UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 Vest

Hit the ground--or trail, or wherever else your feet carry you—running with the UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 Vest. This garment is made for exploration, providing hikers and runners alike with a multitude of pockets while keeping a low profile, loaded or empty. Light, sleek, and efficient, the Zygos 2.0 Vest comes in small, medium, and large and is made from ripstop nylon, stretch mesh, and breathable mesh for a comfortable fit that still allows for maximum storage capability.

The features of this vest include a 2-liter UltrAspire Hydrapak reservoir, dual holster pockets on the shoulder straps, and an extensive array of lightweight pockets placed strategically throughout for ease of access and variety, the Zygos 2.0 Vest is ready for a race, overnight hikes, and long-distance travel. Relatively light at 11.5 ounces/326 grams, this breathable and highly comfortable vest manages to stay dry even during high-energy sessions and is versatile for both warm and cold conditions. Its microfiber polyester edges are soft and are resistant to causing chafing. With plenty of storage options and an overall comfortable fit, the Zygos 2.0 vest may be your next go-to vest to keep hydration and safety close at hand during a long-distance journey.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight, breathable, sturdy mesh
  • Silicone and PU coated nylon fabrics 
  • Max O2 Sternum™
  • Plush-feeling microfiber polyester edges
  • Built for 50k to 100-mile ultra trail racing
  • Sweat-proof webbing won’t absorb water
  • Cons
    • Some have found the pockets difficult to access
    • Key Features
      Made with Ultra trail racing in mind, the Zygos 2.0 vest offers ample storage capacity for the necessities of such a grueling endeavor: plenty of customized storage for hydration options, the Zygos 2.0 also provides great storage options for all other race-day requirements. Pockets for phones, cameras, and small accessories, a magnet-enclosure pocket to put on-hand electrolyte replenishments, secure inner pockets for important documents and seldom-used valuables, and storage areas of various sizes that can accommodate all other needs great and small. In addition, it also comes with a 2-liter reservoir to which a hose can be attached for instant hydration while on a run. With an all-around great fit and packed with smartly designed storage options, long-distance runners that depend only on what they can carry for many dozens of miles across harsh terrain will find what Zygos 2.0 has to offer a great answer to the necessities of having such a vest while partaking in ultra marathons.
      Given how potentially heavy this vest can get depending on how much cargo a runner is carrying with them, the materials it was made from are all highly breathable and made to offer comfort to the runner while still providing an optimal amount of warmth. Made of ripstop nylon and breathable mesh, the Zygos 2.0 retains a great level of breathability. Its anti-moisture properties help wick away moisture from the skin and clothing, and its mesh allows for air to enter freely without making the runner vulnerable to extreme climes. This is a breathability that works great for both warm and cold climates.
      Coming in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) for maximum comfort, the Zygos 2.0 provides a solid, snug fit that is breathable while remaining highly secure. Runners will appreciate not just the great storage capacity of the Zygos 2.0 but will especially enjoy how easy it is to access many of the storage spots while on a run. This is critical to the comfort of hydration vests in general, and many brands have made the mistake of designing their high-storage running vests with difficult-to-access storage spots. Although there may be a pocket or two not easily accessible on the Zygos 2.0, there are plenty more that are, and its overall comfort level is raised due to this ease of access.
      There are three standard sizes the UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 comes in: small (chest sizes 26” – 34”), medium (chest sizes 30” – 38”), and large (chest sizes 32” – 42”). It seems like it runs true to size, but just in case it’s a little loose, its two sternum straps will cinch to a close, secure fit. But barring unusual circumstances, sizes should run accurate—and this comfortable, handy hydration vest should fit just fine.
      Made of a host of synthetic materials, the Zygos 2.0 is made of sturdy stuff. However, the greatest testament to its overall durability comes in its function as an Ultra race hydration vest. Made for 50K to 100K races across a variety of terrains, this is a hydration vest that was literally made for runners to depend on. Speaking to this, the durable nylon and mesh that comprises the Zygos 2.0 is abrasion- and water-resistant, meant to stand up to a variety of elements and conditions, and (especially) made to keep the runner secure and their possessions safe during (very) long runs, this hydration vest was made to go mile after mile, kilometer after kilometer, until a county’s worth of terrain has been put between the starting point and where the runner ends up—and still keep going long after that.
      There aren’t many specific accessories associated with the UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 save for specific water bottle options. These include the UltraFlask, formula 250, and Human 20 oz. But whether this is more about branding than these bottles being true accessories can be left up to the individual runner to decide.
      Efficient is an appropriate word for the UltrAspire Zygos 2.0’s overall style: it’s sleek and aerodynamic. Having been constructed with a great focus on maximizing space while delivering comfort and breathability, it seems the greatest care was given to making sure it would be as comfortable as it is useful. While it’s not exactly a flashy garment—indeed, it has the same utilitarian look as many hydration vests do—this low-profile vest offers next-to-skin comfort and smartly arranged compartments. Maybe it’s not the most aesthetically ravishing running vest ever made, but it does leave an impression—that the runner wearing it is serious about their pursuit. And isn’t that the best kind of fashion statement to make?
      The UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 is a serious long-distance hydration vest meant to retain its integrity and provide a great amount of usefulness for mile after mile after mile. Made of durable materials, the high quality of its production certainly isn’t hidden in its price tag. Simply put: expect a little sticker shock when pricing a Zygos 2.0. While not absurdly expensive—especially for a hydration vest that offers a 2-liter built-in reservoir—it is still going to set a running back a bit. Best thought of as an investment—and one that you’ll depend on when you’re 50 miles out on an Ultramarathon—the Zygos 2.0 is some serious gear for the committed long-distance runner.
      Key Features
      • 2-liter hydration system built into a vest
      • Quiet, bounce-free zipper pulls
      • Zig-zagged stitching for ultra-durability
      • Magnon pockets with automatic magnetic closure
      • Materials are abrasion-, water-, and tear-resistant
      Bottom Line
      Are you going to run mile after mile, hour after hour, in the cheapest hydration vest you can find? One whose pockets are ill-fitting, tend to wear easily, and is hung together by flimsy materials? If you depend that much on a piece of equipment to carry all the supplies you need to make it that second day, or through the third night, on a long-distance run, going with the cheapest option may save you a little money in the short-term, but in the long run—in a clutch—is it something you can really depend on?

      The UltrAspire 2.0 is a hydration vest that can be relied on—although that kind of guarantee comes at a steep price. In this case, it’s the actual price: not an economy vest by any means. Instead, the Zygos 2.0 is every penny worth of its high-quality construction. Featuring multiple secure pockets to hold water, gels, electrolyte replenishment, and personal items, this vest is made with the 50K to 100K run in mind. In short, it’s made for the long, hard haul, and is made of sturdy stuff to get through it all without breaking down.

      From its durable materials to stretchy mesh pockets to its breathable, moisture-resistant fabric, every inch of the UltrAspire Zygos 2.0 was built with efficiency and comfortability in mind. While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, it is one of the best, and for runners who are going to depend on a hydration vest during an Ultramarathon, the Zygos 2.0 will keep you on the right path, mile after mile, long before you rest.
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