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There is no way around it, losing weight and dropping some of your chunkiness takes work.  It is 80% your diet and what you put into your body. Genes also play a role in how you gain and lose weight.  Then there is the other 20% and that is exercise. You lose weight in the kitchen and you shape your body in the gym. So what are you to when you have hit a plateau or need something to pick up your motivation for making the necessary changes that will help you meet your weight and physique goals?  Many people turn to fat burners to get their metabolism revved up and to get that extra boost.

Hardbody Supplements
  • Hardbody Supplements
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stimulant-free
  • Price: See Here
Old School Labs
  • Old School Labs
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Preserves muscle mass
  • Price: See Here
  • Evlution
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Improved mental focus
  • Price: See Here

Manufacturers are looking to offer more versatility in their products than just melting extra pounds off. The full support range of incorporating ingredients that also increase energy, elevate mood, and improve concentration are also being used.  Additionally, some brands use carbohydrate blockers and appetite suppression to help their consumers get a full and complete support. Because of these added features, and the use of natural ingredient complexes, it is important to understand that these pills are supplements.  They are composed of a plethora of different combinations that are meant to give you that extra something you need.

So when you are looking at different options available, keep a couple of things in mind. Ask yourself, what do you want your supplement to do? Is caffeine or other stimulants things that you have sensitivities to?  Are you on any medications? What is the time investment you are putting into using this supplement? Always make sure that any exercise program or supplementation you are taking is ok and healthy for you to begin. Read all directions and if you ever have a question or are uncertain, consult with your physician.


10 Best Fat Burners


1. Hardbody Supplements Black Label

This is a formidable diet pill that is known as the very most effective Keto pill that you can get. Hardbody Supplements Black Label pill is a natural and stimulant free supplement that was engineered to reduce belly fat, suppress bloating and reduce your cravings. It is a safe option that you can take at any time during the day.
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Metabolism booster

Even without stimulants, this pill has awesome power for boosting your metabolism and getting it burning. You will actually keep up your energy throughout the day with its use. Imagine an unlimited supply of energy and a well-tuned metabolism everyday burning away visceral fat fast. That is a great thought.

Strong ingredients

This mixture is formulated with the strongest, natural ingredients around. The recipe is excellent and it has worked for thousands of people that have used it. Crafted to support thermogenesis in your body, you will burn approximately 20 to 40% more calories when you use this product.

Cost and Value

The fact that you can burn a significant amount of calories by just taking the pills alone is music to the ears of anyone who has a hard time sticking with exercise. With busy schedules, it is easy to feel run down through the week. Increasing your energy level is a great side effect of your boosted metabolism and without stimulants that cause jitters, it is a good combination.

Lifetime warranty

Comes with free ebook on metabolism rehab

Boosts metabolism, aids in supporting thermogenesis

Keto pill

Stimulant free, can take 2-3 times per day


May have to take up to 3 pills per day

Not formulated with any macronutrients

2. Old School Labs

Old School Labs makes an awesome supplement that will really serve you well especially if you are someone who is a regular exerciser and weightlifter. This product is one of the only products that exist today that burns fat, helps with your mood and focus in addition to actually preserving muscle mass.
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Preserves muscle

Everyone knows that quality burning comes from lots of lean muscle mass. Muscle itself burns three times as many calories per pound as fat, so if you are able to build it and keep it, you are already at a fat burning advantage. This pill will retain solid muscle while it helps your body burn fat.


The mission of this company is to formulate the very best, most premium supplements for their consumers. They put an emphasis on using premier ingredients. The people that use their products are serious athletes and active people who demand results. Standing out as trusted, and outstanding brand in an industry that is extremely competitive and bloated with many competing products.

Cost and Value

A great company and a truly terrific product. This is a thermogenic fat burner that will keep your muscle gains strong so you can continue to pump iron and not lose any of your hard work. It will melt those pounds away and give you the shredded look you’d want.

