12 Best Nike Running Pants Compared


When it comes to sports staff, Nike is one of the most recognizable brands on the market.

They have been offering great staff since years. Nike also has staff for runners. One of them are running pants. This is something that is a very important clothes item while running. If your pants will be uncomfortable, you won’t enjoy your running very much.

Through extensive and in-depth comparative research we have located a top batch of Nike pants for both guys and girls, the price ranges are different to suit all spending aims, the styling is broad to ensure a choice for all tastes and quality is assured through a tried, tested and approved global sports brand name. Have a read and pick the best for yourself.

Last Updated: May 10, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

This is a selection of the best current Nike pants in terms of price ranges, quality and performance, we have increased your choices here. Keep returning to see new updates as this guide expands. We have an interesting range of question from runners in the FAQs and the informative answers will perhaps answer questions you want to ask.

Nike Zoom Running Pants
  • Nike Zoom Running Pants
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Nylon Construction + Elastic Waist
  • Price: See Here
Nike Dri-Fit Woven Pants
  • Nike Dri-Fit Woven Pants
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Zip Hem + Custom Ventilation
  • Price: See Here
Nike Pro Flex Compression Pants
  • Nike Pro Flex Compression Pants
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Zoned-Compression Dri-FIT
  • Price: See Here

12 Best Nike Running Pants


1. Nike Zoom Running

A lightweight women's running pant with side zip pockets that can be pulled over shorts quickly to stay warm.
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These lightweight women's running pants have zipper pockets on both sides so you can store your essential running items. Since they are lightweight you will be able to quickly pull them on or over your shorts and make out for a quick run while keeping warm from the wind.

These Nike women's Zoom running pants feature an elastic waist, but also come with a drawcord. That's perfect so you can tighten them so they don't slide while you run.

If you like running pants with an elastic waist but have a hard time with them slipping down, you'll want to give these a try. You'll enjoy that extra support with the adjustable cord that allows you to tighten the pants just the way you need them on your run.

If you are looking for a women's lightweight running pant you'll want to check these out. They seem to meet the basic needs of runners providing adjustable waist, zippered pockets, and a small ventilation down the side seam. You'll find these quite comfortable.
  • Elastic waist with Drawcord
  • Side Zip Pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Ventilated strip on side seams
  • Comfortable
  • Not lined

2. Nike Dri-Fit Woven

A men's woven pant that has zippered side pockets, and features zip hems on the legs that allow you to take your shoes off easily.
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Looking for a running pant that provides that extra storage? This one has 2 zippered side pockets making it easier for you to store those running essentials. Additionally you can be sure the elastic waist band will hold up because there is a drawcord that you can use to tighten them.

They provide some ventilation on your run which is great to help keep sweat away. Nike has used their Dri-Fit fabric that will keep sweat away allowing you to breathe more easily.

If you are looking for a running pant that provides some extra storage this one is worth taking a look at. It has 2 zippered side pockets. You will be able to breathe during your run as it provides ventilation. Lastly, it provides reflective components on select colors that will make it easier for others to see you when you are out on your run.
  • Side Zip Pockets
  • Ankle Zippers
  • Lightweight
  • Ventilated
  • Reflective (in select colors)
  • Can be seen as pricey
  • Leg of pants may run short in size
  • Mesh material is a preference

10. Nike Pro Flex Compression

A lightweight men's running compression pant that allows for easy on & off shoes with a zip near the hem.
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If you're a runner that wants to kick your shoes off after a good run you'll want to take a peek at these. They have zippers at the hems of the pant legs that will allow you to zip or unzip easily to remove or put on your shoes without having to take your entire pants off. If it's a hot day you could also leave the zippers open for extra ventilation.

Speaking of ventilation, this running pant provides a Dri-Fit fabric by Nike that helps to keep the sweat away. You'll also find a mesh ventilated area on the back waist allowing your body to breathe more easily.

