10 Best Track and Field Shoes Tested & Rated


Many runners often enjoy and partake in track and field events. Regardless of age, this is an activity anyone can enjoy and that will burn calories and increase your overall fitness level. However, it is important to be aware of the best track and field shoes available, since it’s important to have the proper footwear when partaking in this sport.

Shoes are specifically important for the track and field athlete because they can make or break your performance. The best track and field shoes will protect your knees, hips, back, and allow you to perform to the best of your ability. However, the wrong shoes may lead to injury as well as hinder your performance.

The typical running shoe will not work for track and field activities. So, we have compiles a list of the top 10 track and field shoes currently available. These shoes have been tested and rated by our running experts to ensure you are choosing from the best of the best.

Last Updated: May 6, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

This update brings another Asics option that was not previously on tis list. The options we have provided below are among the best choices that are currently available at this time, and we consistently update are list to ensure we are consistently recommending the best products to our readers.

PUMA TFX Sprint V4
  • PUMA TFX Sprint V4
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight
  • Price: See Here
ASICS Throw Pro
  • ASICS Throw Pro
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fast Moving
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Spitfire 2
  • Saucony Spitfire 2
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here

11 Best Picks For Track & Field



1. PUMA TFX Sprint V4

When looking at these shoes, the PUMA cat logo and bright colors present a very attractive form of footwear! This track shoe has a synthetic sole, a compression-molded midsole, and only weighs seven ounces.
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Comfort and Stability

These shoes incorporate very lightweight features and include a spike plate. The spikes are also removable or replaceable for added comfort and stability.

Durability and Quality

Most reviews reported a good fit, strong design, and holds up well after several races. One buyer felt the spike plate was too loose.


Finding running shoes at a better value than PUMA Men’s TFX Sprint V4 is unlikely. Buyers reported the product to be well-priced and affordable.
  • Comfortable
  • Fit as expected
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Eye catching colors
  • Several buyers had trouble with the spike plate
  • A few reviews claim the shoe size did not fit their feet

2. ASICS Throw Pro

The structure of these running shoes allow a runner to turn more quickly and easily. If you’re looking for great shot put or sprint shoes, you can’t go wrong with ASICS Throw Pro! These track shoes have a rubber sole and synthetic material with a hook-and-loop fastener.
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Comfort and Stability

The ASICS running shoes fit well and have more stability when a runner rotates around a track. Buyers reported the shoes to be very comfortable.

Durability and Quality

The quality of these shoes shine through when athletes are looking for discus/shot put footwear. For those searching greater support from their footwear, ASICS track shoes will meet their needs.


Some buyers felt the price was great, but the value was more expensive than the PUMA TFX Sprint V4 running shoes. Compared to the other track and field footwear on this list, these are on the more pricey side.
  • Unisex styling
  • These running shoes are great for discus/shot put athletes
  • Reviewers comment on the good fit and comfort of the footwear
  • Buyers report good long-term use
  • Some reviews mentioned wider feet felt cramped in these sneakers, so not all buyers found the fit very comfortable

4. Saucony Spitfire 2

If you are a young woman looking for the perfect fit track and field shoe with spikes to boot, you can’t go wrong with the Saucony Spitfire 2 sneakers. These shoes are great footwear for most track and field events including sprints and the long jump.
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Comfort and Stability

The fit of these shoes are said to be true to size. These shoes are lightweight and breathable, which makes for greater comfort. The design such as the contoured heel cup brings additional comfort and stability.

Durability and Quality

The quality of these shoes include breathable fabric for runners. The seven-spike design also provides greater traction for track and field runners. Buyers claim these shoes last beyond four seasons of running track and field.


The cost of these shoes is very affordable for families and young adults searching for cheaper but high quality track and field shoes.
  • These shoes have a molded foam insole for extra comfort
  • For the affordable price, these running shoes offer excellent quality
  • The Saucony track shoes are highly durable and dependable
  • Multiple buyers found that the size of the shoes ran too small

3. PUMA Evospeed Star V4

These running shoes are perfect footwear for teenagers looking to become a track runner and that need an entry level track spike. The PUMA sneaker has synthetic material including a synthetic sole as well as spikes.
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Comfort and Stability

Buyers report comfort and general appreciation for these shoes. The spike plate was found to be better than in other shoes by one reviewer.