Improves mood and focus

Won’t degrade any muscular gains

Guarantee results or money back

Excellent company and customer service

Is not formulated with anything fake or synthetic


Can have an overpowering effect when taken in conjunction with coffee

If you don’t have a solid supporting diet plan, you may feel dizzy or foggy with use

3. Rockstar Skinny Gal

Rockstar Skinny Gal is a tremendously fast acting pill that disintegrates fat. This is a pill for women, it was even designed by women. You will get a nice detox through your body and the thermogenic nature of this pill will keep your body revved up.
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Suppresses your appetite and blocks those carbs

This pill works on a couple different levels to attack the bulge. Using Garcinia Cambogia allows your appetite to be suppressed, which will definitely help you cut your caloric intake. It also makes use of CLA and White Kidney Bean which work together to stop starches and carbohydrates in your body. All this is, of course, on top of its fast-acting thermogenesis.

Popular choice for the ladies

Women overwhelmingly appreciate and use this product for fast results. It is thoughtfully composed of powerful natural ingredients to let you get skinny ladies stay skinny in the healthiest and safe way. Even with little to moderate effort in changing your diet or adding in exercise you will see the results.

Cost and Value

People are impatient and especially when you are trying to lose weight and slim down you want that done yesterday. This product will get you there by beginning to work on producing results almost immediately. If you have tried workouts, diets and other pills in the past and haven't had the results you’ve desired, this is a good option to check out.

Made for women by women

Natural ingredients

30 Day guarantee or you get your money back

Made in the USA

Made in GMP certified labs so it is safe

Suppresses appetite, blocks carbs and melts fat


May cause you to crave sweets

Some reviewers were given free supplements to write something positive

4. Evlution

4.  Evlution
Here you have a complete supplement that provides the full gamut of features that you will get a tremendous benefit from. Evlution creates a product that addresses the main aspects of weight loss. Increasing energy, suppressing appetite, slimming ability, metabolism support and improved mental focus.
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Ingredients fully transparent

There is no guessing with this one. Regarding what is mixed into the pills, it is clear and upfront. You certainly won’t have to question what you are putting into your body. Made in the U.S.A. in a FDA approved facility, the GMP guidelines are followed and the safety will be there with this pill.

B Vitamin Complex

Vitamin B3, B6 B12 and Folic Acid round out this pill. Together, these B Vitamins provide for extra support for cellular energy production. They are also important for increasing efficiency and speed with your metabolism.

Cost and Value

This is a solid product that makes use of many powerful ingredients found in nature. It also makes use of CLA, which can often be overlooked in the weight loss arena. CLA has researched and proven effects on weight loss.

Made with caffeine

Incorporates bioprene to boost bioavailability of additional supplements

L-tyrosine for metabolism support

Huperzia Serrata for increased mental focus and concentration

Coleus extract supplies forskolin and is complimented well by caffeine



Can upset stomach if taken without food

Green tea and coffee combination maybe sensitive for people that have caffeine issues

5. Simply Health

5.  Simply Health
Simply Health makes a scientifically formulated thermogenic burner that is ideal for both men and women. It uses CLA for your metabolism, L-Carnitine for performance, and Garcinia cambogia extract for extra metabolism and athletic performance support.
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This stuff works, and you will appreciate the intense effects it will have towards helping you meet your goals. When used alongside a workout routine you will see the pounds melt off. Get more definition in that hard to target area like your midsection. It will improve your body fat reduction abilities and help you get that extra edge in slimming down.

Vegetable tablets

If you are looking for a pill to compliment a vegetable-based lifestyle and diet, this is the one. It is also dairy free, and a full vegetable capsule. As a thermogenic burner, it is will help you lose weight with natural, non-GMO capsules. There are no extra additives that would make you uncomfortable taking this product.

Cost and Value

This product is very easy to use, just follow the directions which are clearly written. It will do exactly what it promises to do. It is a terrific aid in burning fat and boosting your metabolism. The all natural vegetable based capsule’s profile is well balanced.


Gluten free

Vegetable capsules

Creatine and Glutamine mixed in

2 capsules in the morning and two in the evening

Made in FDA approved facility


Not a good option if you want appetite suppression

Gelatin bovine capsules

6. Prometheus Wellness LLC CLA Pro

6.  Prometheus Wellness LLC CLA Pro
Prometheus Wellness LLC uses intense research-backed ingredients to build a powerful supplement. The ingredients work, and they are formulated to be safe. At two capsules twice a day, it is very easy to swallow these softgels.
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Formulated with pure, high-quality CLA safflower oil, this supplement comes in the form of an easy to swallow softgel. The high potency dose will help you directly target your midsection and that tough to rid belly fat. Perfect for both men and women to get reduce those love handles.


