10 Best Nike Compression Pants Reviewed


Compression Pants can make a notable positive contribution to your running performance.

It takes two to make a quarrel and to build up a partnership of excellence too! And when the question is of sportswear, what can be a better combo than a compression pant with a company name of international repute?   (NIKE).

Perhaps nothing than compression pants from the house of Nike, the known notable epitome of outstanding quality Since 25th of January, 1964, has designed and been producing top high-quality sporting apparel, high-performance shoes, exceptional equipment, and accessories.

In a sentence, Compression garments are specialized form-fitting garments to keep you cool, ventilated and free from muscle strains during your workout sessions.This isn’t a secret that Nike is one of the best brands that offer high-quality compression pants. However, every brand has products that are top sellers, they’re literally great and they have very positive reviews but sometimes there are products that are less liked by reviewers and it’s better to choose something else.

We know that it may be hard to choose from top 10 list because all these compression pants are great and the choice isn’t easy. This is why you need to think what is important for you. We have made criteria of evaluation that you can find under list. You can start with the criteria and then start to explore our top 10 products. Remember that every runner is different and everybody has different needs. If you have any questions, you can look for the answer in our FAQ section.

So now, let us present you our top 10 Nike compression pants.

Last Updated: February 17, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

Our recently updated selection of best compression pants will surely meet the needs of runners. All Nike compression pants are top performing so we researched and picked 10 which are sure to meet your requirements. Check out our criterion for research section to understand how we make selections. Look for helpful answers to questions in our FAQs section.

Nike Pro Cool Tights
  • Nike Pro Cool Tights
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Nike Pro Cool fabric
  • Price: See Here
Nike Pro Hyperwarm Dri-FIT Max Tights
  • Nike Pro Hyperwarm Dri-FIT Max Tights
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Polyester
  • Price: See Here
Nike Pro Hyperwarm Lines Tights
  • Nike Pro Hyperwarm Lines Tights
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dri-FIT fabric
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Nike Compression Pants

1. Nike Pro Cool

“Why this is at the number 1” is a more important question than “what is at the number 1”. Today, Nike Pro Cool tights/compression pants are here to quench our quarry. This pair of compression pants is rich in both in color variations and specifications. Let’s cherish the worthwhile features in detail.
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when specialized care is taken for products produced for you, you need to be aware of it. The entire material of this athlete's bottom wear is made from high quality imported material which has its own marketing name, “Nike Pro Cool fabric”. Next thing, perhaps most intricately associated with comfort, is the ideal fit thye offer. Here, these pro cool tight compression pants from Nike provides you compressive fit, which is a great source of superior support that awaits you!

Moisture Wicking
The fabric, “Nike Pro Cool fabric” does a most excellent job during your workouts; i.e., in accordance with your increasing body heat while working out, it keeps up lowering the associated temperature in order to keep you cool. Along with this, there is breathable mesh on the inner leg gussets. This mesh helps in maintaining your ideal temperature even if you are working out in the midst of some desert.

Ok, now to come to the price, which is quite high! Yes; you’ve heard it right; these compression pants are quite overpriced in terms of an athlete bottom wear but, if you want everything of the best quality on your wardrobe, go and give them a try!
  • This pant stretches a lot so that no matter in what shape you are, this pant is going to be your best fitting athlete wearing ever.
  • There is no question of muscle ache and muscle strain when working out wearing this
  • The knee portion stays indeed compressed.
  • Putting it in dryer seemed hazardous. Strictly instructed for hand washing.
  • The material is almost of see-through thickness.

2. Nike Pro Hyperwarm Dri-FIT Max

So, the thing is, we have ample of things to praise of this pair of Pro Hyperwarm Dri-FIT Max Compression pants from Nike; now the sole question is, from where to start. The more you will get into the detailed description, the more you will realize the the quality of this product. But should be said, it's hard to find a poorly made product from Nike.
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High-quality Polyester has been used as the base material, is there any uncertainty regarding the excellent comfort? For the pinnacle of your cosy feel, a perfect blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex Dri-Fit in the face fabric and 92% polyester, 8% spandex Dri-Fit in the mesh panel has been used in the production of these.

