Stroller Fitness Class: The Best Way To Workout Post Baby

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Stroller fitness classes are the best for moms because they allow women to workout and bring along baby. Stroller Fitness Class: The Best Way To Workout Post Baby

Getting back to a fitness routine after having a baby can be difficult. There are many challenges, but one big one is not having someone to watch the baby so mama can workout. Sure have a treadmill at home helps. But sometimes we want to attend a fitness class to switch things up, burn lots of calories and shape our bodies. The truth is we sometimes just don’t have a family member or babysitter to call. Worse is when we do have someone to watch our precious cargo, we are left worrying about them and not able to focus on our workout. This is why attending a stroller fitness class is the best way to workout post-baby.

“These workouts are great for a first time mom because you can bring your baby with you,” Jen Boyce, owner and lead instructor of the stroller fitness company Jersey Stroller Moms told RunnerClick. “It’s hard going to a gym and finding daycare while you work out,” the mom of two added.

Jen Boyce (right) Image: Jersey Stroller Moms | Facebook

Fitness And Mom Challenges

Let’s keep it real, being a parent is hard. It might be hard to get a handle on balancing the new role plus continuing our preexisting roles such as a spouse, friend, our careers and then on top of that take care of ourselves. A workout might be the last thing on the list of things to do.

But if running or fitness, in general, was important before baby, chances are mamas are going to want to return to what they love to do. This comes with a whole separate set of challenges.

First of all, women need to be cleared by their doctor first before returning back to working out. This is typically anywhere between six to eight weeks depends on how they delivered their baby. Once cleared, they will quickly find they don’t have the stamina, speed, or fitness level that they previously had. This takes time and it’s important to remember to start slowly and build muscles back up. It’s well worth the wait because moms often find that their baby weight starts to come off and they are faster and stronger than ever.

But there is more than physical challenges.

“It also gets lonely when you first gave a baby of your not surrounded by a ton of people,” Boyce said.

This is why working out with other moms is so beneficial. Not only is being surrounded by those who have similar fitness goals, but also having someone to relate to what you are going through as a parent and a woman post-baby.

“This is the perfect place,” Boyce adds. “You come, workout, meet new people, have adult convos. Your little ones play and interact and you go home feeling great.”

What Is A Stroller Fitness Class?

Image: Jersey Stroller Moms | Facebook

Stroller fitness classes are fitness classes that are specifically tailored to moms (and sometimes dads) who are expecting, getting back to working out post-baby or have stroller-aged children. They typically are total body workouts that include high-intensity interval training, cardio, strength training, and core work. Classes tend to be 60 to 90 minutes.

“The workouts are all different depending on the instructor.  We all have our own ways of doing things and body parts we like to crush,” Boyce said. “Every class you will always get a full body workout.”

At classes like New Jersey-based Jersey Stroller Moms (JSM), toddlers and infants are required to remain in their stroller while mom works out. The workout sometimes includes using the strollers such as jogging with them. Recently JSM expanded to also include P90x, kickboxing, and Pilates to its lineup.

Instead of being a mommy-and-me class, these types of classes focus on mom getting her workout in.

After the class, the kids typically are welcomed to get out of the stroller and run around whether it’s inside in a gym or at a local park. Being able to workout outdoors (if weather permits depend on location and time of year) is another thing that makes stroller fitness classes unique. Nothing is better than working up a sweat outside in the fresh air—especially for pregnant mom-to-be’s who suffer from morning sickness.

Stroller Fitness Classes Are For Every Mom

Whether it’s the mother’s first baby or fifth, if they have a newborn or toddler, these classes are for every mom. That also applies to all fitness levels. This is sometimes the first time working out for trying a fitness class or the first time back post-baby. All exercises have modifications and moms are encouraged to go at their own pace and do what they can.

Image by: roungroat | rawpixel

While it can be hard physically to start working out after baby, according to Boyce newborns are actually the easiest to take along for the stroller workout class because they tend to sleep the entire time.

Positive Role Model

Along with being able to get healthy and fit and make new friends, stroller fitness classes allow moms to bond with their baby in a new way. It also enables the mom to become a positive role model.

“The kids watch everything we do,” Boyce said. You want your kids to be healthy and strong and they always say your actions speak louder than your words. The kids love participating in the workouts  and you will start to notice at home they are doing the exercises even when no one is watching them.”


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