Rockay Blaze Calf Compression Sleeve

The Rockay Blaze calf compression sleeve can become an incredibly useful daily accessory, even for those who don't live an active lifestyle. All listings and reviews show that it offers graduated compression, which is tightest when it's first put on and then loosens as the day goes on, which is makes things very comfortable even for those who aren't used to wearing sleeves. Not only can it help to control the muscles and aid in the runner's recovery time, but it also works to reduce the amount of swelling, fatigue, and pain that the wearer would experience once they've finished their activities for the day.

This sleeve's surprisingly breathable wear is accompanied by a polygiene anti-odor technology, which stops the growth and formation of odor-causing bacteria, meaning that buyers won't have to wash it nearly as often. This also fits in perfectly with the brand's commitment to being environmentally conscious, as each sleeve is made from plastic bottles that have been removed from the earth's oceans. In addition, these materials allow it to be highly resistant to potential damage, which fits perfectly along with the brand's lifetime guarantee.

Buyers have four different sizes and seven color combinations to choose from when making their purchase, meaning that this sleeve offers something for almost everyone. Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, frequent travelers, and those who are heavily pregnant or on their feet all day can experience its benefits.

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Where to Buy
Rockay Link
$14.37See Deal
Where to Buy
Rockay Link
$14.37See Deal
Pros & Cons
-Highly durable
-Breathable wear
-Four different sizes
-Supportive compression
-Prevents aches and injuries
-Multiple color options
-Lifetime guarantee
-Reasonable price tag
-Too small for some
Key Features
Those who aren't all that familiar with compression sleeves might believe that they're for very specific types of runners, but it turns out that almost anyone can get incredibly usage out of something like the Rockay Blaze. Obviously, these particular accessories are mainly used to prevent the calf muscles from over flexing and also ensure a quicker and easier recovery time. This then prevents fatigue from occurring after runs and can either alleviate or greatly reduce the likelihood of pain and possible injuries such as shin splints.

This sleeve proves to be equally useful for a wide range of activities, aside from the standard running and jogging. Buyers can use it for everything from cross-training and cycling to yoga sessions or other types of indoor fitness classes. And those who train for or casually play games of soccer or basketball will notice enhanced performance and recovery when wearing this item.

Even those who aren't very active would definitely feel the benefits of using this compression sleeve. Buyers who are heavily pregnant, travel frequently or have jobs that require them to be on their feet all day will feel less fatigue and selling at the end of their day. And, of course, anyone who lives with chronic leg pain would feel a great deal of relief as soon as they start to wear this sleeve frequently.
Not many buyers associate a skin-tight feel with breathability, yet they're very pleased to find out that that's exactly what the Blaze compression sleeve offers. Although they aren't clearly seen from the sleeve's outer surface, mesh panels are located throughout to allow plenty of ventilation and moisture-wicking to keep the wearer as cool and dry as possible even during intense workouts or warm days. And the fact that it features a completely seamless construction from top to bottom further ensures that its wear will be non-irritating and comfortable.

Because those who wear sleeves and yoga pants frequently are all too familiar with how much they can stink, this sleeve has also been treated with polygiene anti-odor technology. It actively prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the fabrics, making it more pleasant to wear for both the runner and those around them. This also means that buyers don't have to wash it as frequently as they would otherwise, which greatly helps them to become more environmentally friendly.
Even though its fit might take some getting used to, especially for those who have never used a compression sleeve before, reviewers agree that the Blaze is incredibly comfortable to wear. Not only are its materials recycled, but they also include mesh panels and a completely seamless construction for breathability and moisture-wicking to prevent excessive sweating and the possibility of irritations. The inclusion of polygiene also helps out by eliminating odor and making the sleeve more pleasant to wear.

The sleeve offers a graduated compression range of 16-23mm Hg, which makes it tightest at the beginning of the wear and gradually feeling looser throughout the day. Runners who use it have experienced far less fatigue after their workouts, as well as less pain and even relief for existing injuries. Those with shin splints have experienced a noticeable difference after they incorporated these sleeves into their training.

As stated before, those who aren't very active or athletic can also get some amazing benefits from these sleeves. Those with chronic foot and leg pain, and even heavily pregnant women, have claimed that they noticed less swelling and fatigue by the end of the day. And those who are traveling or have a job that requires them to be on their feet all day will experience the same type of relief whenever they wear this pair.
The Blaze is sold in sizes small through extra-large, and all sizing is listed as unisex in order to help more buyers find their perfect fit. It runs from above the ankle to just below the knee, covering the entire calf and shin area in highly supportive compression. Each one is also very stretchy, especially at the ankle and knee, which allows the wearer to put it on and take it off easily and enables the sleeve to be adjusted at any time.

All of the listed sizes are intended to give buyers the marketed compression range of 16-23mm Hg. And the seamless construction not only adds to the wearer's comfort but also enables the closest fit possible for even better effectiveness.

