Sprigs Wrist Wallet Reviewed & Rated

  • The Sprigs Wrist Wallet can store a number of small items comfortably.
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Sprigs Wrist Wallet Reviewed & Rated Review Facts

Running is such an effective form of exercise because it engages the entire body. While a layman may assume that all it takes to be a good runner is a sturdy pair of feet, the fact is that a runner’s upper body plays just as much of a role in the running process. If a runner is bogged down with any extra weight, their performance will suffer and they won’t enjoy their running session as much as a result. To address this issue, many companies have designed products such as wrist wallet that help to alleviate the burden of carrying extra materials. These range from special running backpacks to low-profile belts and vests but some of the most effective running storage products involve lightweight wrist storage. A solid wrist-based storage product can allow runners to hold a few essentials in a manner that is unobtrusive to their run. It is precisely this function that Sprigs intended to accomplish with their wrist wallet product. With a breathable mesh construction, multiple storage pockets, and a tight forearm fit, this wrist storage band provides a surprising amount of utility for such a modest appearance.

Editor's Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable construction
  • Multiple pockets for storage
  • Subtle yet appealing style
  • Support for headphones




  • Questionable fastening
  • Doesn’t support larger devices




The Sprigs Wrist Wallet is designed to be used as storage for active individuals such as runners and cyclists. As its name implies, this product is about the same size as a standard wallet with a comparable storage capacity. Wearers can use this Sprigs product to hold essentials such as car keys, credit cards, identification, and small snacks such as nuts or energy gels.

There are two main storage pockets on the Sprigs Wrist Wallet. The smaller of these two pockets is a simple pouch with an elastic seam to help keep things in place. This pouch is just big enough to hold a few objects that are roughly the size of some pocket change, such as a sparsely adorned set of keys. The larger pocket is secured with a zipper and offers about 1 ½ times space as the smaller pocket. It can be used to store slightly larger objects, provided they are thin. During the testing process, this zipper pocket was able to hold an iPhone 7 with a bit of effort. Larger smartphones will likely be unable to fit, although smaller ones should fit just fine. A nice bonus feature of these pockets is that both contain a buttonhole toward the bottom. This can be used to attach the wrist wallet to a clothing button or can be used to thread a pair of earbuds through the pouch.


This Springs product is made primarily of a proprietary material that is synthesized from a combination of fabrics. Referred to as PolySpandex, the purpose of implementing this material is to maintain a stretchy fit while also allowing the covered wrist to breathe. During the short time in which this product was tested, both of these features can be confirmed.

While running, the Sprigs Wrist Wallet is capable of absorbing any moisture that may accumulate on a runner’s body. Because of this, runners can use this product as a sweatband and portable towel in addition to a storage sleeve. During the testing process, this product proved very useful for wiping the sweat off of the forehead in order to prevent it from stinging the eyes. Although moisture management is a big part of this product’s functionality, wearers who like to store their smartphones in the Wrist Wallet’s pocket can rest easy with the knowledge that the moisture will not leak through and cause their expensive electronics to be exposed to water damage.



Since this product is meant to fill the needs of a standard pocket wallet, the primary comfort experienced while wearing it will depend largely on the personal preferences of the individual. This means that runners who find it uncomfortable to run while storing valuables in the pockets of their pants will likely experience the greatest comfort while this product is worn.

Although this wristband is made of a material that incorporates Spandex, it still isn’t stretchy enough to maintain a solid grip on a runner’s forearm by itself. In order to ensure a stable fit, an elastic band has been added to the upper portion of the wrist wallet. While this does address the issue of slippage for most forms of physical activity, the tightness of this band may cause some discomfort for more sensitive individuals or for those who have larger forearms. In the case of runners with smaller forearms, this elastic band may not be tight enough and can necessitate securing the Wrist Wallet further up their arm toward the elbow. Ultimately, this elastic band may serve as a cost-effective and low-profile feature that works for the average runner; however, anyone who falls outside of that average size will find that it is far from one-size-fits-all.



The size of this Sprigs wristband, as is implied by its name, is around the same size as a standard men’s pocket wallet. It offers a similar amount of storage to one of these products, even managing to replicate some of the functionality of combination smartphone case wallets. All of the objects that can be stored in a standard wallet can be stored in the Sprigs Wrist Wallet.

In regards to this product’s viability as a form of smartphone storage, Sprigs boasts that it can fit the latest Apple and Samsung products. During the testing process, the storage capability was tested with an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 7 separately. While the iPhone 7 was able to fit comfortably (albeit very tightly), the 5S tended to shift while running in a way that may be uncomfortable to some runners. Based on these tests, it appears that the cutoff size for a phone to fit comfortably in the Wrist Wallet is roughly 5 ½ inches tall and 2 ½ inches wide. This excludes most larger versions of popular smartphones such as the iPhone 7 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


The materials used for the construction of this wristband are similar to those used for standard exercise apparel such as bike shorts or rash guards. A combination of polyester and Spandex used for the synthesis of its proprietary PolySpandex fabric. Because of this, runners should expect the same level of durability that they would from regular workout apparel.

