Polar V800

The Polar V800 is a GPS watch that can be used for multiple sports. Designed with serious athletes and enthusiasts alike in mind, the Polar V800 guides the user to their peak training level for ultimate performance. The watch uses GPA and activity monitoring so that the user has the ability to train and recover appropriately. The Polar V800 uses training modules, activity monitoring, multisport guidance. The user is able to set up customized profiles for each sport so that data is focused on what is needed to achieve each individual’s unique goals. The watch is highly accurate and monitors activities 24/7 so that the user can feel confident that the data provided is individualized to what they need to succeed. The Polar V800 is able to sync workouts with the Polar Flow app, as well as a web version that allows the user to plan their training schedules. The watch is designed with Gorilla glass and a display made to withstand all kinds of conditions. With a 14 hour battery life, a GPS, a barometric altimeter and waterproofing to 100ft, the Polar V800 is a great pick for multisport athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. Triathlons and athletes alike will enjoy the Polar V800.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Multisport functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Durable design
  • Customized training
  • Connectivity
  • Accuracy
  • Cons
    • Heavy
    • Customization must be done on the web and not the watch
    • Key Features
      The Polar V800 is a watch made for many activities. Triathletes and athletes that cross-train will find this watch’s customizations an added bonus. The watch can be used for running, hiking, biking, swimming, or any activity that you participate in the gym. With the ability to see the data that matters most to you, the user can customize what they see during each activity. With the GPS, the wearer can always know just how fast and far they are going so they can take each sport to the next level. The Polar V800 is also waterproof to 30 meters so the wearer can feel comfortable utilizing the watch for swimming in the pool or in open water.
      Basic Features
      The Polar V800 is designed to provide the user with the data they want to see. With multisport customizations available, users get program the watch to provide the data in the way they want to see it. In general, the watch can provide the route distance and speed the wearer is going, while also providing guidance into how to reach each day’s goal. The Polar V800 is also able to provide heart rate and calories burned based on data that the user enters, as well as a fit test. Reviewers liked the data that was provided, however some wanted the ability to see steps taken during the day and miles walked. A progress bar provides this data, but some users wanted the exact measurements on the watch. Overall, though, the Polar V800 provides the data users need to train effectively.
      Advanced Features
      The Polar V800 is designed with many advanced features to improve performance. With built in training guidance, the watch is able to provide advice on recovery, performance, training load. The watch also offers motivation during training sessions to keep the user moving. There is also a built-in training program for runners, specifically who are training for different races, like 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and marathons. For runners, the watch is also able to monitor cadence continuously. By using Polar V800’s Orthostatic Test, the watch can help guide training and recovery, while monitoring the wearer’s heart rate, as the test is done on a regular basis. With the extension of the Polar Flow app, the user is able to look for new routes as well. The watch also offers smart notifications of texts and incoming calls that you can answer or decline through the watch. The Polar V800 also reminds you of calendar events, provides social media updates and lets you know when you’ve been inactive for too long. The watch also adjusts training sessions if the user misses a day to compensate for the non-training day. There are also alerts for when the heart rate starts to rise too much. The advanced features on the Polar V800 truly are designed to take training to the next level.
      The Polar V800 has a high level of accuracy designed to keep the wearer in check and feel good about the data they are seeing. Reviewers felt that the metrics associated with the GPS, distance on the run, bike and swim were in line and accurate. Reviewers were highly impressed with the pool accuracy. Overall, the Polar V800 is a highly accurate GPS watch.
      The Polar V800 connects wirelessly to the Polar Flow app via Bluetooth. Connection is quick and simple. There is also the ability to connect the watch using the USB cable to sync data on the computer so that it syncs on the web version of the app. The Polar V800 also syncs through the Bluetooth Smart with sensors for running and biking.
      The Polar V800 syncs with the Polar Flow app that is designed exclusively for Polar devices. The app takes data to the next level by allowing the user the ability to monitor training plans. With the different sport profiles, the user is able to customize the different metrics they want to see when running, biking or swimming. With the ability to drag and drop, it’s simple to use and set up. The Polar V800 is also able to work with the app, Strava. This syncing can be done through the USB cable and Polar Flow’s web version.
      The Polar V800 is a comfortable device designed to be worn for all different sports in many conditions. With a weight of 79g and a thickness of 12.7 mm, the watch is designed to accommodate the many advanced features and bigger battery. While the weight is heavier than other models on the market, it does not feel overly excessive. Users felt that they could still move comfortably. Some reviewers had an issue with the metal piece on the band as it sometimes dug into their wrists. Overall, though, the watch is a comfortable option for sports enthusiasts.