These are a great lightweight men's running pant that will breathe easily. You'll find a mesh ventilated area on the back waist so that your body can breathe while you run. You'll also find easy access to take your shoes on and off quickly with the featured zip hems at the legs. You'll get the storage you need for your running accessories with the side zip pockets. The drawcord will allow you to pull the elastic waist tighter for a better fit if needed. The reflective features will allow others to see you in areas that do not provide adequate amounts of light.
  • Zip Hems
  • Ventilation on back waist
  • Keeps sweat away
  • Reflective features
  • Zip side pockets
  • Drawcord elastic waist
  • lightweight thin pant is a preference

Nike Womens Dri-Fit Work Out

Super sleek with room for flexibility, these hug the body but let you feel a freedom of movement. They are classic dry-fit which means you stay cool, impressively comfortable and sporting a straight leg cut with a hint of flair at the base and finished off with a feminine styled hem
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Designed in triangular gusset for assured comfort, breathability, and protective design.

A very stylish waistband fulfills two functions, it ensures consistent FIT and comfortable hold without slipping but also shouts out a style of trendy functional fashion.

Dri-Fit is synthetic so breathability is good as the material will not hold or absorb moisture which mean a consistent dry comfortable feeling, spandex is weaved in for the stretch with polyester and the durability level of the material is impressive.


The cost is really nicely set at a level which works nicely and you get a very impressive, stylish pair of pants.


Great styling



A combination of femininity and sports


Only for ladies

3. Nike OTC65

A comfortable, slimming running pant that provides extra storage pockets, breathability, & will keep you warm in inclement weather.
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If you are looking for a running pant that will keep you dry while you run in the rain these will do the trick. The have a Dri-Fit fabric which enables the sweat to be drawn out through the fabric so you'll stay fresh & keep the sweat away. You can also leave the hem zips open if you need more ventilation during your run.

My favorite thing about these pants is all the pockets. Runners who are always looking for those small extra places to store things will want to give these pants a try. They have 2 side pockets that zip, and a back hip pocket that zips as well. While you are out running you'll stay dry in the rain & warm in the wind. They will provide an adequate amount of ventilation with Nike's Dri-Fit fabric that helps keep sweat away.

This seems to be the perfect running pant for ventilation & storage. If you've had difficulty finding running pants that provide extra storage take a look at these. They offer 2 side zip pockets, and a back hip zippered pocket for storage.
  • Breathable
  • Non-restrictive
  • Zippers at bottom of legs
  • Zip side pockets
  • Zip pocket on back hip
  • Water & Wind Resistant
  • Comfortable
  • May be big in the pant leg for those with smaller legs

4. Nike Flash Boys' Hyperspeed Fleece Training

A boys' running pant that will keep them dry & warm while they run.
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If you've got a kid that is starting to run you'll want to snag these highly rated Nike pants for them. They will keep them warm on those cold days with Nike's Therma-Fit fabric which provides proper insulation.

These pants are an elastic waist but they do have a drawcord so you can tighten them to your liking. They come with a pocket on each side, and some speckles on the bottom cuffs of the pant leg which provide reflectivity so others can spot them when they are running in low lit areas.

This is a great boys running pant that is comfortable, durable, and will keep them warm & dry. It comes equipped with Nike's Therma-Fit, and Dri-Fit fabrics that are composed to keep sweat away, and keep you warm. You'll get a proper fit with the elastic waist and drawcord. The reflective speckles will provide some visibility for others to see them when they run.
  • Water & Wind Resistant
  • Insulated
  • Reflective speckles on cuffs
  • Side pockets
  • Drawcord for waist
  • Machine washable
  • May be considered pricey

5. Nike Power Epic Lux Running Crop

A women's flattering running crop pant that will allow proper ventilation & be comfortable for your run.
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Want to run but still look good? This running crop pant will hold everything right where you want it to and remain comfortable at the same time.

You'll help to keep the sweat away with Nike's Dri-FIT fabric that provides ventilation while you run. It has a see-through mesh material that starts behind the knees and wraps around to the front of the leg to keep sweat away and allow your skin to breathe freely.

This is a flattering women's running pant that is cropped just above the ankle. It's durable, comfortable and will hold everything right where you want it to. You won't be a sweaty mess when you return home from your run because the ventilation that wraps around from behind your knees will help keep the sweat away.
  • Stetchy Spandex
  • Ventilated
  • Keeps sweat away
  • drawcord
  • slash pocket 
  • Zip pocket in back
  • Reflective features
  • Comfortable
  • The mesh ventilation is a preference
  • Legs may be longer for shorter persons

6. Nike Dri-Fit Shield Running

A men's running pant that will keep you warm & dry during inclement weather.
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If you are looking for a men's running pant that will shield you from the wind & water these will be great because they have specific fabric, and a windproof element that resists them.

