Sony MDR-7506

Sony has been well known for creating various high-quality electronics ever since it was founded back in 1946. While buyers seem to focus mainly on its larger products, such as the cameras and television sets, it also creates an impressive range of headphones. One of its higher-rated sets is the MDR-7506, which was designed to be used in the audio production field. Like all other models within the MDR line, it provides noise cancelation and incredible sound quality that make it suitable for both work and casual time. It also offers an adjustable fit, thanks to its headband and swiveling ear caps, and it can be folded down easily for safer and more efficient travel. Its 9.8-foot cord is coiled to reduce the risk of tangles, and its 1/8 inch audio connector can be outfitted with a 1/4 inch adapter for use in the professional world. Although this set isn't intended for heavy-duty workouts, especially in high-traffic areas, it is a great choice for use during casual walks and runs.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Amazing sound quality

-Comfortable fit

-Great noise reduction

-Adjustable for a better fit

-Versatile usage


-Can feel heavy

-Inconsistant sound quality

Key Features
As indicated from both its overall construction and the retailers that sell it, such as B&H and Guitar Center, the MDR-7506 was not designed with fitness routines in mind. Instead, they're intended to be used for studio work in the film, television, and even music industries. With that said, it can still be quite useful during long distance walks and casual runs through low-traffic environments. Since these are designed to be noise-canceling, they obviously wouldn't be the best choice for busy roads or sidewalks. And its long coiled wire would also make it extremely difficult to use during high-intensity training sessions, both indoor and outdoor. Simple runs or walks in the park or a quiet sidewalk would be its ideal settings. In fact, this would be an incredibly versatile model for those who work in production as they could use it for both work and casual time.
Basic Features
The MDR-7506 is designed to be like any other large, over-the-ears headset that's meant for use in the audio production field. Its most noticeable features are its large padded ear cuffs that swivel for a better fit. While the padding that they offer isn't exactly soft or substantial, according to several reviewers, it's still enough to keep the buyer reasonably comfortable. The thick head band is also adjustable, as each side can be pulled down or pushed in for a much more customized fit. The attached wire, which measures 9.8 feet while stretched out, is coiled tightly in order to avoid possible tangles and allow for easier travel. In fact, the whole set can be folded down for better storage, and most listings also offer a case for safekeeping. And its OFC cable and Unimatch plug features a 1/8 inch plug for phones and computers, along with a 1/4 adapter for those who use heavier equipment for their audio work.
Advanced Features
Since the MDR-7506 isn't designed strictly for fitness or convenience, it doesn't offer nearly as many advanced features as a wireless headset. It obviously can't be used for making calls or enabling voice commands, since it doesn't come with a microphone unit, and it can't be connected to any special tools for enhancing workouts. What it does offer is an incredible sound quality that enables it to be used both for work and for casual runs. This is offered thanks to neodymium magnets for greater energy levels and a surprisingly strong sensitivity level of 104dB. Its incredibly wide frequency response range is listed as 10Hz to 20kHz, which is necessary for those who work in audio production. It also has a high impedance of 63 Ohms, along with a maximum power handling of 1000mW, meaning that it's extremely resistant to blow outs and other forms of audio damage. Of course, these features really come into play when they're used either on production sets or in the recording booth.
Sound Quality
Since it's built to be used in audio production, it's no surprise that the MDR-7506 offers amazing sound quality. Product listings put its sensitivity at 104dB and its frequency response at 10Hz to 20kHz, which makes it incredibly powerful. And because it features a closed-ear construction, buyers are offered a noise-canceling experience that's perfect for both work and casual runs. Since they ultimately prove unsafe while in high-traffic areas, it does mean that they are better fit for a closed environment or an area with no oncoming cars. It should also be pointed out that its sound is a lot different from an intra-ear set. While Intra-ear sets offer a sharper and clear sound quality, this set provides one that is deeper and more robust. As a result, buyers who are used to using smaller earbuds every day may not be happy with what it has to offer them.
The MDR-7506 can easily connect to any everyday device as well as more professional equipment. At the end of its coiled cable is an audio connector that measures 1/8 of an inch to connect to smartphone and computers. It also comes with a 1/4-inch adapter that can easily attach at the end and make it compatible with larger audio equipment. Unlike wireless headphones, obviously, these types of models do not need to be charged ahead of time in order to work. While this does make it easier for most buyers, especially those who don't live a very active lifestyle, it does make it awkward to use during high-intensity training sessions. It also leaves the buyer feeling tied down to their device as they use it, which makes it even more unfit for those who are more active during their day-to-day lives.
