Best Basketball Shorts Reviewed & Rated for Quality


Some of us may have been disappointed with the attire we wear during training and in the competitions. Over the years, establishments have come up with varied designs of basketball shorts ranging from the fitting types to the baggy designs to suit the needs of athletes and runners. Nevertheless, a majority of consumers prefer the ones that hang slightly below the knee as such baggy attires give them the confidence they need in overseeing to their daily practice and competitions.

  • Champion
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Draw String Closure
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Russel Athletic
  • Russel Athletic
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mesh Construction
  • Price: See Here
  • Adidas
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Elastic Waistline
  • Price: See Here

Fortunately, the high-quality gear used for sports that are available on the market today are affordable and available in different designs. From the outlook, you would think that these products look the same. The truth is that the shorts exist in different designs and colors. However, the fits and materials used in designing most of these products are more or else the same. Nevertheless, when you find out more about the process of manufacturing the training gear and the materials used in designing these products you would learn the difference between quality products and the poor quality products. In this review, we are going to look at a few examples athletes and runners could choose from depending on what they like in such items.


10 Best Basketball Shorts


1. Champion

Champion shorts exist in a variety of designs depending on the material used in making them. For instance, consumers could come across the designs that are made of pure cotton or the designs that are partly cotton and partly polyester. Whatever the case, cotton usually takes up the greatest proportion of these types of gear. This only means that such types would guarantee consumers maximum comfort during training or when running.
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Drawstring Closure

The drawstring closure integrated as part of the design helps in ensuring that consumers get the proper fit with all the gear they buy. This is so that even when you add weight or increase in waist size all you have to do is adjust the waistline using the drawstring to ensure that the cloth fits proportionally to your body.

Elastic Waistband

Other than, the amazing logo that is found on the left hem, this particular brand has an elastic waistband. The waistband aids in ensuring that the products consumers buy properly fit and will stretch accordingly based on the consumer’s body movements during the game. The elasticity of the waistband also helps minimize the likelihood of the wearer experiencing abrasions when gaming or training.

Cost and Value

This product comes in a range of prices from the affordable types to the costly designs. This makes it possible for individuals to find it easy to find a suitable pair that would serve their individual needs and still be within their budget. They can easily be cleaned with the washing machine. It is adjustable due to the elastic waistband and it has side pockets that consumers could use if need be. The line of stitching on the inside is well fitted for maximum durability. This feature guarantees the consumers durability, warmth and comfort. If you have minimal options, this is a good pair to start with, in your training and competitions.

It has an elastic waistband that makes it a proper fit

The drawstring closure helps you fasten it thus securing it on the body something that would increase the confidence of the player during the game and in training

It has side storage pockets

Nine-inch inseam for durability and improved comfort


Fabric shrinks after a wash

Based on other consumers’ observations, the waistband is rough and uncomfortable

2. Russel Athletic

Russel Athletic is made of pure Cationic Polyester material. However, its lining is designed with 100% polyester material. The material makes this pair comfortable and long-lasting.
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Breathable Mesh Construction

The pair is made with a mesh design that provides great ventilation thus increasing the degree of comfort enjoyed by the consumer during use. You would be able to wear it for a prolonged duration without feeling the need to change into a different attire.

Dri-Power Technology

This particular feature used in developing the structure helps to drain away excess moisture to keep your body dry and cool at the same time. This guarantees maximum comfort during workouts and during the competitions.

Cost and Value

For its price, I could say this product is worth buying. Further, it has an internal drawcord as well as an elastic waistband that makes this pair an adjustable fit. The side pockets on the short would help consumers keep their small valuable items if need be which is more than any person would bargain for.

