Ultimate Direction Jenny Adventure Vesta

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Ultimate Direction Jenny Adventure Vesta Review Facts

What makes Ultimate Direction hydration gear unique is that they have introduced a women’s specific line of hydration wearables.  The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta is the latest addition to the Jenny Collection, which is a line of Ultimate Direction products “designed by women for women”.   Lead designer Jenny Jurek, the wife of well-known ultrarunner Scott Jurek, had a major goal in mind when designing the Jenny Collection: to make running gear that would comfortably and properly fit the unique shape of a woman’s body.

The popular predecessor to the Adventure Vesta, the Ultra Vesta, received great reviews.  The fit, the storage, and the overall style were praised by female endurance athletes. However, some women were looking for more, more specifically, they were looking for more storage than the Ultra Vesta offered.  Ultimate Direction took that feedback and their response was introducing the Adventure Vesta.  It features more storage while still offering everything women loved about the original.  But has the Adventure Vesta been as well received as the Ultra Vesta?  Keep reading to find out if the Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta is right for you!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes with 2 Body Bottle 500s
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Plenty of easy to access front storage pockets
  • Ice axe and trekking pole holders
  • Super breathable mesh fabric
  • Durable
  • 1 color option
  • Some users had a hard time figuring out which size to choose.


The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta is made especially for female endurance athletes who are looking for plenty of storage for long adventures, though it works well for relatively shorter ones too. Whether it's ultra-marathons or long distance hikes, the Adventure Vesta has plenty of storage including 2 ice axe loops, 2 trekking pole holders, a mesh pouch on the back that expands to hold a variety of gear, 2 holsters for 2 of Ultimate Directions' Body Bottle 500 and more. The back mesh pouch also a compression bungee to keep gear secure. There are plenty of front storage pockets that are perfect for gels, chews, a phone and other items you want to get to easily and quickly. A noted improvement in the front storage pockets with the bigger zipper pocket edition that is able to hold larger smartphones, which the previous version could not. The Adventure Besta has an overall storage capacity of 11.2 liters and can hold plenty of gear in the back pouch or additional hydration, such as a hydration bladder.

Reviewers were happy with the amount of storage, especially since the vest itself was lightweight and very durable as well. They also noted that there was no unwanted bouncing or shifting regardless of the number of items that put in the vest.


The fabric on the Adventure Vesta is mostly mesh, including Darlington Power Mesh, which is highly breathable. The mesh on the back panel area, called the Airwall Mesh, is especially breathable to prevent the wearer's back from overheating or becoming uncomfortable. The consensus with reviewers was that the breathability was exceptional and allowed them to use the pack for long runs and hikes comfortably.


Being that this vest was designed by women for women, it will comfortably fit the unique shape of a woman. Many women find that unisex hydrations vest do not secure or adjust properly which can ultimately lead to unwanted chafing and bouncing. However, reviewers stated that thanks to the secure fit and special women-centric design, there was no bouncing or chafing. There are plenty of ways to further customized the fit of the Adventure Vesta, such as the adjustable sliding rail sternum straps as well as the hidden hook & loop side straps which will allow runners to quickly and easily adjust this vest to their body. Users stated that the vest was very comfortable to wear and appreciated that it was easy to adjust.

On top of the fit, the Adventure Vesta is also highly breathable, thanks to the mesh material, especially the Airwall Mesh on the back. Users stayed cool and dry. The material feel was soft and in combination with the secure fit, the material did not cause chafing or hot spots. The only complaint that a few reviewers had was about the placement of the trekking pole holder, which is on the side of the vest and stores the poles vertically. This caused the poles to rub against their waist. However, reviewers in general were happy with how comfortable the Adventure Vesta was.


Like the Ultra Vesta, the Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta comes in 2 sizes: XS/S and M/L. In order to get an accurate fit, Ultimate Direction suggests that you measure yourself wearing the clothes you intend to wear with the vest. Also be aware that fit will depend on how much gear you put in the vest as well. The XS/S will fit women with a 26 - 38-inch chest size, while the M/L will fit women with 32 - 41-inch chest. Most reviewers were happy with how the vest fit, but some had issues choosing the correct size. In some of those cases, the reviewers felt that the XS/S wasn't small enough for them.

The Adventure Vesta itself has an 11.2 liter capacity which includes 2 holsters for 2 Ultimate Direction 500mL bottles. Without the bottles, the vest weighs a lightweight 9.3 ounces.


This vest was built to be durable and withstand plenty of wear on the trails for women who were looking to take it on longer endurance adventures such as ultra marathons. The Nylon Ripstop fabric is able to withstand a lot of usage. There have been no complaints in regards to the durability of the mesh material. In general, reviewers were pleased with how well the vest held up after plenty of adventures, in a variety of elements including rain and snow. As with most Ultimate Direction products, users will be getting a product built to last.


The Adventure Vesta comes with 2 Body Bottle 500s, which are Ultimate Direction's 500 ml soft flasks. The soft flasks are comfortable against the body and can easily be rolled up when empty. Ultimate Direction hydration bladders and other flasks and bottles are compatible with this vest and can be purchased separately.


This vest comes in one color, obsidian. The gray/blue and brighter blue combo was received well by reviewers. The sleek arrow Ultimate Direction logo is found on each bottle holster as well as the company name going vertically down the spine. This vest is a more toned-down option than the brighter blue of the Ultra Vesta, but reviewers agree that this is one stylish vest.


While this vest is definitely over the $100 mark, it is fairly priced, especially considering the overall quality and storage of the vest. Unlike some other vests that can be as high as $200 (or more), the Adventure Vesta is a good investment at a very reasonable price. The overall durability and usability make this a great buy for any female endurance athlete.
Key Features

Key Features

  • 11.2 liter capacity

  • 2 holsters for 500 ml bottles

  • 2 ice axe loops and trekking pole holders

  • Plenty of pockets for storage

  • Airwall Mesh back panel

  • Sliding rail sternum straps

  • Durable Nylon Ripstop fabric

  • Special design made especially for women
  • Bottom Line

    Bottom Line

    If you are looking to do some serious adventuring, whether it is 100-mile ultramarathons or extensive hiking through the mountains, the Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta is a great pick. It has 2 ice axe loops, trekking pole holders, 2 holsters for water bottles, and a large mesh pouch in the back for hydration or for storing larger, voluminous gear. It also features plenty of front pockets with the only complaint being that users would sometimes forget where they stored their stuff. It's also worth noting that it has an easy to access emergency whistle just in case. The highly breathable mesh material keeps users comfortable, but is very durable, allowing users to put plenty of miles in this vest. And on top of it all, users appreciated the fit, since it was made specifically for the female body. Some reviewers had issues finding the right size, but thanks to its many available adjustable features like the sliding rail sternum straps, most users were able to get a secure, comfortable fit. The Jenny Collection's goal is to provide great products with a solid fit for the female athlete, and the Adventure Vesta hits that mark, making it a great choice for female athletes looking to go the distance.