Collective ANB Socks – Our Team’s Unbiased Review

Multiple RunnerClick team members & running coaches had the chance to review Collective Socks ANB compression socks. After hours of testing, we put together an unbiased review and we can't wait to share it with you.

TLDR: These socks rock!

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Our Conclusion
Collective Socks are not your grandma’s compression socks! I’ve shopped around for compression socks in the past, and I’m always met with boring black, white, gray, and *shudder*- nude.

I had the opportunity to take the ANB knee-high socks out for a test run, and I was pleasantly surprised by the support, performance, and comfort they offered on my extremely hot-weather run. Plus, I absolutely love the style of these socks!

They come in bright and happy colors that are incredibly unique, and new patterns and color options are rolled out on the regular with the help of their growing community.

If you are looking to spruce up your running wardrobe while also boosting circulation and reducing next-day soreness, Collective Socks are worth checking out!
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Pros & Cons
Offers 20-25 mmHg of graduated compression
Will not roll down your leg as you run
Incredibly breathable, even on super hot days
Offered in fun and unique styles with more always on the horizon
Will not dig red rings of pain into your legs
Modest compression will not hinder your full range of motion
Reduces next-day soreness
Perfect for runners that suffer from shin splints or plantar fasciitis
Slightly expensive
Key Features
Tara Summerville, RunnerClick Writer

A good pair of compression socks help to circulate blood flow in your legs and feet to boost performance and speed up recovery time. Collective Socks provide graduated compression that squeezes your muscles and joints in high-impact areas around your feet and ankles, and slowly reduces compression as you move up your leg.

These socks slid on nice and easy, and the compression offered was noticeable right out of the gate, but never uncomfortable. I felt that I had a good range of motion while I ran, and I even did a few stair sprints to really put them to the test!

The biggest issue I encounter when running is the dreaded shin splints, and I was surprised at how well my shins felt in these socks. Even at mile 3, I was feeling no pain. The compression offered doesn’t feel intense, yet they worked quite well at limiting pain in my shins and feet.

Now onto the biggest test: how did my legs feel the next day? There is a set of stairs in my neighborhood park (48, to be precise) that I only tackle on days I’m feeling particularly confident.

Often, my feet and shins are so busted the following day as I hobble around like Frankenstein’s monster. However, the day after my stair sprint-inspired run, my feet and calves weren't the slightest bit sore.


As a bit of a sock connoisseur, I am very particular about my socks. A real deal-breaker for me is seam lines that rub against my feet. If the toe seam doesn’t run perfectly against the top of my foot, I just won’t wear them. Collective Socks get an A+ in the seam line department!

The toe seam hugged the top of my foot and didn’t rub up against the sides of my feet as I ran. The modest seam lines stayed firmly in place and did not shift around. For me, they passed the most important test.


I took these bad boys out on one of the hottest days of the summer. By the time I geared up and slathered on a good layer of sunscreen, it was about 92 degrees. I worried that my legs and feet would be a hot mess at the end of my run, but these socks were insanely breathable!

Even in the hottest temperatures of the summer, my feet and legs stayed nice and dry. These socks are composed of a flat-knit mesh that helps to lift heat up and away from your feet to prevent them from sweating.

I am cursed with perpetually sweaty feet, and running in temperatures above 90 degrees can turn my feet into a soupy mess. However, when I arrived home to peel these socks off of my feet- they were almost completely dry.

Overall, these socks walk that fine line between impressive compression and breathability.


The knee-high socks provide runners with 20-25 mmHg that stops short just below the knee. More compression means
better circulation to your muscles - which is beneficial for runners.

For casual wear, doctors recommend socks that offer between 15-20 mmHg. Compression over 30 mmHg is typically used for medical conditions and post-surgery. For runners, 20-25 mmHg hits that sweet spot between performance and comfort.

What I also love about the compression offered in these socks is that it is a graduated compression. This means that you will gain higher levels of compression around the ankles and less toward the top of your legs. While it boasts higher compression in the ankles, I never felt that these socks restricted my full range of motion in the slightest.

My ankles felt protected, but not stiff. Even when running stair sprints, I was still able to maintain a natural range of motion in my ankles.

At the end of my run, my legs felt fresh, and my feet hadn’t swelled up like they normally do at the end of a run on a super hot day. The day after my run, I wasn’t the least bit sore and I’m ready to get back out on the trails!


