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Some runners like quiet jogs around the neighborhood. Some like to ramp it up a bit and compete in a 5K or 10k. Some really go all out and compete in marathons. And then there are those runners who just can’t stop, who want to keep on pushing until nothing remains but them and the road. These endurance athletes are known as ultra-runners and the Soleus Ultra Sole is the running watch for them, or anyone else who aspires to lengthen their running distances and keep track of his progress.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • 100 hour chronograph
  • 5 interval timers
  • 35 lap memory
  • Hydration alarm
  • Large display for easy viewing
  • 100M water resistance
  • Cons
    • Lack of ventilation on wristband
    • Larger than many other watches
    • Key Features
      The Soleus Ultra Sole is specifically designed for ultra-runners, but with its accurate chronograph, interval timers, and hydration alarms, this watch could be a good fit for runners across the board.
      Basic Features
      This minimalistic watch is designed for long distance runners and all its features are evidence of that. In the age of smartwatches, the Soleus Ultra Sole stands apart as simplistic, rugged. It doesn’t track your distance or heart rate, or deliver smartphone notifications — it simply helps runners focus on running. The watch’s most salient feature is the 100-hour chronograph (perhaps to state the obvious, a chronograph is an extremely accurate stopwatch). The ability for a stopwatch to go up to 100 hours means that even the intensest of ultra-runners will never have to worry about running beyond the time limits of their tracking device. In addition to the chronograph, it has a thirty-five lap memory: you are able to save the data for ten runs of up to thirty-five laps each. The watch is water resistant up to 100M, so you never have to worry about sweating too much. The fifteen-second backlight allows you to view your time even when running in the dark. And of course the watch tells the time — with two separate time zone displays.
      Advanced Features
      The various timers and alarms on the Soleus Ultra Sole are part of what make this watch such an excellent choice for ultra-runners. The looping interval timers allow you to track intervals without slowing down. For example, if you set the timer for one minute, it will beep at one minute and immediately start over. With five different interval timers, you can keep track of everything you need during an ultra-marathon — set separate timers for water, energy gels, solid food, etc. Of course, this feature isn’t useful for races alone, but also for any type of training where you’re working by intervals, such as sprinting, ab workouts, and stretching. When you’re doing long-distance running, one of the most difficult things to remember is to stay hydrated. That’s why the Soleus Ultra Sole has a specific hydration alarm, which reminds you its time to take a drink, no matter how fast you’re running. In addition to the interval timers and hydration alarm, this watch also has three customizable alarms, so you can keep on remembering things even when you’re not running.
      The Soleus Ultra Sole is a picture of simplicity, and simplicity is often at the heart of accuracy. Without a GPS or heart rate monitor or step tracker, there are few things that can go wrong. This watch sports a 100-hour chronograph that doesn’t mess around. It tracks your running time and saves the data so you can review your running history over a period of time. As one reviewer put it, “We tested [the Soleus Ultra Sole] for ten weeks under the most extreme conditions, from running in the mountains of Nepal to jogging in the desert of Outback Australia….and it never skipped a beat.”
      Because the Soleus Ultra Sole is not a smartwatch, there’s nothing you need to connect to. It’s just you, your minimalistic running watch, and the open road. In an age of technological connection, where even your daily workouts often become part of a social media hub, it can be a great relief to unplug, to disconnect from media, from the internet, and to focus on nothing but your body, your time, your run.
      The Soleus Ultra Sole is not a smartwatch, so it does not have the capability of connecting to any apps.

