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Shaklee: Athletes Natural Supplement Brand

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Shaklee is an all natural product line that is safe to consumer for everyday and professional athletes. Shaklee: Athletes Natural Supplement Brand www.runnerclick.com

The supplement market is flooded with products. All claim to be the best and work the best. “Try this and see real results!” But when it comes to what we put in our bodies, it takes a whole lot more than claims to be able to trust a brand. Shaklee stands out in a sea of supplements because of its quality, safety, and effectiveness. So much so that is used by everyday people, professional athletes, and even astronauts.

The Brand

“A happier life for anybody, and a healthier life for everybody.”

In business for 65 years, Shaklee was founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, a man on a quest to be supply consumers with healthy, all-natural products that are safe and work. A chiropractor, Dr. Shaklee started the business when he was 60-years-old. Credited with creating the first multi-vitamin back in 1915, he set out to bring green products to market at a time where people only knew the terms as a color.

Free of preservatives, Dr. Shaklee didn’t want his products sitting on shelves. Instead, he sold his products by word of mouth—which is why you won’t find Shaklee products in retail stores.

Instead, consumers need to purchase products from a distributor. The consumer can buy products for their retail value, or become a member to save. This includes a one-time membership fee. Interestingly enough, the average Shaklee customer is between 17 and 20-years-old.

Products range from household cleaners to skin care to nutrition and weight loss supplements.

Backed By Science

Shaklee is known for its product testing. Even though the brand is all about being natural, it still must be back by science.

“They believe in harmony and nature, but they also believe that it has to have scientific proof,” Shaklee distributor Jami Josephson-Chace told RunnerClick.

The company does more testing than products that have an organic label on them. There are over 300 individual tests done on each botanical used. “They are known as such sticklers for their testing,” she said.

Photo Credit: Shaklee

As a result, Shaklee has never had a recall on any of its products. In an independent clinical study conducted in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley researchers found that those who specifically took Shaklee supplements had better health (decreased risk of strokes and heart failure, better cholesterol) than those who took single or no supplements at all.

“As a mom, I feel confident that I don’t have to continue to research products in my house to make sure that they’re safe,” said Josephson-Chace.

Shaklee Nutrition: The Life Plan

“[The Life Plan] is known as the best, most comprehensive nutrition system,” Josephson-Chace said. “What makes it the best is that you’re getting everything that you should be getting for optimal health. Now not the recommended daily allowance that you see on the back of packages. But what you need to have for optimal health.”

This nutrition plan consists of a shake called Life Energizing Shake as well as a vitamin Life Strip.

Photo Credit: Shaklee

The protein shake is soy based, but there are soy-free, and vegan options. The shake contains omega 3’s, it aids in weight loss “where you lose the weight, but not muscle.” It increases energy and provides digestive support while boosting the immune system.

The Life Strip including: fish oil, a multi-vitamin, and vitamins B and C —which are time released. It also contains the company’s “prized” supplement called Vivix, which a natural blend of polyphenols that repairs DNA and has anti-aging properties.

Shaklee Nutrition: The Fitness Line

Shaklee also carries a line specifically for athletes. Called the Performance Fitness Pack it includes Build grass-fed whey protein powder, Energizer a boost in zero calorie energy drink for enhanced performance, Hydrate electrolyte drink, and Recover supplements for post-workout soreness.

Think of the Performance Zero Calorie Energy Drink as a safer form of Red Bull, and other products like energy chews are a clean form of energy for runners who like the taste of Gatorade.

All these products are safe from banned substances, contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, is non-GMO and gluten-free.

Athletes and Astronauts

“There are a lot of Olympians that use the products because they feel confident that they can trust them if ever they were tested,” said Josephson-Chace.

Pentathlete and Beijing Olympian Eli Bremer is one of the athletes that leads the Shaklee Pure Performance team. He is not paid for his endorsement and is a real user.

Photo Credit: Eli Bremer | Facebook

“When you get into the Olympics, you have to be very careful because you can be tested at any time,”Josephson-Chace said. “It’s really important to athletes to make sure that what they are consuming is safe.”

Other Shaklee athletes include John Landsteiner, Emily Pfalzer, Kacey Bellamy and Carlijin Schoutens, who has spoken at conventions about his love for the product for its safety factors and for working well.

Originally developed for NASA, the Hydration drink is used by astronauts. It was created by Shaklee to help treat dehydration among astronauts who often suffered after reentering the atmosphere.

This sports line can be purchased in a package, or individually for $35 for the Recovery product, for example. This is comparable to the price point of sports and supplement products sold in vitamin stores.

Every Day Users

So why should regular everyday athletes try Shaklee products? “Because they work.” And this everyday runner can contest to how great the protein shakes taste.

Not only used to boost performance, Josephson-Chace said these products are great for boosting energy, reducing allergies and overall improving health.


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