Durability and Quality

The spikes in these shoes are versatile and can be applied to multiple track and field activities including sprints, long-distance running, and even hurdles or jumps.


These track and field shoes are very affordable and few choices come at a better value than these particular sneakers.
  • Comfortable
  • Recommended for entry level track and field runners
  • These shoes are useful in multiple track and field events
  • One buyer found that their size was too big when bought online

5. Reebok Twistform Blaze 2.0 Bright

If you’re looking for an excellent pair of track shoes made for children, look no further than the Reebok Twistform Blaze 2.0 Bright footwear! These shoes have a well-designed spiral insole that helps a young runner move more quickly and smoothly.
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Comfort and Stability

Buyers report these running shoes can be worn comfortably all day!

Durability and Quality

These track shoes tend to last longer especially if rotated out with other sneakers.


The price isn’t very low nor too high. One customer said the price is great for the value!
  • Variety of colors
  • Buyers report great comfort and durability
  • Fits well 
  • Lightweight
  • One buyer found the insoles tiring on their feet  
  • Another review claimed the shoes could only lasted three months

6. ASICS Hyper-Rocketgirl SP4

Are you looking for footwear that fits well and improves your performance on the track? If so, then the ASICS Hyper-Rocketgirl SP4 sneakers are right for you! These shoes come in suede and include a nylon spike plate.
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Comfort and Stability

Some buyers find the shoes to be comfortable, lightweight, and a good purchase. Others, however, are looking for more ankle support and a better overall fit.

Durability and Quality

These shoes are made with greater durability and improved traction when running on a track. Buyers report this footwear to be very durable.


These running shoes come at an affordable price. The quality of the shoes aligns with the overall cost.
  • Durable
  • Buyers are satisfied with the style and design along with the fit of these shoes
  • Comfortable footwear at a good price
  • The shoes run small for several buyers and may need greater ankle support

Saucony Velocity

These shoes are an excellent choice for mid-distance runners thanks to their light weight and good support. They’re also a great choice for anyone participating in jumping events for the same reasons.
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Comfort and Stability
These shoes seem to run a little small. You might not want to choose them if you have wider feet, as they are also pretty narrow track shoes. They are lightweight and breathable. They have a nice bit of bounce to make for a more comfortable run and good jumps. They provide excellent support, especially considering their weight and price point. 

Durability and Quality
These track cleats are well made but moderately durable. They will hold up well under fairly frequent use, but once they’ve been used for over a year, you might start to see some cracks in the plastic. The webbing that makes the shoes breathable can be easily torn. The tool included for tightening the cleats may strip out after a little use. 

These shoes are good for their cost. While not perfect in terms of durability and not a good choice for certain foot shapes, they perform very well over a reasonable amount of time. If you need cleats for a teen track and field athlete with growing feet, these are a great option that won’t break the bank.

Excellent comfort and performance for mid-distance runners and jumpers

Good value for their affordable cost

Their colors and design will get a lot of compliments



They tend to run small and narrow

7. ASICS Hypersprint 6

If you’re searching for greater stability and comfort from lightweight track footwear, look no further than these ASICS sneakers! These shoes have a synthetic material, rubber sole, and are made to improve your performance on the track.
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Comfort and Stability

The lightweight TPU overlays and spike plate offer a good fit and better performance for athletes running sprints. The footwear fits well and some claim their speed has improved.

Durability and Quality

Reviews find that the quality is good and the colors are attractive among teenage runners. The durability is strong and runners should find greater traction on the track.


The cost is relatively affordable and comparable to ASICS Hyper-Rocketgirl SP4 track shoes.
  • Top rated design
  • The footwear can actually improve your performance and speed on the track
  • Buyers find these sneakers comfortable all day long
  • A number of buyers found the size too small for their feet and one reviewer lacked a spike plate

8. ASICS Cosmoracer Md Track

If you desire comfortable and customized fit track and field footwear, these ASICS running shoes have a padded collar and a foam midsole that offers the comfort and fit you're looking for! These sneakers also have a textile lining, a spike plate and a rubber sole.
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Comfort and Stability

Most buyers are pleased with the quality and comfort of these sneakers with one citing its lightweight nature. However, one reviewer found these shoes are too narrow to fit comfortably.

