The Best Massage Balls For Relaxation Reviewed and Tested


A detailed and thorough rundown of the best massage balls, for after running available for 2017. Perfect for experts and novices alike.

Feeling a bit sore or achy the day after a big run is pretty normal, you have to pay the tab for pushing your body after all. Ideally we can limit this type of post run recovery time through proper training techniques, stretching, and a good diet. However, there is always going to be some recovery time, there is simply no avoiding this.

The Miracle Ball

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The miracle ball comes with a two pack of small but highly durable massage balls. Additionally, included there is an entire curriculum and system (booklet) included. Check it out and utilize it if you so choose. Or simply enjoy a strong and ergonomically designed set of massage balls. Some people swear by this product, check it out for yourself!


  • Nicely sized, not too big or small
  • High quality manufacturing
  • The Miracle Ball curriculum
  • Extremely well reviewed


  • The "system" is more than some people want

Foot Bubz

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As a runner you feet take a pounding (literally), and what better way to reward them than with the Foot Bubz massage ball? A massage tool specifically designed for your feet, the Foot Bubz has plastic nubs dotting the entirety of its exterior. These are meant to help work sore and tired feet. Stand up and roll your foot back and forth along the ball, place as much weight on the ball as you wish to have pressing on your foot. Try it once and your feet will be sold!
  • Great tool for fighting plantar fasciitis
  • Spiky nubs on outer layer offer extra stimulation
  • Firmly constructed
  • Budget friendly in terms of price
  • Specifically for foot massage, limited versatility

Mandala Yoga

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Everything about these balls spell relaxation. From their yoga studio looking design to their soft colors to their lotus flower logo — the Mandala Yoga Massage ball is built to relax you. A great way to eliminate knots and tightness, spending a little bit of time rolling around on these balls is well worth the time. Just position the desired body part on the ball and let gravity take over.
  • Made from smooth but sturdy rubber
  • Can be used in conjunction with your yoga practice
  • Hassle free money back policy
  • A bit small

Massage Ball Roller 2 Piece Deluxe Set for Massage Therapy

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This two pair of massage balls is a great tool for not only limbering up your muscles but stress relief in general. Both of these massagers have a handle to them so you can not only use your bodyweight to massage, but apply handheld pressure to your legs, for example. Leg cramps, back ache, sore neck, there is little these rollers cannot take on.
  • Nicely sized, will fit in your bag
  • Versatile, can work on body weight or from your hands
  • Good price-to-value ratio
  • Design to reach hard areas, upper back, neck
  • Works well, but not for deep tissue

Pro-Tec Athletics The Orb Deep Tissue High Density

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This massage ball is a big larger, and as such is provides the benefit of emulating the use of a foam roller. Multi-directional roll provides a targeted massage to any muscles group. It’s a great tool if you travel a lot as it stows easy. Another nice benefit of The Orb is it’s helpful user manual. If you’re new to self massage products this can help point you in the right direction.
  • Good sized, excellent for larger body types
  • Handy product manual
  • Coated with stimulating texture for improved massage
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not ideal for feet

Thera Cane Massager

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While not a massage ball, the Thera Cane is one of the most unique and useful massage products currently available, which is what warranted its inclusion on our list. The Thera Cane’s shape allows you to hit hard to reach spots such as your back or shoulders with trigger point pressure. It’s a great way to take a load off after a long day hunched in front of a computer or ease things up after a run.
  • Unique design, trigger point release made easy
  • Applies pressure with 6 specially designed heads
  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Extremely well reviewed
  • The price is a bit higher than some other products

SKLZ Accupoint – Ergonomic Spine & Tissue Massager

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Soft yet dense, the SKLZ Accupoint Massager excels at relieving back pain and easing tight muscles. Made in the style of “two tennis balls in a sock,” the smooth surface of this device easily glides across your body. Thus preventing the possibility of friction or irritation. Designed by a professional sport trainer it’s hard to go wrong here. Give it a shot today!
  • Proven to accelerate recovery time
  • Does well with particularly tender muscles
  • Durable and made from strong material
  • Good for physical therapy or day to day relaxation
  • On the small side
  • Some people may favor to single ball design

There’s a lot of things you can do to take care of your body in these situations, one of the best is self-myofascial release with the aid of the massage ball. You’d be amazed the difference a small plastic ball can make. These massage aids are versatile, allowing you to work on essentially any body part you need. If you need something to help you smooth out some of the kinks and in an overall sense reduce muscle tension, look no further. Not all of these products are created equal, however.

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