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Training and exercise form an important part of healthy living. Exercises that require you to grab objects can cause your hands to get callused. This can also toughen your palms. While some athletes don’t mind this, others would like their hands to remain protected from the tearing that could cause blisters or change the texture of their palm. This is especially common among gymnasts, weightlifters, cross-trainers, and even bodyweight trainers. To enjoy your training sessions, you need to protect your hands from the friction that develops between your hands and the bars used for training. Most of these sporting activities require strength and consistent practice. However, consistent practice is likely to cause your palm and hands to wear and tear.

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If you don’t want to walk around with toughened hands or develop blisters that could significantly affect your performance, you should use some protective fabric on your hands. There are several of them on the market. You just have to do your own research to find out which one appeals to your personal taste and preference. While they may be designed to perform the same function, they tend to vary in terms of material, design, usability, size, and texture. Take your time to understand what you are buying before spending your hard-earned money. Below is a list of top 10 best gymnastic grips.


10 Best Gymnastic Grips


1. Bear KompleX

The Bear KompleX provides the most comfortable grip to enhance the gym experience. If your palms rip constantly, you must be aware of the painful experience that could significantly affect your performance. The innovative-style design will help to provide complete protection to your wrist without you having to deal with the pesky buckle common with most other grips. If you are looking for quality and comfort, then look no further than the Bear KompleX.
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Custom Wrist Wrap

Made from genuine leather, the piece of equipment also features a custom wrist strap to provide comfort and protection to your wrists. The support provided under the buckle helps to protect the wrist from pressure exerted during exercise.

Durable Triple Stitching

The Bear KompleX also features durable triple stitching to help provide full support and stability. You can be sure that it will outlast most other similar products on the market.

Cost and Value

Made from superior leather to minimize slipping when training, the Bear KompleX will take you through those pull-ups and chin-ups without much difficulty. They are also comfortable to wear and provide reliable wrist support.

Well-stitched to provide durability and full support

The superior leather minimizes slipping

Custom wrist strap for comfortable wrist support

Multiple finger options to protect the palm from friction


The color may bleed on your hands

May feel bulky around the palm

2. WODFitters

The textured leather allows you to hold metal bars firmly when performing various exercises. WODFitters help to take care of hands by providing you with the most reliable hand protection. Training without protecting your hands could lead to irreversible long-term damage to your palms and hands. They ensure complete hand protection no matter the exercise. Athletes can multi-task knowing that their hands will not develop blisters.
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Ultimate Wrist Protection

Besides protecting the hands from abrasion, WODFitters will also help to protect the wrist from potential damage caused by exerting too much pressure. The safe wrist support is designed to minimize wrist strain

Carrying Pouch

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a place to put your training equipment once you are done with your training routine? The WODFitters wrist and palm protector comes with a convenient carrying pouch to store your glove once you are done.

Cost and Value

The leather material will help to protect the palm and hand from abrasion and scaring. This helps to focus on the exercise to boost performance. The carrying pouch also provides great convenience to allow runners to carry them to and from the gym. The product is also cost-effective.

Protects the hands from scars and abrasions

Provides preventive measures to help boost performance

Encircles the wrists to provide support



May rub on the fingers and cause skin irritation

May fray too soon depending on the intensity of exercise


The PHERAL FIT features two finger holes to provide the comfort needed to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, WODS, and CrossFit. Whether you are into weightlifting or bodyweight training, it is very important to protect your palms and hands from the constant friction between metal handlebars and your palm. It is also the best way to ensure your hands do not develop blisters when exercising.
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Cross Training

If you are into running, cycling, and weightlifting, you will be glad to use the PHERAL FIT because the product is designed to protect the palm and hand no matter the exercise. You will perform various exercises while under the protection of PHERAL FIT’s natural leather.

Firm Wrist Support

Lifting heavy weights can exert so much pressure on your wrist that it begins to pain. However, with the firm wrist support offered by this piece of fitness equipment, you will enjoy utmost wrist protection when lifting heavy or doing pull-ups.