Durability and Quality

The mesh overlays ensures that these shoes have significant durability and a long lifespan. These ASICS shoes are created to help runners be more flexible and move more quickly.


The cost varies depending on the style and size, but tends to be on the expensive side when choosing bigger sizes.
  • Reviewers love the look and design of these shoes!
  • The Pebax spike plate provides more rigidity and power for track athletes
  • Some found these shoes didn't fit well including being too narrow

9. ASICS Hyper-Rocketgirl SP3

If you find your sneakers unable to provide the stability you need and the flexibility you’re looking for, you may want to purchase the ASICS Hyper-Rocketgirl SP3 running shoes. Its nylon spike plate also improves durability!
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Comfort and Stability

These particular shoes were created with stability for the back of the foot in mind. Additionally, the shoes provide greater flexibility for the forefoot. The material including the synthetic leather creates a lighter, breathable, and more comfortable shoe for a track and field athlete.

Durability and Quality

While most buyers are satisfied with the durability, one did find the shoes didn’t hold up well after a six-mile run. Nonetheless, the spike plate does give the shoe a better grip and traction during a run.


These shoes are priced cheaply for most sizes and still affordable for smaller sizes. The value for the quality of the sneakers is fair overall.
  • Buyers are happy with the spike plate and look of the footwear
  • These running sneakers are very lightweight and comfortable
  • Most reviewers found the sizing and fit to be exact
  • One reviewer found the durability of these shoes to be rather disappointing

10. ASICS Prima Diva Sprint

If you’re a sprint runner looking to get your speed up, these ASICS running shoes have a full-length Pebax spike plate meant to improve sprinting ability. These sneakers also have removable pins, which allows athletes to replace worn-out details.
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Comfort and Stability

The open mesh upper region and synthetic leather provide greater comfort and breathability when wearing these shoes. The lightweight spike plate also provides greater stability when athletes run sprints.

Durability and Quality

Buyers are favoring the quality of the shoe especially the spike plate. In terms of quality, the shoes also have a strong platform for hurdlers and jumpers so they could be used for more than solely sprint running.


In terms of the quality of the shoes, the price may be slightly too expensive for young adults or teenagers looking for track and field shoes.
  • The spike plate provides greater stability for both hurdlers and sprinters
  • Buyers favor the color and design of these shoes
  • One buyer found the sizing of the shoes innacurate and on the large side
  • A reviewer found that the heel support is inadequate and uncomfortable

Running is vital for keeping the heart healthy, reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis, and even improving your mental health. If you want stronger legs and healthy lungs, taking up running as a sport may be for you!

This list of the top 10 best track and field shoes may be your first step to dipping your toe in the world of running and athletics.

Criteria for picking the best track and field shoes

A pair of running spikes can be very useful whether you are  planing to go for a short run in the tracks to enhance your endurance or you want to take that state marathon run.  Finding your perfect shoe for your field and track racing is similar to have a top notch training partner.  The trainer offer you the needed support during the whole training sessions not to mention the great comfortability.  The running world has different varieties for long distance or short distance running, or  just short sprints, and identifying  which ones will best work for you can be very tricky. The other challenge comes in, finding the right type of shoes so that your performance is not hindered in any way and also to avoid possible injury.

There are few factors that most people tend to over look when shopping for a sporting shoe. These factors  act as very good determinants when one is buying a brand new set of running sneakers. These factors are:

  1. When trying on new shoes, make sure you do it during the afternoon or after you have competed your workout sessions. This because during these times the feet tend to be at their largest size. Go for the fitting process of new sneakers after working out or towards  day end. The feet are at their maximum size after being subjected to some physical exercises like running or walking.
  2. When shopping for a shoe at a store, make sure you have with you the socks you normally wear during your workout sessions or the pair that you will be wearing the shoes with.
  3. Check the toe box of the shoe, by wriggling your toes, this is done when you have won the shoe, make sure its comfortable and not too loose.
  4.  Check that the shoes offer you a comfortable snug fit, it has to feel good on your feet. Don’t use the wrong notion that the shoes will break in after you have worn them for some time.
  5. Take a walk around the store with the shoes, if possible you can even do a small run to determine the comfortability of the shoe. It will also give a feeling of how well the shoes will be when you are doing the actual sporting event.