Thanks to a reversible design, most of the stitching used to hold together this wristband is hidden from exposure to the elements. This helps to improve the longevity of this product, even if a runner trips and lands on their wrist during a running session. However, two areas in which the durability of the Sprigs Wrist Wallet may be called into question is the zipper and the buttonholes. While clearly made to a high standard of quality, the fact that the zipper used to contain items in the larger pouch is front-facing means that it is directly exposed to the elements. A few errant bumps or falls can lead to the teeth becoming misaligned, even though this did not happen during the testing process. In regards to the buttonholes, the quality of stitching for these parts of the Wrist Wallet wasn't at the same level as other parts. In fact, fraying and exposed threads could already be observed minutes into the testing process.


There are no extra accessories included with the Sprigs Wrist Wallet. All that is contained in the package when placing the order is the product itself and a piece of cardboard that it is attached to. This piece of cardboard contains some information about how to use the product as well as some suggestions as to what material can be stored in it.

Where this product shines is in how it handles storing other accessories. For example, the previously mentioned buttonholes found at the base of both pockets can be used to thread the cable for a pair of headphones. Because of this, runners can easily store their mp3 player of choice in one of the pockets and listen to music while performing physical activity. Since portable music players have been rendered essentially obsolete in recent years, runners will more realistically store music on their smartphones. For larger smartphones, it can be difficult to fit both the phone and the headphone cable in one pocket. However, it is certainly possible; during the testing process, an iPhone 7 using a lightning adaptor to connect with a pair of Bose noise-canceling earbuds was used to great success.



The initial appearance of this Sprigs product is very subtle. At first glance, the Wrist Wallet looks more like a standard wristband than a wallet. This is a design feature that Sprigs touts as a positive since thieves and pickpockets won’t suspect it as your way to store valuables, credit cards, and cash.

Although there is only one shape for this product available to purchase, some stylistic versatility is offered through the availability of multiple color schemes. These styles range from basic colors to more elaborate designs incorporating multiple colors and pictures. Runners and cyclists looking for something subtle will appreciate the solid black or beige models, while those who want something a bit more showy will like the bright magenta and teal options. Those who want something truly eye-catching will likely want to get the Rio, Spin Art, or Paisley variants since these incorporate multiple bright colors and complex patterns to present a striking and pleasing aesthetic.


Based on the amount of material provided for the price, the current cost of the Sprigs Wrist Wallet may turn off some individuals. Despite the fact that it costs less than a nice wallet, this wristband costs quite a bit more than the cost of a budget wallet and a budget sweatband combined. However, upon further examination, the justification of the higher price for this product can be clearly seen. For example, this product can be used for more purposes than a common wallet or sweatband can. It’s true that it costs more than an ordinary budget wallet but even the cheapest smartphone case/wallets cost more than this Sprigs product. The same goes for an activewear smartphone holder for joggers; something in a comparative price range to this Wrist Wallet would be made of inferior materials and take up much more space on a runner’s arm. It’s true that despite this wristband being capable of accomplishing these tasks, it doesn’t accomplish them with the same competence that other products dedicated to these sole tasks can. However, when comparing the cost of a decent smartphone wallet, a decent phone holder, and a decent sweatband, the Sprigs Wrist Wallet comes out on top.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Two pockets for storing valuables and money

  • Buttonholes that can clip on clothes or thread headphone cables

  • Zippered pouch for secure storage

  • Stretchy and breathable PolySpandex construction

  • Elastic bands for extra stability on pouch and wrist

  • Bottom Line

    Bottom Line

    After looking at the features boasted by the manufacturer in comparison to experiences from the testing process, it appears that the Sprigs Wrist Wallet lives up to the claims of its designers. In a pinch, this product can be used as a wallet, a smartphone holder, and a sweatband, all at the same time.

    Despite its high versatility, some customers may be turned off by its overall effectiveness; after all, a jack of all trades is a master of none. This means that while the Sprigs Wrist Wallet can be used as a wallet, a smartphone holder, and a sweatband, it is far from the best at any of these functions. Someone who needs a sturdy smartphone case/wallet is going to prioritize a product that is explicitly designed for that task. The same is true for someone who wants a serious activewear smartphone holder. However, individuals who appreciate products with a Swiss Army Knife-style of all-in-one utility will find a lot to love with this wrist wallet, especially if they enjoy running or biking in their spare time.

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