Moisture Wicking
The most sweat-prone areas are the crease of the knees and thighs no doubted and with the superior compressive fit, your crease areas are going to stay in perfect dryness and hygiene even after a couple of hours of consecutive working out. In addition to the working out hours, these specialized compression pants are perfectly suitable for professional running too.

This pair of professional running compression pants comes with an unbelievably affordable price range. So, if your eye is a athlete product that is pocket-friendly and still equipped with all the latest features, without spending a further moment, go and grab them!
  • Let the outside atmosphere be super moist and cold, your feet are not going to make a guess at it, I promise.
  • The structure and sewing of the compression pant are cautiously made for your comfort.
  • The fit is too narrow as per some users.

3. Nike PRO Hypercool

With more than 16 colour variations, including both unicolor and dappled style, Nike PRO Hypercool Compression Tights Pants are brought to the market with distinct cutting shape and atypical design. Experience how as trivial as contrast coloring border can enhance the entire look.
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If you are someone like me; gives utmost priority to the material while shopping any type of athlete clothes, here’s good news for you! This hyper cool compression pant comes with the best proportion of 93% polyester and 7% Spandex as the base material. Along with a remarkably comforting material, the compression fit technology with which irrespective of your leg structure, you are going to experience the best and coziest fit.

Moisture wicking
Nothing can be more unhygienic than the hospitality of germs and sweat due to workout. With ‘dri fit max’ and pro cool fabric, you are a thousand miles away from this blunder. This compression pant is enough equipped to wick the moisture and sweat away resulting into dry, cool and ventilated feeling.

Though this hyper cool compression pant does not fit any magical inexpensive price range, the price of the shoe is set with reasonable symmetry with the features.
  • Exactly in accordance with the standard size chart
  • Keeps the temperature of the covered area cool and ventilated as well
  • Great fit with chic appearance
  • the waistband started separating within unexpected less time period for few of the users

4. Nike Pro Warm Compression Lite

Nike; the name that has been repetitively coming to mind as any serious athlete's first clothing choice. When the question is of their first choice in brand, don't be surprised if Nike is mentioned. Here, we will review their Pro Warm Compression Lite tights. Let's see what we have.
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Premium quality ‘polyester-blend’ base material with ‘Dri-FIT fabric’ produces the best fabric possible for a compression pant. The last mentioned feature excellently wicks away the sweat and formed bacteria while working out. As a result of thus ventilating fabric, your legs stay comfortable and constant dry. The seams of the pant are sewed flat so that the wearer does not feel any discomfort or pinching sensation while in a move.

Moisture Wicking
The most mention worthy feature in moisture wicking is its cautiously placed mesh panels. They are strategically placed to serve a couple of purposes; first, to keep your legs extremely ventilated and secondly, to provide you with a matchless comfort while working out. Next, comes in the row the ‘Flat stretch waistband’ that helps the pant to stay in place throughout the entire working out.

This pair of compression pants is moderately priced, neither too inexpensive nor too costly. If you are looking for a quality product and you are fine to spend a decent amount of money for it, this is a product you may want to check out.
  • Keeps the feet moderately warm irrespective of the outer atmospheric temperature
  • The fit is perfect
  • The  fleece lining keeps the feet warm
  • Some people have found the seam loosened  at the crotch area

5. Nike Pro Core Combat 2.0

You want the best, we all do. Here we have one of the best rated Nike Compression Tights. The 5th in our books. Go through the specs of the Nike Pro Core Combat 2.0 Compression Tights and judge for yourself. They do the job!
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So, as to discuss the comfort level this compression pant is going to deliver you, we need to consider and study some of the features available within it. First, the material it’s made of: the polyester-blend and Nike pro Dri-FIT fabric. The second one is popularly known among the users for its ventilating property. Now it’s needless to explain to you the intimate connection between breathability and comfort. After all, it’s the thing you have ever longed for. Just like breathability, a perfect fit at the waist area is another thing that the athlete pant’s comfort and you can’t do without. Nike gets it too and that’s why here are the broad Elastic Drawcord Waistband and spandex introduced. Last but not the least anyway; here is the Ergonomic Flat Seams and spandex which will not let you feel the least amount of discomfort. The acute difference that is happening with this Ergonomic Flat Seams you will understand the most while changing motion or bending your body.

