Withings Activite Steel

Finding the right watch can be problematic. The watch we review today might be the right fit for you. Read on!

The Withings Activité Steel is the third watch for this  French company. This fitness tracker may look different from the other Withings watches but all three track the same types of metrics. The watch can keep track of your daily steps, it can track sports activities like running, and is capable of tracking sleep as well. The 24/7 tracker can provide you with a step tally at the end of your day or week and you can even challenge your friends to a step battle! Badges and social sharing make getting steps in a fun game. The sleep tracking feature allows you to get a glimpse at the quality of your sleep and you can even use the watch as a daily alarm. The best part about the Withings Activité Steel? It has a really long battery life. You'll only need to charge it every few months or so. The fashion-forward watch is tougher than it looks with a double layered watch face and stainless steel casing. A soft strap makes wearing the watch every day and during sleep quite comfortable.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Stylish, fashion forward design

  • Auto-activity tracking

  • Waterproof
  • Cons
    • Cannot track cycling

    • Large watch-face

    • No GPS
    • Key Features
      The Withings Activité Steel is capable of tracking your daily activity. A small dial provides you with a visual glimpse of your day's progress. The watch is also capable of automatically sensing activities like running or walking.
      Basic Features
      The Withings Activité Steel can effortlessly track your activities throughout the day. There's no need to tell it that you're off for a run. The watch is capable of recognizing movement patterns so you can move without having to worry about pressing 'start'. It does the same with sleep tracking. No need to turn on the tracking at night. It'll do it for you.
      Advanced Features
      In addition to the basic features mentioned above, the watch allows you to set goals for yourself. The biggest advantage to choosing the Withings Activité Steel is its long battery life. It lacks the ability to track activities using GPS but that also means you're not needing to charge it nearly every day. A standard watch battery is used to power the Withings Activité Steel so changing the battery is quick and painless. No need to deal with charging cables! The detailed sleep tracking is another feature that provides detailed data on sleep patterns including periods of wakefulness and deep sleep. The available alarm can be used to gently wake you up in the morning.
      The Withings Activité Steel is fairly accurate when it comes to counting steps. That's its main use, so thankfully it can do it well. Some reviewers did mention that the watch could accidentally count non-steps but this was a minor issue.
      The Withings Activité Steel can be used in conjunction with the Health Mate app. It can be downloaded on your Smartphone and you can connect to your watch via Bluetooth. Remember, using Bluetooth and leaving it turned on is a battery drain.
      The Withings Activité Steel works well with the Health Mate app and allows users to look at their data and be social with friends and family. Syncing with the app allows the user to see daily steps and other tracked activities throughout a single day. Information like calories burned is also available. Users also have the ability to use the app to log food intake.

      The Withings Activité Steel weighs approximately 30 ounces and is meant to be worn on the wrist. The adjustable band fits comfortably and is easy to wear day to day. Most reviewers loved the classy style of the watch.
      The Withings Activité Steel is an activity tracker for the fashion conscious and for those who don't want to deal with annoying peripherals. It's meant to be worn every day, even in an office setting. The watch band is flexible and can easily be adjusted. At launch, the Withings Activité Steel band only comes in black.
      The Withings Activité Steel is fairly durable. The band won't break easily and reviewers felt the watch held up with consistent use.
      The Withings Activité Steel is an attractive device. It requires the use of zero buttons and a small dial area provides you with information on your progress. The watch face is outfitted with Sapphire glass and the rim is composed of stainless steel. The band is only available in black and is composed of silicone material.
      The Withings Activité Steel features a silicone band that feels nice worn around the wrist. It will not hold onto smells, even if it is submerged in water or comes into contact with sweat.
      The Withings Activité Steel can accommodate wrists sizes from 6-inches to 7-inches in circumference. The band itself is about 11.5mm thick. Reviewers felt comfortable wearing the watch and did not feel it was too large to wear every day.
      Ease of Use
      The Withings Activité Steel is made to appeal to fitness enthusiasts who desire a simplistic but stylish tracker. The watch automatically tracks activities so the user does not need to think too much about what they're doing. Just move! There's no need to navigate complicated menus and no need to deal with charging cables or cords. Using the accompanying app is easy and intuitive.
      Power Source
      The Withings Activité Steel works with a regular watch battery that is able to last a few months. No need to use a charger. Simply swap out the battery when it's dead. The watch requires a CR2025 battery which is easy to find.
      The price of the Withings Activité Steel varies, depending on the seller. But generally, it's available for an affordable price. It's less expensive than a GPS enabled unit.
      The Withings Activité Steel does not come with any accessories. Just affix it to your wrist and go.
      Key Features
      - Activity tracking (steps and automatic activity sensing)
      - Sleep tracking
      - Auto-sync with phone app via Bluetooth
      - Sturdy stainless steel casing with a soft silicone band
      - Long lasting CR2025 battery
      Bottom Line
      The Withings Activité Steel is for the fitness enthusiast who wants to keep track of their fitness and progress but doesn't want to complicate their life. The watch is stylish and easy to wear on the go or at work. The solid construction and sleek design make it perfect for those who want a watch that looks good and performs. It syncs easily via Bluetooth and has an easy to use companion app.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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