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Zoot Sports specializes in designing high-quality multi-sport and multi-season gear. Specializing in triathlons, the brand has positioned itself as one of the top sports brands in the market. The Zoot Del Mar triathlon shoes are a very good example of excellent technology working together to build remarkable running shoes. A favorite of many, these shoes manage to provide great versatility in almost all types of terrain, making them really good for helping you finish your next triathlon. A very breathable mesh provides good breathability. A special midsole designed and built by Zoot provides good responsiveness. Good traction and grip are brought by a combination of rubber components in the outsole. On the downside, their durability is not great.

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Pros & Cons
  • Optimal breathability
  • Generous cushioning
  • No Sew construction
  • Highly comfortable
  • Cons
    • A bit heavier than similar shoes
    • Pricey
    • Not enough support for people with pronation issues
    • Lower durability
    • Key Features
      The outsole of these shoes has been made to provide good traction, durability and extra comfort. Two rubber components make their outsole special. A Zoot Carbon Rubber (ZCR) material is used in the heel area for increased durability and traction. A Full Zoot Blown Rubber (ZBR) material is used in the forefoot area of the outsole for extra cushioning and grip. The blown rubber is more flexible and softer than the carbon rubber. It enhances the cushioning and bouncy feeling of the shoe overall. The outsole has a few flex grooves that cross the shoe horizontally and vertically for enhanced flexibility.
      Two foams make the midsole responsive and very cushioned, yet it remains lightweight and durable. An injected Zoot EVA (ZVA) midsole is used in these shoes to provide great shock absorption and solid rebound while being lightweight. The ZBound+ foam technology provides lightweight cushioning and great energy return for more efficient runs. That combination has managed to position these shoes among the top cushioned shoes, according to reviewers. These shoes will make you run longer while providing plush cushioning the entire time. The responsiveness is good, so they feel lightweight and comfortable for longer during those exhaustive triathlons.
      The no-sew construction of these shoes makes their upper very comfortable. The seamless mesh upper secures your foot, providing a comfortable snug fit that reviewers love. A breathable mesh covers most of the surface of the upper, promoting good moisture management and temperature control. The BareFit internal construction technology provides excellent fit and comfort. The DryLex technology in the interior of the shoe makes it feel like a sock when you wear it. The seamless construction, great fit, comfortable feeling and optimized breathability will keep away any blisters and hot spots. Recognized as great shoes for long runs, the upper stands out providing fit and comfort.

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      The shoes are slightly heavier than similar ones but thanks to their bouncy feeling and responsiveness they manage to feel very light when wearing them. The average weight for the men’s line is 312 grams (11 oz). The average weight for the women’s shoes is 283 grams (9.9 oz.). The weight of the shoes depends on the size you wear. The shoes are true to size. They only come in one width, D for men and B for women.
      A highly breathable mesh upper covers most of the surface of the shoe, providing enhanced ventilation. Made for running triathlons, the shoes manage to keep your feet cool and dry for longer regardless of the conditions you are running on. Reviewers said that when the shoes got wet they dried out quickly. The temperature control is great, and when is too warm out, they enhance the natural perspiration of your feet to keep you cool and dry so can cool down faster. When running in cold conditions, they keep the heat inside the shoes while wicking away the excess moisture. The Zoot Del Mar will keep blisters miles away from your feet.
      The plush cushioning these shoes provides makes them really comfortable. Reviewers have chosen the comfort of this shoe as its best feature. From the outsole to the upper, these shoes provide extra cushioning, responsiveness, and a bouncy feeling that will keep you comfortable during the longest runs. They provide a firm lock on the heel and amazing fit in the midfoot area for more natural and efficient gait cycles. The toe area is just wide enough to promote a natural position for more powerful take offs. The shock absorption is remarkable, so you will feel protected as well when wearing them.
      The shoes have a very classic style. They do not have extra attractive looking features. With a limited selection of colors, these shoes have pleased most of their users for their comfort and style. They do not come in bright and flashy colors, but the combinations the brand provide are great. The outsole looks very solid and protective. A toe cap and a heel cup stand out in the upper for the protective look they bring. The BareFit construction can be seen from the outside of the shoes. The flexible mesh with welded overlays gives the right impression of adaptability and a nearly custom fit.
      Unlike the comfort they provide, these shoes do not tend to last for longer than similar shoes. Usually, after 200 miles, these shoes start losing their integrity, reviewers have stated. The outsole is made for lasting as well as the midsole, but unfortunately, the components do not stay together for too long. Reviewers have said they “fall apart”, making them unable to provide any more comfortable miles. As the price is a bit higher than similar shoes, the durability is something we recommend you to look at very seriously. However, even if they last less than other shoes, we are sure they will provide their best comfort during every mile they give you.
      You can expect great shock absorption that will decrease the chances of injuring your knees and hips due to harsh landing impacts. These shoes manage to provide a high energy return, meaning that they are to absorb the shock from the impact of landing and transform it into more powerful takeoffs. They promote a more natural and efficient gait cycle. The plush cushioning and no-sew construction will avoid blisters from forming. The toe cap protects you from any debris you may encounter during your run. The heel cup provides a firm lock for a better fit. The shoes are made to provide great protective support during long distance runs.
      With the amount of extra cushioning these shoes have, you would imagine they provide a limited responsiveness. Well, you imagined wrong! The cushioning adapts to the movements of your feet and makes the shoe very responsive during your entire run. The injected ZBound+ provides flexibility and, combined with the blown rubber unit in the forefoot, a great bouncy feeling. That bounciness generates a high energy return by absorbing the energy from the landings and transforming it into energy to help your take offs. The internal BareFit construction provides an amazing fit from the upper. These shoes will feel like soft and comfortable slippers. The CarbonSpan+ rails promote a smooth heel to toe transition.
      These natural shoes provide remarkable cushioning that provides not only comfort but support during your runs. The combination of the BareFit internal liner that secures your foot gently but tightly, the CarbonSpan+ Rails guide that enhances a more natural gait, and the ZCR and ZBR rubber components in the outsole that provide enhanced traction and responsiveness, make these shoes very stable. They do not provide enough support for overpronators or underpronators. The drop of 8 mm add stability to the neutral support they provide. Plush cushioning, a great fit and good responsiveness will make you feel supported from every angle. Heavy runners have preferred these over market competitors.

