Running New Recap: Week of July 2, 2021

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Running New Recap: Week of July 2, 2018 Running New Recap: Week of July 2, 2021

We’ve got your running news recap for the week! Wondering what’s been going on in the world of running lately? Check back each week to get caught up on the big and small headlines that you might have missed. This week’s rundown includes big news about marathon course changes, cheating, race cancelations. 

Adidas Hacked 

Heads up! If you have an account on the Adidas website, you’d be well advised to head over there and change your password. It doesn’t look like any kind of payment information was stolen, but that doesn’t mean you should be lazy about switching up your password. 

Tummy Tracker

An MIT team of scientists has been hard at work creating a unique device that would act as a monitor for the digestive system. It’s been called “a Fitbit for the stomach.” How does it work? The pill is meant to be swallowed by users, which dissolves to reveal a strip that then attaches itself to the stomach. The purpose of this little pill is to better understand, diagnose, and treat gastrointestinal disorders. We wonder what the potential for fitness tracking could be. Could athletes eventually use this technology to improve their nutrition and fueling strategies?

San Francisco Half Marathon Course Change

Is the San Francisco Half Marathon on your bucket list? Have you always wanted to run across the Golden Gate Bridge? It turns out that’s no longer a possibility since a bridge crossing has been nixed from the course. The reason? Increased security concerns. In the past, northbound lanes of traffic were closed off exclusively for the marathon and half marathon. The San Francisco Marathon route for marathoners will still run over the Golden Gate Bridge. Those participating in the first Half Marathon race will, however, not be running the bridge. Instead, they will run the coastal trail. No longer will half marathoners get to race across the majestic bridge. It’s a shame, and we wonder if it will affect entry numbers to this destination race. 

NFL Stadium Marathon

Bummed out about the San Francisco Marathon course change? Looking for a Boston Qualifier, but want a race that’s unique and exciting? A new race will debut this year at the Gillette Stadium (the home stadium of the New England Patriots). The race has an evening start time, and only 100 entries are available. You’ll also need to fundraise at least $5000 to get in. Make sure to get your mental training in, though, the course is looped, so you’ll be running round and round the field to get in those 26.2 miles. 

Victoria Falls Half Marathon Cheating Incident

We’ll never really wrap our heads around why runners cheat. It’s not about winning for most runners; it’s about the feeling of accomplishment. There’s something special about running miles and miles and finishing with sweat dripping off your brow. Many runners don’t even feel right wearing a race shirt if they DNF’d or didn’t run it. Medals are worthless if you didn’t run the real distance. Last week, a half-marathoner named Brenda Makonyore did just that. The runner of the Victoria Falls Half Marathon claims that she was the actual winner of the women’s race. Organizers reviewed video footage and were unable to find evidence that Makonyore placed first. There are also no photographs of the runner on the course, which begs the question, did she even run it at all? And why make this claim? For the prize money, of course. 

Twin Cities Marathon Canceled

Runners signed up and ready for the Red, White & Boom Marathon didn’t get to race this past Independence Day. The Twin Cities area and much of North America experienced a heat wave of epic proportions and race organizers made the tough decision to cancel the event. Runners did get the option of running shorter distances, however, and refunds in the form of race credits were provided for half-marathoners. Did you run or race during the heat wave? 

Heatstroke Death at New York Race

It’s always a tragedy when a runner passes away during a race. It’s a loss for the entire running community and a reminder that we are not invincible despite our ability to run miles and miles. The heat is one such danger that can affect any runner. Nick Marshak died of heatstroke at a race in the Adirondacks last weekend. Close to the finish line, the runner’s body temp had risen well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. 

Be careful in the heat. Drink water and most importantly, listen to your body.