Running News Recap: Week of May 21, 2021

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Weekly News Recap Running News Recap: Week of May 21, 2021

Here’s your running-related weekly news recap for the week of May 21. From health news to industry happenings, this week was packed with updates related to the world of running. 

Healthy Heart: Live Stronger When Older

Good news! What’s your motivation for pounding the pavement or hitting the trails? Stress relief? Keeping trim? Well, it turns out that there’s new research that provides evidence that having a healthy ticker in old-age can reduce frailty. The Exeter University study also concluded that a healthier heart minimizes the risk for dementia and a myriad of chronic ailments linked to old age. Another reason to keep running and get those cardio workouts in! 

Which Came First? The Bad Egg or the Good Egg?

Unsure of whether it’s okay to eat eggs? According to research published earlier this week in the BMJ journal Heart, eggs have returned to the light side. The study concludes that eating eggs on the regular can actually reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease. The study focused on Chinese participants, though, so it may be wise to take the information with a grain of salt.

Runners are a skeptical bunch, though, aren’t we? The research isn’t totally clear and conclusive, but it might help you feel less guilty about eating that post-run sunny-side-up egg with your coffee. 

Desiree Linden at the Billboard Music Awards

Guess who made it to the 2018 Billboard Music Awards? The ever-inspiring Boston Marathon winner Desiree Linden! She, together with Olympic medalist Chloe Kim presented the one and only Taylor Swift with the Top Female Artist award.

151 Tough Mudders

Are you tired just thinking about completing 151 Tough Mudders? That’s understandable. The intense races include portions of running but also feature challenging obstacles.

For many, just getting through one race is a serious achievement. Coloradan Jim Campbell didn’t just run a bunch of obstacle races, though. He did so after surviving a brutal motorcycle accident that caused awful crush injuries and nearly took away his ability to walk. A three-month hospital stay and lengthy recovery didn’t stop him from setting his sights on the tough race series. He plans to take it a little easier once he finishes his 200th Tough Mudder, but we’re left wondering what ‘taking it easy’ really means for Campbell. 

There’s a Reason Race Courses Are Blocked Off

Chances are that you heard about this on the Twitterverse. It’s a race day nightmare. Across the pond, Plymouth Half Marathon racers were rudely interrupted last weekend when a woman drove onto the active race route. There’s a video of the incident doing the rounds online, and it’s hard to imagine the runners in her path not being utterly terrified. Many of those who witnessed the event said that they immediately feared another terrorist attack. A quick reminder that there’s a reason courses are blocked off from traffic: it’s for everyone’s safety. 

Cute Alert: Colfax Half Marathon Proposal

Who doesn’t love a finish line proposal? It really is true love when someone gets down on one knee to ask you to spend the rest of your life with them, and you’ve just run 13.1 miles, you’re sweaty, and probably have to poop. If someone wants to kiss you after you’ve slogged through a half, they’re a keeper! Last week, at the Colfax half marathon in Denver, Colorado, finisher Jenni Neville was surprised by her love Christo Landry at the finish line. A true runner’s fairy tale! 

Fudging the Numbers

Uh oh. A report released earlier last week says that Florida Atlantic University falsified its female athlete participant numbers when reporting to the U.S. Department of Education. Why is this a big deal? Universities report the numbers to the Department of Education to prove that they are providing equal opportunities for women in sports. The University’s response regarding this number jump from one year to the next? They made a mistake. 

Heart Warming Strava GPS Art

Earlier this past week, Nathan Rae went out the door and spent nearly a day navigating Manchester roads to create some lovely map art. Rae ran the route and drew the GPS heart in honor of the victims of the Manchester Arena attack.

Potential DQ for Cleveland Marathon Winner

The Cleveland Marathon took place last weekend on May 20, and its winner is now facing a possible disqualification. He didn’t cut the course or wear someone else’s bib. Instead, it turns out Daniel Mesfun covered his race bib nearly the whole 13.1 miles only to reveal it at the end of the race before the finish. Covering your race bib is against USATF rules. Why is it a big deal? First, a bib lets the volunteers and other race officials know that you’re racing. It also alerts your competitors that you’re racing against them. The final decision has yet to be made regarding the result. What do you think?

2nd Place Boston Marathoner Sarah Sellers Signs with Altra

 Dreams do come true! Move over Disney princesses, Sarah Sellers recently signed with shoe company Altra after her second-place finish at this year’s Boston Marathon. Watch her on June 9th as she competes in the NYRR New York Mini 10K. 

Customizable Running Shoe from Brooks


This year, Brooks tried to fool us all again with a convincing April Fool’s fake-advert about a coaching-shoe. This past week, Brooks announce a brand new high-tech shoe concept that’s slated for release in 2019. No, it doesn’t talk to you. Instead, the Genesys is a customizable shoe. Using 3D foot scans and other readings the shoes will be built according to the individual runner. 

Renderings of Boston Bombing Memorials Released

This past week, Boston city officials released the mock-ups for the yet to be installed Boston Marathon Bombing memorials. They are set to be completed by 2020.