The breathable mesh construction improves ventilation thus enhancing comfort

Dri-Power technology would help keep the consumer dry and cool despite how long the consumer would have them on or the intensity of the workouts

The drawcord and elastic waistband makes this pair an adjustable fit

The side pockets are convenient storage places for small essential items


Strings come off way too easy

The structure of the apparel does not appeal to the eye, as some consumers would expect

3. Adidas

This Adidas brand has a triangle shaped logo at the hem labeled Adidas. The good reputation of Adidas products over the past years gives this product the added advantage of being purchased compared to other brands that have not yet developed any reputation to win the hearts and minds of final consumers.
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Elastic Waistline

The pair has an elastic waistline that improves how well it fits. Other than the elastic waistline, the pair has a drawcord that the player can conveniently use to secure it on the waist. This helps in boosting the confidence of the player. Subsequently, the performance of the player would equally increase.

Climalite Fabric

The fabric used to design the inner lining of this pair absorbs sweat at a tremendous rate to help keep the user cool and dry.

Cost and Value

This product is available in a variety of prices from the slightly priced designs to its designs that would cost you a good fortune. If you are the consumer, who loves Adidas products then, this type of short is right for you. Besides, it is made of polyester material assures you of the product’s durability and outstanding value.

It has an elastic waistline and a drawcord

The climalite fabric technology absorbs sweat at a tremendous rate to keep your skin dry

Side pockets are convenient storage locations

It is designed with pure polyester material with a 12-inch inseam for improved comfort


It has very shallow pockets

4. ChoiceApparel

4. ChoiceApparel
You could comfortably clean this pair on the washing machine and it has extra features to improve its quality design. Moreover, a runner is guaranteed a comfortable fit to maximize their performance on the track
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Two-side Pockets

The two pockets on the sides are convenient location individuals could use to store their valuables such as the phone and wallet. The pockets are deep enough to securely keep the items you fit in your pockets.

Functional Drawstring

This feature on helps consumers fasten their pair so that when you play, you would not have to worry about your gear falling off at a time when you would least expect such an embarrassing moment to occur. The drawstring also enables consumers to comfortably use their pair after they lose weight or gain weight. Whichever the case, this pair would still be a proper fit.

Cost and Value

This is a good quality pair to buy for its price. The pure polyester material used in designing ChoiceApparel ensures that the consumer enjoys maximum comfort and durability. The elastic waistband would help ensure that the pair would not be too tight and neither would it be too loose for the player.

Elastic waistband ensures that it is not too tight or too loose

Polyester material makes it durable and a comfortable wear

The drawstring secures it on the waist

The two pockets are convenient storage locations for valuable items


Sizes run very small for people with large body sizes

5. Tesla

5. Tesla
Tesla Mens has very deep pockets that allow consumers to keep their essentials during a workout. You would be able to comfortably carry your phone or wallet along when you go out training or jogging all thanks to the side pockets incorporated as part of this pair’s design.
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Soft and Smooth Mesh

The apparel’s design allows good air circulation to help keep the consumer cool. The material has a good moisture absorption capability that makes it dry quickly in situations whereby individuals sweat uncontrollably when gaming or training. Moreover, it is designed using an extra soft material that makes it extensively comfortable wear.

HyperDri Design

The fabric material used in designing the inside of the pair is soft on the skin and has a very lightweight which makes it very convenient as it allows the ease of movement for the player. The pair would help improve your level of performance during workouts and in the gym.

Cost and Value

This reasonably priced pair comes with a lot of benefits that would leave the consumer with no regrets after making a purchase. Its deep side pockets are good storage points for essential items. The material used to design HyperDri help safeguards the skin of the consumer from the dire effects of ultraviolet rays when exposed to the strong sunlight. If you value your health and want what would be best for you during running and workouts then, this is the best pair you could ever buy.

The material protects the skin from the dangers of ultraviolet rays

The material is soft and smooth with a mesh that improves air circulation thus enhancing comfort

Deep side pockets act as good storage points

It is lightweight and well designed to allow free movement of the body


Runs small for individuals with huge bodies

6. TopTie

6. TopTie
Top Tie is well designed to suit the needs of the athlete to guarantee comfort and maintenance. The pair is perfectly knit to have both moisture control and durability to improve its overall value and design.
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Viscose Knit Polyester

The pair is designed with pure viscose knit polyester material, which reassures consumers improved comfort and durability. The inside of the gear has a mesh design that improves air circulation while draining off excess moisture when you play or workout.