Running spikes tend to be one of the best running sneakers for runners, specifically designed to assist a runner to move faster on certain surfaces that are uneven. They able to provide an additional grip in the forefoot and enhance the stride turnover when running.  They are also lighter than normal running shoes; hence help in picking up speed while running.

While picking out the best track and field shoes the following factors should be looked at closely:

Overall Fit of the Shoe

Fit is one of the crucial factors that most athletes look at when shopping for any sporting sneaker. Running spikes are made to offer a snug fit to the foot and still over maximum control of the foot. While still be the most comfortable shoes for your feet hence not interfere with your running session. Fit plays the major role in how comfortable the shoes are , that is why getting the right size of running sneakers is paramount.  While looking at the fit, it’s also worth considering pin placement and number of pins in a spike; usually either six pin or four pins. Four pinned spikes tend to have the pins towards the center on the spike plate, best for runners for supinating (under pronate). Which ones you go for is down to personal preference, comfort, and fit. Try fitting on the sneakers/ track spikes while shopping in the store or mart before any buying that is if you are making a physical purchase. Most running  stores will encourage their buyers to try the shoes before buying the shoes. If there’s a jogging section inside the store, then you can use that  will great opportunity to fact check on the fit of the shoe. If you will be making an online purchase, check if the return policy covers fitting problems, also make sure you try the shoes’ fit with laces on and without the laces, so that to avoid having a size smaller when you tie up the laces. Make sure when you tie up the laces you can still enjoy the free natural movement of your feet.

Type of Running Vs. Type of Spikes

There are a variety of running spikes and they vary depending on the type of running that the athlete is involved in:

  1. Spikes for Sprinting.

In short distance races major focus is on the speed of the runner, these type of spikes are ideal for short run like the  100 meter and to, a maximum of race of 400 meter sprints . They are the lightest shoes for running available and are designed  so that they can enhance alertness of the athlete. Hence, offering them with a higher level of stiffness and minimal cushioning of the feet.  The spike’s plate is normally at the frontal part and have the highest number of spike-pins in order to take extra force and hence provide maximum grip.

  1. Spikes for Middle Distance Runners

They are fairly lightweight and will normally have extra padding on the heel section of the shoe. This means the shoes has greater cushioning and can survive races covering between 800 meters  to 1500 meters maximum. They have a little less rigidity than the sprinting spikes, also their spike plate isn’t as ‘much far forward. This enhances a speed that is more moderate.

  1. Spikes for Long Distance Runners.

Perfect fro running  events that cover between 1500 meters and 10,000 meters, the running spikes are able to  provide the maximum cushioning needed while still having a  good grip  on dry or muddy terrain. They are designed so that they can take  more force  across  a long period. They also have more durability, though they are heavier due to the material used in making them.Sometimes these spikes are put together with spikes for  middle distance running.

  1. All-Rounder/ Versatile Spikes

They have cushioned soles with front spikes that are more aggressive; the shoes can be considered to be versatile and are aimed to work well in all tracks or athletes looking for spikes to use in many sporting events from – from long-jump, sprinting, steeple-chase to hurdles.

Spike Pins Size

Each track or field shoes has spike pins on the bottom part of the shoes. These spike pins or studs, come in not so many sizes.

  • The 6mm pins- They are the most ideal for most dry terrain, field or track running taking place in the cross-country. They are ideal for an athletic track as most of these tracks or centers will not allow athletes to use pins that are longer than this.
  • The 9mm pins- They are good for those involved in the cross-country racing, they give a very good grip when the running terrain is wet and muddy.
  • The 12mm to 15mm pins – They are perfect for running in steep hills or fell terrain. Like running in a steeple-chaser race, these pins are designed to be used on difficult terrain hence offer maximum grip.
Spikes Pin Type

After using your track shoes for some time, you will notice that the spikes have been worn out and need replacement. This can be done during the year depending on the frequency of your running exercise; the terrain and the type of running you are involved in. Replacement is important, during the track season many runners you the spikes more frequently and that’s why during this time its good to make sure you also replace your spikes frequently. Many athletes make the mistake of failing to replace the studs until they are stubs, this makes it extremely difficult to remove the pins. However, some more informed and cautious athletes tend to use new spikes after every race.