I absolutely love the style of these socks. Whether you want something that is modest and neutral or bright pops of color, Collective Socks has you covered.

Every design rocks Rodney the Rooster, who always makes an appearance on every sock that they make. Users can select from simple black designs, but there are also a host of bright and unique styles to choose from as well.

For my test run, I wore the pink ANB design which was named after the owner's daughter. She selected the pink and purple color palette of the ANB socks and I must say, she has excellent taste!

I’m fairly certain I will also pick up the Pride design as well because its fun and retro design makes me want to pop on a pair of roller skates and chew bubble gum. Who says the compression socks have to be so serious?


These socks are offered in three different sizing options that include S/M, M/L, and L/XL. To get the right fit for you, simply pick up a pair that matches your shoe size.

When shopping around for compression socks, it’s important that they fit you just right. If they are too loose, they won’t offer much in terms of compression. If they are too tight, they will dig into your skin.

To test if a compression sock is too tight, simply check in on your legs at the end of your run. If the cuff caused a bright red indent in your skin, you know that your socks are too tight.

After my 3 mile run, I did a quick leg check to see how deep they dug into my skin. There was a slight indentation around the bottom of my knee, but it was barely noticeable. Overall, these socks really hit the mark.

They stayed tightly in place on my legs and didn’t roll down or shift around as I ran (or stretched afterward). While they stayed in place, they also didn’t dig bright red rings of pain into my skin.


The only downside to these socks is that they are slightly expensive. However, there are a few reasons to make an investment in this brand. What makes these socks unique is that they provide runners with excellent compression and comfort in sleek and modern styles.

Other compression socks out there on the market aren’t quite as fun and unique as the ever-growing lineup from Collective Socks.

What also makes these socks worth the slight investment is that Collective Socks makes a monthly donation to St. Jude’s Hospital. What I admire about this company is that they create fun and functional gear for runners, but also want to make a positive impact on the community.

Sure, they are slightly more expensive than other boring compression socks, but by purchasing Collective Socks you are making an investment in yourself as well as the community.


What I love most about these compression socks from Collective Socks is that they feel as great as they look. I took them
out for a spin on one of the hottest days of the summer, and they kept my feet and legs perfectly dry.

At first glance, they simply look like a pair of really cool-looking socks, but they exceeded my expectations out on the trails. My feet and ankles felt locked-in and supported, but I didn’t lose an ounce of agility or flexibility even when engaging in stair sprints.

While they feel great when running, they are comfortable enough to wear all day long. I found that I was reaching for these socks to wear while out running errands, or when I needed to stand on my feet all day.

I paired them with a pair of jean shorts and basic black Chuck Taylors, and received quite a few compliments on my cool socks that day!
Whitney Heins, Founder & Coach at The Mother Runners
My Collective compression socks are so comfortable! I’ve found myself putting them on and leaving them on. They’re super soft and have seemed to help relieve discomfort related to plantar fasciitis.

My foot gets sore on the bike while cross-training and is also really sore in the morning despite wearing a splint. I’ve been wearing my socks while on the bike and sleeping and it seems to be assuaged some of my pain by keeping that blood flowing.

They are also super ways to put on which is rare for compression socks (and cute!). I look forward to trying them on long runs when I’m marathon training again!
Pam Berg, Running Coach & RunnerClick Writer
Today for my run I wore my new Collective socks for the first time. There are four things I really loved about these socks.

1) They have compression without being so tight that you feel like your movement is restricted. Like a hug for my calves!
2) I did not work up a sweat getting into them. Some are so tight they are actually a workout to put them on.
3) They were not super thick so my calves didn’t sweat.
4) I won’t lie for me this is a biggie: they are super cute!!

When I showed up to group run everyone was like “oh my gosh I love your new knee socks!”

They were all surprised to hear they were compression because many compression socks you give up cute factor for function. These socks have it all!

Guy Stockley, Runner
I ran a half marathon in these socks yesterday and they were fantastic. They had the right amount of compression without being tight and constricting. After about a minute of wearing them, I didn’t even notice the compression.

During the run, there were no adjustments needed they stayed perfectly in place. The material was really light and very breathable, my feet stayed dry and comfortable throughout the run.

Overall they are very comfortable with good compression. They seem to be very well made and a quality product. They are in the higher price range, but they seem to be well constructed and should last a long time. Time will tell if they are worth the investment.

I definitely will recommend them to everyone.

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