Try These Running Tips To Build Endurance

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Runners can build endurance by running intervals, hills and going for long, slow runs. Try These Running Tips To Build Endurance

We are in it for the long run.

Unfortunately, even though we have lots of heart, our bodies don’t always have the endurance in order to power through the distance.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build endurance. In fact, there are plenty of running tips to make this happen.

All that it takes is the dedication needed to put in the work and the patience to allow for stamina and aerobic fitness (the body’s ability to use oxygen to produce energy for muscle cells) to develop over time.

Top Endurance Building Tips Runner Should Try

Endurance: Going The Distance vs. Getting Faster

When we talk about endurance we speak of the ability to have what it takes both physically and mentally to run longer and faster. Just keep in mind that these are two different kinds of endurance building.

Some may want to improve their endurance when it comes to distance. This might mean being able to run three miles to be able to run 26.2 miles.

But other runners don’t have the desire to run that long of a distance. instead, they want to increase their speed in order to get faster for a longer distance. They might be able to run one mile fast but can’t hold that pace entire 10k.

There are different types of training plans available for each of these endurance building tasks. Here are some tips for building endurance.

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Run Long, But Run Slow

The first time runner should know about running long distance is their average pace will see a change. Don’t be discouraged that the runner is slower on these runs. In fact, these long runs should be slower.

Follow a training plan that adds on the mileage each week gradually. And when it comes to that longest run of the week, take the time to get through it. Think slow and steady. Run at a pace that is comfortable.

This prevents overtraining and burning out during the run. Don’t push the pace, just aim to finish the run.

This strategy builds endurance over time.

Increase The Distance Of Tempo Run

Runners know that they need tempo runs in order to become faster.

But a great tip to building endurance when looking to increase pace is by increasing the distance of a tempo run.

Start with a 20-minute tempo, which consists of a pace that is 10 to 20 seconds slower per mile. Increase this to add on five more minutes each week. Take the following day as an easy or best day. Doing so will yield results.

Cross Train With Plyometrics

Want to be faster and have the stamina to go all the way? One of the best tips for gaining running endurance has nothing to do with running.

It’s all about adding plyometrics into workout routines.

Plyometrics are explosive movements where muscles are using its max amount of force in short intervals. This increases power, which for runners translates to quicker turnover and faster speeds.

Plyometrics exercise includes simple things like jumping rope as well as jump squats, clap push-ups, and just about anything that involves jumping.

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Incorporate More Cardio

Running is great cardio, but try another way to build endurance is by working out the heart.

By focusing on other forms of cardio when cross-training, the runner gets all the benefits without beating up the body.

Running can be hard on the muscles and joints. But to build stamina, we need to get our heart rate going. So cross-training by other aerobic exercises is a great way to increase fitness without risking a running injury.

Try cycling, swimming or even a dance class.

Run Intervals For Speed

Another tip to building endurance is running intervals. This one of the best ways to increase stamina and speed.

Interval runs include running for a period of time, followed by walking for a recovery period. Those who are more advanced runners can instead sprint or run faster for a minute or two, followed by two minutes at a comfortable pace.

Incorporate intervals into at least one run per week.

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Hit The Hills

Hill work leads to a faster average pace over time, but it also helps to build endurance.

Run on the treadmill at an incline or hit the hills at least one time per week. This helps to strengthen muscles in the calves, quads, and hamstrings, which is needed to be able to run longer and faster.

Learn To Rest

Yes, we want to boost endurance but this means also knowing when it’s time to rest. A rest day should be taking after a long run or after an intense workout. The muscles need time to recover in order to prevent an injury due to overuse.

Rest the body and mind in order to be able to show up and perform well. Then give those runs 100 percent effort to make each one count toward the big goal.

Know That It Takes Time

No matter the route the runner goes when it comes to building endurance, know that it takes time. It won’t happen overnight.

For distance runners, it means gradually increasing the mileage each week over the course of 12-weeks.

For speed runners, it means consistently working on 800-meter track repeats at the same time as a marathon time goal. This is known as Yasso 800-meter repeats. Do this at least once a week.

Keep to a consistent schedule and the runner will build endurance.


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