” or tell a running tale).