Each softgel is 1000 mg of 80% CLA. Which translates to each softgel having 800 mg of potent CLA to help you combat the fat. Since the daily recommended dose of CLA is 3.2 grams per day, you would take in only four capsules each day.

Cost and Value

CLA supplements generally get great reviews. It helps your motivation for working out when you do it and actually feel like you are getting the boost you need towards losing weight. When you are able to make a dent in the belly fat, that helps immensely because this is one of the hardest to target areas.

Good for weight loss, immune system support, and fat burning

Formulated in the USA

Made in GMP certified facility

Money back guarantee

Ingredients aren’t full of additives and fillers that other products use


Made with gelatin

Fills up your stomach

7. AbCuts Enhanced

7.  AbCuts Enhanced
Made to help you get to your body composition goals faster, AbCuts Enhanced will help you lose weight. The formula has been revised and improved upon. With a 95% concentration of CLA it also is made with a full serving of 500 mg of fish oil for extra healthy benefits.
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Healthy mixture

This type uses very potent CLA to help you lose weight and shed pounds, but it is also formulated with other top quality, healthy ingredients. 500 mg of fish oil that will help with your mood, support your bone strength and is helpful to better cholesterol levels. It also has other essential fats such as Flaxseed and Avocado oils in addition to Vitamin D and E. These vitamins are crucial to supporting cognitive health.

Taking control of your body

If you want to finally take your body and turn it into the most lean and toned physique of your life, this pill can help. It can also help with your overall health, and may support normalizing blood pressure, improving the quality of your sleep, boosting your mood and helping you fight lethargy and increase your energy levels.

Cost and Value

A powerful supplement for decreasing body mass made with proven CLA to support weight reduction. It is also comprised of many other health-promoting ingredients. This pill is very easy to swallow, and is engineered to help you tone, burn and sculpt your body.

Stimulant free

Made with essential fatty acids

Incorporates powerful CLA

Made in softgel form

4 softgels a day

Minimal side effects


May burp up fish oil taste

Works very slowly

8. Applied Nutrition Green Tea Extract

8.  Applied Nutrition Green Tea Extract
One of the most notable and popular ingredients you can get today has to do with green tea. Green Tea Extract makes a burner that capitalizes on all the proven effectiveness of EGCG and the other components in green tea that makes it so compelling.
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This product can increase your energy levels which will help you be more active and engage better in exercise which will result in improved fat burning. The phytonutrients will aid in the improved health impact and help with that extra boost of energy.


Supplementation can get fairly pricey especially when you are having to replenish every month or sometimes twice a month. For those who want the extra energy edge but are on a budget, this is an option that will be more economical for you.

Cost and Value

The mixture of ingredients has proven abilities to help with weight loss and energy support. There are also antioxidants and nutrients that will be a benefit for overall health. The price range for these ingredients are affordable for most, so it is overall worth the time in trying if you want to increase your stamina and lose weight.

EGCG potent antioxidant

Asian ginseng extract, holy basil extract, Eleuthero powder, schisandra powder and mate powder

Formulated with caffeine

Loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients to protect from free radicals in the body

Great for energy boost


Not great for people with heart issues

Doesn’t block carbs

9. Cobra Labs The Ripper

9.  Cobra Labs The Ripper
Cobra Labs The Ripper is a great tasting powder that you can mix for yummy drinks. The incredibly intelligent ingredient profile makes this an awesome supplement. The amount of ingredients and the quality of them is put together nicely. There is everything you’d want or need in an energy and weight loss drink and then some to help you really get the best results from your hard work in the gym.
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Excellent partner for your workouts

Use this product before you are ready to get your workout in and you will get an amazing boost. Your efficiency will increase and your endurance to get through rough sets will improve. If you are lagging during the day you can even use this for a quick pick me up.

Different forms

This product performs well and can give you that extra energy you need. You can either have the tub with the powder or get individual packs. The individual packs are better for putting into a water bottle but the tub is easier to store and use.