Moisture Wicking
A clothing’s moisture wicking capacity solely depends upon the fabric and here, the compression pant being made with high quality ‘Nike pro Dri-FIT fabric’, is magnificently expert in instantly soaking the moisture from the fabric’s surface resulting in a hygienic and dry workout session of yours.

The price range of this compression pant is quite moderate and in harmony with its other contemporaries available in the market.
  • Though super lightweight, this pant succeeds in providing expected warmth
  • The fit is very firm
  • There is some more muscle support expected
  • The material is thinner than it was expected to be

6. Nike Dri-Fit Tech Running

So, at the beginning we know nothing more regarding this pair of compression pants; all we have at our knowledge bucket are two words: ‘dry’ and ‘fit’. So, with a pre-supposition of dry and ventilated fit, let’s dig up what’s there!
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When a sober gravity stands for your personality, pick this Nike Dri-Fit Tech Running Tights-Black without any dilemma. The perfect blend of 92% of Polyester and 8 % of Spandex produces the softest fort of base material you could ever experience in a compression pant. Elastic closure, 100% Polyester and fitting compression technology of Nike are these three columns of comfort that distinguishes the compression pant from other five of this kind.

Moisture Wicking
The elastic closure that has been previously mentioned in the ‘comfort’ section takes care of the perfect fit for every kind of body structure. A new addition to the bucket list of the specification is Nike’s own ‘fitting compression technology’ for superior fit.

Yes, while eulogizing the bright sides of this compression pant, one more point that is indeed worth praising is its super affordable price.
  • Keeps the legs practically warm throughout the entire workout
  • Very comfortable, well fitting and chic looking
  • The zipper caused little disturbance to some users

7. Nike Pro Hyperwarm Printed Compression Football

Does the very term ‘football’ portray yourself as Larry Fitzgerald or Cortland Finnegan to you? Well, you’re not the only one in the list! These compression tights are backed by many, but have a few cons. Let's see what we're working with.
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Beyond controversy, an athlete's pants must be made of premium quality material as your entire comfort resulting into your performance depends upon it. Well, be assured, this time it’s the perfect proportional blend of Dri-FIT 82% of polyester and 18% of spandex. Besides, the dry fit max fabric being extremely lightweight and skin-friendly does not at all make any hindrance in your free movement. The list does not end here. The trio of ‘Ergonomic panels, Flat seams and stretch fabric let you move freely and secures a great fit as well.

Moisture Wicking
To take care of the breathability and moisture-wicking, Dri-FIT Max fabric is here to soak away any trace of sweat instantly and to leave you with an exceptional working out experience.

This compression pant is one of the most affordable one among the entire range.
  • The trio of ‘Ergonomic panels, Flat seams and stretch fabric works like wonder
  •  This product is extremely lightweight
  • This product is little smaller in size in comparison with the size chart

8. Nike Pro Combat Hypercool Woodland Training

When you are determined to break the stereotype of orthodox sportswear get-ups, this is the recommendation we have for you.
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So, we can name three advanced features among the bundle of these that are specified for adding advanced comfort: Elastic closure, Elastic waistband for a snug fit and the perfect smooth blend of 92% of Polyester and 8% of Spandex. Are you Eager to learn the type of the fabric that has been used in manufacturing such a wearer-friendly compression pant? Well, that’s Nike’s much buzzed ‘Dri-Fit Max fabric’.

Moisture Wicking
The ‘Dri-Fit Max fabric’ and the perfect blend of 23;2 proportion of Polyester and Spandex are the two specifications that specifically enhance the moisture wicking capability. This athlete pant is repetitively praised by the users for its distinct capability of retaining the breathability and hygiene of your bottom body part. Along with this, all the seams are sewed flat so that the rough edges do not sting you while wearing.

