Nike Zoom Superfly Elite

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is an impressive looking track spike that's obviously meant to go fast. The shoe features a full-length metallic spike place with non-removable spikes. The highly advanced track spike was designed using 3D printing technology. The plate is extremely lightweight and rigid to ensure the best possible ride feel and experience. The track spike is unisex, with men's sizing, and comes in six vibrant, attractive colors. The super lightweight speedster of a shoe is appropriate for short track race distances.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent grip
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Snug and supportive fit
  • Breathable
  • Cons
    • Spikes cannot be replaced
    • Some users had issues when going sockless in the shoe
    • Key Features
      The metallic spike plate is likely the first thing that will jump out at you when you take a look at the outsole of the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite. The shiny spike plate is outfitted with eight perma-spikes that cannot be removed, replaced, changed. The spikes provide excellent grip on track surfaces, but the special 3D design ensures the plate and spikes don't add excess weight to the shoe, keeping it light. The design is perfect for sprinting, and many reviewers enthusiastically declared they were the best spikes they had ever run in. The fact that the spikes can't be replaced disappointed some users, but most were so impressed with the high-quality of the shoe and spikes themselves, that they weren't unhappy for very long.

      The spikes are part of the spike plate, so they're higher quality than many removable spikes. It's a tradeoff, but most reviewers had no big issues with it once they appreciated how durable the pins were. The length of the spikes is 6.35mm, but one reviewer did complain that the measurement seemed to be off slightly, which may be problematic if you need the shoes for a competition with strict spike length regulations.

      There's not really a midsole in the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite. You won't find any kind of cushioning in this track shoe since it's meant to provide maximum ground-feel for running fast. When you're running 100m, there's not much of a need to have a lot of padding underfoot and the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite doesn't add on unnecessary cushioning to bring up the overall weight of the shoe. The lack of cushioning isn't a problem, though. For its intended purpose, the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite performs extremely well. Reviewers didn't complain about lack of cushioning since that's not really how this kind of shoe is meant to be constructed.
      The upper of the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite features Flyweave technology. The Flyweave design is ultra-breathable but still manages to provide support. The Dynamic Fit technology also plays a part in providing a locked-down fit. The upper's engineered design also tightens hen a runner speeds up to ensure a consistent level of support. Reviewers agreed that the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite provided a snug and supportive fit that worked well for racing purposes. The shoe, including the upper, is extremely lightweight and durable.

      There are parts of the upper that do tend to rub against the skin. For those who want to go sockless, they should be careful with the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite. Some reviewers mentioned that they experienced hot spots because the inside of the shoe does have some prominent seams that may rub against the skin and create blisters.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is meant for sprinting, so it needs to be lightweight to accommodate faster speeds. It definitely meets that criteria. The unisex track spike weighs 5.35 ounces without sacrificing support, quality, and durability.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite features a Flyweave upper which delivers superior breathability. The upper design moves with the wearer by increasing support as the user's speed increases. But the shoe never feels so tight that ventilation is significantly hampered. Reviewers appreciated the incredibly lightweight shoe and liked that the upper design was strong without feeling suffocating.
      Reviewers really liked how comfortable the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite felt. It's fast, lightweight, and breathes very well. Quite a few reviewers were so impressed by the track spike that they called them the 'best' they had ever raced or run in. The lightweight upper is snug without creating too tight a fit. Some reviewers found the fit a bit narrow, but this construction is important for ensuring a stable secure fit during a short sprint distance races.

      One small drawback of the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is that some reviewers had big issues with going sockless in the shoe. The interior isn't entirely seamless so hot spots were a common complaint. Not every reviewer developed blisters, but it's something that should certainly be mentioned.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is an extremely beautiful track spike that has been designed with attention to detail in mind. The unisex racing shoe comes in six different colors including a rainbow ombre, black, navy, blue, red, and red ombre. Each color is vibrant and attractive. Even the bottom of the shoe has a gorgeous design to it. The spike plate is made of metallic material that seems to glitter in the light. Overall, the 3D printed Nike Zoom Superfly Elite looks like an advanced shoe, meant to propel runners forward.
      Reviewers were pleasantly surprised by how well the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite held up race after race. Normally, track spikes aren't super durable and aren't going to last more than one or two races. For shorter distances races, it's important to have a shoe that provides both durability and value. The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite achieves that. The shoe does have a fairly high price tag but it's made of quality materials that won't break down quickly.

