A review of Danish Endurance Compression Socks

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A review of Danish Endurance Compression Socks A review of Danish Endurance Compression Socks www.runnerclick.com

There are many benefits to compression socks that include improved blood flow, decreasing the saturation of fluid in the legs. Simply, they assist in the circulation of blood to improve overall performance. So, naturally, a good compression sock will go a long way for runner’s.

This time, we’ve taken a look at Danish Endurance Compression Socks, and find them significant enough to produce a review on. Here’s what we think about them.

  • mmHg Graduated Compression
  • Composition: 95% Polyamide | 5% Elasthane




Can they be used for more than running?

Because of the nature of compression socks they are ideal for most physical activities that require optimal bloodflow. This means, no matter what sport you are partaking in, they will likely prove beneficial.

A good compression sock in this case would be tight on the foot and gradually loosen up toward the upper leg to assist in pushing the blood upward out of the foot. Good blood flow equals a more efficient body.

How does Danish Endurance Compression Sock do in this regard?

They are designed properly. The foot fit is tight they taper up as needed. They are a full length sock, so you get the gradual compression extending all the way up the lower leg to your knee.

  • Adequate Compression
  • Proper fit
  • Ideal for most sports





Of course, a sock must always fit correctly. This will affect comfort-ability and performance so it needs to be accurate. In this case, they passed. The sock is extremely comfortable, and even with shoes the fit felt natural. This is a big plus as there are some socks that don’t feel right when the running sneaker is on.

A good 20 miles put in and no slippage or complications were presented, and they remained comfortable through the duration of my run. The material is light and soft, and not too thick. ┬áThis offers a very light feel which is great if you’re like me and dislike socks that are too padded.

  • Just the right amount of padding
  • Fits well to the contours of the leg
  • No problems with slipping down
  • Very comfortable feel




The Material Test

Material is always important in any clothing, especially one designed for a particular task. The material composition here is very durable and has a quality feel to it. It’s not too thick, so you get a good amount of breathability. The make-up is ninety-five percent polyamide, and five percent elasthane. With this you get a soft to the touch surface and effective moisture wicking. I feel as if the material does it’s job sufficiently and have no complaints as to how it performed for the sock. Passed.




The Stretch Test

A good sock will be able to stretch properly. This is especially important for a compression sock. It also tests the durability and quality of material. If the sock does not respond to the force put on, it is not good. In ┬áthis case, the sock performed well. The stretch-ability is there, and doing so did not alter the structure of it. This means, you won’t have a deformed sock after one use. In the end, you will have a sock that lasts longer, for more uses.

  • Stretches properly with ample resistance
  • Stretches without losing structure




How’s the Stretch-ability in the foot region?

This is a critical area for a compression sock and this sock gets it right. It’s a tight fit, but allows for stretching without over-accommodating to allow ample compression. You’ll get the same resistance as you will with the rest of the sock, but with a tighter squeeze for directing the blood-flow from the foot, back up the leg.

  • Proper resistance




Overall Performance

The Danish Endurance Performance sock did well in most regards, and certainly does what they’re supposed to do. In this case I would recommend them to those who prefer compression socks over standard socks. Those who would find great use of them would be anyone who participates in activities such as cycling, triathlons, soccer, hiking and most of all, running. If you’re a runner and don’t already have a go-to brand, or are looking for something out of your usual to try out, these will do you well.




Bottom Line:

They get the job done. You can purchase them now, online for around the $40.00 mark.

  • Multiple activity type uses
  • Hold up well without slipping
  • Ample fit and compression
  • Effective wicking
  • Very comfortable & Light feel


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