Worried about being warm but also having the proper ventilation? These pants have Nike's Dri-FIT material that helps keep sweat away and allowing your body to breathe while you run.

These are a great pair of men's running pants that will shield you from the rain and windy weather with their specialized zoned shield fabric. Additionally, while you are warm you'll want to make sure your skin can breathe and these running pants will provide that ventilation with their Dri-Fit fabric that is intended to keep sweat away from your body.
  • Wind & Water Resistant
  • Stretch cuffs
  • Zip vent cuffs
  • Reflective components
  • Zip pockets
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sizes may run small
  • Limited colors

7. Nike Dri-Fit Legend Skinny Fit Training

A form fitted women's running pant that is quite comfortable and helps to keep the sweat away.
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Just got done running? No problem, these are the running pants that you'll want to go ahead and wear when you need to run errands because they are comfortable and they have a great form fitted look to them.

Aren't you always searching for running pants that have the sweat away feature? These running pants will help keep sweat away and allow you to concentrate on your run as they have Nike's Dri-Fit material in them which is designed to do so.

These will be a flattering slim fit yoga style running pant that you will be quite comfortable in. The wide leg in the pant will make it easier for you to slide your shoes on and off. Although not ventilated, they do have a Dri-Fit material that will help to keep the sweat away while you are running. You may even find yourself wanting to wear these when you're not running.
  • Dri-Fit material helps keep sweat away
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Wide Leg
  • Not ventilated

8. Nike Dri-Fit Thermal Running

A men's running pant that will keep you dry & warm in the colder running days that are approaching.
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These running pants will make for a comfortable run. You'll enjoy the ventilation on the side of the pants so that you can reduce the amount of sweat that stays on your body allowing you to focus on your run.

Pockets that zip - you can count me in. Finding that pair of running pants that has zip pockets so you can store your additional items is a must for runners.

These men's Dri-Fit thermal running pants will make for a comfortable run. You'll stay warm while benefiting from the Dri-Fit material that will detour sweat from your body. You'll have zip side pockets that will allow you to store your running necessities and reflective strips on the legs that will make you more visible in low lit areas so others will be able to easily see you while you run.
  • Comfortable
  • Ventilated
  • Keeps sweat away
  • Reflective features
  • Side zip pockets
  • Tapered Knees
  • May be considered pricey

9. Nike Epic Training

These are a comfortable lightweight men's running trousers with side pockets and an adjustable drawcord at the waist.
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If you're looking for that lightweight running pant that can slide easily over shorts these are the ones you'll want to snag. They are ventilated with mesh side panels that will allow your body to breathe while you run.

You'll be comfortable when you run in these 100% polyester running pants that have easy access side pockets to give you that extra comfy feeling. They have an elastic waist, but you won't need to worry about them sliding down because they also come with a drawstring so if you need to pull them tighter you can. Best of all you'll be able to let your body breathe easily with the ventilated mesh panels located on the sides.

These men's running pants are epically comfortable and easy to slide on and off. You'll get 2 pockets that you can store your running necessities in, and an elastic waist that comes with a drawstring that you can pull tighter if need be.
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Pockets
  • Drawstring for elastic waist
  • sizing may vary

Nike Power Speed Tight Women

We had something tight for men so now it’s time to present amazing compression pants for ladies.
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These have very modern design- they provide compression in key zones to give you more stability than ever.

These are made of 74% polyester and 26% spandex. They have low waist design which may not be adored by everyone but in most cases, it’s really comfortable. There’s a drawcord to provide more secure fit. We really like the reflective elements on the pants, they make you more visible on the roads. You won’t also have any problems with washing them, just put them into washing machine.
The price of the product is very reasonable- it’s about 50 dollars. Most runners were really amazed with the wide choice of colors. There are about 20 different color versions so you can find your favorite color. There’s also one pocket.

They will be great for everyone4 who wants tighter pants and wants to look fashionable at the same time.

They are very stylish but also supportive

Not see-through



There were a few runners saying that the pants tend to expend after many washes

Nike Mens Fleece

Hit the road with comfortable pants on. Let’s check these pants!
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Did somebody said fleece? Yes ! This type may not be at first sight called runner friendly as it seems to be very baggy but that’s not true. Actually, it will give you full range of movement and it can be used for many yoga or simply at the gym.

