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If you are in the market for a massage gun that melts away stress and tension throughout your entire body, the Addsfit Massage Gun is worth a look!

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Our Conclusion
The Addsfit massage gun provides excellent percussive therapy without draining your bank account. Percussive massage therapy can get pretty pricey, and it leaves many runners a bit reluctant to pull the trigger on many higher-end percussive massage guns. This design from Addsfit provides users with quality percussive massage therapy at a very reasonable price point.

It isn’t quite as powerful as some of the higher-end designs, but for users that need a solid post-workout massage, this is a great choice. If you are training hard for a marathon or a triathlon, the weak stall force won’t quite dig deep enough into your muscles as some of the more powerful guns.

However, if you just need something simple after a casual daily run, or you prefer massages that are on the gentle side, this is a great choice.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Addsfit massage gun worth checking out!
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Pros & Cons
9 speeds - 1700 percussion per minute to 3300
Includes 4 silicone massage heads
Adjustable head is great for hard-to-reach body parts
A full charge lasts up to 10 hours
Affordable price point
Stall force is only 26 pounds
Noisy at high speeds
Key Features
Key Features

Who doesn’t love a good carrying case? The included carrying case nicely organizes the gun and the included attachment, as well as the user manual, and charger. It comes with five different attachments heads that are made from firm silicone, and one that is made from EVA foam.

At first, I had a little bit of trouble popping one of the attachment heads onto the base. However, once I got the knack of how these heads fit onto the massage gun, I was able to quickly swap between the different attachments with ease.

The onboard screen display was a lot brighter than I expected, and it made changing up the speeds incredibly easy. At first, I was a little disappointed that this design only had 5-speed settings, because I’m someone that loves an aggressive filling-rattling massage.

Right out of the gate I set it on setting 4 (which is as high as it goes) and found that the highest setting was a little too intense. For me, the perfect setting was 2 for smaller muscle groups, and 3 for larger muscle groups in my quads and upper back.

I also found that this little device was surprisingly quiet. On the lowest setting, it barely makes any noise at all. When I placed it on a higher setting it became noticeably louder, but not so noisy that I couldn’t hold a conversation while I used it.

I used this device a day after switching up my cross-training routine, and my muscles were insanely sore. Even after 10 minutes of use, I felt noticeably better. It didn’t completely eliminate my muscle soreness, but it certainly reduced my pain and just made my body feel nice and relaxed.

Even when my muscles aren’t sore, I still find myself reaching for this device to ease tension after a long day.


Percussive massage therapy is a great way to melt away tension and stress in your body after a long day at work or at the gym. It’s important to note that while this gun is pretty powerful, it isn’t ideal for runners that need an aggressive massage.

Overall, I would recommend this impressive massage gun for users that need a nice and gentle massage that eases tension and soreness without knocking your fillings out of your face.

The percussion per minute is competitive with the more expensive designs, but the weak stall force and soft silicone heads don’t allow for those deep and often painful massages that some users love. It’s better than vibration therapy, but not quite as effective as higher-end percussive guns.


Included with your massage gun are 5 different silicone heads that are designed to tackle various muscle groups. The heads include a fork, ball, flat head, a textured head that is composed of EVA foam, and a kneading head that is ideal for smaller muscle groups. Each head is composed of skin-friendly silicone that is soft to the touch and won’t irritate your skin.

The downside to these silicon heads is that they are a little too soft to really dig deep into your muscle groups. If you love an aggressive massage, you will find that these soft heads don’t quite dig into your muscles the same way that stiff plastic heads can.

It’s also important to note that these heads just pop on without any locking mechanism, so some may move around while in use, or even pop off.


I love a device that comes with a solid carrying case, and the Addsfit Massage Gun really delivers. This device comes with a hardshell case that houses the main unit, the charging cable, and all of the extra massaging heads.

It even has a zippered section that stores your user’s manual as well as tips on how to benefit from the different styles of heads.

