Running Blogs You Should Be Following

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running blogs to follow Running Blogs You Should Be Following

With the internet at our fingertips, it’s easy to do a little Google-searching to find answers to questions we might have about a number of topics, including running. If you want to know the best method to prepare for your upcoming marathon, you could type that question into the search bar and come up with a series of tips and suggestions to help you along in your endeavors. But what happens when you don’t even know about a topic that could be useful? If you aren’t aware of it, you wouldn’t know to do any research, and your running experiences could be lower in quality than they could have otherwise been since you never came across certain suggestions for issues you didn’t realize were there.

For that reason, following blogs can be incredibly useful in assisting you to become the best runner you’re capable of being because the writers of those posts could present information that’s completely new to you, even though the topics are extremely relevant in regard to running. By following these blogs then, you’re getting helpful advice and techniques before you realize something in your method could use tips for improvement.

And there are plenty of running blogs to choose from to take this step—so many that you might not know where to begin with choosing which ones are right for you. One tip I’ll offer for finding the best running blogs is to think about what adjectives describe you as a runner—Vegan? Over 50? College student?—and search specifically for blogs that apply to those varieties. If you can find a blog that targets you as a runner in such a way, the information you’re given could be so precise for your needs that it’s potentially the most useful one for you online. If you find that blog, follow it—immediately!

For runners in general though, there are a number of blogs that are worth following. Bigger sites like Live Strong, Runner’s World, and Runners Connect are wonderful sources of information that could be applicable to each and every runner who stumbles across them. Personally, I can vouch for the fact that these have been incredibly useful for me, and I have no plans to write them off of my source list right now!

But you could also find great information on blogs that are more personal in nature—ones that are from a specific writer who is sharing their running experiences and research with you through their writing. That personal touch can add a relatable quality to the work, which can create a feeling of companionship that makes the reading process more connected. And if you can bond with the writer that way, you might get more out of reading the posts!

For some of those personal blog prospects, you can check out these links!

Hungry Runner Girl

The name alone builds an atmosphere for this blog that’s approachable and friendly—and relatable! All of these aspects are reflected as well through the posts since the author doesn’t shy away from posting pictures and recounting stories of her own successes and family pictures. That level of openness hints that the writer is being genuine, and if you know personal details about someone like this, you could better understand and relate to them as people. But beyond these factors, the information on the blog covers more than just family stories. Posts deal with topics of recovery, marathons, and bad running experiences, all of which could be things that might prove useful to you as you strive to better your running. The author posts very frequently, so if you keep tabs on this one, you could be in for running stories and information on an incredibly regular basis!

The Running Dad

As you might already be able to tell from the title of the site, this one has a very informal approach in regard to providing a personal touch for valid information. The strategy used for this blog is what seems to be an honest exploration of the combination of running and parenting, so it’s a wonderful source for those among us who embrace both labels in their daily lives. That genuineness is hard to top, particularly when it’s paired with solid information and angled toward topics that are relatable for parents who run. If you aren’t a parent though, don’t worry! There are still posts that contain details and ideas that you can apply to your running lifestyle, like nutrition, treadmill use, and the process of scheduling your run. The catch? There are no visible dates for the posts, so it’s not easy to tell how frequently updates are coming your way. Even if they’re few and far between though, the topics are unique and solid enough to be worth the follow!

Jog Blog

This particular blog, while it may be less personal than the previously mentioned ones, has a series of posts that are full of applicable information for runners—like reviews of products, running goals, and specific tips. With a solid approach to information-giving, it’s hard to criticize a site for a lower number of personal stories! In addition, there’s a link on the site for giveaways and such, so your time spent on Jog Blog could allow you to gain more tangible takeaways than just the ideas presented in the posts, making the site beneficial in more than one way. One flaw though is that the site isn’t updated overly regularly, so you might have to wait a month or so between posts. But if you can be patient enough to wait, you could be in for valid, helpful facts and ideas by keeping track!

Carrots ‘N’ Cakes

This is another personal approach to the concept of a running blog, one with a more open-ended view of what’s offered for post topics since it embraces not only fitness, but recipes and a food appreciation as well. While this might sound like a not-so-fantastic strategy for gaining running information, it’s a great fit because of the relatability of having the author’s personal interests front and center from the start, and also because of the ability of the not-so-running-specific posts to add a bit of flavor (pun intended?) in between moments of running details. It seems to be a sincere look into wellness and dietary options with a lively delivery that can keep you entertained and informed. Posts come regularly, meaning you shouldn’t have to wait long for new information, and there are specific categories listed near the top of the page for organizational purposes. So if you don’t feel like looking through recipes, you can go straight to fitness and/or lifestyle posts without sorting through the rest. Even down to organization then, this is a great blog for your running endeavors!

These are just four of the more personal running blogs you can find and follow to provide personality and information as you push toward your running goals—but there are plenty more to choose from! Keep an eye open for ones that seem like they could be helpful or interesting to you, and don’t hesitate to stay with one when it feels right! Hit the follow button, sign up for e-mail updates, or bookmark those pages!