Yaktrax Run

The Yaktrax Run is a unique traction piece of equipment that is designed to provide runners with the confidence to tackle slippery, winter conditions. Yaktrax run makes it possible for runners to maintain their training even through the treacherous winter months. Runners love that this product allows them to stay outside and not be stuck on the treadmill in icy, snowy conditions. This product slips snuggly and comfortable over runners’ shoes and runners protection against slipping and calling with their steel coils and removable steel spikes. Runners reported that this product is very comfortable and easily molds to the shape of the foot. This product allows runners to maintain their natural runner’s gait. Runners appreciated that this product is constructed from recycled materials. It is moderately priced, and while it won’t break the bank, it will be an additional cost the runners will have to bare. Overall, runners who are looking for a winter running companion to keep them upright and confident through the cold months found a great product in the Yaktrax Run.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Designed for winter running
  • Customizable fit
  • Reflective details
  • Affordable

    • Not good for pavement running
    • Coils too easily come off
    • Key Features
      This product is not for the casual, everyday runner. This is a product designed for the most elite athletes. This is a product specifically designed for runners who don’t want to sacrifice fitness by stopping their training or being forced indoors to the treadmill, during the slippery winter months. The Yaktrax run slides over the shoe and straps securely in place with the use of a reflective strap. This is a piece of running equipment that is designed for the winter months. This traction device has both carbine steel coils and stainless steel spikes to help runners perform their regularly scheduled runs without ice and snow getting in the way. This item has been proven to work for runners in temps as low as -41 degrees Fare height.
      Runners who are purchasing this shoe won’t be specifically concerned with the level of breathability because this product is designed for security and safety as opposed to breathability. These traction accessories slide over the runner’s shoe and stay attached with adjustable straps. They are designed with limited material so runners won’t have to worry about an extra layer of material over their shoes. For breathability, runners will have to focus their attention on the running shoes that they wear beneath the Yaktrax Run.
      Overall, runners were very pleased with the level of comfort afforded by this product. This traction device slides over the shoes. It comes in a variety of sizes and has an adjustable strap that runs across the forefoot. This provides the runner with a secure fit that won’t move around during their workouts. The most important element that runners commented on is that this device allows runners to maintain their natural movement. The fact that the Yaktrax Run does not change the gait cycle of the runner means that they are less likely to accrue injury or experience pain while running. In terms of comfort, some runners commented that the added 9.7- 11.7 ounces (depending on size) tended to slow them down.
      This product is offered in four different sizing options: Small, medium, large and extra large. Yaktrax ensures that all runners can find the right fit. They offer a very helpful sizing guide on their website. Additionally, runners will find the performance strap along the upper of the shoe to help create a customizable fit. Runners found that this product fits closely and comfortable over their shoe and didn’t impede their natural gait.
      This product is made from three different top quality materials that are all recycled. The stainless steel coils, the carbide steel of the spikes and the natural rubber foot frame all come from durable, previously used materials. Runners found the stainless steel spikes and the rubbers frame to last a very long time, but some runners commented that the carbine coils had a tendency to pop off and were difficult to replace. For the most part, runners found that as long as they kept their Yaktrax Run’s off of pavement without ice or snow covering, this product lasting a long time.

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      Regarding accessories, this product doesn’t come with any “extras” but does have a wide variety of thoughtfully designed elements. For starters, even though this product contains very little fabric material, Yaktrax was able to sneak reflective details into the small portion of fabric that is found on the performance strap over the forefoot. The addition of reflective details keeps runners safe in low light areas. Runners were also pleased with the stainless steel spikes. They can be removed if desired, and runners reported that these spikes are easy to replace if necessary. Finally, runners were very pleased with fact that Yaktrax only uses recycled materials in this product.
      When runners put the Yaktrax Run over their shoes, they certainly created a unique look. These items are not designed for the runner who is overly concerned with fashion or style. This item is designed with a keen focus on function. The product doesn’t give much room for individualized design aesthetic. They slide over the runner’s shoes, and for runners who are particular about the look they create, they can focus on their hiking or running shoe in bright or stylish colors as opposed to the Yaktrax Run because the vast majority of the sneaker is still visible below this item.
      This item isn’t overly expensive by any means, but it is an additional cost that runners will have to bear. For the runner on a very tight budget, this product might be considered too costly, but overall, runners found it an excellent value because it allows them to get outside during the winter months instead of being stuck inside on the treadmill.
      Key Features
      - Recycled materials
      - Stainless steel coils
      - Carbine steel spikes
      - Adjustable performance strap keeps the device secure on the foot
      - Anatomically design left and right foot
      - Reflective elements on the performance strap and the heel tab
      - Great for weather as cold as -41 degrees Fahrenheit
      Bottom Line
      The Yaktrax Run is a traction device that is designed for the runner who doesn’t want to stop their training simply because there are snow and ice covering the ground outside. This product slides over the runner’s shoes and is secured with a forefoot strap for a snug fit that allows runners to maintain their natural gait. This item is primary open which allows the style and breathability of the shoe to show. Yaktrax uses only recycled items to create this device. The coils and removable spikes use Carbine and Stainless steel that is designed to be long lasting and provide the runner with powerful traction. This item is all about providing the runner with protection on their run. It incorporates reflective details throughout to keep runners save in low light areas. This item isn’t too pricey, but it is used in addition to the runner’s regular shoes, so runners will have to consider that additional cost.
      Where to Buy
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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