5 Ways To Find New Running Trails Nearby

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To find new running trails nearby, ask local runners or check online. 5 Ways To Find New Running Trails Nearby www.runnerclick.com

Trail running is so exciting because runners get to explore the great outdoors while doing what we love. But after some time, some might get bored of sticking to the same paths. This means branching out and finding new running trails nearby.

The problem is that is can be hard—or at the very least intimidating—to know how exactly to find these new trails.

Runners might have a fear of getting lost when not sticking to the route we know.

But then some might not have gotten the chance to explore a new park or set of trails in itself. They might not even know if there are any options to run trails nearby.

There are ways to find new running trails safely and easily.

It’s a good idea to check out new trails to run to keep things fresh. The same old routine leads to boredom and plateauing.

Finding new trails nearby is also a great alternative to running local neighborhoods with paved roads. Trail running is easier on the body, plus provides much more scenery.

It is a great way to find new parts of town that are close by. Hidden gems tucked away just for adventure seekers to find.

Here are the 5 ways to find new running trails nearby.  

Photo by Brian Erickson on Unsplash

1. Ask A Running Friend And Join A Trail Runner Club

The best way to find new running trails is by word of mouth.

Runners know the best places to run because they run there. This means asking local running buddies where are the spots they just love to run.

Many local parks have paved courses throughout the park as well as trails just off the path. It can be intimating to go in alone for safety reasons and for the fear of getting lost. So ask to join a friend the next time they hit that nearby trail.

Another good way to discover the unbeaten paths is by joining a local running club for trail runners. This also can be found by word of mouth or via social media.

Even if the club isn’t exclusive to trails, chances are some people are familiar with the local scene to recommend where to go.

Suggest that the club meets on a particular trail so everyone can become familiar with it.

2. Google Running Trails

This seems obvious, but we mean much more than just typing in “running trails nearby” in the search engine.

Make things easy by checking out the following websites dedicated to helping runners find a trail.

Trail Run Project

This website is straight-up awesome for finding trails.

There is a search bar, but a list of tails popular based on the runner’s location automatically displayed.

It includes the difficulty of the trail, how many miles, the ascent, and rating. Weather, trail conditions and even driving directions are shown when clicking on a specific trail.

Runners can even check out the “Best Of” section to see how many trails each state has and what they are.

Trail Link 

This website is super reliable and offers lots of details like trail descriptions, photos, and reviews. It’s best for uncovering nearby trails in remote parts of the West, but also has trails for more populated areas of the Midwest and in the East.

There is even a “Top Running Trails Near Me” section. The only problem is that some trails might be pretty far away depending on the state and where in the state the runner lives.


This is another trail finder website that locates options by park, city, state or zip code.

This site includes photos, the distance, elevation, directions and more, although the amount of info varies based on what other user’s share.

How to find running trails nearby
Photo: Lauren Keating

Google Maps

Another simple option is to enter in the hometown in Google Maps and look for all the green areas that indicate a park. Click on the closet parks and read to see if there are specific trails.

Yelp For Help

Runners can type in “running trails nearby” on Yelp to find the best trails based on location. These include the address and reviews, perfect for getting a feel if it’s a good place to checkout.

3. There’s An App For That

Taping into runner’s favorite activity tracking apps is a great way to find new running trails nearby.

Apps like RunKeeper and MapMyRun allow for users to use its search features to find routes.

RunKeeper allows users to also search for Popular Routes in places like Los Angeles and New York City. The only problem is that sometimes there are no routes listed for that particular state or within a specific distance from where the runner lives.

MapMyRun allows users to create new routes as well, as well as explore city routes. Users can search to find popular routes and save them to favorites.

4. Visit A Local Running Store

To find the best running trails nearby runners need to search where runners congregate, the local running store.

It’s there were employees are likely to have ample knowledge about the places to run nearby. So kill two birds with one stone when shopping for a new pair of trail running sneakers and other gear and ask some questions.

Other places to ask around at include other sporting goods stores that also carry hiking and camping equipment. These employees probably have a passion for outdoors and know where to go.

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5. Signup For Trail Races

Keep an eye out for trail races throughout the year. Sometimes there are trails at parks we know of, but would not have explored them without knowing a good course.

This is why participating in trail races is a good idea. 

It can also help to uncover new running trails nearby that would’ve gone undiscovered for some time. 

Trail races are also a great way to get to know other local runners and be part of the local running community. 

Define “Nearby” And Be Flexible

Remember that the term nearby should be defined based on that runner.

Some have no problems traveling a half-hour to a trail and consider that nearby. Others are willing to travel even further and consider even an hour out nearby.

We all have our limits to how far to go for a good trail. Sometimes a little traveling is worth it when it comes to gorgeous trails.

Other times finding a new running trail nearby means literally nearby where the runner can get to and from before or after work. Save those other gems for the weekend.