These are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. They have elasticated waist. What’s more, you can easily adjust the tightness as there’s special drawstring fastening to give you more comfort while running. The ankles are also elasticated for boosted comfort.

You can purchase this product at the great price, many runners said that they’re really comfortable. They also praised the durability of the pants. If you want to buy them, check the sizes carefully.

Good quality product

The price is very reasonable


Some runners said that they were too long

Finding the right pair doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll get comfortable and durable pants that you won’t need to worry about on your run. The hardest part will be decided which amazing features you want. Are you looking for comfort, looking to keep sweat away, or perhaps you want something that’s going to keep you warm in inclement weather conditions. Whatever your choice it’s a sure bet you won’t go wrong with Nike.

The Criteria used in Picking Out the Best Nike Running Pants

Having a pair of running pants is essential for any athlete. Running pants give one the opportunity to enjoy outdoor workout sessions and have a chance to continue with one’s fitness session even when it gets a little cold.  Apart from that the compression tights sometimes can be used to help in relieving muscle pain, deal with any form of muscle tension or handle any form of issues that may affect blood circulation in the muscles. Most of the running tights are designed and are found in many designs, lengths, and colors. This gives the athletes and other people who are involved in casual fitness activities to have a variety when making a choice of their preferred running pants. This means one will have the privilege of getting something that will not only be comfortable but also be able to make the whole sporting experience to be more enjoyable and entertaining.

When it starts to get cold, it’s recommended that an athlete wears tights so that they can keep their legs warm and hence reduce any chances of getting hurt or injured during their workout. Running tights are always custom fit so that they can hug the legs efficiently and hence be either resistant (prevent wind and rain from penetrating inside the fabric and get to the athletes’ leg). This minimizes chances of the athlete getting any injuries from the cold muscles. It also makes the whole running experience to be very enjoyable and comfortable despite the very cold weather.

Tights ought to have a snug fit and be comfortable. Athletes should try the tights on before making any purchase this is because the manufacturers tend to have varied cuts that are meant to suit the different running styles of runners, not to mention the personal preference. Though it is important to note, especially for buyers who have a budget to stick to, that there more expensive a running tight the more comfortable it will be and also have more features that will make your whole workout experience comfortable.

Nike is brand that has been on the market long enough and deals in making sporting apparel. It is one of the well-known and trusted brands on the market. Over the decades Nike has built a good relationship with many athletes by offering them good sporting apparel.

When making our list of the best running pants from Nike, the following factors were taken into consideration. They give a clear guideline to any buyer who wants to purchase a Nike running pant.

The Materials and Fabrics used in making the Running Tights

Most of Nike’s running tights and leggings are made from very high-quality materials. The materials are made depending on the preference of an athlete and the intensity of the sporting activity in which one is involved. The material used to make a running pant varies depending on other factors like climate (cold or warm), gender (male or female) and even sporting activities (running or yoga), The material in the above tights are durable and are able to maintain their compression features even after many washes. So what are some of the materials that you get in running tights? Below we have listed some of these materials and their benefits:

The Synthetic Fabrics

The synthetic fabrics have gained mass popularity over the years and have become the favorite among many companies that deal with making sporting apparel, also athletes find them to be very lightweight with amazing breathability. Synthetic fabrics in the market are like Lycra, spandex, polyester and sometimes combinations of the two. These fabrics have maximum compression features and the material strength enhances the durability of the sporting apparel.

Running tights that are made from these fabrics tend to be easy to maintain especially when washing them. Though it’s highly not recommended for a person to wear the fabrics for long since they cause irritations to the skin, then this only occurs to those people who have very sensitive skin. There are tips that athletes follow to prevent chances of experiencing skin chaffing after wearing the fabrics for long. But for those with sensitive skin can opt for a synthetic fabric that has components of plant materials like the bamboo fiber. Plant materials have very little irritations to the human skin.

Cotton Fabric

Compared to the synthetic materials the cotton fabric is a little stiffer. Cotton has been in the market longer than the synthetic fabrics and it has been very reliable, though not as reliable as the synthetic materials. This is why over the years many people have stopped using sporting apparels that are made from cotton fabrics. Cotton is known to be more comfortable and also is lightweight when dry, though it doesn’t have good durability. It doesn’t have 100% breathability though to some athletes it might the best fabric to have when working out in transitional weather.