While this model may not be at all convenient for an active lifestyle, the MDR-7506 has still received positive reviews for its comfortable wear. Not only is its closed-ear design good for noise cancelation, but it's also large enough to fit around most ear shapes without causing any kind of discomfort. And its padding ensures even greater cushioning for a model that would otherwise feel so heavy. Although several reviewers say that its padding isn't as substantial as they would have hoped, they still admit that it keeps them feeling reasonably comfortable. This set can even be adjusted by pulling these ear cups up or down so the buyer can properly fit it around their head shape. With all of that said, it's much too heavy and cumbersome to use for high-intensity workouts. Not only could this set run the risk of falling off during a training session, but its cord could also become tangled or caught on something very easily. Therefore, its comfort level truly depends on what the buyer chooses to do with it.
There isn't much to be said about the MDR-7506's overall style, considering that it looks basically the same as all other studio-quality headphones. This one is made entirely of plastic, except for the gold-plated metal connector and its 1/4 adapter, which allows them to be lightweight and easy to carry. With its large ear cups that completely cover the wearer's ears, along with a thick adjustable headband, this set is definitely not meant to be subtle. And while its cord is coiled, which makes it easier to carry and limits the risk of possible tangles, it could still get in the way during a training session. Buyers also aren't given a choice in color options, since it's available only in all black. Its only accent colors come from the lettering on either ear cup and the buttons used to adjust its fit.
For the most part, reviewers feel that the MDR-7506 is quite sturdy. And given that it's intended to be used in professional settings, it's no surprise that it's more robust than your average earphones. What does hinder this, however, is the fact that it's made almost entirely of plastic. While this does mean that it's more lightweight and easier to travel with, it also means that it's more susceptible to being broken. And since it's mainly intended for indoor use, it's also quite obvious that it has no water-repellant qualities at all. It's obvious that any buyer should take proper care of this particular set, considering that it costs up to $100. But this is especially important for those who need this particular set for their job.
Ease of Use
Since it doesn't come with any added buttons, specialized apps, or a wireless wear that needs frequent charging, the MDR-7506 is incredibly easy to use in most casual situations. All that buyers need to do is simply plug the audio connector into their smartphone or MP3 player in order to take their music with them on casual walks and jogs. Of course, this particular set is only suitable for those who don't follow a more active everyday routine. Even though it's relatively lightweight, at just over 8 ounces, it's still quite bulky and doesn't allow the overall convenience that a pair of wireless earbuds would. Therefore, its level of ease depends entirely on the buyer's personal preferences when it comes to their headgear.
Power Source
Unlike headsets that are designed strictly for an active lifestyle, the MDR-7506 does not need to be charged or programmed into a device. Since it comes equipped with a wire and audio connector, there's no need to worry about its battery life or being sure it's connected with your phone. To use this set, all the buyer has to do is plug its 3.5mm connector into any device they would like to bring on their runs. Whether it's their phone or a portable MP3 player, the runner won't have any issue when it comes to taking their music with them. Unfortunately, its long coiled cable does mean that buyers run the risk of getting tangled or caught on something as they move. Even though this particular design is meant to avoid possible tangles, it still proves to be unfit for many workout settings. So, as stated before, it's best to use this particular set for casual walks and jogs rather than high-intensity workouts.
Across most online retailers, the MDR-7506 is priced at $100. Other sites have it listed anywhere between $80 and $60, depending on the individual listing or retailer. As expected, Amazon or eBay seem to be the best options for finding great deals on this set. While its original pricing may not be quite as much as more advanced ear-sets on the market, it's still an excellent indication of how high-quality this model is. Those who purchase these earphones are guaranteed long-lasting usage that works for long walks, casual runs, or basic workout sessions. And buyers who work in production will find them especially useful, as they can easily utilize this set for both work and leisurely activities. Of course, it goes without saying that proper care and storage will ensure that you truly get your money's worth. And those searching for a lower price tag can definitely find a reputable online listing, just as long as they check the reviews before making a purchase.
Key Features
-40mm diameter drive units
-Swiveling ear cups
-1/8 mini-jack and 1/4-inch adapter plug
-Closed design for noise reduction
-9.8 foot coiled cable for better mobility
-Adjustable fit for greater comfort
-Travel-friendly foldable design
Bottom Line
Even though the Sony MDR-7506 wasn't designed to be used during workouts, it can still prove to be useful during casual runs. Its noise-canceling sound quality allows the runner to listen to their chosen playlist without any interruptions, and its headband can be easily adjusted to fit the wearer's head shape. Its large ear cups can fit comfortably over most ear sizes, and its padding is just enough to ensure that the buyer stays pain-free as they wear it. But it's not without its downsides at all, as its overall size and construction do limit its usage quite a bit. Both its over-the-ear design and long cable would make this extremely awkward during intense workouts, and it may lack durability where it matters most. It's obvious that those who don't live a very active lifestyle, and also happen to work in audio, would get the best use out of this set.
Where to Buy
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