The common shoe spikes are:

The Pyramid Spike: they are ideal for races in the cross country, where there is plenty of grass and dirt ( some can even use them to play soccer). However, many sprinters opt for these type only when they are not permitted to use needle spikes. They are known to have good durability and their size is 1/4 inch.

The Needle Spike: unlike the pyramid ones, these ones offer great traction and can be used in tracks that are all weather. They come in 3/16 inch size.

The Christmas tree Spike: this type is a hybrid mix of the other two spikes (pyramid and needle). Sprinters like using them most even though some tracks do not allow their use.  The 1/4 inch spike is quite something, however you have to check the set meet rules before using them in a race.

When you think about spike replacement make sure you have a spike wrench. This tool is very helpful in putting in and pulling out the spikes.


Other Important Factors Worth Considering


Many manufacturers have frequent new models of  spikes  being released every year, however they do not vary much in their designs. In case the sports gears store has stock of the spikes that were released in the previous years, they will probably be cheaper than the more recent models.Another option of saving money is to buy spikes that are  secondhand, but you need to be very cautious and keen when gong for this option as buying used spikes can subject an athlete to possible injury.

But then just because you want something affordable doesn’t mean you should not consider other important factors like comfort, usability and durability of the shoes. Additional features from new models might also prove to be more preferable if it suits your running goals. The last thing you need to do is waste your time and money on shoes that will not help you become a better athlete.

With Socks/ Without Socks

Do you plan to wear the shoes with socks or not. Some athletes prefer wearing running spikes with socks to avoid potential issues with blisters or friction burns and  claim that if you wear the  track spikes minus socks you will have a much better feel of the track hence making your  feet to lock inside  the shoes in a much better way.

The personal preference of not wearing  socks is inconsequential. However, it’s important  to decide on whether you will be wearing your spikes without socks or you will be having your socks on too, before focusing on the factor of getting the right size. This is because socks have the ability to change the fitness of the shoe no matter how thin they are. Sporting stores tend to have examples  ultra-thin socks made of  nylons in store some for fitting on with footwear minus socks. The socks you intend to wear while racing, should be the same ones you carry to your fitting experience.

Number of Spike Count

A spike plate  found in track spikes most probably have a spike count (which is the number spike pins) this depends on the intended use of the shoe/ sneaker. Sprinting spikes have the highest number allowed (8 spikes). Distance spikes normally have fewer spikes ranging from 5 to 7. Track spikes shouldn’t be  worn before inserting blanks first or the spike-pins .

The Different Varieties of Trainers for Runners

There are many factors that many buyers look at when shopping fir trainers. It goes beyond just getting a design that is appealing. What many buyers don’t know is that there are different trainers meant for different kind of running styles. these trainers are differentiated by their structure and performance.

The Motion-Control type of running Shoes: trainers meant for runners who have over pronation (both moderately and severe pronation). They give maximum rear control of the foot while offering the arch extra support. heavier runners with lower arches will find these shoes to be beneficial for their running workouts. They are also durable with abundant support.

The Cushioned type of running Shoes: go for this trainer if you are looking for plenty of cushioning around the midsole part. They also very little arch support. People with over pronation should keep off this type of trainers since it will worsen the condition. Suitable for runners who have high arches ( though can be used also with those with moderate arches)

The Performance Training type of running Shoes: functions well both as a training shoe and a racing shoe. they are light weight with amazing balance. They are the type of shoes that can fit into any sporting activity. Neutral pronators will find these trainers to be the best deal for them. Its a favorite among athletes who are mid distance racers. Its recommended that an athlete to have at least a pair of this trainer.

The Racing type of  Running Shoes: worn on the day of racing, it has features that are supposed to make the runner win the race. The main features for this trainer are : light weigh, very fast, amazing comfort. In case you use it when practicing make sure you do not get any foot injuries.

The Stability type of running  Shoes: They have good cushioning especially at the midsole, if you have arch support that is medial then these are the best trainers for you. They offer extra support and have good durability.  Recommended for neutral pronators also.

