Rockay Accelerate Running Socks Review

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Rockay Accelerate Running Socks Review Review Facts

Athletes of all levels rely on a good pair of socks to protect their feet, reduce sweating and odor, and allow them to be comfortable by the end of the day. Rockay’s Accelerate anti-blister running socks give them everything they need and more, thanks to their design and rigorous testing. Despite their simple appearance and the fact that they’re more pricey than the average pair, they’ve proven to be stable for all types of buyers.

This pair utilizes three different materials for comfort and durability, the most notable being organic merino wool which promotes breathability and moisture-wicking. The toe area is completely seamless in order to prevent additional irritation, and areas of compression are focused mainly on the arch and around the ankle where over-flexing tends to occur most often. With the inclusion of padding in the toe and heel areas, the runner’s chances of experiencing fatigue, blisters, and other possible injuries are greatly reduced.

These socks are sold in four different sizes and are available in six different colorways, which are all intended for both men and women, allowing them to aid a wide range of buyers. Each one goes through a heavy series of tests to ensure their durability, ensuring that they can outlast multiple intense runs. And should they become damaged, the brand’s lifetime guarantee reassures buyers that they will be easily replaced without any conditions.

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Prevents blisters

-Highly breathable

-Surprisingly durable

-Lifetime guarantee

-Provides compression

-Multiple color options

-Various sizes available


-Not the right fit for some



As implied by their full name, a pair of Accelerate running socks are meant for runs of different forms and levels from a simple jog all the way up to full-blown marathons. These ankle socks are short enough that they won't interfere with the wearer's movements or outfit, yet they're also tight enough that they won't repeatedly slip down and become annoying.

Their wear provides an incredible amount of compression, which not only supports the foot and ankle muscles to prevent over-flexing and accidents but also aids in the runner's overall recovery time. Because the muscles aren't working quite as hard, there's less swelling and far less risk of aches and pains that could occur. As a result, these socks prove to be every bit as useful when they're not worn as they are when on the runner's feet.

It's also a given that these socks can be a vital tool for many other activities, no matter how simple or rigorous they might be. Indoor workouts such as cardio and cross-training also require plenty of foot support, as do rounds of outdoor cycling and games of basketball or soccer. Even buyers who simply walk or jog for long distances will find this pair to be a staple, especially since it can even reduce their pain when they're just out to run some errands.


Even though all socks are expected to be breathable, Accelerate running socks seem to take this quality to the next level. The use of organic merino wool enables better moisture-wicking, so any amount of foot sweat can dry quickly. And mesh panels are included in areas where hotspots tend to occur most often, such as in between and under the toes and around the arch, helping the foot stay cooler and dryer.

These features combined obviously prevent blisters, just as all of the listings claim, yet they also prevent rashes and other infections such as athlete's foot. And the moisture-wicking qualities allow the wearer to be more comfortable during an intense running session or while out in the hot sun. This, in turn, becomes one of the many qualities that add to this pair's efficient and versatile wear.


It shouldn't surprise buyers at all to know that Accelerate running socks provide incredibly comfortable wear. From their materials and construction to their breathability and supportive fit, almost every single aspect of these socks was created to be as satisfying as possible while still being totally functional.

The combination of polyamide and organic merino wool feels soft against the skin, and the use of elastane ensures that they're able to stretch and conform to a multitude of foot shapes. Rockay has done away with the irritating shoe seam, which is known to bother sensitive feet, ensuring that runners feel much less irritation than they would otherwise. Four different sizes are offered to help buyers find their ideal fit, and the collar wraps tightly around the ankle for enhanced support and stability.

Areas of compression are especially prominent in the arch area, where over-flexing tends to occur the most, so the likelihood of fatigue and possible injuries has been greatly reduced. Enhanced levels of breathability and moisture-wicking are also provided to the wearer, keeping things cool during intense runs and limiting the chance of potential infections. The inclusion of additional padding in the heel and toe areas means that runners don't have to worry about getting blisters.


All pairs of Accelerate running socks are available in four different sizes, ranging from extra small to large. According to the listings on Rockay and Amazon, these specifically range from a women's size 3 all the way up to a women's size 12 or men's size 10.5. They go all the way up to and wrap around the runner's ankles, meaning they won't need constant readjustment or interfere with the buyer's running outfit.

Reviews show that these socks are definitely true to size, thanks to the stretchy and supportive fit that they offer, which adds to their reputation as being anti-blister. They are known to be a little tighter than the average pair of socks, yet this is to ensure that they provide the level of compression that's been marketed. It's also to prevent the likelihood of them slipping down and coming off completely during runs, which is one of the more frustrating things that could interrupt a workout routine.