Cost and Value

The PHERAL FIT is great for runners and CrossFit trainers looking to protect their wrist and hand from injury and blisters. The thick wrist support will firmly wrap around your wrist. In addition, the price is modest.

Great for runners who are also cross trainers

Provides firm wrist support

Protects the palm from bruising and abrasions

Comfortable to wear and use


The thin part connecting the two finger holes may rip apart

The holes may be too big for smaller hands


The AEOLOS is great for CrossFit training. If you frequently deal with metal bars and other pieces of equipment that require grabbing, it is very important to ensure your hands are fully protected from scars and abrasions. The friction between your hands and the metal bars could result in painful blisters and ruin your training routine. However, the AEOLOS saves you the trouble by offering the protection needed when exercising.
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3-Hole Design

The 3 round holes provide a snug fit by aligning with the shape of the fingers. The AEOLOS company have realized the importance of comfort and effectiveness by punching 3 round holes that provide comfort when handling metal bars.

Enhanced Gymnastic Focus

The piece of equipment features durable leather to take your mind off training and allow you to focus on whatever exercise you are doing. Leave the caring bit to AEOLOS and worry about your training.

Cost and Value

It is great for runners wishing to introduce weightlifting to their training routine to challenge the muscles to grow and develop core strength. The premium-quality leather will last long enough to protect your hands through years of training. It is also pocket-friendly.

Premium quality leather is for durability

Protects against injury callus

Safely encircles the wrists

Comes with a free carrying bag for convenience


The holes can be too big for small fingers

Can be a little slippery

5. US Glove

5. US Glove
Tiger paws provide one of the best wrist support systems to allow gymnasts to do what they are good at without worrying about injury or discomfort. The extra rigid plastic stays that come with the support allows the user to adjust the support to suit personal needs. A pair of these gloves will take your training to another level, as they are designed for everyday wear.
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Firm Wrist Support

If you want the most reliable wrist support, you should probably try the Tiger Paws. The plastic stays are extra rigid and provide firm wrist support. They are also adjustable to match your personal needs.

Highly Durable

They are designed for everyday use and will outlast most other products in the same category. You can wear them daily to the gym and will serve you over a long period of time.

Cost and Value

The Tiger Paws are often regarded as the coolest grips for a reason. They provide efficient wrist support while remaining soft on the skin. They are great for the CrossFit trainer looking to enjoy maximum support while performing a range of physical exercises.

Adjustable wrist support

Designed for everyday use

Provides palm protection against bruises

Made of durable high-quality leather


Can be too small for some users

Can feel too tight around the wrist

6. Reisport Ladies

6. Reisport Ladies
Designed with two finger holes, the Reisport will fit onto the hands of the lady. It is specifically designed for the lady athlete looking to maintain soft hands despite being a fitness maniac or a gym freak. The product provides a safe way to remain active in the gym without bruising your hands or developing blisters. They are also known for their durability and will outlast most other similar products on the market.
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Finest Quality Leather

The Reisport Ladies boast the finest leather made in Switzerland under strict product specifications. The Swiss-made product is long-lasting and will provide real value for money. It is also soft on the hands.

2-Finger Hole Construction

The hook and loop design with two finger holes allow the fingers to go through to provide comfort and a rubber dowel is glued and sewn to provide the ultimate grip needed by elite performers.

Cost and Value

This is great for female athletes who take the issue of hand protection seriously. It is specially designed for the lady athlete and is guaranteed to impress any female gymnast out there. The price is a bit higher than most other similar products on the market.

Very comfortable to wear and use

Made from the finest quality leather

Stylish, feminine design

Glued and sewn for durability


May not feel very comfortable around the wrist

Can be a bit bulky around the wrist

7. Fit Vikings

7. Fit Vikings
Fit Vikings products are designed with weightlifters in mind. These will make you forget about blisters and tear when training to attain your challenging fitness goals. They will also keep the hands protected while ensuring you get a firm hold of the metal handlebars and other pieces of fitness equipment. They are extremely comfortable and come with a convenient carrying bag for easy transportation.
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Enhanced Grip

These lifting gloves will stick to the bar as you lift weights to exercise the target muscle groups. Your hands will no longer be sweating much while you train. Athletes can also maintain stability throughout their training.