Smart Moisture Control

The smart moisture control design of the shorts help keep your skin dry thus improving the player’s performance by providing the best conditions for maximum productivity.

Cost and Value

This is a reasonably priced pair when you look at its value. The fabric material used in designing this pair is light and loose enough to enable the player to freely move the body. Consequently, at no time would this attire interfere with your performance in the game. The waistband is made with a durable material and it has an internal drawstring that the player could use to adjust its waistline for a perfect fit. The internal white lining helps prevent it from being a see-through.

It is affordable

The white inner lining makes it less of a see through

Its smart moisture control technology helps keep consumers dry and comfortable

The viscose knit polyester material used to construct it promises the consumer durability and comfort


It has no pockets

Some consumers may consider it overpriced for the quality that they get


Nike basketball short is made of a pure polyester material, which improves the consumers’ appearance while guaranteeing great comfort during play. Its stylish look makes it one of the most preferred brands to most runners.
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Dri-FIT Technology

This form of technology helps in ascertaining that the players stay dry and comfortable throughout their training and competitions. Any gear designed with this particular technology absorbs the sweat generated by the body during vigorous exercises or a rigorous competition to leave the area of the body covered dry and cool at all times.

Performance Fit

This wear is accurately cut right above the knee area to make it less bulky while ensuring that it does not hinder the consumer’s mobility. The player has to be able to move freely without the gear that he or she has on hindering the ease of movement. Therefore, this pair is perfect for the players who wish to enhance their performance.

Cost and Value

This pair may be slightly overpriced when compared to other designs that are available on the market. However, the value would convince any potential buyer to go for this option. For one, they have convenient storage pockets on the sides. It fits perfectly and does not hinder the movement of the player in any way. It comes with an elaborate trademark on the left leg that consumers cannot miss noticing when making a purchase. The fact that it keeps the wearer dry even in intense exercising activities or games should be enough to convince players who sweat intensively to fetch for one from the stores. Besides, this product would last you years of use.

It is made of a pure polyester material that enhances durability

The Dri-FIT technology helps keep players dry and comfortable

It is well designed to reduce its bulk while improving the player’s ease of movement

It is fitted with convenient storage pockets on the sides

It is true to size

It is fashionable


The material is thin and has a cheap feeling. It would not keep your thighs warm when appropriate.

8. Spalding

8. Spalding
The Spalding pair would be a perfect fit for individuals with varied body sizes and waist sizes. The drawcord is elastic to make it easy for the consumer to close and open thus making it a comfortable fit.
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Performance and Comfort

This pair would most definitely keep up with your kind of lifestyle as it adjusts well with your body movement to improve how well you perform in the game.

Easy Care

The pair is an easy fit, and you would not require much to maintain its quality because all you would need is a washing machine to help ensure that it stays clean after use. It is made of a high-quality durable fabric material that assures the consumer of a quality product.

Cost and Value

Regardless of the price at which you would acquire this product, the Spalding has everything that would make any consumer struggle to purchase one. It is made of a durable fabric material and designed with very convenient side pockets for storing the items you would need during your workouts or training.

Convenient storage pockets

Made of durable fabric material

It improves performance and comfort

It is a perfect fit


Runs very small for some consumers

9. Amazon Essentials

9. Amazon Essentials
The Amazon Essential pair can conveniently be washed in the washing machine. The polyester material used in designing them assures consumers of great convenience and comfort. This would mean that a runner would easily have increased comfort that would in turn guarantee improvement on the track.
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Open-hole Mesh

This pair is made ready for players to wear during practicing and during the games. The design would keep you comfortable during your workouts and on the weekends. The pair allows the consumer breathability due to its tricot liner and the open-hole mesh design. You would no longer have to worry about sweat accumulating on your body when training or playing basketball.

Loose Fit

This pair if made in such a way that the consumer is assured comfort throughout the day. It does not hinder the ease of movement for the player. The tiny holes on the garment drain away moisture to keep you cool and dry.