      The Polar V800 offers a sleek design that users can feel comfortable wearing both in and out of the gym. Reviewers felt that the watch did not look too much like a fitness device and was still able to be worn with normal clothes. Some reviewers felt that the watch was a hit heavy and clunky, so sometimes it got caught on longer shirts. There are also a few different color options available so that people have a choice of what they prefer. Compared to previous versions though, the design has been upgraded to a sleeker design that appeals to many different styles.
      The Polar V800 is built for durability with the ability to utilize for many different sports both in and out of the gym. Its heavier size makes it a strong device meant to withstand wear and tear. The Polar V800 uses materials like aluminum, Gorilla glass, alloy and stainless steel combine to create a waterproof device that users can feel comfortable wearing daily.
      The Polar V800’s face is designed using Gorilla glass, aluminum and stainless steel. Its display is 128 x 128 pixels, and the watch uses a black and white background that is designed to work in low-light. Reviewers felt that the display has a high resolution that works well in all lighting. The face still looks and feels like it’s a piece of a real watch as opposed to a fitness device. Along the side of the watch are alloy buttons that make navigating the watch easy. Reviewers felt that the face on the Polar V800 is an upgrade to previous versions.
      The Polar V800’s band is made of a silicon material that is designed to be breathable and comfortable. This material, while strong, is designed to keep the user in gear and able to move. Reviewers felt that while the material is comfortable, the way the band latches on the metal loop is a little difficult, as the band doesn’t go into the loop easily. Overall though, the band is comfortable for users partaking in many sports.
      The Polar V800 is approximately 5 inches in length and comes in one size. The watch is designed to fit most wrist sizes with a lot of flexibility. While the watch is slightly heavier than others on the market, it is actually a little smaller on the width and depth of the device. Reviewers felt that the size adequately fit.
      Ease of Use
      The Polar V800 is designed to be easy to use. Users are able to use the button on the right to toggle between functions in the menu, allowing the user to select a sport and sync any additional devices. While customization cannot be done on the watch itself, users are able to easily login to the web version to set up sport profiles that can then be used on the watch. Users able to quickly sync data between the watch and the app. Some users had an issue with only have 5 buttons to use, and the use of long and short presses. However, most users felt that the watch’s simplicity was a core feature. Reviewers also want the ability to push the data to different third party apps besides Strava.
      Power Source
      The Polar V800 uses a 350 mAh lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable. The battery lasts up to 13 hours when used with training, GPS and sensors. The watch will work up to 50 hours if used with limited GPS in lower power mode. The Polar V800 comes with a charging cable that is used to recharge the watch. Reviewers felt that the battery life on the watch is adequate for training several times a week, and felt that it was comparable to the Garmin Forerunner.
      The Polar V800 is priced at $499.95. For athletes that need a multisport watch to accommodate different training regimens, this watch is definitely priced appropriately as it offers many basic and advanced features to accelerate performance. However, if you are looking for a watch simply for running or biking, the price tag is probably on the steep side for what is needed.
      The Polar V800 already has a ton of features built into the watch, but there are still some additional accessories that can be added. Some of these accessories include sensors for running or biking and a stride length sensor. Some power meters by third-party vendors are also compatible.
      Key Features
      - Power Flow app
      - Customizable sport profiles
      - Advanced training programs
      - Specific running programs
      - Waterproof up to 100 feet
      - GPS
      - Altimeter
      - Regular fit test
      Bottom Line
      The Polar V800 is designed with athletes of multisports in mind. With the ability to customize each sport’s profile to the user’s preferences, Polar has taken this watch to the next level. The watch is made to assist the user with training regimens based on their fitness levels. By monitoring daily activity and heart rate, the watch guides the wearer to adjust accordingly. With a built in GPS, users can feel comfortable with the accuracy of the data including speed, distance and duration, while the advanced features monitor recovery time, heart rate and more. The watch also provides smart notifications that provide text and phone call alerts, social media updates and calendar appointments. The watch is also designed to be worn both during and outside of the gym for all occasions coming in several color options with a sleek design. With easy syncing data is on the Polar Flow app or the user can choose to connect to a PC for data transfer to the web version or even Strava. The user is able to quickly see the data they want to analyze their training and activity. With a strong battery that can last between 14-50 hours depending on training and use of GPS, the watch is ideal for everyday use. While reviewers sometimes felt that the watch was a bit heavy, its durability and accuracy make it a choice for all athletes that want to take their performance to the next level. With a price tag of $499, this watch definitely falls into the category of those who are serious athletes or want to train harder in multisports. Overall, though, this is a good buy for those looking for a watch that will last.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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