Cost and Value

For anyone who is looking to gain energy and get a boost, this is a nice product to try. It has a terrific taste and it mixes well with water for a great sports drink. It will give you that extra vitality, you can erase the coffee from your regime.

Start drinking on an empty stomach to assess tolerance

Can add second scoop

Has caffeine

Thermogenic properties

Delicious taste

Fast shipping


Does not contain creatine

If left too long on the shelf it becomes clumpy

10. TwinLab Ripped Fuel Extreme

10.  TwinLab Ripped Fuel Extreme
This advanced weight loss and burner uses an herbal concoction to achieve its results. TwinLab Ripped Fuel Extreme will give your body that extra push when you feel like you can’t keep steaming along.
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Herbal mix

This product uses Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine and Cocoa. The combination of these herbs has been researched and tested to be proven, powerful sources of energy. There is also a proprietary ingredient that the company uses in conjunction with these herbs to better target unwanted fat.

Lots of benefits

The herbal mix used will definitely help you with increasing your energy. That same blend will also help with providing you increase alertness and concentration. The best thing for lifters is that this product won’t hurt muscle gains, it will better aid muscle definition.

Cost and Value

This product will give you just the right amount of energy without all the jitters you may have experienced with other stimulant based supplements. A smart herbal blend offers a lot of support for energy, fat burning as well as mental stimulation.

Uses green tea and caffeine

Cocoa Seed Extract and Cayenne Fruit

Take two capsules twice daily

Fast shipping

Efficient burning abilities


No appetite suppression

Use by date on bottle to ensure freshness in the herbs

There are so many options on the market today. It is easy to get sucked into seeing those six pack abs and svelte physiques in all the media and advertising materials and be tempted to jump right in.  If you are going to get your best results it is extremely important that you still put in the hard work. The exercise and diet need to be on point, depending on how intense the change you are looking for, or at least make moderate changes that can help your body reshape naturally.  Once that is done, an added supplement to help you reach the finish line is the perfect time to be incorporated into your diet and routine. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the choices. There is definitely a product that will work best for you.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Fat Burners

What do you want the supplement to do for you

With so many options on the market, there also comes so many formulations and mixtures or recipes that are designed to achieve various purposes.  If you are a bodybuilder or a strength trainer, then you want to make sure that the option you pick has the ability to preserve muscle and not cause any losses in growth.  Some people have a hard time taking in carbohydrates that the help of a carb blocker would be specifically valuable to them. Are you looking to burn a lot of calories or give your metabolism a kick and get it moving faster?  Do you have problems with portion control? A product with an appetite suppressant is just for you.

Whatever you want to have your supplement accomplish is the first step in figuring out how to narrow down the variety to make your choice more manageable.  Maybe you want the full range of features so you’d be looking for a “stacked” option that has a wide array of benefits and performance. The reality is, if you really cannot find that perfect brand that has everything you want in a supplement, you could always break down your individual needs and take single pills that are meant for just one thing.  For instance, Hoodia is a perfect compliment for anyone who needs help with appetite discipline.

Does caffeine or other stimulants irritate your system

There is no budging on this one.  If you have sensitivities to stimulants, you have to look for options that are available which do not use these ingredients in their formulation.  Don’t fret, they are out there. Caffeine, Yohimbine, and Synephrine comprise the most common stimulants that fat burner manufacturers will use. See keep a lookout at the directions, warnings and ingredient lists so that you don’t put something in your body that won’t agree with you and cause you distress.  

Green-tea extract, L-Carnitine, CLA, and some other natural herbs with proven abilities to work would be the ingredients you can expect in stimulant free combinations.  These differ from the brands that use stimulants in that they perform in your body without affecting your central nervous system.


As mentioned earlier, it is always in your best interest to check with your physician should you want to start taking in new supplementation especially if you are on prescribed medications.  Specifically, if you are taking anything that helps you with blood pressure, or your heart, you definitely want to see what options are safe for you. It is quite possible, you will have to stay away from products that have stimulants, you might be told to stay away from fat burners altogether.  Don’t ever risk your health and safety, always ensure that you are reducing as much risk as possible. There are drugs on the market that don’t even allow you to eat grapefruit, so if a fruit is dangerous for people on some medications, you can just imagine how mixing various combinations of herbs and stimulants with current medications can be potentially hazardous.

