Sennheiser CX Sport

The Sennheiser CX Sport are high performance ear bud headphones that are perfect for your next workout. These deliver crisp, clear sound to get your through a high-intensity workout. These have Bluetooth connectivity and are very easy to use with an effortless remote control on the cable. The Qualcomm apt-X processing helps the CX Sport deliver a High Fidelity audio experience. One of the best features is the audio experience on these headphones. The Sennheiser CX have been around for years producing headphones. The CX Sport will not fall out during workouts and will survive sweat. The secure fit comes with four sizes of ear adapters and three sizes of ear fins to create a personalized fit for optimal comfort. The headphones are not truly wireless and there's a connecting cable between the two earbuds with a loop designed to make a tighter fit around the back of the neck.

CX Sport battery life is rated at a six hour battery life which is below average. Many reviewers also mentioned that it does not last the full six hours. The best part about the CX Sport is the comfortable and secure fit. The CX Sport delivers a high quality sound. If you don't mind a long cable and are a fan of the CX range of headphones you will be happy with the CX Sport.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Secure fit

Great sound quality 

Multiple sizes and eartips 

Can connect to two devices at one time

Good remote control panel 


Slightly long cable

Short battery life 

A few complained that they are not sweat-proof 

Key Features
The Sennheiser CX Sport were built for outdoor activities. These headphones were made for athletes and active individuals. The design was built to go running without having the earbud fall out and to experience a comfortable and secure fit. The design is also extremely lightweight which is helpful when doing a long and hard workout. Fitness focused headphones are hard to get right but these definitely fit the bill when it comes to doing all types of workouts and still maintaining a secure fit. Some mentioned that they just took these around the block to walk the dog or do yard work, so they can be used for many other activities, but not suggested for indoor work or at the office.

Basic Features
The Sennheiser CX Sport comes with basic features such as four different ear adapters and three sizes of ear tips. Each one creates a personalized fit for optimal comfort. The CX Sport is sweat-proof and water-proof to stay outside during long workouts or rainy runs. The headphones will be protected from any moisture and if something happens these are covered with a two-year global warranty. The warranty ensures that you are covered should anything happen to the headphones so you can have peace of mind with the purchase. Lastly there is a cable clip to clip onto a shirt, since the cable is a little too long and many have complained about it. A neoprene carry pouch will keep the headphones, ear tips, and ear adapters safe on the go or anytime.
Advanced Features
Bluetooth 4.2 with multi-point connectivity allows pairing with eight devices and simultaneous connection with two devices. This is an advanced feature as most Bluetooth connectivities do not allow two devices to connect at one time. The CX Sport has a six hour battery life and a quick ten minute charge will give you one hour of battery. This is a little low for battery life but the ten minute charge gets us excited. The operation of the headphones is easy with a three-button remote for a quick volume change or music change. The remote is also very easy to operate when using the headphones for a phone call.
Sound Quality
The Sennheiser is designed and engineered in Germany so it delivers some of the best detailed sound with dynamic bass capability. Most all reviewers have left rave reviews of the sound quality. Given that they are ear buds and sport ear buds for that matter they do tend to filter out outside noise well. If you are looking for decent noise cancellation you will get them with the CX Sport. The Qualcomm apt-X processing helps the CX Sport deliver a High Fidelity audio experience wirelessly. Put in the right tunes and get moving. These are equipped with a proprietary speaker system, delivering clear and satisfying bass response. Most reviewers have mentioned that the phone quality is good and it's easy to effortless take calls with the three-button remote.

The Sennheiser CX Sport connects to all devices and will actually simultaneous connect with two devices. It also allows multi-point connectivity so you can connect to eight devices at the same time. The Bluetooth capability is 4.2, which is one of the best in the market. They also have a built-in microphone that enables simple hands-free speaking. The headset control has a three-button remote that is very easy to operate. On the remote you can answer a phone call or place a phone call. The remote has a voice prompt to enhance the ease of use for you to continue your workout. The remote is also used to adjust the volume or skip to the next sound. So you can truly enjoy the wireless sound, it's easy to take a phone call or do a voice prompt to make a phone call. The remote is also the place to charge the phone, charging is via micro-USB, and the port is hidden away on the in-line remote. There is a clip that comes with the headphones for you to easily clip the cord to your shirt, as many have complained that the cord is too long.

