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An In Depth Review of Sprigs Earbags

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When I first opened up the Sprigs Earbags, I was perplexed. Unlike most products, they are exactly what they say they are: little fuzzy bags for your ears. I didn’t believe that these tiny earmuffs that are practically the size of my palm could stay in place and keep my ears warm. Since 1998, Sprigs has been producing innovative items that are able to find the right balance between form and function. Although Earbags weren’t necessarily made with the runner in mind, they work great for runners and I image they would be a great companion for a variety of cold weather athletic endeavors. I was lucky to get them in the mail when I did, because I was able to test them against some of the coldest weather that the Northeast has seen in years.


I don’t know if this is more a reflection of me and my ineptitude, but I did struggle to get them into place. They are little ovals with smaller oval holes that are designed for your ears to slide into. Sort of like pillowcases for your ears. The problem is you have to sort of mush your ear up and stuff it into the opening. Sprigs Earbags come in Small, Medium and Large sizing options but I felt sort of like Goldilocks trying to find the right fit. The Small was a little too small and the Medium was a little too big. In the end I settled on the Small, and I will say that once I got my ear all smashed into the opening and snapped them into place, they remained snug throughout my entire run. They have a snapping, locking mechanism that keeps them securely flushed against your head and eliminates the risk of them sliding off during activity.


The Earbags are a nice alternative to a traditional hat or headband. They are soft and cozy like the inside of a new sweatshirt. They are made using two layers of fleece and the inner layer uses Thinsulation that keeps the weight low and the comfort high. Once I got them on, I was surprised with how comfortable they were. It was easy to forget I was wearing them, and they didn’t pinch or cause my ears any irritation at all.


They certainly did the job. My ears stayed warm, and like I said, I was running in some pretty chilly conditions. I performed a few different distances with these on (a 3 mile, 5 miles, and 10 mile run). During these runs, the conditions didn’t reach above 30 degrees Fahrenheit and it was quite windy.


These little buddies will run you $15 which seems more than fair to me. I have only been using them for a few weeks, but they aren’t showing any signs of wear and tear. I will say that because of their small size, they will be easy to lose. But overall, I’d say they are more than worth the minimal price.

What I Liked

There were a few unexpected perks of these little Earbags. For one, once you have them on, they tend to muffle the outside noise around you. This was nice during my runs in noisy city areas. I was worried that a big negative point for this product would be the use of headphones while wearing them. I have a pair of wireless blue tooth earbuds that connect in the back on my head and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit the Earbags over the headphones, but I was wrong. It took some maneuvering but once I got them over my ears and snapped into place, everything fit nice and snug and stayed securely in place.

The fit is another detail about this product that I really liked. I was worried that they would come loose once I started running, but they didn’t! They stayed right in place the entire run.

What I Didn’t Like

They are sort of a pain to put on. It took me some time to get them into place, and then during one of my runs, I had to take them off to talk to a fellow runner, and it was a pain to get them back on. In really cold weather, I would prefer a hat to keep my entire head warm.

Bottom Line

I was surprised with how much I liked these little Earbags. My first impression was that they wouldn’t stay in place and they wouldn’t work well with my headphones, but I was wrong! They stayed securely in place during my entire run and even accommodated my earbuds with no problem. They come in a wide variety of colors and are offered in three sizes. I could see myself wearing these when it’s cold enough to need ear coverage, but not cold enough to need a whole hat.