Believe me; the price will not bother your pocket at all. This compression pant has been moderately priced without compromising on the main features.
  • The atypical dappled print is something that will without any miss draw all of your buddies’’ attention.
  • The broad ‘Elastic waistband’ ensures the snug and cosy fit.
  • The temperature sustaining feature is not anything extraordinary

9. Nike Pro Hyperwarm Lines

Who cautioned should you try a newer product that has still yet to gain the adequate amount of reviews? If you are the one that preferrea to take the lead and figure out what's worthy or, we'll assist you here with the complete guidance.
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The imported, high-quality Dri-FIT fabric and the Flat seams which you may call the signature of Nike, assure regarding the softness and the quality of the material while the thermal mesh, especially at the lower back leg offers optimal ventilation and breathability. The comprehensive fit, the technology with which the material is stitched renders you the same locked-in feel and comfort when you are actually in a move.

Moisture Wicking
The Dri-FIT fabric, one of the salient reasons you are going to choose Nike over a bunch of other brands, is with unmatched efficiency in instantly soaking the moisture from the fabric’s surface resulting in a hygienic and dry workout session of yours.

This pair of pants, without compromising its quality fits on the most affordable lists. What are you waiting for?
  • The product is true to its claim regarding breathability and lightweight
  • Available in vibrant colour options
  • The waist portion is tighter than how much it’s expected to be

10. Nike Pro Hypercool Max Training

Doesn't the word ‘max’ has some vehemence within it? And the term grows by leaps and bounds when it’s very distinctive getup speaks for it.
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Nike knows that the key to comfort lays in the perfect proportion of materials blended in the fabric and that’s why you are enough fortunate to witness the magical tenderness of ultra light Dri-FIT fabric made from 93% of Polyester and 7% of Spandex in this compression pant. The pair of pants is brilliantly stitched in order to fit with every kind of leg structure.

Moisture Wicking
Let’s talk about the unique addition at first: the below-the-knee graphic. This brilliant feature deflects sunlight from your legs. Not only this but also the mesh has been strategically placed over the base material so that it can instantly absorb all the moisture, sweat and bacteria in order to provide with your legs a super dry and breathable atmosphere. The mesh, especially in the high-heat areas shows its miracle.

The pant, though not super inexpensive, is not anyway over prices. Rather, the price of this particular model is lesser than the majority of its contemporary.
  • The unique colour combination is something that is enough for your entire outfit to claim your friends’ appreciation
  • Ergonomic seams and lightweight stretch fabric work at their best
  • The only problem that the users have faced is its small fit.

When style is the synonym of perfection, then your compression pants must be as perfect as your formal blazers are. I hope I’ve succeeded to cope up your through research, my dear!

Female Jogger on Coleman Avunue in Morro Bay Photo by Mike Baird

Here’s What We Looked For When Choosing The Best Nike Compression Pants:

The Benefits Compression

According to countless user reviews and positive recommendations, runners were able to squeeze a lot of benefits out of implementing compression pants into their typical routine. Obligatory puns aside, by keeping your leg muscles compacted tightly, compression pants are able to give you increased blood flow. This translates to less fatigue, less soreness, and faster recovery times. We looked at testers that already had an established running regimen and then started wearing compression pants; the large majority noticed the benefits and boasted about the improved performance.

Nike compression pants seem to have the most solid reviews from trusted sources, so naturally, the company was a go-to option for high performance running gear. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that we took into consideration when choosing the best of the best. You may just find a new piece of running gear that will give you the edge that you’ve been looking for.

Types Of Materials

Nike has a virtual cornucopia of product names for the material they use. From “Pro Core Combat 2.0” to “Pro Warm Compression Lite”, we made sure to break it all down into simple and easy to understand terms so that you know what to expect from the compression pants. Listening to what everyday users said about the materials after some use is a lot more reliable than listing names of materials from promotional writing. We detail precisely what each model is best suited for and how they will perform in that circumstance. Don’t worry, you won’t have to learn “Nike Language” to make the best selection.