As far as track shoes are concerned, sprint spikes are very lightweight. A more elite sprinter would use a spike with less of a heel.  Sprinters are taught to run on their toes because a “heel to toe” running style is not as explosive. Be cautious, sprinter spikes can easily injure a beginner athlete if the athlete is not accustomed to running on their toes for the entire race.  If you are a novice runner, it is highly recommended that you purchase a spike, which has a more prominent sole for safety concerns.  Middle distance spikes and distance spikes are normally a stiffer shoe and fit more comfortably to the foot.  They indeed have more of a sole and tend to be a little heavier than the sprinting shoes.



Below we have compiled some of the questions that are frequently asked with regards to running shoes for fields and tracks. The questions have detailed answer that will guide in making a good purchase with regards to track running shoes.

Q. What the purpose of running spikes ?

A. Track or Running spikes are used to offer a snug fit to the foot while also offering the foot the maximum amount of control and natural movement. This means that regardless of the terrain the shoes will still be very comfortable and stable. Fit determines how comfortable you will, bearing in mind running spikes are meant for extra rough terrain, it’s important that the most perfect fit is attained at all cost.

Q. Can you use the cross country spike for track?

A. Yes, you can comfortably use the cross country spike on a normal running track. This because the studs are meant and designed  to survive very tough surfaces and running terrains.  Runners should take caution when they put on the track spikes and use them when going for your cross country run. This is because the midsole of the shoes will be damaged much faster. You will find most professional runners have a wide variety of shoes for the various cross country races they go to.

Q. Do I need to get special spikes for my sprint race and for my middle distance running?

A. Many runners who take part in the 400 meters and 800 meters  races, are always faced with a dilemma between being a runner ( sprinter) or the the middle distance runner instead.  runners will find themselves at a crossroads between being a sprinter and a middle-distance runner. As a runner you will need spikes or studs that have a fair amount of aggressiveness so that the sneaker can recoil and hence propel you without any compromise. The two races are not the same and will need fairly different running styles that is why for the sprint race you will have to get a different pair of studs than the one you will be using in your middle distance race. Just grab two different pairs for the two races.

Q. Whats the ideal number of spikes/ studs that i need to have?

A. Spikes or studs refer to actual pins that are  wrenched  into the shoe’s outsole. For a shorter running event you will need more spikes in your outsole. For instance, athletes who are involved in sprinting tend to use a minimum of 6 spikes and a maximum of 10 spikes.  The long distance runners on the other hand need fewer spikes, mostly the number ranges from 4 to 6, the studs are worn in order to shave the weight of the shoe off.  The middle distance runners need the average number of 6 studs. Remember that every pair of shoes you buy come with fixed numbers of studs that are fixed on the plate (underneath your forefoot). But due to personal preferences of different runners there is no rule that dictates the number of spikes you have on your outsole, the only guideline is comfort and efficiency. Removing the studs may cause less traction.

Q.What should one look for when shopping for a running sneaker?

When shopping for trainers, regardless of the type of sport you are involved then you should first look for comfortability and fit. But when shopping for running sneakers you will need to look for more factors like the flexibility of the shoes, the level of cushioning, does the shoes offer enough stability, the energy return and lastly the general weight of the shoe. A runner should also look at their style of running, the terrain to be covered, the distance of the run and also their experience in learning ( elite, beginners or  more advanced runners).

Q. I don’t have an idea on the type of pins to put on my new trainers?

A. In case you are worried about what type of pins/ spikes to use in your race the best option would be to consult with your coach.  You can also do a little research on your own, looking at the specific type of running you compete in.

Q. What are the types of spike pins/ studs sizes?

A.Each track or field shoes has spike pins on the bottom part of the shoes. These spike pins or studs, come in not so many sizes.

  • The 6mm pins- They are the best for most  dry terrain, field or track running taking place in the cross-country. They are ideal for an athletic track as most of these tracks or centers  will not allow athletes to use pins that are longer  than this.
  • The 9mm pins- They are good for those involved in the cross-country racing, they give a very good grip when the running terrain is wet and muddy.
  • The 12mm to 15mm pins – They are perfect for running in steep hills or fell terrain. Like running in a steeple-chaser race, these pins are designed to be used on  difficult terrain hence offer maximum grip.

Q. Why are spikes good for running?

A. The metallic spike on the shoes offer a lightweight traction that is much better on terrains like loose dirt, grass compared too the other trainers. Apart from that the spikes give a much better and firm toe spring  than the normal racing trainers, they force the runner to run on their toes hence faster running.



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