Length of time using a burner

These supplements are not meant to be taken forever.  The reality is that even if you were going to try to take pills forever or overload your system with stimulants such as caffeine, your body will get used to it and it will lose effectiveness.  That being said, using these in courses or cycles where you are using them for a specific period of time and then take a break from them. The very strong options on the market should always be used for only shorter periods of time.  Brands that make use of stimulants put stress on your central nervous system, and it is not a good idea to have constant stress here so give your body some time to breathe and take a break from time to time.

Other Important Factors to Consider

If improved health and weight loss or shredding is your goal, you have to also understand how stress can be problematic towards your goals.  Stress is such a common occurrence in our society from so many angles, and if you have a hard time managing it, it will negatively impact and affect you physically.  It is literally a killer. It will definitely sabotage your goals. Even with this, though, there are products on the market that can help you better manage the outside stressors.  Multivitamins, stress reduction supplements or different herbs can have an impact on your quality of life and stress levels. Exercise is also a natural stress reliever, and you don’t have to go super hard to feel that relief.  A nice walk outside with fresh air when you are feeling particularly out of control could help you immensely.

Remember, to really see if you are making strides and to continue moving forward measure your results.  Once you have decided on the brand that you want to give a try, to expect to see results in days and lose your motivation.  Give yourself and your body some time to let it get to work in your body and then decide. About 2-3 weeks is a good amount of time to assess any gains or progress you may be making.  Measure your success or lack of it. Seeing yourself can really help increase your motivation and put reality into what you are doing. Are you really exercising enough? Have you been genuine in your diet changes?  You can’t fake a photo, and it will show you a ton. Tracking the numbers will do so as well. Weight, body-fat measurements, are all very trackable. What are the healthy expectations you have for your progression and are you hitting them?  The best way to know if you are making it is with factual data, it will not only help to keep you on track but it can help with motivation and definitely be a factor in ultimate success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can you spot-reduce fat?

A:  Although one cannot spot-reduce fat in certain areas, muscle gains in specific locations can be increased through isolation exercises. One can definitely focus on a specific part of the body during the training on that area.

Q: What type of ingredients can help with stress reduction?

A: Rhodiola is a great option to help you with anxiety.  Ginseng helps strengthen your immune system, better your mood and increase your energy.  Kava kava keeps the body calm and relaxed.

Q: What are some types of fat burning foods?

A: There is some value in terms of the natural thermogenic effect that is held in foods we eat.  Some also contain compounds that help elevate your metabolism. Here are some options to try.  Lean meats, whole grains, low-fat dairy, green-tea, lentils, and hot peppers are included in the list of top thermogenic foods.

Q:  How effective are jump ropes for fat burning?

A: Anyone can afford and find a jump rope, and they are not only affordable but they are easily packed and traveled with wherever you go.  The coolest thing, the kids aren’t the only ones who should be using them. This basic piece of equipment is a killer to fat. It is an ultimate fat melter.  All you have to do is get good at just basic jumping for 1 to 2 minutes straight at a time. Once you have mastered that, there are a ton of other types of jumping you can do that will lead to intensive fat burning HIIT workouts.  This is a piece of gear that will torch fat.

Q: is there equipment and exercises that are beneficial healthily and relieve stress?

A: 100% absolutely.  Have you ever heard of medicine slam balls?  Who doesn’t want to just throw a ball to get their excess energy out when they have a ton of stress that needs to be expelled from the body!?  These are the perfect companion when you are having the worst day ever. Incorporating exercises using these not only melt fat but they burn up that anger, boredom and literally anything that is bothering you.  Grab that ball, lift it up and smash it down over and over again. You pretty much will help yourself on all levels, physical, cardiovascular and mentally. Go for it.

Q:  What are some good workouts?

Some good rotations to try would be:

  • 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest in 10 intervals for a duration of 20 minutes
  • Heavy every minute on the minute 10 reps using heavy weights
  • Light every minute on the minute 20 reps with low weights


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