The Perfect Fit

Yes, they should feel a little tight. No, they don’t have to cut your circulation. The biggest concern that we kept encountering when going through user feedback was how to get the right fit. We made sure to specifically mention how each model fits around the waist, knees, and overall to give our readers the best idea of how each pair will fit them. Unifying what testers has to say about the specific areas allows for an accurate description and better comfort.

Thickness Levels Matter When You Are Layering

According to feedback, when runners are shopping for compression pants, they are considering the temperature and application of the pants they are browsing. Unfortunately, even on company websites, there is very little information on the thickness levels of the pants. This leaves you without the critical information that you need if you’re considering layering, which, is very common when using compression pants. This made it a top priority for us at Runnerclick when looking through the tester data. It took a little more digging, but we were able to provide significant information that others simply overlooked. We know our reader’s layer, so we made sure to consider that in this buying guide.

Compression That Makes A Good Impression

We couldn’t resist the rhyme! Nevertheless, wearing compression pants doesn’t mean that they have to be black. In fact, compression pants are extremely flattering no matter what shape you’re in. This is why we made sure to include options that had great color options and trendy patterns that really make a statement. We know that performance is more important than looks, but the good news is that with Nike, you don’t really have to choose. After all, research demonstrates that if you are happy with your workout gear, you will be more likely to use it. The great style of these compression pants may just be the nudge that gets you to workout on those lazy days.


Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Nike Compression Pants

The various feedback and data we collected and utilized when making this list is just the beginning.  What matters most of all is choosing the right one for you.  The following are things to consider when making a choice.  These factors depend on personal preference and will help you narrow down your options in order to find the best one for you.  Read on to find out what factors to think about before purchasing a pair of compression pants.

Consider The Temperature Of Your Environment

Some runners have the misconception that all compression apparel is designed for winter weather. This is simply not so. Before you make your selection, make sure to take a look at our recommendations when it comes to how warm or cool the pants are. There are some options that are perfect for wintertime running, however, there are also models that are thinner and much more breathable than their counterparts. Making them the ideal selection for warm weather running. They will keep you cool and wick away any excess sweat. So before you make your pick, make sure that it’s a good match for you.

Consider The Waist

This type of fit is purely a personal preference. Some runners like a more snug fit around the waist, while others might find the same waist to be constructive. Whenever we came across a model that had significant tester comments in regards to a tight waist, we made sure to note that in our reviews. This way, you can make a selection that is a better match for what you’re looking for.

Find The Compression That Works Best For You

Not all compression pants provide the same amount of compression. Some pants provide a lighter amount of compression and are great for recovery, whereas a higher level of compression is usually worn during running in order to boost performance.  Compression can also help individuals who suffer from injuries such as calf pain and IT band issues.  In that case, a higher of a level of compression may be needed.

Keep The Compression Zones In Mind

Beyond comfort, you may need additional compression around problematic areas. For example, there are several options that feature additional compression around the knees. It’s a great idea to take advantage of any options that can help alleviate any pain or fatigue in your problem zones. Nike does a great job of supplying athletes with a wide variety of choices when it comes to these added compression zones. Tester feedback was very high for the options that have the compression around the knees and calves. These are sure to give you better blood flow and support, for a healthier and more comfortable workout.



Before you go buy yourself a pair of Nike compression pants, here are some frequently asked questions that may answer any lingering questions you have as well as help narrow down your options even more.

Q: So what kind of noticeable difference can I expect from using compression pants?

A: Hands down, the easiest thing to notice will be recovery times. This is the primary benefit. If you workout hard today, you will feel better tomorrow and any workout will be easier. Just remember to work out in a pair and have a slightly less constrictive pair afterward for added recovery times. Both long-distance runners and cyclists that are serious about their sportswear compression apparel for some time after their workout are done.

Q: I’m planning on running my first marathon; can compression wear help me?

A: Absolutely. Not only will they wick away sweat and remain very flexible, but also by keeping your running muscles tightly compressed, you should have a more comfortable run. This will allow you to focus on your pace and stride. Additionally, if once the race is over, you feel that your legs are extremely tired and fatigued, put on a fresh pair of compression pants to sleep. It may feel a little strange at first, but you will get significantly better recovery times.

