Topo Athletic Magnifly 2

The Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 is a solid upgrade to the previous version. The upper has been pared down to feature only the necessary supportive midsole and heel synthetic overlays and the colorways are more subtle and appealing to more people. Although the original Magnifly featured a 5mm drop, Topo Athletic chose to make this sneaker a zero drop shoe in order to deliver a more natural running experience. The zero drop is supplemented with 25mm of cushioned comfort and a toe rocker in the forefoot to allow for a snappy and comfortable heel to toe transition. If you are looking for a solid cushioned yet natural feeling road running sneaker, this may be a great shoe for you.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight breathable mesh upper
  • Wide toe box for natural foot spreading
  • Toe rocker for a quick and snappy heel to toe transition
  • Synthetic overlays for secure and snug fit
  • Padded tongue for added comfort
  • Cons
    • Not the most durable of road running sneakers
    • Not much rubber outsole support
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Magnifly 2 is slightly firmer and snappier than its predecessor. The design of the outsole is designed with grippy rubber in the forefoot and heel portions for added durability and abrasion resistance where it is needed most. The rest of the outsole features exposed EVA foam which cuts down on the overall weight of the sneaker. The forefoot is unique because it boasts a rocker structure which is designed to allow real propulsion forward throughout your run. The overall design of the outsole is made to allow for a lightweight, responsive, and smooth heel to toe transition.
      Although the Magnifly 2 is a zero drop road running shoe, it features a high stack height which will give you lots of underfoot cushioning. The midsole features a dual-density EVA foam design with the softer of the two foams right under your foot and the firmer one toward the ground. This will keep your foot cushioned and comfortable and will protect the outer part of the exposed EVA foam from premature wear and tear and also provide a responsive ride. This two-part midsole makes this version of the Magnifly cushier than the original version but because of its engineering, the resulting ride is not overly plush, rather, it is appropriately firm. The end result is a moderately cushioned midsole that will deliver response without weighing you down.
      The upper of the Magnifly 2 is made up of an ultra-light mesh that is designed to allow for excellent breathability and comfort. The material is extremely lightweight and has a seamless design to eliminate irritation and blistering. The sneaker features synthetic overlays around the toe area as well as through the midfoot and heel. These help the sneaker to maintain a great durability level and the midfoot wraps help to lock your foot in place snugly, securely, and comfortably. The toe box of this shoe is wide and gives ample room for natural toe spread which will help to prevent blistering and painful black toenails while enabling more natural foot movement. The upper also features a padded tongue that comforts the top of your foot and helps the shoelaces from rubbing against your feet uncomfortably.
      The Magnifly 2 is a lightweight road running shoe that weighs in at 8.3 ounces for women and 10 ounces for men. The materials used in the midsole and upper combine to form this lightweight sneaker and the outsole is not weighed down with thick heavy rubber.
      The ultra-light mesh used in the making of these shoes' upper gives the sneaker excellent breathability properties. The mesh is featured throughout the entirety of the upper and allows for great airflow into and out of the foot chamber. There are synthetic overlays on the midfoot and heel portions but this does not detract much from the shoe’s overall breathability.
      A large number of reviewers found the Topo Athletic Magnify 2 to be comfortable from the minute they slipped it on. The lightweight materials used in the upper allow for a second-skin feel and the inner portion of the upper is soft and comfortable. One user commented that this shoe felt “familiar” and “natural” as soon as they put it on. The wide toe box gives ample room to your toes and allows for natural foot spread as you run. The midsole and outsole combine to form a cushioned yet firm running environment while allowing for a great response. This version of the Magnifly has decreased from a 5mm drop to a 0mm drop with a slightly higher stack height to give the shoe the ultimate natural feeling while road running.
      The Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 is a sleeker version of its predecessor with its zero drop profile compared to a 5mm drop. The original Magnifly featured multicolored upper options which may have appealed to some buyers but may have been to “busy” for others. The second version of the sneaker features a more monochrome upper with a single color in the mesh and then a similar, slightly off-tone of that same color in the synthetic overlays. This sneaker looks great on and isn’t overly bulky so it doesn’t scream in your face that it is a running shoe. The redesign of the upper gives it a more subtle appearance and looks really stylish on foot.
      Durability may be one of the drawbacks to the Magnifly 2 according to a number of reviews. Due to the lack of lots of protective rubber on the outsole, the exposed EVA of the midsole tends to wear faster than if there were more protection. The material used in the midsole is designed to deliver a fast and snappy response which lasts for a couple of hundred miles but some users said they felt wear sooner. The upper is just as durable as any other sneaker featuring a mesh upper which means that it is semi-flexible and will adapt to your foot shape well, allowing it to last for quite some time. The overall consensus of the sneaker, however, is that the one thing it is lacking in is a lengthy life.