Wool Fabric (got from Sheep)

Some would term this fabric as ancient. The wool is commonly known as Merino (got from the Merino sheep). This type of fabric and the other varieties of the fabric are known to offer plenty of warmth. They perfect for those who run in the very cold climatic conditions, they also don’t itch compared to the synthetic fabrics. When the wool fabric is blended with other fabrics then the fabric has a faster drying feature compared to cotton.

The Blended Fabrics

Literally, all the running tights in the market are formed from blended fabrics. A mixture of two or more fabrics. This means that the manufacturer is able to utilize the different strengths of each fabric and use them to deal with the disadvantages that a particular fabric has. This means the fabric has a pool of all the good traits that are in most of the materials. Some of the most desired traits that many manufacturers look for are moisture wicking ability, breathability, lightweight and fast drying factor.

The Comfortability of the Tights

Keep off any fabric that is rough or itchy to your skin. Some materials or fabrics used can cause skin chaffing or serious irritation when there is repetitive movement. In case you have any skin allergies consult with your doctor on the best fabric to get. Make sure the material used in the tights allow you to have a natural movement of the body regardless of the type of running or sporting activity you are taking part in.

Comfort is also determined by the ideal fit and not the size, tights will be smaller in size but offer a much better fit compared to normal regular shops (your running tights cannot be the same size as the pants you wear while going to work). Check the label for the percentage level of spandex used, always go for a material that has a much lower percentage since this means more flexibility and comfort from the running tight.


The Type of Sporting Activity an Athlete is involved in

Some male athletes tend to wear running leggings and cycling leggings interchangeably. This might be because the two types of tights do not have much difference and might function similarly. The two tights are also designed in a way that they offer maximum freedom in terms of body movement from the layouts installed (that are multiple). Some manufacturers have gone to be more specific when making the running tights by having their tights offer specific support to the body parts (especially the calves and targeted muscle groups). They are designed to keep the fabric closest to the lower leg from sliding around often.


Other Important Factors To Consider When Shopping Around

The Designs and Styles of the Running Tights

The different running tights you will find in the stores have different styles that can help athletes make very noticeable fashion statements. When looking at the style and design of running tights remember that the style can affect the functionality of the tights hence not provide enough protection to the wearer.

Below are some of the basic elements that contribute to the style and design of nay running tight or legging.

The Colors

Black happens to be the most preferred color when it comes to running tights, but those athletes who run during the early hours of the morning or late in the evening tend to choose brighter colors that are capable of enhancing visibility ( some pants even have reflective features making them suitable for evening runs).  The stripes are normally placed on the ankles or the sides. Some of the bright colors used in running tights are white, neon and grey, however feminine running tights will have much brighter options even pink, red, blue etc.

The length and type

many running tights tend to end just above the ankle. Runners running on terrains that are much rougher will often prefer running tights that go down wrapping the foot. This kind of tight or legging has an elastic strap which acts as a hook, which prevents the leggings from riding upwards when running. There a few designs that are full footed. The length is also varied depending on one’s preference or weather. You can have the short line length, the ¾ length or the full-length type of running tights. The type of ones sporting activity will also determine the length of the tights.

What is the Wicking ability and is it important in running tights?

This is the ability of a fabric to absorb moisture (sweat) from the body and hence keep the body dry throughout the whole training session. It’s one of the most preferred qualities in fabrics that are used in making sports apparel. Many athletes tend to perspire a lot when working out that’s why it’s important for the tights they have on to be able to wick the sweat away and hence keep them fresh and dry always. Fabrics that have the wicking ability are like the fabric blend of polyester and Lycra. Most polyester blends have good wicking ability.

Apart from making sure you enjoy your urn in a hot weather, they also make sure your run during winter is comfortable by keeping you warm even when it’s raining ( since they dry very fast compared to the natural fabrics). Athletes who are not into synthetic fabrics or are allergic to them can look for natural fabrics like wool, bamboo, and cotton, they also have wicking abilities but not as good as the synthetic fabrics.

