Running News Recap: Week of June 18, 2021

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Running News Recap: Week of June 18, 2018 Running News Recap: Week of June 18, 2021

This week’s running-related headlines recap includes tech and health news along with some very recent updates concerning the Western States 100. Have you been following? Too busy to keep your eyes glued to the Internet’s live coverage of the event? We’ve got the week’s top headlines ready for you to peruse.

Don’t Have a Cow Man!

We can’t imagine it’s easy to run a race in costume. As runners, we know that one of the golden rules of racing is never to try something new on race day. Avoid pre-race foods you’ve never had and for goodness sake don’t wear a new pair of shoes. We wonder if costumed runners practice before race day? Did Fiona Oaks don her cow costume in training? Surely someone would have spotted her! The vegan runner dressed up as a cow for the Norwegian Tromso Half Marathon. Her efforts earned her a spot in the Guinness World Record for the fastest costumed female half-marathoner. Congrats Fiona!

Being Coupled Up Might Protect Your Heart

“Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.” Maybe Beyonce’s lyric should be changed to “If you wanted to live longer you should have put a ring on it!”. More heart news this week comes from a new study from the journal ‘Heart’ that shows married couples seem to have a lower risk of heart problems. The study acknowledges that heart disease risk is genetic and can be altered by factors such as nutrition and exercise, but there’s a social component to heart health, too. Unmarried people apparently have a whopping 42% greater risk of heart disease compared to coupled folks. Once married doesn’t cut it. Divorcees and widows also have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

New Garmin Fenix 5 Plus GPS Watch

Our favorite news? Tech news. It’s amazing to see the advances in devices like GPS fitness watches. Garmin’s newly announced Fenix 5 Plus lineup is so packed with new features that we’re not quite sure why the company didn’t just call it something else altogether. The watch has onboard storage, color maps, Garmin Pay, and a whole new Pulse Oximeter, edging it closer to medical device territory. Note that not all features are available on the baseline watch. There’s also a fancier version called the 5X Plus. 

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Already sipping on that third cup of java? Maybe you don’t have to worry. Stressing about your coffee intake might be worse for you than the actual caffeine. A recently published study suggests that 4 cups of joe might be the ideal daily amount of caffeine. We’ve been jerked around before, haven’t we? One minute coffee is terrible for you, then it’s okay to drink copious amounts. Let’s hope coffee doesn’t go back to the dark side because it’s nice to hear that drinking this hot beverage might actually be a good thing for our long-term health. 

Viral claims about Under Armour’s Ultra-Flammable Clothes

A horrible rumor was making the rounds on the Internet not too long ago. The internet story floating around claimed that a campfire spark ignited a little girl’s UA clothing and she ended up with burns over almost half of her body. Don’t worry, Under Armour’s clothing won’t burst into flames when exposed to a single spark.  While the incident may have happened the reality is that many synthetic fibers are highly flammable. It’s actually the reason why houses burn down much faster than they might have in the past. When around any type of flame, just be careful. 

First Graphene Shoes for Sport from Inov-8

A new off-road cross training shoe from Inov-8 was launched earlier this week, and it features a unique construction material. The graphene outsoles of the G-Series shoe delivers unprecedented durability. The tough material is also equally grippy. It’s an impressive technological advancement in the world of shoes and might see users requiring less frequent footwear replacements. 

June 20th: Desiree Linden Day in Boston

This year marked the first time an American woman won the Boston Marathon in 33 years. To honor the marathon champ, the city of Boston declared June 20th Desiree Linden Day. 

Badass Runner Escapes Kidnapping Attempt

You may have seen the video of the incident which depicted a woman running past a dark vehicle only to be grabbed by the person inside. The brave runner fought off her attacker like a boss. The attacker, who was a previous rape conviction, has been charged with kidnapping. It’s awful to think that female runners need to worry about getting attacked in broad daylight in a populated neighborhood. It’s heartening, though, to know this woman fought back and escaped. 

Record-Breaking Western States Win

Our most recent news update concerns the Western States 100 Ultramarathon. First place winner, Jim Walmsley managed to finish in record time (14:30:04). Blazing fast in the blazing heat!  The first place woman Courtney Dauwalter snagged the second fastest finish time run by a woman. 

As usual, the WS100 was incredible to follow. Congratulations to all runners from those on the podium to the last minute finishers and everyone in between.