The 10 Best Nike Running Gloves Reviewed


Nike has so many different types of running gloves! Which ones are the best?

As a runner who trains year-round outside in Alaska with Raynaud’s phenomenon (a common circulatory condition), toasty fingers are of the utmost importance to me. Anyone who lives in a cold climate will probably agree that warm hands can make or break a winter training run.

Nike Tech Thermal
  • Nike Tech Thermal
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Therma-Fit fabric
  • Price: See Here
Nike Element Thermal 2.0
  • Nike Element Thermal 2.0
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Therma-FIT Fabric
  • Price: See Here
Nike Printed Dri-Fit Tailwind
  • Nike Printed Dri-Fit Tailwind
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Protective, Water-Resistant Wind Shell
  • Price: See Here

Besides warmth, breathability and wind protection, running gloves are now offering varying levels of touch screen function, waterproofing, pockets and nighttime visibility features. Nike offers an extensive line of different types of gloves for sporting activities, with several models consistently rated in top buying guides for winter running. The majority of their gloves offer men and women-specific versions and a variety of color options. Which type is best for you?

10 Best Nike Running Gloves


1. Nike Tech Thermal

This glove is a top performer across other brands of winter running gloves. The Nike Thermal Tech running glove includes the whole package when it comes to warmth, touch screen benefits, a small key pocket, and graphics for night visibility.
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Material Breakdown
Fabric: 95% Polyester, 3% Spandex, 2% PU. Therma-fit fleece fabric for warmth and comfort. Thumb caps for touch screen function. Palm pocket for key or other small item. High visibility graphics for night running.

Weather Function
Some users report that this glove functions well in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, while others claim it loses its advantage below 35-40 degrees.

This glove has excellent value for it’s cost and is consistently rated as a great starter pair for winter running.
  • Warm fleece and breathable mesh materials

  • Good fit; cuffs are snug to keep out cold

  • Works well with touch screen basic tasks (thumb-only)

  • Fashionable and night visibility feature

  • Pocket for key

  • Affordable while still containing many advanced features

  • May not be as effective when below 35 degrees F

  • Only thermal on one side, lighter fleece on the other side

  • Key pocket is small

2. Nike Element Thermal 2.0

The Nike Element Thermal 2.0 Glove is another top seller for winter running gloves. This product is durable, wind-proof, and also contains night visibility and touch screen features. Keep in mind that this glove tends to run small in sizing.
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Material Breakdown
Fabric: 95% Polyester, 3% Spandex, 2% PU. Therma-Fit fabric for excellent insulation and reflective detailing for night visibility. Silicone for added grip, with conductive thumb and forefinger for smart phones.

Weather Function
These gloves seem to function well with above-freezing temperatures. They reportedly perform well while in wet weather conditions and have good wind-resistant properties.

These are comparable in value and price to the Thermal Tech version; while they do not have a key pocket, they do contain a two-finger touch screen advantage (both thumb and forefinger conductivity).
  • Strong durability

  • Good wind resistance

  • Nice touch-screen performance

  • A warmer option than other running gloves

  • Sizing runs small and is not very stretchable

  • Inside seams in nail area noted by some

  • May not perform as well when temps are below freezing

3. Nike Printed Dri-Fit Tailwind

The Dri-Fit Tailwind Running gloves are consistently a top pick out of Nike’s lightweight running glove options. These gloves feature the elastic cuffs and silicone dots, like Nike’s warmer versions, but with a more breathable material for your workout.
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Material Breakdown
Fabric: 95% Polyester, 5% Nylon. Dri-Fit fabric for moisure-wicking. Silicone material enhances fit. Mesh accents for breathability.

Weather Function
These gloves are a lightweight option made with breathable Dri-Fit material. They perform best in mildly cool winter conditions.

These gloves are a great product for the price. You’ll find the Tailwind comparable to the price of the Thermal versions by Nike. If you’re looking for more breathability vs. warmth, this is a great option. These gloves have better touch screen performance when compared to the Lightweight Tech glove.
  • Affordable and stylish

  • Touch screen benefit with thumb and forefinger

  • Breathable Dri-Fit material

  • Not ideal for  extremely cold winter conditions

  • Not as durable

4. Nike Lightweight Tech

These gloves are a great lightweight option. They feature the Dri-Fit material with a fleece thumb, money/key pocket, and night visibility features.
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Material Breakdown
Fabric: 95% Polyester, 5% Nylon, Rubber accents. Dri-Fit fabric with micro-fleece thumb and comfortable wrist cuff. Tech pad for touch screen on thumb only.