The level of Technological advancement in a running tight

Over the years manufacturers have taken initiatives to make sure they have the best sporting clothes and have made constant upgrades that make them stand out. This has applied to the case of Nike. They have made sure that they offer sporting apparel that has utilized the latest technology in the market hence offer maximum comfortability to the users and efficiency. Running clothes now have treatments that deal with body odors the anti-microbial feature is most preferred by athletes who sweat a lot.

Other clothes have inbuilt UVA protection, hence keeping the skin safe from the harsh sun rays. Other features are reflective strips which act more like safety features (though some can look at them as stylish features). To add to the list of safety measure we have glow in the dark materials that are used to make running clothes for runners who like running when there is minimal sunlight (dusk and dawn). Many new workout pieces feature anti-microbial treatments to combat odor, while others have built-in ultra-violet protection to fight the sun’s harmful rays.

The many technological advancements have made it possible to have very efficient running clothes that are more durable and has great functionality. Though they might a little more costly it’s a good investment that every athlete should make. Even if it means having a few of the latest technologically advanced running clothes.


We know that many our readers really care about the price. That’s good because you should pay a lot of money for a high-quality product. There isn’t one price when it comes to pants. You can find pants that are a little above 50 dollars but there are also those above 100 dollars. While making our list, the price wasn’t the really crucial factor. In our opinion comfort and quality come first. It’s obvious that you can’t spend too much on pants but in most cases, price reflects the quality. If you need to tighten your budget then you can try to find the pants on sale. Nike Pants are rather durable so it’s a kind of investment. Be aware that price sometimes depends on selected options. It means that for example for one color you will have to pay more than for the other.

Where to buy?

This is the question that you need to really think about. Two most popular options are shopping online or in the store. It’s your decision which one you prefer. If you’re buying your first pair of running pants, it may be a good idea to visit the store. It will be better as you can try them on and also check the quality of the material. The advantage of buying in the store is that you can easily give it back. We know that many websites offer the same but you need to pack your pants again and take it to the post office. In the store, you can also ask for a help of shop assistant.

You also see the product in reality. Pictures uploaded on the internet sometimes doesn’t show the real products. On the other side, buying online also has its advantages. First one is the price. There are many pants that are really cheaper on the internet even with delivery. What’s more, you don’t need to leave your home to buy the pants and you have it delivered. You can look for pants on Amazon or even on Nike’s official site. The choice is yours.



Below are some of the frequently asked questions with regards to Nike running pants. Hopefully, they will serve to answer some questions you might have, or even answer some you haven’t thought of.

Q. Are pockets in important in running tights?

A. Athletes have a different preference when it comes to pockets especially those who like to run having very minimal weight on them. However, running tights can have pockets that are zipped for a runner to store small items: energy chews, car keys or even a phone.

Q. Who should be using the Specialty Compression Gears?

A. The graduated compression legging is designed for more advanced athletes and buyers who are dealing with particular health issues. They are more specific in terms of functionality and also very expensive. Unlike the regular leggings, this type needs to be prescribed and recommended by a medical doctor. They do more than just facilitating blood circulation in the legs and reducing the lactate burn.

Q. What is the Perfect fit when wearing running tights?

A. Some runners who are body conscious will definitely give in to the temptation of wearing baggy layers during their workouts. However, it’s important that one wears the correct fit of running attire, not only do they make your running comfortable and enjoyable, they also boost your confidence as an athlete.

An athlete who is confident and feels good about themselves will be inclined to work out more often and hence achieve their fitness goals much faster. The same way trends in clothing change so do the trends in sporting apparel change, however to those who are into simplicity they should opt for something that is just basic and suits their purpose. You can have a few trendy pieces in your collection of sporting clothes.

Q. What of Layering when wearing running tights?

A. Many athletes tend to have very rigid sporting wardrobes. A sporting wardrobe should be very versatile hence be able to move comfortably from the hot season to the coldest season without having to make unplanned purchases. This will help you to stick to your budget and avoid any form of overspending when the seasons start to change. When buying clothing apparel go for options that can be easily be layered with other sporting clothes.

Make sure your wardrobe has attires that are weather resistant (especially to wind, rain, and sun). Running tights are designed to suit the different seasons, runners should have running tights for every season so that to continue enjoying their workout despite the changes in climatic conditions. Another purchasing tip is to always shop for sporting gears and apparel when it’s off season as you will get the best deals at discounted rates.



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