Rockay Vigor

The Rockay Vigor compression sock provides runners with long-lasting comfort and stability that isn’t too hot, making it a great choice for those long runs on hot days.

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Pros & Cons
Composed of 100 percent recycles materials and ocean waste
Added padding in toe box and heel
Protects against blisters
Polygiene Stay Fresh Technology fights odors and moisture
Vented panels to keep legs cool
Offers 16-23 mmHg of graduated compression
Runs small
Some runners feel the bottom of the socks are too grippy
Key Features
Tara Summerville, RunnerClick Reviewer

Overall, I would recommend these running socks for athletes that like to train on a daily basis. When training hard, or for long distances your feet and calves take quite a beating.

The modest compression offered from the Rockay Vigor helps to reduce vibrations in your feet and legs and boosts blood flow to your legs to keep your muscles nice and warm. When your muscles are warm and stable, it reduces the risk of injuries as well as soreness the following day.

If you find that your legs are just a little too sore to hit the trails after a brutal training session, you may want to give these socks a spin. The compression offered from these socks can help to reduced DOMS the following day.

I also found that these socks can help reduce the pain from shin splints, and the comfortable footbed is great for runners with plantar fasciitis as well.


There’s no big surprise when it comes to the materials used for these socks. They are composed of high-tech sportswear nylon yarn that is made from recycled materials from the ocean.

What makes nylon great for running socks is that it is incredibly stretchy to deliver a snug and secure fit, and it fights against moisture.

Even as your feet start to sweat while your run, the materials used in these socks help to wick moisture away from your feet where it quickly evaporates on the surface.

What I also love about these unique socks is that they are made with Polygiene Stay Fresh Technology that keeps your feet fresh. Even after a full day of hiking or running on a super hot day, your feet will stay impossibly fresh.

In fact, many runners feel that they don’t need to wash their socks even after a few runs. By eliminating the need to wash your socks at the end of every run, you boost the overall durability of these socks as well as save on water.

Plus, it makes it a great option to wear when camping when you don’t have immediate access to a washing machine.

When the time comes that you need to give them good washing, these socks are completely washing machine safe. Simply toss them in the washing machine with a little bit of gentle detergent, and hang them out to dry.

Due to the use of nylon, I recommend skipping the dryer to reduce the risk of shrinking your socks!


What I love most about Rockay is that they are a company that cares just as much about our oceans as they do in the creation of their high-performing running socks. These socks are composed of 200 percent recycled Nylon materials.

They partnered with a company called Econyl that collects old fishing nets to create their unique recycled nylon. When you purchase your socks you can feel good about making a positive impact on the planet.

Not only does this brand utilize recycled materials in the manufacturing of their running gear, but they also pledge to remove 125g of ocean waste with every pair of socks that they sell.

To put that into perspective, 125g equals 22 plastic bottles removed from the ocean, and all you need to do is buy a new pair of socks!


Sure, these socks are eco-friendly and insanely durable, but are they comfortable? The short answer is: yes, they are extremely comfortable. In addition to modest compression on your ankles and calves, the base of the foot is made with targeted padding where you need it most.

This design has added padding on the toe box and on the heel for a little added boost of cushioning that you can really feel with each and every step. This padding not only boosts its overall comfort but also makes it incredibly durable as well. No more burning a hole in the heel or toes of your socks!

The cushioning on the heel doesn’t just stop at the base of the heel. This targeted cushioning runs up on the backside of your heel to reduce rubbing and chafing along your Achilles tendon.

If you are breaking in a new pair of running shoes, or the heel counter on your shoes is just a little too stiff, the added cushioning in the heel counter of these socks will help to keep your heel nice and protected as you put miles behind you.


Getting the right size for your feet is a little tricky with the Rockay Vigor. I combed through quite a few user reviews, and one of the biggest complaints I encountered was that these socks fit too small.

Unlike other compression running socks, Rockay builds their socks to not only fit your feet but also your calves as well.

Most socks only use your shoe or foot size as a guide, which can become a little problematic when it comes to the compression delivered to your calves.

A good compression sock needs to fit your calves just as well as your feet to ensure that your muscles receive just the right amount of compression. If they are too tight, they will feel uncomfortable and reduce blood flow just a little too much.

If they are loose, you won’t get the targeted compression that you need. The good news is that Rockay offers a detailed sizing chart that calculates the size of your foot as well as your calves to find that unique fit for your unique frame.

It’s important to note that there were quite a few runners that felt that these socks were a little too tight, even after consulting the sizing chart.

I would recommend sizing slightly larger than you typically would wear to ensure that you get the right size for your frame.

Some users found that their sizes were so tight that they even struggled to get them on their feet! The general rule here is when in doubt, opt for a size that is slightly larger.


If compression socks don’t compress your muscles, then they’re just regular old socks. What runners love most about this design is that it provides graduated compression that has higher concentrations where you need it most, and less compression as you travel up the sock.

This design provides 16-23 mmHg, which hits that sweet spot between agility and support. It offers around 23 mmHg of compression around your ankles and around 16 mmHg around the bottom of your knees.

When it comes to compression, you want to keep it around 20 mmHg for running. Some compression socks top out at around 40 mmHg which is geared more towards injury recovery and classified as medical-grade compression. This high level of compression isn’t ideal for running because it greatly affects your full range of motion.

To keep your stride nice and bright without hindering your overall agility, it’s best to stick to around 20 mmHg of compression, such as the Rockay Vigor.


Compression socks have a reputation of running a little too hot. Often, these styles of socks are made from thick materials that just aren’t very breathable. With the Vigor, Rockay added in a few ventilated panels to help keep your legs cool and dry.

These ventilated panels can be found along the bottom of the knee and the back of the calf to help move hot air up and away from your legs. If you love running in hot weather and want something the delivers premium compression while keeping your legs nice and cool, the Rockay Vigor is an excellent choice.

I also love that the footbed also provides unique design features to add a little extra support as well as comfort. This design boasts ribbed arch support to keep your arches locked in place without a lot of extra materials.

The addition of added padding on the footbed and heel boosts the socks’ overall durability, as well as offers plush cushioning as you travel through your gait cycle.


There is a lot to love about Rockay Vigor compression socks. They are composed of quality materials that provide targeted compression where you need it most while keeping your stride light and bright.

Added padding on the bottom of the foot gives these socks a plush step-in feel like a good pair of running shoes and helps to reduce rubbing and chafing on the backside of your foot.

Plus, the proprietary materials provide graduated compression that feels light and natural while keeping your muscle warm and locked in place.

What I also love about these socks is they are also kind to the planet. The Nylon materials used are composed of recycled fishing nets and essentially remove 22 plastic bottles from the ocean with each purchase.

The best part? They come in at a super reasonable price point that gives you little reason not to give these socks a try!

Deidre Burch, RunnerClick Reviewer
The Rockay running compression socks were great! I feel like they hit the mark on this one. In comparison to the compression socks I have previously worn as a nurse, I like that these socks too do not leave those horrible indentation lines running down your leg.

I feel like they offer a few nice colors to pick from and the sizing chart was accurate. And I have definitely experienced my fair share of sizing mishaps with ordering products online.

Overall, I would give these compression socks a 9.5/10 because of the warmth. So, I would not recommend them to be worn during the summer months outside.

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