Utmost Comfort

The long neoprene wrist wraps will ensure you remain comfortable throughout your training. It is one of the best in wrist protection and will support your wrist as you lift heavier.

Cost and Value

This item is great for seasoned runners and athletes looking to enhance their performance by adding some weight training to their fitness regime. It is also comfortable to wear and provides reliable wrist support. Moreover, the price is quite modest.

Protects the palm from blisters and tears

Prevents the hands from sweating

Provides utmost wrist protection

Great for weightlifters and CrossFit trainers


Can be a little bit too thick

Finger holes can be a bit too big for smaller fingers

8. Jeyzy

8. Jeyzy
Torn palms and blisters can significantly affect your performance at the gym. While a small scratch might seem harmless at the beginning, it often grows to become a blister that could affect other aspects of your life. The JEYZY gymnastic grips can be used for a wide range of exercises, including pull-ups, kettlebell swings, chin-ups, and even weightlifting. Any exercise that requires you to use your hands needs some form of gloves to protect them.
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The Palm Protector

You no longer have to worry about blisters and scratches, at the JEYZY will offer complete palm protection from possible tearing when working out. It is especially great for runner and athletes who are also into other physical exercises like pull-ups and weightlifting.

Leather Wrist Support

The high-quality non-slip leather will also protect your wrist. It wraps around your wrist to provide complete protection from potential injury caused by twitching or putting too much pressure on the wrist.

Cost and Value

The high-quality leather is both wear-resistant and non-slip, allowing the user to perform a series of exercises stress-free. It also offers complete protection to the wrist by providing reliable wrist support.

Provides leather wrist support for stability and protection

Designed to fit perfectly no matter the size of the hand

Three-hole design to extend the area of protection

Non-slip and wear-resistant


Color may come off

The loop that goes around the back of the finger may irritate the skin

9. Ginnasta USA

9. Ginnasta USA
These pieces of equipment feature a unique design meant for the athlete who is very stylish. Ginnasta USA products are specially formulated for the elite gymnast who wants to have the best grip for the best performance. The pair will make you stay away from stiff, uncomfortable gloves that may cause the blisters they are trying so hard to prevent in the first place.
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Soft and Comfortable

These pieces of equipment stay soft and comfortable even after using water and wire brushing. The material used is designed to remain soft and comfortable even after brushing, unlike many other similar products on the market that become stiff and brittle after you brush and spray with water.

Velcro Buckle

The gloves feature sturdy and durable single and double Velcro buckles for utmost wrist protection. They will stay on throughout your training to enable you to accomplish your fitness goals.

Cost and Value

The Velcro buckles provide superior wrist support to prevent any wrist injury. They are also made of soft leather to provide utmost comfort while at the gym. The superior-quality leather will remain soft and supple without becoming brittle.

Soft and supple leather material

Wire brushing and water will not make the material brittle

Machine-sewn dowel stitching

Velcro buckles for maximum wrist support and protection


The leather can be way too soft

May not be a perfect fit

10. DC Grips

10. DC Grips
These are great for smaller or younger gymnasts such as kids or girls. The small design allows them to fit perfectly around smaller wrists and hands. Children athletes can enjoy complete protection from the bruising effects of metal bars and other fitness equipment. The small compact design provides the comfort needed to perform at optimum levels. Your child can focus on the physical exercise and give his or her best performance for desirable results.
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Small Compact Design

The small compact design is great for those with smaller hands, palms, and wrists. It is designed to appeal to a younger audience, thanks to the smaller size.

Wrist Support

The young athlete will go on with his or her training without worrying about possible injury to the hand and wrist. The added wrist support will protect the wrist from injury due to pressure.

Cost and Value

The product comes in a vibrant color variety to appeal to the younger audience. The pair is also small enough to fit younger boys and girls. Wider wrist straps provide maximum support to the wrist and the price is quite affordable.