      The downside? The spikes are non-removable. Some users had bigger issues than others with this. The quality build of the spike and spike plates seems to have made up for this for many reviewers. The fact that the spikes are built-in, after all, makes them more durable since they are fused to the plate and aren't prone to breaking off easily.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite offers minimal protection. It's made for short distance track races so there's little need for maximum support. There's no midsole cushioning but the permanent outsole spikes provide excellent traction to keep runners from losing their footing. The upper is lightweight but offers plenty of secure support for ensuring solid, steady footing.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite provides responsiveness thanks to the rigid spike plate design that helps to propel users forward. The specially created design is perfect for sprinting along an indoor track and moving quickly with minimal energy loss. Reviewers who tried the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite agreed that runs in the track spike felt extremely quick and energetic. The spikes underfoot help with this as well. Runners can dig into the track using the perma-spikes and move forward with force.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is surprisingly supportive for such a minimalist track shoe. The Flyweave upper is light and breathable, but it also provides adaptable tension that works for the wearer. As the runner moves, the upper material becomes slightly tighter to ensure the wearer doesn't end up feeling unsupported. Reviewers enjoyed the snug, supportive fit and found the shoe very comfortable.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is made to be used for indoor track races. This is evidenced by the outsole's design. Underfoot there's a metal spike plate with eight permanent spikes that are 6.35mm in length. The spikes are meant to dig into the track surface and help runners move forward using less energy. The result? More bang for your buck during a race.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite does have a fairly high price tag but the majority of reviewers found the price to be worth it. The shoe is comfortable, works as advertised, runs fast, and is quite durable. The design is great for sprinting and really harnesses the wearer's energy. The shoe fits well, too. It also features a very attractive design with high-quality materials, that not only perform great, they look great, too.
      For traction, the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite utilizes eight metal spikes in the forefoot area of the outsole. Wearers get a superior grip on track surfaces thanks to these spikes. The spikes are actually part of the spike plate itself. They can't be removed. Some reviewers were disappointed by this but the shoe performs well enough and the spikes are super durable. There's no need to worry about them needing to be replaced. The high-quality spike plate design is very resistant so it should hold up remarkably well against the forces of impact.

      One reviewer did point out an issue with the spikes that's important to mention. They complained that the advertised spike length was slightly incorrect. Nike advertises the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite as having 6.35mm spikes but the spikes are actually slightly longer. This is problematic, continues the user, especially if you are going to be wearing the spikes for competitions that require specific spike sizing. The fact that the spikes are not removable and cannot be replaced with different sized ones may be a problem for a select few runners.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite actually features limited flexibility. There's a reason for this. Sprinting during a short distance track race requires runners to move extremely efficiently. If a shoe is too flexible, energy can be lost in the transition from heel to toe. With a more rigid design, wearers will be able to enjoy a snappy ride with minimal energy loss. Reviewers appreciated the rigid outsole feel in the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite since it helped immensely with speed build up in short distance races on the track.
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite doesn't offer any kind of regular stability. It's a track racing spike, so if you're expected stability, look elsewhere. What you will get from the shoe is a snug fit that ensures wearers can run confidently without fear of losing their footing. The spikes, too, help to ensure wearers can harness traction for stability (and power).
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is a track spike with a very short drop. The minimal shoes have a slightly higher forefoot because of the presence of the track spikes. The spikes are 6.35mm in length and help wearers dig into the surface they're running on to propel forward. Drop really isn't an issue with a shoe like the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite since wearers should already be well aware that when they're selecting a track spike, they're choosing a minimalist shoe meant for racing.
      Key Features
      - 6.35mm permanent metal spikes
      - Metal spike plate
      - Dynamic Fit technology for locked-down fit and adaptable support
      - Flyweave upper for breathability and support
      - Unisex design with men's sizing
      - Created using 3D printing technology
      - Available in 6 stylish colorways
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is a high-quality track spike with a sleek design. The incredibly advanced 3D print design was a favorite for many reviewers. It's a top choice for sprinters and short distance track runners who want the perfect combination of stylish design, comfort, fit, lightness, durability, support, and grip to move forward with power and strength.

      The shoe has very few drawbacks. Even the fact that the spikes are permanent is not necessarily a negative aspect of the shoe. They are permanent because they're fused into the spike plate. This makes the super durable and less likely to break off than removable spikes. The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is a great choice for anyone looking to add a track spike to their shoe wardrobe. The shoe is entirely worth the price. Investing in a pair of fancy 3D printed track spikes might not magically make you faster but they'll certainly help you along if you've put in the time and work during training.
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