The size chart on the Rockay website is given in both inches and centimeters, making it easy for buyers around the world to purchase the right pair of sleeves for them. An accompanying image shows that they should measure the widest part of their calf and then choose the appropriate size range. Although they do warn that it feels very tight when it's first worn, reviewers agree that this pair definitely fits true to size and is never restrictive on the runner's movements.
The Blaze compression sleeve is made to last for many years thanks to all of its chosen materials and hours of testing. Although its listing on the Rockay website shows that it uses two different types of polyamide along with elastane, this essentially means that it's made from plastic with a great deal of stretch. Aside from a heavy resistance to possible wear and tear, unlike sleeves made from standard fabrics, these materials also serve another purpose.

Rockay is a brand that truly prides itself on being environmentally conscious, which is why this particular sleeve is made with 100 percent recycled materials. Each one is made using three plastic bottles that were removed from the oceans. In short, these products are not only long-lasting but also play a significant role in cleaning the planet and contributing to sustainability.

As an added bonus, each Rockay product comes with the brand's lifetime guarantee. This means that if these sleeves are damaged in any way, the brand will replace them without any conditions. Of course, proper care should always be followed by washing them in warm water and air-drying them afterwards.
Since it is an accessory itself, the Blaze calf compression sleeve doesn't come with any of its own. Each one is simply pulled over the calf area, like a pair of skin-tight legwarmers, and is best worn with either running shorts or a pair of lose-fit running pants.

The only additional feature that could be considered a bonus is the use of polygiene anti-odor technology, which prevents odor-causing bacteria. This allows the sleeve to be washed less and, in turn, helps the buyer be more environmentally friendly.
As stated before, the Blaze calf compression sleeve looks like a very stylish and skin-tight leg warmer that also offers support and pain-relieving benefits. The brand's large logo is displayed artistically at the back, wrapping around in a gradient effect, and the brand name is showcased in white reflective lettering across the back just above the heel. Even though they can easily fit underneath a pair-of loose-fit running pants, most buyers prefer to wear these with shorts as they workout in order to better showcase them and to keep things more convenient and comfortable.

This sleeve is offered in seven different color combinations, and each one is available to both men and women to give everyone their ideal pair of running accessories. Four of these options are mainly black with the logo showcased in either blue, neon green, pink, or red, all of which seem to appeal most to buyers. However, they can also select a royal blue version or pick between bordeaux/blue or orange/white if they want to add more color to their running outfit.
The Blaze compression sleeve seems to be mid-range in terms of price, especially when compared to similar products that are currently on the market. It's listed on the Rockay website for $32.95, within the standard $20 to $40 range, while several listings on Amazon have it set at $33.95. These are currently the only two websites from which this particular item can be purchased.

Across the board, reviews show that this sleeve is definitely worth buying even if the runner isn't at serious risk of injury. Its supportive compression makes it an incredible preventative tool, and the breathable wear keeps things even more comfortable even after it's been taken off. Those who tried it without ever having used a compression sleeve before state that they noticed a huge difference in both their performance and recovery periods.

As an added bonus, this sleeve is available in sizes small through extra large to ensure that a wider range of buyers are able to find their correct fit and enjoy its benefits. As with all tigh-fitting clothing and accessories, it's still best to check each one's measurements before officially making a purchase.
Key Features
-Gradient compression 16-23mm Hg
-Seamless construction
-Utilizes recycled materials
-Polygiene anti-odor technology
-Breathable mesh included
-Seven color combinations
-Four unisex sizes
-$32.95 price tag
Bottom Line
It's more than obvious why the Rockay Blaze calf compression sleeve has become so highly rated amongst professionals and average buyers, especially when one takes a closer look at all of its features. Its graduated compression levels provide a tremendous amount of aid during the wearer's activities and recovery time, and even though it always feels unusually tight at first it never feels restrictive or painful at any point. Not only does this sleeve prove to be effective during a wide range of athletic activities, but non-athletes can also experience and enjoy all of the benefits that it has to offer such as pain relief and a great reduction in fatigue.

Those who need their running gear to be long-lasting and are environmentally conscious will also be very happy with this purchase. Every single sleeve is made from recycled plastic bottles that have been removed from the world's oceans, which does the dual-task of contributing to clean-up efforts and ensuring that they will be much more resistant to possible wear and tear over time. And the inclusion of polygiene anti-odor technology means that they won't have to be washed all that often, which saves both water and energy.

When all of these features are paired with a breathable wear and seamless construction, which also comes in four unisex sizes and seven color combinations, buyers have a stylish accessory that greatly benefits both their workouts and daily lives. And the brand's lifetime guarantee for all of their products serves as an incredible bonus.
Where to Buy
Rockay Link
$14.37See Deal
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