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How do I clean shoes in a washing machine?
Avatar Ian Vern
17 January 2018

I have a new pair of ultra boost, and I accidentally spilled a bit of soda on them. Does anybody here know how to clean shoes in a washing machine?

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
16 January 2018

It can really be a big bummer when you buy a new pair of shoes - especially a top of the line, pricey shoe like Adidas Ultra Boosts - and then dirty them up soon after you purchase them. We all know that one of the best parts of a new pair of kicks like the Ultra Boosts is how clean and chic they look like without scuffs or marks on them. But how should you go about taking care of a pair of shoes like this?

Some tennis or running shoes can be washed in the washing machine, no problem. These shoes are made out of a material that will not deteriorate in water. These are materials like nylon, cotton, and polyester. (Animal-based materials like suede and leather probably will not hold up to the washing machine process.) However, for an expensive pair of shoes like Ultra Boosts, I wouldn't risk the washing machine. I would stay safe and wash them by hand with soap and water or a specialty sneaker cleaner. This way, you can target each individual stain without sacrificing the integrity of the shoe (which usually happens with the spin cycle of the washing machine).

But if you are absolutely set on washing them in the machine, then you should start by reading the label. Obviously, if it is made of a material that really will not hold up in the machine, then do not throw them in! You will end up with a pair of shoes that look worn out and do not keep their shape well (and never ever put them in the dryer - or risk melting parts of the shoe and shrinking it so they don't fit right). Before putting them in, rub off some of the more caked-on stains using a rag or toothbrush to prepare them for the washing machine. And protect them by washing them in a laundry bag without any other articles of clothing. And finally, wash them in cooler water temperatures and only on a gentle, low tumble setting. (To keep them fresher for longer, don't shy away from storing them in your closet with shoe deodorizers.)


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