Built to fit virtually any young athlete

Comes in vibrant colors to appeal to different tastes

Added wrist support to protect the wrist

Comfortable finger holes


The size of the hole may be too small or too tight for some children athletes

Not good for heavy-duty training

Personal dedication is required to achieve training and fitness goals. You have to remain committed to the cause if you want to become successful at what you do. Elite gymnasts have mastered the art of making the best use of everything they’ve got to attain their goal. In this regard, the equipment that the athlete uses to perform physical activities is of equal importance. While many people may not feel like gymnastic grips are useful in advancing athletic performance, they are very good at providing protection to the palm and supporting the wrist to allow the athlete to focus less on the tearing of the hands and more on the physical activity itself.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Gymnastic Grips

Currently, there are several of these pieces of fitness equipment that help to provide the palm protection and wrist support needed to help the professional athlete to advance his or her career. However, the overwhelming number of grips on the market can often make it very difficult to choose the right one. There are certain key factors to consider when choosing the best fitness equipment to work with. They often vary depending on the material used, size, cost, and the number of holes, just to mention a few. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best gymnastic grips.


This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider because it affects virtually everything else, including durability, support, and level of comfort, among other things. This means that if you choose the wrong material then the item will not last and may cause blisters by constantly irritating the skin. It may also not provide the level of wrist support needed to help you avoid wrist injuries. Clearly, the type of material used cannot be overlooked. Some of them come with buckled wrist straps or Velcro straps to wrap around the wrist and provide the support needed to protect your wrist from developing pain due to excessive pressure from lifting heavy weights or twisting the wrist too much. Velcro straps tend to feel more comfortable around the wrist and can be easily adjusted to allow blood circulation to the athlete’s hand. In contrast, buckled straps are a bit firmer and are better used by athletes who want to hold their wrist tight for that extra support. While buckles generally provide more support to the wrist, they can be too tight to allow sufficient flow of blood to the hand and palm. New users can find this a little too uncomfortable. Some athletes use buckled straps in conjunction with wristbands for cushioning. This can be a little easy on the wrists.

On the other hand, while virtually all good gymnastic grips use high-quality leather, they tend to have different levels of thickness. Some have two or more layers of leather and tend to be thicker. They are more resistant to wear and tear and can be more durable than thinner leather. It is no secret that thinner leather tends to wear out faster and may break or tear easily. If you go for thinner leather, you are more likely to return to the shop after a few months of use, especially if subjected to heavy-duty use. On the other hand, thicker or more layers of leather will last for a very long time before you start thinking about having a replacement. Therefore, take your time to ensure you select a leather material of the right thickness if you want the equipment to last you several sessions of high-intensity training.

Palm Grips vs. Dowel Grips

Athletic performance largely depends on the type of equipment used to provide protection and support. When it comes to gymnastics, the type of grip is very important. In this regard, they can be classified into either palm grips or dowel-style grips. These are often chosen based on the skill level, as beginners usually like the palm option whereas the dowel is often used by those with advanced skill levels in the trade. The choice of beginners is often based on the ability of the glove to protect the palms from any friction that often develops between the bars and the palms. By covering most or all of the wearer’s palm, the athlete is completely protected from the possible friction caused by coming into contact with pommels, rings, bars, plates, and a range of other objects that may cause the wearing and tearing of the palm. It is very important to consider what part of the palm will be covered as you train. You can easily judge this by looking at the design or shape of the protective fabric. On the other hand, advanced gymnasts use dowels, which are ideally small metallic or wooden cylindrical rods often attached to the grips to support the body and goals of the athlete. However, intermediate athletes may also start using dowels to protect their hands from the damaging effects of friction, but experts are fully aware of how all of these pieces of equipment work and can comfortably use them to protect their hands from bruising, which can significantly affect performance. This is perhaps because of competition experience and have used several different types of protective equipment to maintain their performance. Regardless, you have to be very particular about what you are looking for and should be able to choose among several grips depending on your skill level or the level of performance required of equipment.