Cost and Value

This reasonably priced pair has convenient side pockets that you could use in keeping your valuable items such as your phone, keys or wallet when training. It has a drawcord that the consumer could use to secure the pair on the waist for improved confidence during the game. This product would surely enhance your level of performance in the field of play.

The manufacturers usually heed to suggestions provided by consumers in ensuring that they improve the quality of their products every year. Therefore, you are assured of good quality.

The open-hole mesh design improve breathability thus enhancing comfort

The drawcord helps consumers secure the pair to their waist

The inner lining has moisture absorption capability thus helping to keep the player cool and dry even during the most intense gaming practice


Design with very thin material that makes them less durable

It slides down from the back easily

10. Starter

10. Starter
This pair of is made of a pure polyester material, which makes them light and easy to maneuver around. It can be washed perfectly using the washing machine and offers a perfect fit to improve a runner’s performance during training.
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Mesh Feature

This feature makes it a relaxed fit. It has a drawcord on the waist that the consumer would use to adjust the waistline to end up with a perfectly fitting wear.


This addition to its construction assists in keeping consumers cool and dry throughout training and in the entire game. No matter how much you sweat, this pair would help keep your comfortable.

Cost and Value

This considerably priced pair does not shrink even after washing it, unlike other brands that shrink after they are washed. This helps ensure that your pair would still fit perfectly no matter how many times you wash it. Moreover, the pair is thick enough to keep the player comfortable and warm throughout the period of play.

DRI-STAR technological design help keep players cool and dry

The inner lining is made of a thick material that would keep you warm and comfortable with good sweat absorption properties

The drawcord on the waist help consumers secure it perfectly on the body

Comfortable and guarantees maximum value for money


It is costly compared to other products


The best thing about playing basketball is that the participants would not be required to invest heavily in purchasing the equipment required when taking part in such a sport. Other than in basketball games, no gear that you would require to engage in the games would cost you much. The pair available on the market is reasonably priced making them attainable by any person with the passion for basketball. Whatever the case what is of utmost importance is for the consumer to buy the right gear that would help improve performance and increase the level of comfort experienced during use. Basketball shorts exist in a variety of sizes and designs so you have to be careful with your selection so that you do not end up with a defective product that would inconvenience you during training and in the competitions.

If at all possible, you should go for the design designed with cotton material as it would guarantee you the greatest level of comfort during use and would last for years before you could look for an alternative pair to replace the one in your possession. Take your time when shopping for your first pair because if you do your selection in a hurry, you may realize later that there was a better alternative for you that you failed to notice. This may mean that you would be forced to dig into your pockets to buy another pair because the one you may have in your possession does not serve your needs in the way that the alternate one you intend to buy would meet your needs. The only way you would avoid such kinds of disappointments is by inquiring with people who have used such products about what they think is the best gear. Online reviews would also go a long way in lessening your efforts to find the right sports attire for you.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Basketball Shorts


Basketball shorts are designed with the same fabric as the one used in designing the jersey tops. Nevertheless, the most important criteria to consider when selecting the best pair is finding one that is neither too loose nor too snug. You should also consider the size you buy so that you purchase the perfect fit.

Inner Lining

The best type of the apparel is one fitted with an inner lining that would effectively absorb sweat during practice and competitions. The inner lining of a quality pair would also help prevent abrasions that may be experienced during rigorous activities of the day.

Rubber Waistband

For a proper fit, and maximum comfort during training, you need a pair with an elastic waistband. However, rubber waistband on any pair you buy should not be too tight as it may lead to discomfort and consistent abrasions when the body moves constantly during the time of play. If you can, try out different sizes to find what you would be comfortable in when you game. Do not just acquire a product just because it is within your budget or that it looks nice, but what you would be comfortable wearing. This is because your level of performance would be determined by the degree of comfort you would experience with the attire you wear.