      The great thing about the Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 is that it helps to deliver a more natural running experience while still offering cushion. The zero drop silhouette means that your foot is level with the running surface yet this is not a minimalist running sneaker because it offers 25mm of cushioning comfort and protection against underfoot hazards. The EVA foam is soft yet delivers a firm ride and helps to protect your feet from injury. The wide toe box will help your feet to spread naturally and will allow for a more comfortable and less-constricted run which will help to alleviate constriction and pain. The synthetic overlays help to lock the foot into the midfoot and heel portions to protect your feet from slipping out of the shoe. The tongue boasts adequate padding to eliminate irritation and blistering.
      The Topo Athletic Magnifly was engineered to deliver a fast and snappy run. The toe rocker at the front of the shoe allows your foot to move quickly through your gait while the dual foam EVA midsole will help to propel you forward. The only rubber that is evident on the outsole is at the heel, where it will protect the shoe from heel-striking abrasion, and at the forefoot where it will help to push you through your stride. One thing that many reviewers agree on is the fact that this sneaker delivers an amazing amount of response considering the fact that it is a zero drop shoe.
      The main support offered in the Magnifly 2 is found in the upper. The wide toe box allows your foot to splay naturally so that you experience a more natural running experience. Also, the sneaker features synthetic overlays in the midfoot and heel portions that are designed to be supportive by locking your foot in place within the sneaker. The overlays wrap the foot snugly and securely in and the heel holds your foot in place. Although these are zero drop sneakers, they do offer cushioned support and securely lock-in into the foot chamber.
      The Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 is designed to be worn on the road as neutral natural-feeling road-running sneakers. The outsole is only equipped with rubber in the forefoot and heel portions in order to protect against abrasion and allow for a great response. Most of the outsole features an exposed EVA midsole so that means that the shoe is not made for rough terrain or overly technical trail type runs. With that said, there was one particular reviewer who said they wore these sneakers on a packed trail and they worked well.
      These lightweight sneakers can be purchased for around $110. That is less than many other road-running sneakers but it is also a decent investment. Top Athletic offers a great sneaker for a decent price with the Magnifly 2.
      The Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 does not feature a ton of traction control due to a large amount of exposed midsole. With that said, the exposed midsole that is featured in the outsole does have some lugs and grooves that will help up the level of traction. There have not been a lot of complaints as far as traction goes in the Magnifly 2 and a lot of users have been happy with how they perform on varying terrains.
      These sneakers have a decent amount of flexibility thanks to the lack of lots of stiff rubber in the outsole. However, the midsole is designed to offer cushioning as well as firm support so they may not be as flexible as other sneakers out there. The upper is primarily made up of flexible ultra-light mesh so that means that there is not a whole lot to inhibit its flexibility. The synthetic overlays that are in the upper are primarily evident in the midfoot and heel portions of the sneaker so they do not inhibit the flexibility.
      The Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 is not necessarily marketed to be a “stability” running shoe. The main stability that these sneakers offer is in the upper. The adaptable mesh and synthetic overlays help to stabilize your foot within the foot chamber to keep you secure and locked-in. The overlays on the heel help to keep your heel still and safely within the shoe. The dual foam EVA midsole is soft yet firm so this helps to keep your foot stable as you run because this zero drop shoe will help to keep you more stable in varying terrains.
      The drop in these sneakers is less than the previous version of the Magnifly which boasted a 5mm drop. The Magnifly 2 has a zero drop which gives the shoe more of a natural running experience yet offers a 25mm amount of cushion so you feel protected.
      Key Features
      - Toe rocker design of the outsole and midsole help the sneaker deliver a smoother heel to toe transition with snappy performance
      - Zero drop allows the sneaker to enhance the natural feeling running experience while delivering great response and comfort
      - Ultra-light mesh in the upper allows the sneaker to remain lightweight and breathable
      - Wider toe box helps your foot to splay naturally for a more natural running experience
      - Synthetic overlays in the midfoot and heel area help the sneaker to lock your foot in securely while allowing it to move naturally
      Bottom Line
      In the end, the Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 is a great update to the original version of the sneaker. The upper was redesigned to be more aesthetically pleasing as well as sleeker in comparison. The synthetic overlays that are apparent in the upper help to lock your foot into place through the midfoot and heel portions, while the midsole is equipped with a dual foam EVA material that will cushion and protect your foot from underfoot debris. The outsole only has minimal rubber on the heel and forefoot portions of the shoe that will help to alleviate wear and tear but will allow a responsive and snappy performance. The midsole is exposed on the outsole so there is not a ton of durability if you are planning to wear these for countless road miles, but that does not mean they won’t perform well before they need to retire.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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