This simply refers to the quality of stitching, quality and shape of leather, texture or softness, and quality of Velcro and buckles. Reputed brands often produce high-quality pieces of equipment. If you want high-quality Velcro, for instance, you have to shop around and select some of the most established brands on the market, although some new brands also manufacture high-quality items. Regardless, when it comes to quality, you want to look at the thickness and softness of the leather. The soft leather will be gentler on the hands and palms. If the leather feels rough, it is more likely to hurt your palm and hand. Some users have developed blisters from using a glove that is supposed to help prevent abrasion. Rough leather constantly rubs against the skin, thereby causing skin irritation and ultimately blistering. Users should also look at the quality of stitching to determine whether the equipment will last long enough to allow the athlete to focus more on training and less on the constantly wearing and tearing glove. The issue of quality also involves the thickness of leather that should be even on both hands, as uneven thickness may affect performance.


This goes without saying. Wearing the correct size is extremely important. Every elite athlete already knows his or her size and why it is important to choose fitting gloves. Apparently, failure to wear the right size could have serious consequences, including the possibility of sustaining serious injuries due to accidents. Finding the proper measurement is as easy as measuring your hand from the longest fingertip to the base of the palm. You can then match this to the dedicated size guide to get proper fitting equipment. While it is not recommended to buy a smaller or bigger option, you should just purchase a slightly smaller one because it is likely to expand as you use it. They generally tend to stretch over time. A slightly smaller size will fit you perfectly once it expands over the time you will be using it. However, also do note that different manufacturers have their own different size guide. Therefore, the same size from different manufacturers may not fit the same way. Other factors to consider include the size of wrist straps and that of finger holes. Many users have complained about buying those with smaller or larger hole size than their finger.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are grips?

A: A grip is a form of glove worn by a gymnast on each hand to cover the palm and support the wrist when performing on uneven the rings, high bars, and uneven bars. A strip of leather often covers the gymnast’s hand and a Velcro strap or buckle is often used to wrap the wrist and provide the support needed. Elite gymnasts often wear them with a metallic or wooden dowel for a better grip on the rings or bars.

Q: Who wears grips?

A: Top-level or competitive gymnasts commonly wear these pieces of equipment. Most of the novice athletes in the same category begin by using bare hands and progress to palm grips before graduating to dowels, as they become more advanced and begin to require more professional equipment. However, some coaches would prefer that their young students and athletes begin wearing the special glove from a tender age and get used to the feel to become comfortable performing with them as their skill level become more advanced. It would take a very skilled gymnast to perform successfully without wearing one.

Q: Do I need grips?

A: Many people often ask whether they need these forms of gloves. How do you know you need one? This is a decision that only you and your coach should make together. Depending on your performance level, it might be prudent to start using them for better performance. This is especially important where several swing elements are involved when performing as an athlete. For instance, if you are handling several rings and bars, you should perhaps consider wearing them to ensure you continue to hold onto the bar or execute the moves with more confidence. While they might not provide 100% protection against rips, they can help protect the hands of performers to ensure they get fewer rips and support the wrist to prevent wrist injuries.

Q: What are the best grips?

A: Performers are often confused when it comes to choosing the best fitness equipment to buy. Your coach may help you to make that decision, as they can be very specific on what brands to buy. They recommend specific brands they feel their trainees should use. However, if you don’t have a coach, you can choose what you are comfortable with. They should fit perfectly and provide utmost protection to your palm while supporting your wrist. Other factors to consider include the quality of material and stitching, as these factors affect durability and performance. Thicker leather will provide more comfort and last longer than thinner leather.

Q: How are grips cared for?

A: They often come with their own carrying bag for convenient storage. Most manufacturers recommend that users store them in this carrying bag after use. They should remain there when not in use. They also have their own brush, which you can use to prevent them from becoming too smooth and slippery. They are likely to cause accidents when they are too slippery. Frequent use can also degrade them faster. Similarly, spraying them with water may not be a very good idea, as this also causes degradation.

Q: How much do gymnastic grips cost?

A: They tend to vary in price, but you should be able to get a good pair for a few dollars. The price may vary depending on the design, material used, thickness of material, quality of Velcro straps or buckles, and more.

Q: Where can I get good grips?

A: Visit any sports center near you for a wide collection of various sports equipment. However, you may also log onto your personal computer and visit one of the top e-commerce platforms for a wide range of selection. You can even order and pay online to have the item delivered to your doorstep.


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