The Bluetooth connectivity received many high ratings for distance, one mentioned leaving their gym bag across the floor and the connection was still strong without any interruptions.
The Sennheiser CX Sport are comfortable and durable, most all buyers have mentioned that these provide a secure fit. It's easy to find a secure and comfortable fit when they come with three sets of ear wingtips and four different sizes of ear adaptors. This is a huge advantage because you can customize the fit to each individual's ear. It also helps to reduce outside noise if that's what you are looking for. With the different options of ear wingtips and adaptors you can find a secure fit that allows an increase of excess noise to be blocked out. It's also nice to be able to test which one works depending on the workout that you are doing. It's important to note that the CX Sport is an ultra-lightweight design which will also be helpful for long workouts and the comfort level of the headphones. The neck cable is adjustable, although many have criticized how long it is, it can be adjusted to fit appropriately. The clothing clip will help to adjust the neck cable further and it will definitely allow the CX Sport to move with you. Find the perfect fit and feel the comfort.
The CX Sport has a sporty feel to it with a neon green and black look. It's a sleek design that is made to get active in. The only style fault is the cord that you see dangling down as it's a bit long but overall the style is perfect for any runner or biker. It's important to note that these are not reflective for anyone planning to be outside. The ear adaptors are all the same color and there is no color differentiation. There is only one color option but the positive news on the color is that you can find them inside of a dark bag, the color pops out at you.
Sennheiser is a brand that has a seventy year history of innovation and drive for excellence with that said they do not disappoint with constant innovation and updates. They strive at exceeding expectations and setting new benchmarks in the audio space. The overall earbuds and cord are definitely constructed to last but just in case these do come with a two year warranty in case something happens. The waterproof rating is at IPX4 so it's safe to say they are waterproof and sweat-proof but the rating tells us that the protection does not last longer than five minutes. A quick rainstorm and they will survive, something long term and you might be in trouble. They will definitely surpass a sweat session in the gym.
Ease of Use
The CX Sport is exceptionally easy to use given the effortless three-button remote that's used for music and call control. It's colored in lime green so you cannot miss the buttons. Most reviewers have also mentioned that the Bluetooth capability goes really far with these. That's a huge perk for someone using them at the gym. The only problem with the in-line remote here is that some mentioned it to be a bit uneven in terms of the weight distribution. This could be fixed using a different ear tip or it could be a matter of just getting used to it.
Power Source
The best part about the power source is a quick ten-minute charge provides one-hour of battery life. So if you forget to charge them overnight, no problem a quick ten minute charge while you tie your shoes and you are good to go. The overall battery life is only six hours which is a bit on the low side compared to the competition and the average battery life times. The battery can be fully charged in one hour and a half. They are pretty easy to recharge with a micro-USB, the port is hidden on the in-line remote. Pop the micro-USB back into the carrying pouch and keep it safe.
The Sennheiser CX Sport does come with a higher price point given the fact that these are not wireless. Sennheiser products tend to be on the pricey side given the reputation of the company, the sound quality delivered and the constant innovation. Many do feel that the cost is too high since the cord can be a little bit of a nuisance, but others believe the price is worth it given the sound quality and the secure fit. Buyers can find this set on the brand's website and at various other retailers including, Amazon, Best Buy, Nordstrom and even Neiman Marcus. Sennheiser is a well-known German brand and you can buy their products at many retailers globally. The price will vary depending on the retailer but will be in the same price range. A pro-tip would be to stay on the look out to see if they ever go on sale with one of the retailers.
Key Features
- Great sound quality
- Easy to use the microphone and make phone calls
- Voice control
- Three sizes of ear tips and four sizes of ear adaptors
- Carrying pouch included
- Two-year global warranty
- IPX4 Waterproof rating
Bottom Line
The Sennheiser CX Sport comes with a well-known name in the industry and so you expect the quality and durability to stand true to the brand's reputation. Not only does the quality and durability stay true to the brand's identity but the sound quality could be worth the price to some buyer. There are also buyers who are happy that it comes with different sizes of ear tips and ear adapters, allowing the buyer to personalize the best size for them. Of course, it doesn't have the same convenience as a wireless headset, but it's still intended for the gym and the fit is secure. It also makes up for it with the strong Bluetooth capability, as most have mentioned that it can reach much farther than most Bluetooth enable devices. Overall this is a pair of headphones that could only be worth the investment if you are using them for running, biking or the gym. The true benefit is for an athlete and that is who would get the most use out of them.
Where to Buy
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