There are some reviews that claim that they fit too small, yet buyers should keep in mind that this pair does have size limits. Of course, those who wear shoe sizes that are outside the listed range will have to look elsewhere for their pair of running socks.


Enhanced durability is one of the biggest advantages of specially-made running socks, and the same is definitely true for a pair of Accelerates. They've been given the Rockay lifetime guarantee, as do all of the brand's products, and they will happily replace any item that does not live up to their advertised promise.

According to their Rockay website listing, these socks are made from 66 percent polyamide and 30 percent organic merino wool along with four percent elastane. This combination allows them to be breathable and moisture-wicking, which also helps them maintain their condition, as well as able to adapt to different foot shapes and sizes. The brand rigorously tests all of there socks to ensure that they are able to withstand even multiple rounds of marathon running.

Product care instructions are showcased on the Rockay website listing, and they include washing them in warm water and never placing them in the dryer. There's no doubt that following them exactly will ensure that this pair is truly able to last a lifetime.


It goes without saying that the Accelerate running socks don't come with any accessories since they are generally considered to be accessories themselves. There are certain features that make this pair stand out, such as padding in the heel and toe areas to prevent blisters and a seamless toe area for greater comfort. There is also a raised section of the back collar that serves as a type of pull-tab and also supports the heel and ankle area.


Accelerate running socks have a very simple yet stylish and functional look to them, starting with their partly recycled materials and organic merino wool. The toe area is kept seamless for more comfortable wear, and a reflective logo is displayed at the color or slight visibility during runs in low-light areas.

Criss-cross and striped patterns cover the entire sock, and they're textured in order to let the buyer know that they will not only stretch but will also provide plenty of support and compression. This is most obvious in the midfoot area as well as the collar, which wraps tightly around the ankle and features a slightly raised section in the back for better heel support and stability.

Buyers are also extremely happy with the color range that this particular pair comes in, as it offers something for almost everyone, and all six of them are available to both men and women. Black/lime, black/purple, and black/red are available for those who prefer to keep things simple, and bordeaux and navy/blue offer some extra color that's on the subtle side. For those who really like to keep things vibrant, they're sure to love this pair's neon/yellow option.


The Accelerate is within the average price range for a pair of running socks, and they're actually more affordable than those sold by Bombas and Runderwear. They have been listed on the Rockay website for $14.95, although listings on Amazon and eBay are known to sell them for as much as $33. So it's safe to conclude that these socks should be purchased directly from the brand in order to receive the best deal possible.

Judging from all of the high ratings and reviews, it's clear that these socks are well worth the money spent. Not only do they feel comfortable on the feet as they are, but the fact that they actively prevent blisters, wick away moisture, and provide compression to reduce injuries would make them a staple for any avid runner. They also prove to be incredibly durable, far outlasting an average pair of socks, which makes their price point even more worth it.

One of the biggest downsides of some running accessories is that they aren't fit for certain buyers since they include other features that not everyone will need or take advantage of. Yet everyone needs a good pair of socks, regardless of how active they are or aren't. Even though these do cost a bit more than the average pair, their comfort and durability are enough to make them a worthwhile purchase for anyone.
Key Features

Key Features

-Uses recycled materials
-Organic merino wool
-Breathable mesh areas
-Seamless toe area
-Toe and heel padding
-Supports ankles and arch
-Reflective logo
-Six color options
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Even though they don't look that impressive on their own, Rockay's Accelerate running socks have proven themselves to be an incredible staple for both athletes of all levels and those who suffer from chronic foot pain. Between their high-quality materials, overall construction, supportive fit, and breathability, it isn't difficult at all for reviewers to justify this pair's higher-than-average price tag. Add to that the brand's lifetime guarantee and buyers of all types will have themselves a surprisingly good investment.

With four different sizes and six different color schemes, this pair is able to help a wide range of buyers with its compression and anti-blister padding. The tight fit also means that they won't slide down the runner's feet, and the combination of moisture-wicking and a seamless toe keeps all forms of irritation and discomfort at bay. Runners are also happy to know that these socks are thoroughly tested to withstand constant use, allowing them to be used even for multiple marathon runs.

At the end of the day, consumers are already spending a great deal of money every year on replacing socks that either get lost or wear out quickly. Purchasing a few pairs that are better quality, beneficial to their well-being, and can easily be replaced by the brand will prove to be the much smarter decision, no matter how athletic the buyer is or isn't. Whether they're a professional athlete or a casual walker with pain and discomfort, there's no doubt that everyone can benefit from this incredible pair.