A good pair of basketball shorts should be long enough to reach the kneecaps. It is advisable for individuals to acquire longer ones because of some of the benefits that accrue with having such types of attires. This is because with a long pair, you would hardly experience muscle cramps during the game or when training. The long pair also helps keep the thigh area warm during the game and when training. For enhanced comfort, ensure that you buy yourself a pair that reaches the kneecaps.


Basketball shorts are designed with different materials. You may purchase one that is made of polyester material or cotton. Some consumers may prefer a given pair made of a combination of different materials. Whatever your choice would be, ensure that the ones you select have more advantages than disadvantages. It is important to note that a perfect design is made of cotton material are the most comfortable designs you could ever buy. You would comfortably wear this type of attire outside practice because of its heavy material that guarantees consumers prolonged use. The ones designed with the cotton material would also absorb the consumer’s sweat during practice and in the competitions to leave you feeling cool throughout the activities you engage in. Presently, the majority used in outdoor sports activities are made from polyester material because they improve comfort as well.

However, when compared to others that are made of materials such as cotton, the polyester ones have proven to be less durable. The market is also flooded with apparels made of special materials such as fabric in which case the Dri-Fit type and many more. The special materials offer the consumer additional features such as the ability to keep the skin dry even during the most strenuous exercise. Compared to other material designs such as cotton made ones, the special material pairs tend to be much lighter. In terms of the cost of the special material designs, they may cost more than other designs. However, for these types, you would be provided with guidelines that stipulate how they should be cared for best, which you would have to abide by to the latter if you wish to enjoy the services of these types longer.

Convertible Design

If you want something that would be convenient for you to use on different occasions then you should buy the convertible basketball short design. With this type of wear, you would enjoy the benefits of having pants when you feel like it and having a pair when you see fit. This design has a simple zipper that you could use to transform the attire into your favorite pants and back into the pair you may want. This feature has enabled a majority of sports people to reduce the number of gear they are expected to carry along when going for their training sessions or when they are required to pack their gear in preparation for the competitions. If you love training in both pants and in shorts, this product was designed for you. Make an effort and get one for yourself. If possible, you should make sure that the product you buy has an additional accessory such as tear-away pants. This is so that you could be dressed in your tear pants when you are on reserve waiting for your turn to play or during training. Tearaway pants have snaps on the sides that make them easy to wear and take off when necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials should be part of the best quality pair?

A: Materials used in creating this product range from polyester, cotton to other special materials that help make the difference between one item and another. In other cases, you may end up with a pair that is designed with a combination of different materials. However, the distinctive materials used in designing this product have their merits and demerits. Therefore, you have to choose wisely by ensuring that the item you buy is what works best for you. The advantages of the product should definitely exceed its demerits.

Q: What size is preferable?

A: The best attire for you is the one that would properly fit and leave you comfortable throughout your time of use. The sizes of these products would vary from one manufacturer to another. Nonetheless, the variety of sizes that you would come across during your shopping spree include the small-sized ones that have a waist size of 28-30 inches, medium size designs with a waist size of 32-35 inches, the large size ranges from 36-38 inches, and extra large designs are 40-42 inches wide on the waist area.

Nevertheless, the extra large designs range from 44 inches to 46 inches on the waistline. The different sizes exist to meet the divergent needs of final consumers. Therefore, when choosing this type of attire ensures that you pick one that is right for you based on your waist size. You should keep in mind that the women’s basketball shorts might be sized similarly to the ones outlined above or differently because of the difference in their body shape compared to men’s body structure.

Q: What types of designs exist on the market?

A: Most are just like any average pair you may in your possession with a few modifications made. However, the best ones for practice sessions are the ones designed with side pockets. A good practice and competition gear are one with an elastic waistband that would help ensure that it is a perfect fit. Alternatively, you could acquire one with a drawstring if you wish to have a tight fit when training or taking part in the competitions.

Q: How much do these products cost?

A: The reasonably priced pair would cost you an estimated 20 dollars or less. However, if you want a quality and durable basketball short then you should be willing to spare toughly 40 dollars or more. You should buy what falls within your budget and a product that would meet your needs just make sure you do not overstretch your budget when making a purchase.

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