Weather Function
As advertised, these “lightweight” gloves are not the best option for temperatures below 40 degrees F. Nike Lightweight Tech running gloves are a solid option for rain, mild winters and race days. The material is not wind-proof, but they have great breathability.

This product is an affordable lightweight option while still containing the ideal “bells and whistles” like touch screen capability (thumb only), night visibility and a small key pocket.
  • Material pulls moisture away

  • Good for racing

  • Good for training in wet conditions

  • Better night visibility than average

  • Poor wind-proofing

  • Key slot does not fit car key

  • Not great in cold winter conditions

5. Nike Dri-Fit Tempo 360

The Dry Fit Tempo 360 is Nike’s newest version of the popular Tempo running glove. This glove features a thumb and forefinger touch-screen performance, night vision material and an extended cuff to reach under your sleeves.
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Material Breakdown
Fabric: Dri-Fit 98%, Polyester 1%, Spandex/PU 1%. Dri-Fit material with mesh accents. Silicone for grip functions, reflective elements, and articulated palm and fingers to support range of motion.

Weather Function
This product has good performance in moderate winter conditions, but is questionable in colder temperatures. Panels of mesh provide lightweight breathability.

The Dri-Fit Tempo 360 offers mid-level pricing with plenty of advanced material and function features.
  • Moisture-wicking

  • Touch screen feature

  • Attractive and stylish

  • Not great for colder weather

6. Nike Storm Fit 2.0

The Storm Fit 2.0 Running Glove features a combination of fabrics in strategic locations to provide both warmth and breathability. Runners are attracted to the wind protection on the back of the hand, but don’t overheat due to the palm and finger Dri-Fit features.
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Material Breakdown
Fabric: 88% Polyester, 7% Polyurethane, 3% Nylon, 2% Spandex. Reflective elements, silicone features, and conductive thumb and forefinger for smart phone use.

Weather Function
This glove features Dri-Fit material where you need it (inner layer, knuckle and fingers) with a Storm-Fit fabric to repel wind and water (back of hand). The Storm Fit 2.0 has long cuffs for tucking gloves under your outerwear.

Nike delivers another great-value product given its numerous special features. Some find this product a little more on the expensive side.
  • Good 2-finger touch screen function

  • Reflective material for night running

  • Good traction/grip

  • Exterior shield from wind

  • Not ideal for extreme temperatures

7. Nike Vapor Convertible

This unisex product features the option of covering the gloved fingers into a mitten shield. Thus, you have the dexterity and functionality combined with an option for colder moment mitten adjustments.
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Fabric: 51% Polyester, 40% Nylon, 9% Spandex. Thermal main fabric with water-resistant wind shell that can be tucked away on the back of the hand. Smart phone compatibility with thumb and forefinger. Night visibility features.

Weather Function
The Vapor Convertible Mittens perform well in a variety of weather conditions due to the adjustable over-the-glove shield. This product received positive reviews for both running and biking in the winter.

The price tag is higher on this item, but may be worth it if you dig the glove to mitten conversion feature.
  • Adjustable to adapt to weather conditions

  • Long cuffs tuck under your running jacket

  • Easy access to touch screen

  • Mitten flap has special pocket so it doesn’t move around

  • Expensive

  • Only available as unisex option

8. Nike Therma-Fit Elite 2.0

A newer product on the market! The jury is still out on the overall impression of this product. Nike designed this glove to provide insulated comfort while maintaining natural dexterity.
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Material Breakdown
Fabric: 96% Polyester, 3% Spandex, and 1% Polyurethane. Therma-Fit material. Thumb and forefinger touch screen capability. Silicone material for added grip traction.

Weather Function
Fleece lining provides added warmth. Nonetheless, this glove is in the “lightweight” category and was not designed for harsh winter conditions.

Good value for this newer Nike product.
  • Nose wipe on thumb

  • Good night visibility

  • Touch screen function

  • Can be cold in windy/below freezing climate

9. Nike Vapor Flash

The Vapor Flash is available in the “2.0” and “3.0” versions. This glove is a versatile option for winter running that particularly excels when it comes to night reflective material.
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Material Breakdown
Fabric: 41% Nylon, 36% Polyester, 14% Polyurethane, 9% Spandex. This Therma-Fit fabric contains reflective detailing, palm and cuff wind and water repelling features. Dri-Fit is strategically placed on knuckle and fingers for ventilation. Silicone for enhanced grip. Touch screen compatible (thumb and forefinger). Fleece nose-wipe feature.

Weather Function
Nike claims that this product repels wind and water and provides ample warmth. Customers reviewed that it does not perform well in temperatures below 37-40 degrees F.