      Every runner has experienced the agony of an article of clothing that ends up being uncomfortable on a long run. From shorts chafing thighs to armbands that rub away skin to sports bras that hold in every ounce of sweat, there are a hundred things that can become uncomfortable the longer you run. That’ why it’s important to invest in quality items that will be as comfortable on mile twenty as on mile one. With a soft, flexible plastic strap and a nob that holds the band securely in place, the Soleus Ultra Sole not only looks good, but it feels good, too. This is a watch you can wear on your quick daily jogs, your four-hour marathons, and even twenty-four ultra-marathons, without worrying about a chafed wrist or numb fingers. According to this reviewer, however, one thing that could be improved is the ventilation of the band. While it is made of soft and comfortable plastic, it does tend to get too warm in the heat of the day.
      Available in six different color schemes, the Soleus Ultra Sole is adding a little excitement to the black-and-gray style of most athletic watches. With its options of bright orange, lemon yellow, slate gray, lime green, royal blue, shiny silver, and classic black, its plain round shape, and its basic face, this watch has a look that is both minimalistic and appealingly retro. In other words, its the watch you’ll want to wear for your long run, but you won’t feel the need to take it off if you go out to dinner with friends later that day.
      A theme of the Soleus Ultra Sole is rugged simplicity for the long haul — and this extends to the durability of the watch. Made of quality materials, this minimalistic watch is able to withstand just about any ordeal you could put it through. One reviewer wore this watch while hiking in the mountains for two months. It was covered in mud and snow, rained on and sweated in and it still looked as good as new. Because the face is made of scratch-resistant glass and the band of durable plastic, this watch really is ready to go the extra mile with you.
      At 1.87,” the face of the Soleus Ultra Sole is considerably larger than that of many other non-GPS running watches. The face is made of scratch-resistant glass and is designed to be big enough that you can read the display with a quick glance. Although some find the size to be cumbersome, most people enjoy the ease of viewing the size provides. With the bright backlight, which illuminates the buttons as well as the face itself, this watch is easy to see at any time of day or night.
      The band is made of molded and flexible plastic. About one centimeter to either side of the face the plastic is molded into a wrist position; the rest of the band is flexible, able to form to wrists of different shapes and sizes. Like the face, the band is bigger than your typical sports watch, measuring 22mm in width. The strap features a nob at its end that holds the end of the band in place, keeping it from snagging on things and ensuring it stays securely in place.
      Sizes Available
      This watch comes in two sizes: the Smallest Wrist at 150mm and the Largest Wrist at 195mm. There are many closely spaced sizing holes along the strap, so there is a good deal of sizing flexibility in both the small and large sizes.
      Ease of Use
      One of the wonderful things about the simplicity of this watch is just how easy it is to use. You don’t have to worry about logging into apps, connecting to Bluetooth, or checking your notifications. You simply fasten it around your wrist, lace up your shoes, and fly out the door for that invigorating early morning run. Since you can pre-program various intervals on the timer, you can set your reps and recoveries, sprints and jogs, etc., ahead of time and never have to worry about consulting the watch as you run — just listening for the beep. As mentioned above, the size of the face also plays in to ease of use. Because the display is so big, you can see the time by simply glancing at your wrist. No need need to slow down and squint to find out how long you’ve been on the run.
      Power Source
      The Soleus Ultra Sole has a standard watch battery. It is not rechargeable, so the battery will need to be replaced when it dies.
      The Soleus Ultra Sole is just the watch to turn to if you’re on a tight budget. Because it doesn’t have fancy bells and whistles like a GPS, a heart rate monitor, or a speed sensor, it is wonderfully affordable.
      The Soleus Ultra Sole is as simple as running itself. With just the features contained in the watch itself — and a good pair of shoes — you are ready for your next long-distance run. In a world of technology, and the numerous accessories that go along with it, the minimalism of these watch is a key feature in and of itself.
      Key Features
      100-hour chronograph
      5 interval timers
      35 lap memory
      Hydration alarm
      3 customizable alarms
      Dual time zones
      Water-resistant up to 100M
      Highly durable
      Comfortable and stylish
      Bottom Line
      Many people today feel overwhelmed by the enormous presence of internet technology in our lives. It’s not confined to computers anymore — it’s our phones and now even our watches. While these technological advancements and the connectivity they provide have definite benefits, the constant noise, alerts, and notifications can be alarming. Sometimes its difficult to find a quiet space, to set aside a time to think, to focus. Runners often think of their runs as just such a time. Running is a simple act: just put on your shoes and dash out the door. You don’t really need anything but an open road.

      But with the wave of smartwatches, runs are becoming less of a quiet, focused time. You could be only halfway through your intended mileage when you receive an email notification and decide you just have to get home and answer it. Mom might call in the middle of lap three. Perhaps your husband will send a text to remind you to pick up toilet paper. The list could go on, of course, the million little things that can disrupt you from the peace and purposefulness of a run. Sometimes you just need to disconnect. But, as a runner, you still want to track your workouts. That’s where the Soleus Ultra Sole comes in.

      Simple. Rugged. Accurate. These are perhaps the three words that best describe the Soleus Ultra Sole. With its one hundred hour chronograph, five interval timers, and hydration alarms, this minimalistic watch was specifically designed for ultra-marathoners who need a product that will provide accurate data and helpful reminders to get them through the longest of runs. But you don’t have to be an ultra-marathoner to appreciate this simplistic running watch; you just have to be a runner looking for a product that is simple, reliable, and accurate. With this stylish and comfortable watch on your wrist, you can complete your short jog or long-distance race without being distracted, but also without giving up on important running data. If you are looking for simple, rugged accuracy, the Soleus Ultra Sole is for you — no matter how far you’re planning to run.

      Where to Buy
      By Tali Treece
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      Where to buy
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