Q: What is something surprising that compression apparel is also very good for? Do you have any pro tips?

A: We’re Runnerclick; of course we have pro tips! If your marathon or race is far away from your home (it usually always is), wear the compression pants for the long drive there. This will keep your legs fresh and ready to run, instead of feeling like linguini. In fact, for any car ride or plane ride longer than three hours, compression pants will become your new best friend, as they will keep you feeling like you’ve just started your journey. People that are considered fit are 85% more likely to have Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism than unfit people because of their lower heart rate during long trips where they stay seated for prolonged periods of time.

Q.Why should I buy compression pants?

A.Well, this is a good question as there are many reasons why you should try this type of running pants. If you want to take up running seriously, at least one pair of compression pants in your wardrobe will be great. Let’s start with our favorite thing- compression pants are really comfortable. They mold to the shape of your body so we could say that they’re like a second skin. High-quality compression pants are made from the very durable material but it’s also stretchy at the same time. If you’ve ever had problems with chaffing or skin irritation during running, these type is for you.

They really wick the moisture so you don’t sweat a lot and there isn’t any unpleasant odor. Your skin doesn’t get irritated and red. We can’t also talk about any kind of rash here as there’s no chaffing or rubbing. When it comes to blood flow, compression really helps to increase this circulation. You may think that it may not be really important but in fact, your muscles are less prone to any kind of injuries such as strains or they’re less fatigued after a workout.

Q.Can you explain compression pants features and benefits?

A.This is why we create our buying guide- to help our readers to choose the best products but also to help them to decide which features are essential for their running performance and which they need less. Here are the most popular features that you can find on the market and we can also present their benefits.

UV protection– this feature is extremely popular in areas when the temperatures are very high and there’s a lot of sunlight. It may be strange but we need to protect our whole body from Sun’s rays, not only eyes or face. While buying compression pants, you should look for UV protection that is higher than 30. This will help to protect your skin from the Sun.

The length of the compression pants– this is a very important thing. People usually care only about the size and they don’t consider the length very much but it’s really essential with compression pants. Think about it this way- when you buy shorter length, your calf muscles won’t get this compression so your muscles will be more fatigued and more prone to injuries. However, if the temperature outside is very high, there’s no sense in wearing long length compression pants.

Moisture-wicking– this is a great function that every runner loves. It’s very nice feeling to stay fresh during running. Unfortunately, when the moisture appeals, this is very uncomfortable and all the unpleasant things such as chaffing or rubbing appear. This is why you need to look for compression pants with moisture wicking function. The special material wicks the moisture and you stay cool for the whole running session, it’s not too hot. While wearing these, there won’t be any skin irritation.

Q. Are the Nike the only company that offers compression pants?

A. No, Nike isn’t the only company that offers compression pants. There are also many other brands like Puma or New Balance that offer this kind of product. We have created Nike top 10 compression pants list because they’re really praised by the runners around the world for the durability and great comfort. They are also available worldwide so you should have an easy access to them. There is also another list of compression pants or shorts.

Q: I sweat a lot.  Which material would benefit me?

A: Look for pants with Nike’s own Dri-Fit technology.  This material is flexible, comfortable and provides excellent wicking technology.  In general, synthetic fibers do a better job in terms of breathability. Luckily, many of Nike’s pants use Dri-Fit technology.


So there you have.  This is how we compiled the list of the best Nike compression pants.  Many factors do depend on personal taste, so make sure to consider the above factors before purchasing a pair.  We hope that we were able to provide you all the information you needed in order to make a choice that will work best for you and your running. Thanks for reading! Happy running!

Here are some sources we used while conducting our research

It’s important to use a wide variety of sources to ensure quality information about running gear. We like to utilize trusted running enthusiasts and manufactures when providing our readers with the most up-to-date statistics found in all our buying guides. We are also very interested in taking what everyday users have to say about specific products, and we perform our due diligence to make sure that quality research goes into every guide. Here are some sources which helped us with this guide:


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