Higher price tag for this product – but it contains high attention to detail in its features. If night-time visibility is your biggest goal, these may be the gloves for you.
  • Attractive design and texture

  • Good touch screen performance

  • Excellent reflective detailing for night safety

  • Difficult to take off with sweaty hands

  • Expensive

10. Nike Swift Attitude

The Nike Swift Attitude Running Glove is known for its lightweight material. If you’re looking for a low price tag option for “shoulder-season” running, check this glove out!
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Material Breakdown
Polyester blend fabric.

Weather Function
These gloves perform well in warmer weather (above 40 degrees) due to their thinner material. The Swift Attitude glove is a nice option for the days where you want something light for the start of your run that you can eventually remove and carry with you.

This glove is a basic model option without all of the “bells and whistles” like some of Nike’s other gloves. Overall, it has a decent value given the price.
  • A low-budget option

  • Attractive design

  • Light weight, “barely-there” feel

  • Comfortable fit

  • Some reported problems with the seams

  • Very thin material

  • Not suitable for cold weather

  • No touch screen or night visibility features


Nike is staying on top of technology for comfort and function, and their gloves are no exception. Nike’s middle and high-end gloves all feature touch-screen and night visibility features. Touch screen functionality varies from 2-finger to thumb-only, and only certain glove models come with a small key pocket.

For cold weather running, the Nike Thermal Tech and Nike Element Thermal 2.0 products came out on top. For less element protection and more breathability, Nike’s Dri-Fit Tailwind and Lightweight Tech gloves performed the best. The Nike Vapor Convertible Running Mittens also ranked high for their versatility and functionality.

The brand provides numerous options for hand protection in varying climates, but reports were better when the gloves were used in above-freezing conditions. In my opinion, most gloves out there (of any brand) should turn into liners for a bigger mitten shell (or even a tube sock!) once you dip below the 20’s (Fahrenheit) – a certain amount of susceptibility is expected from any running glove past a certain point. Nike’s Thermal and Dri-Fit gloves are an excellent option for winter running, and as long as you do your research to match your climate factors and intended use to the glove design and materials, you will find a high quality stylish option from their product line that best fits your needs.


The Criteria Used When Choosing The Best Nike Running Gloves:


 The Benefits Of Running Gloves

Gloves today come with a ton of benefits and features. From touch screen compatibility to reflective properties, there is no shortage of newfangled ways that running gloves have evolved from the standard issue white cotton offerings of past generations. Let us not forget the most crucial benefit of them all: gloves allow for your blood to stay in your legs, lungs, and heart, where it is need the most. Keeping those digits nice and ward allows for your circulatory system to worry about other sections of your body and keep your run more efficient and your endurance levels high.  Keep reading to find out the factors we looked at when choosing the best Nike running gloves out there to help your run be the best that it can be.


We Took Stock Of Materials

The first thing we looked at when searching for the best running gloves was what material they are made of and if it works for runners. Fabrics can offer a combination of breathability, sweat wicking, and protection from wind depending on their composition and blend. We then matched this information with what user feedback demonstrated after putting the gloves to the test.  Giving us the greatest amount of insight into what to expect from the different models. This makes materials one less thing for you to have to worry about when making your selection.


 Proper Fit

Many reviewers noted that getting a running glove with a proper fit can be a very tricky aspect of making a selection. Running gloves should feel snug, like an additional, comfortable layer of skin. When they are too big, they feel heavy and move around, which can even lead to chaffing. When they are too small they run the risk of cutting off circulation to the fingers, and being very uncomfortable. We made sure to look at how these Nike gloves fit with a large range of different users. Choosing the correct size will prevent you from purchasing an uncomfortable glove with a poor fit.


Thickness Levels

We wanted to give our readers options when it came to the thickness of their gloves. This is because we found that it’s one of the top preferences that runners keep in mind when they are providing feedback on their total overall satisfaction with their purchase. According to recommendations, the biggest regret buyers had was selecting a glove that was either too thick or too thin for their needs. We made sure to give our input when it came down to thickness and application of the different models to help our readers make a great selection with peace of mind.


 Overall Weight

Weight is definitely something we kept in mind when choosing the gloves on our top 10 list.  Heavy gloves can be a problem, so finding a lightweight, comfortable, protective glove is important. We made sure that our buying guide reflects that as well. You will not find any bulky on unnecessarily heavy gloves on our list. We also made sure to include this factor when providing you with the information of models. That way you have an idea of how these gloves will feel once you’re running with them. While fabric usually dictates the weight of all running apparel, there is no need to add any more fabric than necessary.


