A Review of the Zensah Seamless Sports Bra

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An in depth review of the Zensah Seamless Sports Bra A Review of the Zensah Seamless Sports Bra www.runnerclick.com

Zensah comes from the Italian word “senza” which means “to be without” as their company believe athletes should be “without limits”.  Zensah specializes in compression technology and focuses on socks and compression sleeves but they also carry apparel for men and women.  Runner’s World chose the Zensah Seamless Sports Bra as one of their top rated running bras for A/B sizes so I was very excited to test it out. But when I first saw the Zensah sports bra, the phrase “without limits” is not exactly what came to mind. I thought it looked and felt like any other racerback sports bra that I could buy at Target for half the price. But after I took it for a run I was pleasantly surprised! It may look like your average sports bra but it certainly is not! Everything that Zensah claims about this bra is true and is now my go-to running bra. The small details that Zensah put into this bra make all the difference and I do feel limitless wearing it.


The bra is made with “Zensah Fabric”. It is a blend of mostly nylon and some spandex. Whatever it is, it is extremely comfortable. It is soft to the touch, but feels even smoother when it is on. Chafing can be a huge problem with sports bras but not this one. The fabric wicks away moisture better than any other racerbacks I have in my closet. The material is very breathable and almost has a cooling effect when I sweat. I tested it out after a couple washes and it still maintains the softness and same level of support. You won’t find any loose threads or fraying elastic because the bra is seamless! The bra comes in 19 different colors to choose from. (As I write this 3 are sold out!)


The bra comes in 3 sizes: S/M, M/L, and L/XL. There is a size chart on the website that explains how the sizing works. The S/M is supposed to fit sizes 32ABC- 34AB. I got this size even though my bra size is typically 36B. It is easy enough to get on and it feels great when it’s on but if I were to get another I would probably size up to a M/L. The M/L fits sizes 34ABC-36AB and L/XL fits 36ABC-38AB. I think the sizing chart is accurate and would recommend following it, but if you are on the edge, size down.


This is one of the most comfortable bras I have ever put on. Even though I got a size smaller than I should have, the chest band is not too tight at all! I like that it is thin and doesn’t leave a mark on my skin like other running bras do. I feel like I have full support and can breathe at the same time which is rare for supportive sports bras. It also does not chafe at all or cut into my shoulders. The design details, like the double layer technology and internal ruching, are what makes the bra so supportive. What I love most about the Zensah sports bra is that once you are wearing it, you forget that it’s there so you can focus on your workout! I hate needing to adjust my sports bra during a run. I have taken this bra for a long run and at no point did I feel any discomfort. It did its job supporting me and wicking away moisture as the sweat came pouring out.


Although I was not impressed with the look of this bra at first, after wearing it I can really appreciate it. It is a simple racerback style with small ruching details on the outside and inside layers of the straps and the back. There is a small logo on the chest band in the front and the company name on the chest band in the back. I can’t stand bras with unflattering lines and seams and this bra has neither of those. The style is very basic, simple, and flattering.


Because I have a smaller chest, I like to think that I don’t need to spend that much on sports bras because I don’t need loads of support. But when I tried the Zensah bra, I realized what it felt like to run with real support and comfort. Now instead of spending money on cheap sports bras that fall apart and cause me discomfort, I would rather pay more for a bra that is comfortable, supportive, and will last longer. The bra is priced at $39.99 on the Zensah website. Another bonus is that this bra is made in USA!

Key Features

  • Seamless technology
  • Racerback style
  • Ruching details for support
  • Double lined fabric
  • Anti-chafing material and design
  • Best for A/B cup sizes

What I Didn’t Like

I normally think brightly colored sports bras are fun, but with this bra I would not recommend picking a bright color. I like to run without a shirt sometimes and I’m not a fan when my nipples show through. So if you plan to be spotted shirtless, I suggest going with a darker color like black or navy. Also I am relatively small chested, so keep that in mind when I say that this bra has great support. I imagine that for women with larger breasts, this bra might not maintain the same level of support as it did for my little girls.

Bottom Line

I learned not to judge a bra by its looks! Though it looks like an ordinary sports bra, I was shocked by how comfortable and supportive it was. It is rare that I find a bra that I am in love with but I can honestly say that I am in love with the Zensah sports bra! You can ask my friends, whenever I wear it I can’t stop raving about it to them.