The case is quite large and won’t exactly fit inside of your gym bag, but it also comes with a handle that makes it easy to grab and take with you on the go.

Plus, the entire device only weighs in at just over 2.2 pounds. The lighter weight makes it a cinch to use for long massage sessions, and it’s also easy to toss into your gym bag. It’s small and compact, and the lighter weight won’t weigh your gym bag too much.


According to the Addsfit website, this gun is able to provide up to 10 hours of use on a single charge. Of course, your mileage out of the battery will vary depending upon the settings that you set on your device. If you use your gun at the highest setting every time, you likely won’t get as many hours out of your gun.

If you use it on the lowest setting, you could possibly squeeze a little over 10 hours out of a single battery charge.

One of the things that makes this massage gun great is that the display screen keeps you aware of just how much battery life is left in the tank. The battery life indicator has three settings - high, medium, and low.

Once it hits under 40 percent, the batty will only have 2 bars. When you hit under 10 percent, you will get a flashing battery life indicator that lets you know it’s time to give it a quick change.


While this percussive massage gun is very affordable, it is a little lacking in terms of overall power. Stall force indicates how many pounds of pressure you need to apply to the head of a gun to make it come to a complete stop.

This gun has a stall force of just around 26 pounds, which is a little weak but still delivers a great massage. Higher-end guns (that are incredibly expensive) can boast stall forces of around 80 pounds.

This means that you can’t dig into muscles as hard as other high-end massage guns. However, if you prefer a more gentle massage, this is a great choice!

This design also provides users with up to 5 different message settings that range from around 1,700 percussions a minute and top out at about 3,300 percussions per minute. With 5 different speed settings, you can easily find that perfect sweet spot for your tired muscles.

The percussions per minute are very comparable to higher-end massage guns, but the weak stall force limits how deep you can grind into those tired muscle groups.


This massage gun is fairly noisy, especially when used in higher settings. However, due to the slightly weaker motor, it isn’t quite as noisy as some of the more powerful machines.

On a lower setting, it emits around 40 decibels, which allows you to hold a conversation at a reasonable level, or watch TV as you use it.

On higher settings, this device gets a little loud. When placed at the highest setting, it clocks in at around 67 decibels, which is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. It's louder than the lowest setting, but you can still hold a conversation while using this device even at the highest setting.


What I also love about this gun is that it is small and compact, but it is able to be adjusted to hit those hard-to-reach areas. When using this gun at high intensities, it boasts a few shock-absorbing layers built into the handle to keep your grip firm and confident.

It also has an adjustable head that allows you to lengthen the arm to use it on your back. When you are finished, simply adjust the arm to its compact position and pop it into its carrying case.


Percussive massage guns can get quite pricey, but the Addsfit massage gun is a great choice for runners on a budget. While there are other budget-friendly massage guns out there on the market, there are few that offer powerful percussive therapy. When opting for a budget-friendly design, many offer simple vibration rather than punchy percussive therapy.

This design isn’t quite as powerful as other percussive devices out there on the market, but the lower price point makes it worth checking out.

For casual runners that want something that is super effective, easy to use, and a cinch to take with them on the go, this design is worth every penny.

Even on days where I was stuck at a desk all day and didn't have an opportunity to lace up my running shoes, I still found myself reaching for this massage gun.

I love trying out the different heads and really digging into my muscle groups to ease tension and promote relaxation. It's small enough that I like to keep it tucked away on my nightstand to fit in a great massage before hitting the hay!

Plus, I've used it for days and the battery life indication hasn't budged an inch!

For hardcore runners that are training for a marathon and want something very aggressive, this option might be a little less than ideal. The stall force is weaker than most guns, which means that you can’t really dig into sore muscles with a lot of power.

It may be slightly weaker than other designs, but it still does an excellent job of melting away stress. The use of silicon heads is kind to your skin, and they don’t feel as painful as designs that opt for hard plastic.

The best part? It is one of the most affordable percussion massage guns currently out there on the market.
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