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      The Zoot Del Mar running shoes are made to run triathlons, and their natural terrain is the road. They perform their best on roads, tracks, and light gravel. Some reviewers said these shoes also do a great job when running on flat and not very rough offroad paths. The traction over flat and even surfaces is remarkable and decreases when those conditions are not present. They are made to help you conquer those long runs. Some reviewers stated that running 30 miles a week can be something relatively easy when wearing these shoes.
      The price of these shoes is just above the average for their category. The suggested retail price of the shoes is $140. It may vary depending on your size and gender. The colors will not affect the final price. Due to the lack of durability of this shoe, reviewers have considered it a bit pricey. We think they are worth to buy, especially if you can find a good deal online. The shoes have been on the market for a while, so get yours soon before it’s too late.
      The traction of these shoes is good. Integrating two rubber components in the outsole is a very smart decision to provide the best traction, keep them lightweight and provide extra cushioning. The ZCR component in the heel area is firmer and more protective. It provides great traction for more consistent and safe landings. The ZBR component in the forefoot of the outsole unit is a little more flexible. It provides good cushioning and more responsive take-offs. The traction of the forefoot unit provides good grip when running on wet surfaces. The more flexible rubber provides great traction to enhance the return of energy.
      The shoes are fairly flexible. Due to the amount of cushioning they incorporate in their construction, the shoes may feel a bit sturdy when used the first time. Once you break them in, you will feel their real flexibility. The Zoot Del Mar are shoes that move with your feet. They act like a second skin that follows and adapts to every movement you make. TheBareFit upper construction is able to provide a great fit that will secure your foot so the shoe can provide a custom fit for more natural movements. The ZBR outsole unit is there to provide flexibility from the bottom. The CarbonSpan+ Rail manages to guide the foot forward for a smoother heel to toe transitions.
      These shoes provide good stability thanks to the BareFit design and construction. The shoes are very solid from all the angles. Their components truly work together to provide a very stable ride. Especially when running triathlons, you need stable shoes that help keep you moving forward when you are very tired. These shoes will provide exactly that. Their comfortable fit and great responsiveness manage to provide a very stable feeling. The heel cup secures your heel in a natural position for more efficient gait cycles. The traction from the outsole also provides stability to the shoe overall.
      The Zoot Del Mar running shoes have an 8 mm drop. The drop promotes a comfortable neutral run for more comfort when running long distances.
      Key Features of the Zoot Del Mar
      • BareFit upper
      • No-sew construction
      • ZBound midsole
      • CarbonSpan+ Rail
      • Zoot Carbon Rubber heel outsole unit
      • Zoot Blown Carbon forefoot outsole unit
      Bottom line
      If you are planning to run a triathlon soon, you may want to try the Zoom Del Mar running shoes. We think they will allow you to have a better performance or at least have a very comfortable performance. Plush but lightweight cushioning is what you can expect from these shoes. Good responsiveness and protection for your knees and hips will be provided throughout their lifespan. Their breathability is very good and the upper is extremely comfortable, so blisters and hot spots will be a thing of the past. Their durability is not the best, but their comfort is. Within a good price range, these shoes can become your next best companion during the long but very satisfactory triathlons.
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