Salomon ADV Skin 12

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Editor’s Conclusion
It’s great for trekking or long-distance running due to its impressive storage capacity and comfortable features that feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

It boasts adjustable features that fit like a second skin (hence the name ADV Skin!) and also comes in a wide variety of sizes to ensure that you get the right fit for your frame.

I also love that it comes in basic black or bright and punchy colors that will keep you seen and safe. To me, the best feature of this pack is that it has so many pockets that you will be discovering new places to stash your gear months into wearing this vest.

The large chamber in the back is perfect for larger gear, such as fresh socks, a base layer, rain poncho, or sunscreen. The breast pockets are smaller and are great for gear that you need quick and easy access.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Salomon ADV Skin 12 a great choice for those long days on the trails.

The Salomon ADV Skin 12 is a 12-liter vest that is designed for when you are spending a few days out on the trails.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Offers 12 liters of storage

Plenty of convenient zippered pockets

SensiFit construction hugs your body without rubbing or chafing

Includes 2 soft hydration packs

Offered in a variety of sizing options

Easy to adjust for a customized fit




Hydration packs taste of plastic

Key Features

Key Features


The hallmark of any great running pack is that available storage. The ADV Skin 12 offers runners 12 liters of storage that is perfect for multiple days out there on the trails.

It boasts a back panel zippered pocket that is super stretchy so that you can jam it full of essentials before heading out for a few days. Most runners store things like a few pairs of socks, windbreakers, a base layer, rain ponchos, portable chargers, snacks, and extra water bottles.

The stretchy materials hold your gear snugly in place so that it doesn’t bounce around as you move. There is also a surprising amount of storage in the chest pockets.

The two top pockets are large enough to place a pair of soft hydration packs (included with purchase) for quick and easy access.

The side panels are zippered and are a great place to store essentials such as keys, wallets, cell phones, gels, and other snacks.

These pockets boast mesh panels that run from the front to the side of the vest and can hold quite a bit of gear close to your body.


The Salomon ADV Skin 12 is a pack that is designed for multiple days out there on the trails. If you like to explore and train out in the woods during the weekend, this pack is an excellent companion.

It provides users with plenty of storage for all of their essentials (which includes a change of clothes as well as jackets and charging packs).

Plus, the versatile design is easily able to transition to light training days as well. I would recommend this pack for runners that like to spend a few days out on the trails, and also like to gear up for shorter trips.

If you are a daytime runner and don’t need a lot of extra gear to come along for the ride, I would recommend the Salomon ADV Skin 5.

This pack doesn’t offer the same amount of storage as the ADV Skin 12, but for daytime runners, this extra storage isn’t needed.


This pack is made from a blend of polyamide, polyester, and elastane for a durable yet comfortable fit. The back panel is composed of 100 percent polyester which helps to wick away sweat and moisture to keep you cool and dry.

This breathable mesh material also grips your clothing to help lock it in place so that it won’t bounce around as you run.

The body of this pack is composed of a blend of polyamide and elastane. The polyamide helps to wick away moisture, dries quickly, and is a cinch to wide down.

The added elastane makes this pack super-stretchy to contour to the shape of your body, as well as allows you to squeeze in as much gear as you can into this pack.

It’s important to note that the materials used for this vest aren’t exactly washing machine friendly. To prevent these materials from shrinking or losing durability, I suggest hand-washing your pack in cool water with a mild detergent after your outdoor adventures.

Once washed, hang it in a well-ventilated area. The good news is that these lightweight and breathable materials dry very quickly so you can get back out there sooner.


Salomon knows that for ultimate comfort, your vest needs to fit your body like a glove. While other vests are offered as one-size-fits-all, the ADV Skin 12 comes in a variety of different sizing options. Available sizes include extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

If you aren’t quite sure what size you need, be sure to consult Salomon’s sizing chart. This chart uses the measurements of your chest to determine the right size for your body type.

This pack offers runners up to 12 liters of storage, which is perfect for multiple days out on the trails.

However, if you want something a little smaller for light day trips, the ADV Skin series also comes in 5 liters of storage as well. This smaller storage pack also clocks in at a slightly smaller price point as well.


The fit of this pack is like a dream! It is constructed with Salomon’s SensiFit technology, which is something that we have seen in many Salomon running shoes. In running shoes, Sensifit contours to the same of your foot and only gets better with every run.

The same can be said for the construction of this hydration pack. The SensiFit design offers runners just a little bit of padding throughout the pack that contours to your body and feels like a second skin.

What I also love about the construction of this pack is that the close-to-the-body fit prevents rubbing and chafing. No matter how full you fill your pack, it will stay locked in place against your body.

Rubbing often occurs when the pack bounces with each and every step. The unique construction of this vest cinches tightly to your body and prevents irritating bouncing.


One of the downsides to this vest is that it comes in at a pretty steep price point that is similar to a good pair of Salomon running shoes.

While it may be fairly expensive, it is likely the last running pack that you will ever need to buy. It is composed of materials that hold up well over years of continued use, and the versatile design is great for long hikes in the woods that span a few days, or short adventures around the neighborhood.

If you feel that the ADV Skin 12 is just slightly outside of your budget, you have options. The ADV Skin 5 offers much less storage than the 12 liters, but it also comes in at a slightly more affordable price point.

It’s important to note that the ADV Skin 5 may be more affordable, but it isn’t a great option to take when out on the trails for multiple days due to its limited storage capacity.

Additional Features

Additional Features

What I also like about this pack is that it comes with a few extra features that are super helpful when out on the trails.

As I mentioned before, this pack comes with a set of soft hydration packs for easy access. These packs boast a soft plastic frame that collapses to be completely flat once all of the water is gone, which will help keep your pack lightweight as well as provide more room for extra gear.

The downside of these packs is that there are quite a few previous users that found that even after aggressive washing, the water inside of the packs has a faint plastic taste.

This pack also has a set of loops along the base of the pack that makes it easy to pop on extra gear. Many users like to use the loops at the bottom of their vest to pop on a pair of trekking poles.

These loops hold your poles at a slight angle that is out of the way and won’t bump up against your body with each and every step.


If you are on the hunt for a great running pack that is perfect for a few days exploring the wilderness, the Salomon ADV Skin 12 is a great option.

Sure, it may cost quite a bit more than budget-friendly designs out there on the market, but I feel that it is well worth every penny.

The SensiFit design of the pack contours to your body and it just gets more comfortable with each and every adventure.

Plus, the massive amount of storage allows to you prepare for just about anything.