Features, Features, And More Features

Too many features may seem like a gimmick.  However, we do appreciate solid features that add value and functionality to all running gear.  Our running guide only reflects features that are useful, provide value and work for the runner such as touch screen ability, key pockets, and reflective materials. This is great for convenience and safety, and it’s a testament to how far running gloves have come since their rudimentary days.


Other Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Nike Running Gloves.

It’s important to choose gear that’s right for you.  The above factors will provide you with a starting point as far as narrowing down your choices in regard to Nike running gloves.  However, there are other factors to consider that we have listed below in order for you to make the best choice for you.  Keep reading to find out other important factors to consider before heading to the store.


 Get The Right Pair For The Right Season

When choosing a pair of running gloves, keep in mind what season you will be running in.  Many reviewers suggest that having two different pairs of gloves works better than trying to have one pair for al seasons. For cold weather, you’re going to want a running glove with a liner and wind proofing fabric that will provide warmth and comfort. For cool but not too cold weather, choose a pair of gloves that doesn’t have a liner. Also, consider a waterproofing fabric for those rainy spring days to keep you dry.


 How Long Will You Be Wearing The Gloves

We have found that there are two camps out there when it comes to wearing running gloves. Those that wear the gloves throughout their entire run, and those that take them off and shove them in a pocket mid-run or shortly thereafter. This is done for a number of personal comfort reasons, but keep yours in mind when making your selection. You may want a less bulky glove if you plan on taking them off after your fingers are nice and toasty. This way they aren’t uncomfortable in your pockets or running pack.


 Trust Reviews, Not Hype

The Nike Running gloves on this list were chosen because of their top rated reviews from multiple trusted sources. Marketing campaigns, commercials and the like will try to convince you that a certain product is the best, which might not be true.  Trusted reviews are the best way to find out if a product really works.  Not only is Nike a name that you can trust, they produce running gloves that rank the highest among real world users that put the gloves through their paces. While it’s possible to find cheaper running gloves that make tons of promises, use caution with companies that don’t maintain the same levels of quality and integrity.


 A Little Information On Fabric

Be sure to look at the fabric the running gloves are constructed of. In fact, this can help you with all running gear in general. Polyester will give you high breathability and moisture wicking properties. What is won’t do for you is give you is wind protection or waterproofing because of the nature of the fabric. Fleece is always nice and cozy with higher levels of warmth, but won’t be as breathable or sweat wicking. Thermal materials are a very nice middle ground when you’re worried about balance. Think about what type of conditions you will be coming across on your runs and make a selection with a material with the best match.


Stay Warm Out There

With all the features, options, and styles that are out there, don’t overlook the amount of warmth you need. Thermal selections are great to keep you nice and toasty, but not for below freezing temperatures. If you will find yourself in the harshest and coldest of conditions, select a running or outdoor glove that is suitable for that level of cold. Like always, safety should always come first, and remember that running gloves don’t turn you into a superhero. Keep stock of your finger’s blood flow and circulation throughout your extremely cold outings.




Just in case we didn’t cover everything, we’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions by runners regarding running gloves.  Check out these questions in order to help you further narrow down your options and be able to choose the best pair of gloves for you.


Q: How do I clean my running gloves?

A: Most running gloves can be washed the same way you wash your socks. However, some may have special care instructions so make sure to check out the product packaging or tags in order to clean your gloves the right way. Heavier gloves will take some time to dry, so make sure that you don’t plan on needed them the next day.


Q: I’m new to winter running.  Any suggestions?

A: Having the right gear is crucial.  It will not only keep you comfortable, but it will also keep you safe.  Getting to cold or too warm can be harmful, so choosing the right winter gear that will wick moisture and provide the right amount of warmth is important.   If you suffer from asthma, heart disease, or similar health conditions make sure to consult your doctor before running in extremely cold temperatures. Stay safe out there!


Q: What hazards should I be aware of when running with gloves?

A: Sharp objects like twigs, thorns, or even jagged rocks can puncture the membrane of your running gloves. If they are waterproof or offer wind protection, this can lead to less effective performance, so try to be carful. But other than that, Nike running gloves are really built to last.


Q: Some people really like gloves with linings, but I don’t. Should I put up with it and get some lined gloves?

A: Not if you don’t need them. There’s a lot of feedback out there demonstrating how different runners have higher or lower tolerances for cold. This is really a personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer. We would suggest trying both ways out and choosing whichever works best for you. Never make any type of running apparel selection based on trends.


Glove are an important piece of gear when running in cold weather conditions.  Nike is a trusted brand who has produced quality products and the above gloves are no exception.  We hope that the information we provided in this guide will help you choose the right Nike running gloves for you!  Thanks for reading and happy running!

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