Superheroes: The Unspoken Mascots of Running

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Who's your superhero running mascot? Superheroes: The Unspoken Mascots of Running

Runners deserve mascots, and superheroes are a wonderful place to look for them. Think about it! How many superheroes lived like average humans until, at some point, fate, design, or technology boosted them beyond that simplicity to something greater? It’s like a person—maybe you—who’s stepped into the world of fitness. You don’t know how far you can take yourself until you start on that journey, and you might find you’re more capable than you expected—like some of these heroes.

Since I’m a Marvel girl, all of these superheroes will be from that universe, and I’ll go over a number of running types I found online as well as ones I labeled myself. See which one applies to you, and proudly embrace your mascot!

The Morning Runner: Captain America

For those people who get their exercise in before they go to work or school, Steve Rogers is your mascot. Let’s not forget that awesom e“On your left!” scene that happened in The Winter Soldier, after all, and if ever there was a superhero who was responsible enough to not push the snooze button seventeen times every morning, it’s the captain. So if you lace up your running shoes before 7 a.m., congrats! You’re a Captain American Runner!

The Uninterested Runner: Ghost Rider 

Do you know anyone who only runs because somebody else wants them to, and they’d rather be doing something else while they run? If you’re that person, then Johnny Blaze is your mascot. Just like he tried for years to avoid his destiny as the Ghost Rider in the 2007 movie, you’re the one constantly trying to avoid a run for what you think is a better option. That disconnect is what makes you a Ghost Rider Runner!

The Competitor: Agent Carter

Maybe you’re the person who turns everything into a challenge—like besting yourself by running a mile a minute faster than you did last year or outdoing your friends by crossing a finish line first. If so, you’re Peggy Carter! Does she actually qualify as a “superhero?” Well, I guess that’s up for debate! But in a world where women didn’t have the same possibilities as men, this lady fought to be a part of something bigger. Granted, that’s different than wanting to outrun your BFF, but when it comes to pushing beyond a limit, who better than Agent Carter for a mascot?

The New Runner: Thor

If everything about running is so new that it’s thrilling to you, you’re a Thor! Just as the adorable-yet-muscular character needed a moment to get his bearings after coming to earth in the original movie, you might need time to adjust as well—and the process might be as cup-smashingly fantastic to you as a drink was to Thor back in 2011. Being a part of this set of runners is nothing to be ashamed of, even if you might be a bit awkward at times! You can get the hang of it, and you could bring a few smiles to fellow runners’ faces in the process!

The Gear Junkie: Iron Man

With all the technology Tony Stark has embraced, built, and lived by, I can’t think of a more fitting superhero to be the mascot for those who dive head-first into the world of running gear. The right shoes, the heartbeat tracker, the waist pack… You’re equipped in every way you can imagine for a run, and you’re going to embrace that readiness no matter how many people think it’s too much. But, hey! Tony Stark’s his own kind of guy! Why can’t you be your own kind of runner?

The Older Runner: Daredevil

These days, seeing younger adults running is so much the norm that spotting a person in their 60’s or 70’s running could seem like an odd thing. But, then again, so is a blind superhero running a less-than-stellar law firm! Still, just as Matt Murdock can handle fighting crime even when logic says his health situation shouldn’t allow it, older people can be FULLY capable of finishing up a run! So if you’re an older jogger, embrace your Daredevil-ness!

The Powerhouse: Black Widow

For those runners who have things figured out to the point that they barely look like they’re trying, don’t bat an eye at charging into marathons, and look oh-so-focused on runs, you are the Natasha Romanoffs of running! Like the Black Widow, you have a move for every scrape you get into, and you don’t need superpowers to own challenge after challenge. All you need is you, your skills, your gear, and your determination. With those details, those miles—like her enemies—are destined to be defeated. Determined and crazy-capable, you are a Black Widow!

The Fair-Weather Runner: Gambit

Some runners might only run when the mood hits them or when the circumstances lean in favor of running—like a day that’s just the right temperature or a period of time when they don’t have anything else to do. For those of you who fall in that category, you’re like Remy Lebeau from the X-Men series. In the cartoon from the 90’s, if Gambit wanted something, he wanted it—even if it was a kiss from Rogue that would leave him unconscious. If he didn’t want something though, down his list of priorities it could go! That’s the reason why the fair-weather runners are Gambits. If it doesn’t fit with how they want things to go, it might not happen!

The Social Media Fanatic: The Human Torch

If you’re the type of person who has your phone ready to alert the world that you’re going for a jog or to take a post-workout picture, you’re the Johnny Storm of the running world! You like attention, and you’re prone to chasing the thrill you get by the acknowledgement and attention of others. Just like Chris Evans ego-ed up Fantastic Four over a decade ago, you’re the ego-carrier of the running world!

The Disappeared: Morph

Finally, for the runners who abruptly stop showing up to run, you’re Morphs. While he might not be as well-known as some of the other names on this list, he was an important character in the X-Men cartoon from the 90’s. Though he seemed to die early in the series, his reappearance later shook the X-Men. Sure, it’s partially because he was being evil and mind-controlled, but the continued theme of his reappearing is what makes him a perfect candidate for this position. If you’re there for one run, disappear for a while, then show back up looking a little less fit, you’re a Morph!

Other Honorable Mentions:
Bishop (X-Men) for The Energetic Runners, Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy) for The Underestimated Runners, and Dr. Strange (Dr. Strange) for The Know-It-All Runners.

All in all, it seems, there could be a superhero mascot that’s perfect for your running style! If you didn’t find one that fits yours, keep browsing those Marvel (or DC) characters until you find one!