Swiftwick Flite XT Trail Sock

We got our hands on a few of Swiftwick's new socks to try them out for ourselves. This particular pair is their brand new Flite XT Trail Sock, which we sent on to one of our runners put through its paces, literally.

Check out Joe's full candid review of Swiftwick's Flite XT socks below.

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Our Conclusion
To be 100% honest, I had never tried Swiftwick socks before testing their Flite XT trail socks. These, like most other premium socks, have a noticeably higher price tag. Whether they are worth the price or not weighs more on the personal preference side, but I'll give you my own thoughts.

The overall fit falls in line with the "premium socks" label that these have. I had zero problems with rubbing, blisters, and there was no sagging. Once they are on, they stay on. The ankle height is perfect for trail running on even rougher terrain. To put it simply, I definitely recommend these socks if you don't mind paying a bit more, and everyone I've talked to who has tried them is hooked.
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Fit & Comfort
The Swiftwick Flite XT Trail sock fit great. I’m a smaller guy and wear a size 10 running shoe. That put me in at the “ground” floor of a size large (10-12) in the socks. This usually presents a “too big” problem, but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the fit. Snug around, and just above, the ankle but not constrictive once I got used to them (I typically wear no-show socks, and these were quarter crew length. They have an excellent fit throughout the rest of the foot, with zero twisting at the heel (thanks to Swiftwick’s Y-shaped heel design) or the ball of the foot. Long story short- these socks stay in place. Period.

Very comfortable, with a nice snug fit throughout. The toe box is snug as well, but without giving that “toes scrunched together” feeling that some tighter socks or true compression socks can sometimes give.

The merino wool fibers are breathable and versatile (as merino wool is typically known to be). The materials used to give the sock its compression-like feel and moisture-wicking capabilities do not detract from the overall comfort of the socks.

Swiftwick advertises their products as “the best socks you will ever wear guaranteed.” While I couldn’t find any “fine print” related to this guarantee, the Swiftwick website offers the Best Sock Guarantee Form, where customers can submit questions or issues to the Swiftwick customer service team.

With these socks, their suitability for running, HIIT, etc., will far outlast their “look.” Some of the fibers along the forefoot seemed to show some wear after only two washes. Bottom line: these socks should far outlast any mass-market option out there. Are they “Darn Tough”-level durable? I can’t say!
Very breathable when moving around and running or working out. They do get a bit warmer when just sitting around the house, but these socks are designed to be worn while moving about.

Our Verdict
It might be difficult for many people to justify paying over $20 for a pair of socks – but Swiftwick does have a premium product here. The price point simply means most runners will only have a few of these stellar sock options in their rotation if they decide to splurge.

If you have the means, I would definitely recommend a couple of pairs.
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